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1970 Topeka Hiway Mower/Snow Plow Bucyrus, OH $800

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Mark’s selling this 1970 Topeka Hiway Mower/Snow plow. Contact him for more information: 419-563-4002. Here’s a similar Topeka model with a snow plow for comparison.

1970-topeka-mower-snowplow-1 1970-topeka-mower-snowplow-2

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Five Mowers for Early Jeeps

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There were several mowers developed for the early jeep. Some mounted on the side and some in the rear. Here are the ones I have so far:

1. NEWTON MOWER: Built by H. G. & S. Manufacturing out of Wisconsin, this mower relied on the Monroe Lift for mounting. Skilled users could attach this mower in only one minute, according the brochure.

newton-power-mower-brochure-lores1 newton-power-mower-brochure-lores2a

2. NEWGREN POWER MOWER: Made by Newgren Company out of Butler, Pennsylvania. It mounted on the rear. (Later, this was marketed as the ‘Jeep” Farm Mower)

newgen-lift-type-mower1 newgen-lift-type-mower2 Continue reading

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Struck Mini Beep(?) Salem, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Sold. Listed as a Struck Mini Beep, this looks to me more like a modified Roof Palomino.

Blaine spotted this rare Mini Beep Struck.

“This is a really hard to find Struck Mini Beep. These were built by the Struck company that is famous for making the little bulldozers that you could buy as a kit. Today they are called Magna Tracks. This one has been modified some. It is a really neat little Jeep. It articulates in the middle to turn. It is four wheel drive. It runs good but could use a couple of new belts. I collect old garden tractors and so it does not really fit so I am passing it on to someone else to enjoy it. ”

mini-beep-struck-portland-or2 mini-beep-struck-portland-or3 mini-beep-struck-portland-or4

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Mini-Beep Jeep Cincinnati, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Glenn spotted this one.

“Mini-Beep with 6.5 Kohler engine. This is a mini replica of the Willys MB (Jeep) manufactured during World War II. Excellent condition. Starts right up. Rear wheel drive, hitch, forward-reverse-brake pedals, headlights, seats up to 3. Great for kids since it doesn’t go too fast!!”

minibeep-oh1 minibeep-oh2

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Roof Palomino Mower Williams Bay, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This may have sold. Was on eBay for $20,000.

Craig forwarded this eBay listing for a rare Palomino Mower. It’s listed at $20,000. For that price you can get a restored CJ-2A and a set of mowers to pull behind it.

“This is the very rare mini Jeep “Roof Palomino” made in the Roof factory in Pontiac, Illinois. There were only about 200 of these mini Jeeps made in the 60’s. These were very expensive, costing around $1,700.00 when new, about the same as a new Chevrolet. Therefore, not many of these were sold, as only the wealthy could afford one.

This Palomino is in excellent original condition. It runs really well. It cuts a 5 foot swath with no problems. This could also be used as a golf cart, since the mower deck removes easily. This is a lot of fun to use since it creates so much attention when you are driving around your yard, either cutting grass or golf carting. According to your local ordinances, this could be driven down the street in your community.

It has a hydra static drive, so it is easy to use. This works really good, except the headlights and horn are not working. I never needed them, so I never bothered to have them fixed. There is no rust damage, and it has never been repaired for rust. I have owned this for about 20 years. It has a new 12 volt battery, and it starts right up. It has a large Kohler 2 cylinder engine, with more than enough power to cut tall grass. It is capable of speeds over 25 mph. How cool is that????

This type of vehicle does not require a title or registration. The purchaser will not have to be in a rush to pick it up since I will keep it safe in my garage until arrangements can be made. Look at photos closely and ask any and all questions you may have.”



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MIni-Beep Video

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Ken found this article and video about the Mini-Beep.

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2 CJ-5s w/ 3Point & Implements Sunbury, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: The seller thought this was a LOVE 3Point hitch (forerunner of the Newgren), but Bob Christy and I can’t identify it. Can anyone else?

Lots of stuff here. The 3point Hitch and mower are the most interesting items to me. Anyone recognize the mower? None of my brochures match it.

