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1954 CJ-3B Ashland, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

It runs.

“Got a good running willies over all in good condition frame and floors are good has original seats in good condition windshield has a small crack the motor is really clean and will fire right up and run good needs some tlc some minor tinkering hear and there to be ready for the road this summer the back has been converted to a dump bed but was done profesinally and is done right good litle project would like 3000”



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Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Conversion

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Robin just posted pictures from the June 1950 Issue of Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Jeep Conversion.  This was a two issue project.

He posted high resolution versions of this transformation on FLICKR.

Here are some of the images:




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Feb 1948 Home Craft Magazine Wood Topped Jeep

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I spotted the cover of the February 1948 issue of Home Craft Magazine here.  I’d like to find an issue to more closely examine the article and the plans.  I haven’t found an issue for sale yet.


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1943 “Woodie” Wagon Goldalming, Surrey, UK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This has been rebuilt. See this post.

Vince spotted this unique bit of jeep history. It is beautiful! For us history nuts the seller has included some helpful information, too.

“1943 Willys Jeep “Woodie” Stationwagon. Purchased by Willenhall Coachcraft in 1947 from Military surplus sale. Converted to current condition and sold to the Earl of Shewsbury in June 1948.

It was sold in 1961 to Victoria Garage in Stoke on Trent, who then sold it to a Harry Hughs of the same town and then it later changed hands to an AD Broom of Norwich, where it laid in a shed which then became derelict.

In late 2004, the jeep was finally discovered by Fred Smith, a very prominent and recognised Jeep collector, who sold it to the current owner for restoration in 2005.

It has undergone a very thorough restoration, including complete remanufacture of all woodwork, back to the exact specification matching the original condition it left Willenhall Coachcraft in 1948.

There were 95 conversions of this type carried out by Willenhall, and this is the last known example, making it extremely rare indeed.

All woodwork, engine, chassis and fabrication was carried out by the current owner. Paintwork by Andy House Body Repairs of Liphook, Hampshire. Chrome by SilvaBronz of Alton, Hampshire. Trim by Jeff Mussell and Son, Godalming, Surrey.

The jeep is being sold as new since being restored by myself. V5 present, taxed, MOT’d. Registered with the plate now on 125 YUP.

Included in the sale of this vehicle is as follows:
· Photographic history of restoration
· Buff logbook (dating back to first registration)
· Photography of original vehicle and Willenhall Coachcraft History by Archie Templeton-Dick, Historian.
More photos of the jeep and the restoration can be found on Universal Jeep Supplies’ facebook page.

The number plate, NRF 9 is not included with the sale but im offering this for £10,000 separately.”


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1951 Shortened Truck Kentucky **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1700.

Here’s custom truck.

“1950s Willys jeep. It’s 6 volt with new battery and tune up it has a superhurrican flat head six motor. Cuts out think it needs a little carb work. 4/4 works great.”

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1942 MB/Truck Belfair, WA $3550

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(09/02/2012) They broke the mold after creating this one.  It includes a capstan winch.

“Willy’s jeep 1942. Has original 4 cyl. engine that purrs and doesn’t smoke. I’ve yet to see anther like this one, it is two seat with a pickup box behind. On the front bumper is an engine driven capstan winch, go online to “willy’s capstan winch kit” and you will see that this item alone sells for $3250.00 plus shipping. Also comes with an aluminum bolt on roof with two aluminum doors and an A-frame rig that bolts to the front bumper for pulling stumps and whatever. If you want to have a jeep that nobody else has, respond to this ad. I’ve had many people look at this jeep and they all agree that it appears to be made this way by the factory. You won’t find another like this one. No scams accepted, cash only.”


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1943 GPW Watseka, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

.(04/11/2012)  Hacked a bit but still some value here.  It even starts and runs.

“NO title just Bill of Sale.
Here is what I think is a 1943 Ford GPW Jeepney from the Philippines. I took this Jeep to a Military show in California and put a sign on her “What did Bubba do here” ?  Lots and lots of guys looked her over and at the end of the day the consensus was that she is a Jeepney, a Filipino Jeep. Seems as the USA left the war they also left behind tons of equipment. They say the Filipino’s use whatever they have to make things work. Frame is GPW with machine gun mount still there.  Body is GPW but has been altered as shown. The little 4 cylinder engine has been removed and a Chevrolet either 265 or 283 was installed.  The engine does have oil filtration on block, so at least 1956. It has no side motor mounts, just fronts, so it could also be 1957. The casting number on the intake manifold (4 barrel) is for either a ’56 or ’57 165 or 283 V-8.  Has 265 exhaust manifolds on it. Has Chevy car bellhousing with an adapter to a Jeep T90 transmission and transfer. Both driveshafts are there. Has cut out hubs on front. Original front and rear axles. The Jeep had been sitting for at least 20 years in California when I bought it. Took some time, but I finally got her running. Besides needing a tuneup after all these years she does sound pretty good through her dual exhaust. Needs 12 volt battery also. Has Chevy generator that does charge.  I think she has 11 inch brakes on her? CJ wheels with mud grips. Steering box needs replacing as sometimes the steering wheel will spin round and round without turning front wheels.  This would be a great and different project for someone. Storage is not a problem and will work with you or your hauler on getting her loaded. What you see in the pictures is what you get..”

