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1976 Mitsubishi J-59 San Francisco, Ca eBay


The seller just bought this and now wants to buy something else.

“1976 Mitsubishi J58/CJ3B/Willys Original 24,500miles

I just recently purchased this and in between the 2 weeks it took to be delivered from Atlanta, GA, another one-of-a-kind deal came my way, so I will have to let this one go. Someone will be very lucky to get one of these rare Mitsu CJ3B’s.

Only about a dozen of these make it into the US through 2 importers due to the strict guidelines for the importation of used vehicles. The majority of these that are sold out of Japan go to Europe and South America. Only the nicest ones make it into the US and are usually presold before they are ever off the boat and this is one of them. This was the personal Jeep of one such importer.

I am not new to early CJ’s. I have restored about a dozen pre-1965 CJ’s. Four of them being body off CJ3B’s, so I can tell you I know these Jeeps. Prior to buying this one, I had never seen one of these – only pictures. So what you have here is a CJ3B with far better running gear, motor, power, heating system, with defrosters, that the early Willy’s with the overhead cam hurricane motors just did not have.

The only thing that was added to this Jeep was the CB Antenna and the gas can, which is mounted directly to the tailgate. The spare tire mount does not swing out like American CJ’s. It folds down and is not mounted to the tailgate.

Everything works on this Jeep – Radio, Turn signals, everything. I’ve only had this Jeep one week and have driven it about 10 miles. Being a 110HP, it is REALLY snappy and it is a 4-speed and will cruise effortlessly at 60-65MPH without overdrive and without Warn locking hubs, which can be installed. . . ”

View all the information and pics on eBay

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1959 J-59 Mitsubishi Atlanta, Ga $10,900

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(05/24/2012) The tail light set up is interesting.  This looks in great shape.

“1985 Jeep J59 51,000 Miles CJ3b

In 1953 Mitsubishi secured the rights to build the Willys under their own name and the Mitsubishi Jeep was born. In the USA the Willys was built till 1965 but in Japan Mitsubishi had a good thing going so they kept the line in production till 1998. Mitsubishi installed the 5G52 Astron 2.0L 4 cyl These engines put out a much more useful 100 hp and moved these Jeeps down the highway comfortably at 110 km / hr or 65 mph.

This is a true turn-key off road capable unit. They have full time hubs Ready for the rugged out doors. Pick a trail and enjoy one of the best off-road vehicles ever made. The beauty of the Willy’s body style coupled with the strong and reliable Japanese engineered drivetrain using the D44 out back and the D30 up front, gear to gear t/case with a 2.3 low range, 4.77 differential gearing and you are ready for the great out doors.
Crawl down the steepest hill or race up the nearest dune, this gutsy miniature tank can handle it all. The very sharp approach and departure angles will be the envy of all and the superb break over angle will be hard to beat in any stock 4X4. This stock J59 can run 31” tires with absolutely NO LIFT.

Absolutely Mint Condition, runs as NEW. These Jeeps are some of the finest manufactured vehicles in the world.


see other info at

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Year? Mitsubishi Annapolis, MD **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $5700.

“I purchased this jeep 5 years ago in Washington State where I restored it and used it on mountain trails, hunting/fishing while based at Fairchild AFB near Spokane. After being transferred to Andrews AFB it’s spent most of its time in my garage, other than trips into town, etc. It has a very efficient low mileage (under 45,000 miles) 4DR6 2.7L diesel engine mated to an iron 4speed manual transmission and transfer case. The steering is right hand drive as is typical for these late model willy’s from Japan. It’s been well maintained but shows some wear for its age such as repairs in the soft top, worn seats, etc. I also have the driver, passenger, and rear doors that are included in the sale. About 3 years ago the windshield wiper motor stopped working, so I’ve relied on the back up manual wiper in its place. I don’t have the time to research a new wiper motor or have it rebuilt, which is why I’m letting my jeep go at such a low price… While doing some research on this vehicle I discovered through discussion boards that individuals are paying up to $14K for these jeeps by the time the import cost, taxes, and all other expenses are calculated. It’s never been driven in the rain/snow here in Maryland due to rust concerns. This jeep has proven extremely reliable to me and capable of anything I’ve put in its path, you won’t be dissapointed.

Since I’ve owned it I’ve addressed the following:

-New windshield
-5 new 8 ply tubeless tires
-resealed the front and rear axles
-replaced all of the brakes (11″ drum brakes)
-installed new rear driveshaft
-replaced driveline parking brake
-eliminated rust from rear fenders by removing old sheet metal and welding in new
-Water pump was rebuilt 1 month ago
-New fan/alternator belt last month
-replaced thermostat & hoses
-installed inline coolant block heater
-M38 speedometer (replaced old unit that was in kilometers per hr)
***note*** speedometer works great but odometer recently stopped working
-installed turn signal control (unit was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-new pintle hitch with 2″ ball
-new shovel, axe, & jerry can
-installed farm jack on front bumper
-new M38 mirrors
-installed passenger seat from a CJ-5 (seat was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-installed Warn Locking hubs for the Dana 30 front axle
-engine oil & filter have been changed every 3,000 miles or 6 months (which ever comes first)

****the engine is barely broke in at 45-50K miles, burns no oil, and there are absolutely no leaks from the engine or drivetrain components.Yea”

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1959 Mitsubishi CJ-3BM Santa Rosa, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900

“1959 CJ 3BM by Mitsubishi Motors and Jeep
Engine # JH435452
This is a very rare military version of the CJ3B made by Mitsubishi in Japan for Willys. Japanese writing on the Data Plate.
Very nice restoration candidate and easy to get parts for.
Crosses over for M-38 parts
Great body, fenders, hood, grill etc.
Engine runs but smokes
Brakes not working
Steering box not working properly
Has title.”