“2 CJ5 Willys jeeps for sale. NO. 1 Yellow jeep is ser. no.143416 Not running, stuck engine. Comes with what I believe is a LOVE 3pt hitch and PTO. Looks to be complete with hydraulic unit in engine compartment. Comes with a 3pt mower, scoop and front mount snow blade. Body is rough, frame is good, 4wheel drive components look good. Has a hard top with fiberglass top. No title, farm jeep. Some glass is broken. NO 2 Green jeep is Ser. no. 103879 Stuck, has head off soaking in Diesel fuel. Has a burnt valve, all parts to put back together are there. Has Koenig hard top in good condition. Body is very solid and has had extensive body work done to it several years ago, would not take much to be decent driver. All 4 wheel drive components look good. Frame is good. Gas tank is good. Has bucket seats. Some extra parts included. This one may have a title. Good glass.”





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Mott Mower Brochure

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On the side of the CJ-3A shown in this Mott mower brochure was printed “Akron” and “Canton”. I can’t make out the third word.

mott-brochure-jeep mott-brochure-jeep2 mott-brochure-jeep3 mott-brochure-jeep4

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Custom Mower Fayetteville, NC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1700.

Mark just listed this one.

“Mini Jeep riding lawn mower 19.5 hp, 2 spark plugs, new carb, starter.”


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Mini Beep Jeep Mason, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $3900. **SOLD**

Here’s an unusual jeep.

“This MINI BEEP has a 6.5hp engine, very well put together, $5k in just parts. Start it up and go, has reverse, brake, bench seat, trailer hitch, working headlights and moree….you can modify any way you want and even add parts. Use it in anywhere!!

The MINI-BEEP is uniquely different and better than any ATV, any UTV, any other kind of off-road vehicle. The MINI-BEEP pulls trailers, and implements, bulldozes sand, gravel and snow, drives off-road, and goes almost anywhere. It’s a 4/5 scale version of a World War II JEEP®, and it’s AMPHIBIOUS, too! The MINI-BEEP is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream project.”

mini-beep-cincinnati-oh1 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh2 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh3 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh4

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Topeka Hi Way Mower Wellsburg, IA $2900

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Looks in great shape. It’s missing the top.

“Runs good. Fun to run.”

topeika-hiway-mower-weilburn-ia1 topeika-hiway-mower-weilburn-ia2 topeika-hiway-mower-weilburn-ia3

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Directions for Building a Ride-on Mower

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Joe spotted these online directions out of the UK for building a ride-on mower.


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Odd Jeep Mower

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Speaking of jeep mowers, Bob spotted this unusual jeep-looking mower.


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Topeka Highway Mower Northwood, IA $1000 obo

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Dan forwarded this for a friend. You can contact Dan for more information. It appears in good shape. The data tag lists this as a “special” model, but what’s special about it is not clear to me. It hasn’t run in years but had new rings put in before it was parked.

image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1

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Topeka Hiway Mower & Flattie Project Moyle Springs, WA

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Blaine found a flattie project and a Topeka project for sale and some other parts.

1. Flattie is $500. Dogs are worn, but the steel rims may have life. It’s sat for a long time.


2. Topeka Mower has Jeep running gear (T-98 4 sp.) limited slip dif.

topeka-hiway-mower-spokane-wa1 topeka-hiway-mower-spokane-wa3

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Topeka Mower Spanaway, WA $600

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Dennis spotted this modified mower. It doesn’t run.

“Old cool Topeka County mowing machine. Does not have the mower attachment anymore. Selling for my pops. He used it at his RV repair shop years ago to pull trailers around and then gramps used it for his auto repair shop.
Has not run in about 7 years so not sure what it would take to get her going. Has hydrolic ram on the back that lifts a crazy bar and chain set up that gramps used to pull motors from cars with. Also has big tube setup on front had a crank winch on it but not anymore.
Think it’s a jeep flat head 4 cylinder motor. Jeep front and rear axles not sure the size. Not sure what tranny and transfer case are in it.
Was going to use it for yard art but not anymore.
It’s a cool old unusual little machine.
Could probably get it running with not a whole lot on work or just use the parts off on it.
Selling for what it’s worth in scrap so $600.00 OBO
Pops has a title for it somewhere. Thanks for looking.
If it doesn’t sell in week or 2 it’s being put on my trailer and down to the scrap yard so if ya want it let me know.
Sorry I don’t know more about it but honestly who would. never seen another one like it!”

topeka-hiway-mower-spanaway-wa1 topeka-hiway-mower-spanaway-wa2 topeka-hiway-mower-spanaway-wa3 topeka-hiway-mower-spanaway-wa4

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Topeka Hiway Mower Park City, UT Best Offer

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UPDATE: Jean would like to see this saved rather than send it to salvage. She’s moving, so it has to go. I drove up to Kimball Junction in Utah on Wednesday to get some better photos. The mower is a mix of jeep and non-jeep parts.   You can contact Jean at jnbpc  @ if interested in the mower. I have other photos.