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“Armored Military Jeep” Patterson, NY No Price

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This one is priceless.  Based on the back, I’d say this was a CJ of some vintage and not a M-38.

“5/16″ armored jeep. Complete. Body is not rotted. Needs new undercarriage. M38? Awesome piece of history. 845-204-1475”


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1945 CJ-2A Belleville, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

(02/24/2012) This has a strange body.

“Running, drivable willys jeep. No title. Originally bought it in southern MO for 800$. New tires, dist cap, wires, coil, and alt. It came comverted to 12v. Original flat head 4 cyl and drivetrain. D18 transfer case T90 trans. D27 front axle and D35 rear (I think). My dog tore the ugly van seats it came with but you should be able to mount any seat from anything. No winshield glass or gas tank (I was using a coffee can). Radiator needs repaired, a seam poped on the top so it will hold water until it gets too hot then it will boil out, but it gives a good 20 minute run before that happens. Needs wired, I have an electric ignition for it that is a direct replacement for the points/condincer plate. This jeep is so much fun to drive. All gears engage and disengage, the 3 speed trans and four hi/low/2 wheel high/low along with the lockout hubs, has good off road tires which hold air all winter and we can drive it right up on to your trailer. Can be hauled for a fee. Ill post my phone number tomorrow buy ill answer guestions through email.”

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1973 CJ-5 with Wagon Front Clip El Cajon, Ca $6200

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6200.

Steve forwarded this one. I think the grafting of the front end of the wagon gives this a unique look.

“Custom 1973 Jeep CJ-5 With 1955 Willys Pick-Up Front Clip
Over Ten Thousand Dollars In the Running Gear Alone!!!
Fresh AMC 390 V-8 Engine
Heavy Duty Clutch & Fly Wheel
Brand New Custom Front and Rear Drivelines
Fresh GM SM465 HD Rock Crusher 4 Spd. Transmission
New Dana 300 Twin Stick Transfer Case (Clocked with New AA Adapter)
Dana Axles with New Rubicon Springs & Custom Brackets with Boomerang Shackles
33 X 12.50 BFG Goodyear Mud Terrain Tires on Custom Steel Wheels with Corrected Offset
Full Family Roll Cage, Power Steering, New Fuel Tank, 4 Point Seatbelts, Security Console Glove-Box”http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/2970070924.html

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Alaskan WWII Hardtops

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Here are four different custom hardtops built during WWII and used in Alaska:

1. From “Attu WWII Photos” comes this unusually designed hardtop.  I don’t think I’ve featured this previously (at least, if I did, I couldn’t find it).  (It turns out this and some other photos are at the CJ-3B ATTU Hardtop Page)


2. From Flickr and www.throughtheireyes2.co.uk comes this odd hardtop.  The author of the throughtheireyes website collects photo albums from soldiers and publishes the photos.  He has some very good photos there.

3. Here’s one more hardtop from a 1944 expedition.

4.  Jimmy Stephens and his jeep with hardtop in Adak, Alaska.


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1953 Funky Vehicle Anaconda, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

It ran when parked.  What a great, funky vehicle.  Maybe was a CJ-3B?

“The Jeep ran fine when I parked it. I also have an extra transmission/transfer case for it.”

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Posters of CJ-2A with Wooden Top on eBay

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Each of these posters is purchased separately from three separate eBay ads.  This unique top is not something I remember seeing.  Anyone know anything about it?

Poster 1 Side view ebay link

Poster 2 Front view ebay link

Poster 3 Rear view ebay link

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1948? CJ-3B? Kidron, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000

There are some UNUSUAL Mods on this jeep.  Is that a battery box lid on the driver’s side?

“Asking for 4,000 or best offer.

Body is in excellent condition with no rust.
Willys engine which isn’t the original and it needs some work.
Has slow oil leak.
Hard top comes with it.
Been stored inside for as long as I know.
Last driven 4 years ago and hasn’t been driven since”

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1950 Odd Truck Jacksonville, Tx **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $3100. **SOLD**

This is an odd truck

“Was last regestered in 2001 as a 1950. It’s got a super hurracane 6 cylinder in it that runs good. hi and low range trans. 4-wheel drive works. great for farm, ranch, deer lease

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1943 Flattie Chetek, Wi **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $500. **SOLD**

It looks like someone was feeling creative.

“For Sale– 1943 Willys Jeep in restorable condition or for parts. Comes with snow plow. Ran when parked. Please leave message. Call after 6p.m.”

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WILLYS JEEP CJ-3A home made WOODY, flat fender, old car photo 4″ x 6″

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Bidding starts at $1.99.