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Mitsubishi Right Hand Drive J54 Milburn, Tx $7500

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UPDATE:  Price bumped to $7500

(03/19/2011) This looks like a real nice Mitsubishi, but the description had me scratching my head  Now, I’m no expert on Mitsubishi jeeps, but I’m pretty sure there are some inaccuracies in the description.  As a side note, here are a variety of Mitsubishi Jeep brochures that I found.

For example, ‘Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil’ — sure, a diesel ‘can’ run on vegetable oil, but it does require some non-trivial modifications.

Or ‘This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1’ — this is not an exact version of the M-38a1 (not even close). Instead, this appears to be a J-54.

Or even ‘It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)’ — unclear how it has a 3rd, separate lever for the transfercase when the first two levers represent the entirety of the transfer case.  Below is the description:

“USED WILLYS JEEP CJ3B (High Hood) PRODUCED BY MITSUBISHI CORP JAPAN. This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1 VIN # J54-16629

Mitsubishi bought the rights to produce the exact Military version M38A1 Jeeps back post WW II They continued production until 1990

There are identical other than some major improvements.
Differences are Mitsubishi installed there 2760cc 4 cylinder Diesel Engine & put in a 4 speed transmission.
It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)
Has a posi-trac rear end.
Fuel economy is exceptional. (Approx. 25-30 MPG 2×2) (In 4×4 & extreme conditions less)
Pre-Heat standard , WE were starting it this winter during the ice & snow when it was 0’ outside & the windchills at 15 below.

24v system. Dual batteries

They are right hand drive. (Can be converted) Other than engine, tranny & related most other parts interchange. Tops & other accessories are available new today. We carry a full line of service & replacement parts in our inventory.

This Jeep is equipped with a 3″ lift, free flow exhaust, 32″ tires, aluminum mag wheels, bucket wrap around contour seats,
Chrome Bull Bar,. Bikini Top, Roll bar .

We have been completely thru this Jeep & found it to be in excellent mechanical condition. With No Rust.

The engine will out perform even a 6 cylinder & even V-8’s in most any terrain, …. “well other than flat out”
It has a throttle set for climbing the steepest grades with ease & no bouncing accelerator pedal.
Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil dependability & less braking desending the steepest of grades.

Willys required there Logo to be on all of them. Other than the Engine & Tranny you cannot tell them apart.
These will last past your Grandchildren.
They will simply out perform any Jeep you are currently familiar with Off-Road. I have had 24 of these over the years & everyone that got one of them just loves them you will to I am sure.

I sold most of them between $8000 & $10000.
I will take $6500 cash money or trade for something that I like or you think is worth more than 65. Please be real , no junk, & send pics. I like man toys, street rods, & would trade for a Rhino in nice condition.

Call or text 580-371-5355”

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1959 CJ-3B Mitsubishi Winters, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $3000. **SOLD**

(11/02/2010) I’d be interested to see the data plates/serial number plate for this one.

“Rare 1959 Cj3BM Jeep; Made in Japan by Mitsubishi.  Needs to be restored. Motor runs but smokes a little.  Steering box needs rebuilding. $3000 firm.”

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1980 J54/CJ-3B Merville, Canada $6800


I’m not sure how rare these are in Canada, but I suspect they are as rare there as they are in the U.S.

“1980 J54 (CJ3B Willys Jeep) made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, 4RD5 Diesel, Dana drive train, rear LSD. 250 337 5352”

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1979 J54 Mitsubishi Jeep LItchfield, ME **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was eBay.

Looks in good shape.

“1979 Mitsubishi Jeep, J 54. 4cyl, 3ltr diesel, pto winch, comes with original soft top, with additional bikini top. jeep has an odometer that has quit working at 29,000 Kilometers. If you are unsure what the J54 is, do a Google search and educate yourself so that way you can see how truly awesome this rig really is. I have a NC title for it if you want and all the original paperwork from when i bought it in Japan , including the Japanese title and all the importation documents as well. Please look over all the photos, and feel free to call me with any serious questions”

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1966 Mitsubishi CJ-3B Gardnerville, NV **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4000

(05/16/2010) These aren’t too common and this one looks nice.  I think this is as good of price as you’ll find.

“This is a one of a kind! Mitsubishi right hand drive. This jeep was made in Japan. Street legal, with current tags and clean title. Good shape, runs great. F134 motor 4 cylinder. Great jeep for hunting & fishing in the back country. Brand new 8,000 lb electric winch. Half and full tops. 5 mud terrain tires with less than 1000 miles on them. Off road lights, 2 front and 1 rear. Three speed. If you want a 16 foot car trailer with it, add another $1,000 to price.”