This ‘Tornado’ Topeka Hiway Mower is different from other Topeka mowers I’ve featured. One of the biggest differences is the front grill area. All the Topeka’s I’ve seen have an angled front grille area like these. The front of Jean’s model has a more typical tractor front.

Jean hasn’t used it much over the last seven years. The motor was rebuilt around that time and has had very little use since. It is four wheel drive, has a transfer case, and a continental engine.


The front of this Topeka has a more typical tractor grille.


Are these FC suspension mounts?


Note the centered pumpkin. The Topeka uses a Dana 18 transfer case, so the driveline is angled.


Dana 18 with an interesting mounting system.


Continental motor.

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Topeka Hiway Mower Shingletown, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1450.

Steve saw the article about Topeka’s from yesterday and forwarded this ad. He thought it was a custom rig. This runs and drives.

“4×4 tractor with blade to move the snow that is on it’s way. Good for plowing snow or dirt work. 4×4 has all jeep running gear. Has a hydraulic system. Turn key ready $1450. cash or give me a call and we can discuss a trade. Looking for a gas motor golf cart.”

topeka-hiway-tractor-2 topeka-hiway-tractor-3 topeka-hiway-tractor-5 topeka-hiway-tractor-6

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Joe’s Topeka Highway Mower

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Joe just picked up this rare Topeka Highway Mower last month. Joe would love to find a soft door setup like is shown on this Topeka.

Topeka like these were assembled with jeep parts. I’ve updated the Topeka Mower info.

topeka-mower-joe1 topeka-mower-joe2 topeka-mower-joe3 topeka-mower-joe4 topeka-mower-joe5 topeka-mower-joe6

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Mini-Beep Mower Ontario, OH **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $2000. Status Unknown.

Thanks to Doug for sharing this one. The motor is stuck. The brochure is likely rare.

“RERE STRUCK BEEP Garden Tractor with Snow Blade. Rust free and the nicest body you will ever find. Have all parts motor stuck. Have the book for it.”

mini-beep-ontario-ohio1 mini-beep-ontario-ohio2 mini-beep-ontario-ohio3 mini-beep-ontario-ohio4 mini-beep-ontario-ohio5

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MINI-BEEP Kit from Struck-kit

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UPDATE: Blaine forwarded the video for the Mini-Beep:

Struck-Kit offers what they call a Mini-Beep Kit, which you can use to build mini jeep-like vehicles. You can even build an amphibious version.

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Palomino Mower Jeep in Rushville, IN


Bob and his wife spotted this rare Palomino Mower on Friday at the Pioneer Engineer’s Reunion.


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Custom Mower Ormand Beach, FL $400

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Not bad.

“One of a kind Jeep/lawn tractor. Based on a Craftsman rider with a 21 HP. engine and runs good.
Great fun for the kids young and old. Dare to be different you will have fun at the same time.
Asking $400.00 or best Cash or trade offer. Will consider all offers.
Will not answer Emails without contact information. If interested CALL 386-615-4739”

jeep-mower-ormandbeach-fl1 jeep-mower-ormandbeach-fl2 jeep-mower-ormandbeach-fl3 jeep-mower-ormandbeach-fl4

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Custom Flattie Honda Mower Bridgeton, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I don’t know if this seller has made others or if this is a one-off custom piece.

“Built from the ground up.  All steel components to include the drive train and axles.  Durable 3/4″ plywood body finished with automotive paint.  Honda GZ series gas engine (200cc) for great performance and efficiency.  Rechargeable AGM battery for the headlights.  Padded leather bench seat with automotive carpeting on interior surfaces and the under carriage finished with undercoating. ”

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Topeka Highway Mower Galion, OH on eBay

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These aren’t easy to find.  Here is more information about them.

“Pretty much complete, motor does not turn over what you see is what you get, see pictures. Pick up only will help load on open trailer”

View all the information on eBay