“Beautiful new professional print (4″ X 6”) from a old 35 mm slide (KODACHROME TRANSPARENCY, no date imprinted) of a WILLYS JEEP CJ-3A (I think) with a HOMEMADE WOODIE BODY . Neat looking Willys Jeep with a wooden enclosure over the driver/occupant compartment. Don’t know the year for sure. No idea where or when the picture was taken. Written on the slide is, “Feb 1952”. Much better than scan, crisp and clear. Any distortion or glare is from my digital camera. Ruler does not show up on actual photo.

Please note, my prints are not made from a home computer, as some have questioned, they are printed by “Denver Digital Imaging Center” a division of “The Slideprinter” in Denver, Colorado U.S.A. From their web site: “For 33 years The Slideprinter has set the standard in making prints from transparencies… We are still the experts at making beautiful prints from slides…”


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Flatfender Body Kit Bethlehem, CT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1100.

This is a hand made body advertised as a CJ-2A kit, but looking more like a MB/CJ-3a kit.

“What we have here is a complete body “kit” for a CJ2A or 3A. The tub was hand made by a guy in New Hampshire, THICK sheet metal, all custom welded, VERY solid, the fenders are again hand made in very thick steel, the hood, grille and windshield are all stock parts. All parts have some surface rust from sitting , but NO rot”

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1948 CJ-2A Alberton, Mt **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

It runs! The wood paneling is … different.

“1948 Willys Jeep for sale. Runs and drives good, but it does need some work. Comes with 4 new leaf springs and spare windsheild that does not have a wiper. Sold with bill of sale only, no title. $1200.00 OBO.”

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Flattie Project Clinton, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

It appears the builder lengthened the body but forgot (or not) that the top would be too short to fit.  So, naturally, the solution was to bend the windshield back.

“Built CJ2! The body has been lengthened and the fenders widened.  It sits on two Dana 44 front axles giving it front and rear wheel steering, warn hubs, turbo 400 trans, 13in wide rims, link and spring suspension, equipped with drum brakes front and rear.  There is a hole in the hood where the air cleaners from the previous motor poked through.  This rig has been garage kept for the last 30 yrs and properly coated to protect it from rust.  The gas tank has been relocated to the inside rear of the vehicle. NOTE: This is a non running vehicle there is an engine included.  The vehicle is located in Clinton Utah buyer arranges transport, vehicle does come with a tow bar.  !!Engine included but not installed!! The engine is a Chevrolet 327 from a 1966 corvette that was rebuilt 10200 miles ago.”

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1950 CJ-3A Air Force? Troy, NY $**SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Norm spotted this ad.  The jeep has an interesting hardtop and unusual back.  It appears well done.  Does anyone know if the airforce owned or had other CJ-3As like this?

“airforce, toolbox, on wheels, very rare, many new parts, $3000 Troy, NY”

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1977 CJ-7 + 1984 Corvette **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on ebay.

From the “I had this corvette and jeep sitting around see … and it suddenly ocurred to me to combine them” department comes this unusual combo.  There is work left to do.

“This vehicle was built by taking a 1984 corvette, removing the body, moving the radiator back and the gas tank forward.  Then I wrapped the jeep body around it. The jeep body is welded to the steel corvette chassis. I took the jeep body panels down to bare metal. I painted the car myself. It was the first time I ever painted a car (although I have built several other major conversions). The paint looks good from a few feet away but it does have some major runs in places. It was painted approximately 1 year ago but I think the runs can still be sanded out. Although there is very little body filler there are some dents I didn’t fix before painting. Most notably a couple dents on the hood and around the rear corners.
The car runs, drives, stops, steers, shifts, etc. I have driven it but never more than a couple of miles. The motor runs and sounds really nice.
I installed a gage cluster from a 2001 Silverado. The speedo, tach, oil pressure and voltage gage all work.
The chassis is all corvette so it has the legendary C4 aluminum wishbone suspension, aluminum independent rear suspension, aluminum driveshafts, four wheel vented disc brakes, etc.
The car is titled as a 1969 Specially Constructed vehicle, body type: CV for convertible. The title is clear and in my name. It is on planned non operational status right now. The car is smog exempt in California because of the year. The VIN has been welded onto the frame in the front but it should probably be stamped in a couple more locations. The old Corvette VIN is still on the dash and needs to be removed. …. See more on ebay”

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Year? CJ-2Aish Republic, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

This is unusual.  I’ve never seen a mod quite like this.  I’s really like a closer look to see exactly how this was done.

“i have a willys jeep. im not sure the excact year. 6cly engine, 3 speed manual trans. needs alittle cosmetic work but for the most part its pretty solid. no title. no emails please.”


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Unusual MB found on Flickr

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Here’s an unusual MB that I spotted on Flickr. I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else (but sometimes my memory isn’t all that good!).

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More on this unusual CJ-?A/MB Wagon in Bali

UPDATE:  Rudolf sent some additional pics of this rig. Steve gives a good analysis within the comments section.

Rudolf forwarded me this unusual CJ-?A/MB wagon.  Rudolf reports that this is titled a 1944 and was used for public transit in Bali.  Given the full floating rear end, the rearend might have been from a MB.  It reminded me of another vehicle with a similar wood rear end that is located in France  (see the red image below).

From France (CJ-3B Page, Offroadaction.ca)