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1942 Slat Grille MB Salt Lake City, UT **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: This sold on eBay for $20,300.

UPDATE: I thought this had sold on eBay 09/2020. On the ebay ad the extra plate could be seen. It is a remanufactured jeep, completed by the Moore Corporation (data plate on dash).

The seller of this jeep, which as been stored for 50 years, claims this is all original. But, this Willys MB had GPW tool lids. It also has a small plate, probably a reconditioning plate, above the standard data plates. I wish there was a close-up pic of the dash.

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Photos From Reconditioning at Esslingen, Germany on eBay

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This series of 5″x7″ photos were taken at the Esslingen Germany shop where jeeps were reconditioned. It’s not clear if these are reprints, but still a rare bit of history.

1. This image shows recondition jeeps parked and ready:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning7a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning7b

2 . This image shows more recondition jeeps parked and ready:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning6a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning6b

3. This jeep is hanging from a hoist as part of its rebuild:

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1942 MB Salt Lake City, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE **SOLD** on eBay for $19,600.

Dan shared this Slat MB for auction on eBay. This is a remanufactured jeep, completed by the Moore Corporation (data plate on dash).





“The Willys Slat Grille jeep was produced only for several years 1941,1942 at the very beginning of WWII. There are many distinguishing differences between the Slat Grill and the MB which followed in production, the main one being the different looking “Slat Grill”, and the letters “WILLYS” stamped in the tailgate on the left side under the gas tank. There are many other differences which separate this early model and the MB which followed. Very few of the Slat grills have survived to today.

This jeep is one of a large collection of early Willys jeeps which was put into storage 50 years ago.
it was running and drivable when stored, however it has not been started for many years.

This jeep is unrestored and completely original. It has its original body which is solid with no rust or dents. It has the original 6 volt electrical system, 4 cylinder (4-134 L head) engine, 3 speed trans, and 4×4 high-low transfer case. It has it’s original sand tan paint and combat wheels. There’s only 19709 miles on the odometer. This one was delivered 1/20/1942.”

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1943? Slat Grille MB Logan, UT $8500


This looks to be a no-glove box body, so it might be an early slat grille MB. If so this won’t last long at this price. It may have a civvy engine (at least the head). If might also be a reconditioned jeep, as there is a small data plate on the dash.


“1943 Army Jeep very good condition for its age. Original early 1940s Willy’s Jeep. Mechanically it is very solid. Engine, transmission, transfer case, and high/low range, wheel hubs all work as they are supposed to. I drive this jeep around every now and then to just keep things moving. 6v original system works well. Lights and everything work as well. Call or text. If I don’t answer leave me a voicemail and I’ll get back to you. In southern Utah but make frequent trips to Logan Utah and might be able to deliver.”

1943-mb-slat-logan-ut0 1943-mb-slat-logan-ut1 1943-mb-slat-logan-ut2 1943-mb-slat-logan-ut3 1943-mb-slat-logan-ut4


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1942 GPW Antelope Valley, CA No Price


This was reconditioned by the Moore Company. There were 2,443 jeeps done by them. It has since gone through other alterations.

“Here is a rare 1942 Ford flat fender. It is running, not the original engine (Chevy 6 cylinder). It has the badges from the military stating it has been reconditioned to be used by civilians! Please email me with a reasonable offer as I will have to drive it an hour for you to see in person. I will only respond to emails.”


1942-gpw-antelopevalley-cali0 1942-gpw-antelopevalley-cali1 1942-gpw-antelopevalley-cali2 1942-gpw-antelopevalley-cali3 1942-gpw-antelopevalley-cali4

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1942 MB Salt Lake City, UT $5000


This MB/GPW was reconditioned in California. The main two companies working out of California were Bechtel and Moore, so it was likely one of those two. The jeep has the plate on the dash, but I can’t make it out.

“Willys Jeep 1942 original, 12v electric runs good, new tires, no rust sand blasted and painted 30 years ago stored covered or indoors, chains included in 50 cal amo boxes, re manufactured by company in Ca 1946, bought of my uncles farm 40 years ago used for hunting many fun years”


1942-mb-slc-ut1 1942-mb-slc-ut2 1942-mb-slc-ut3 1942-mb-slc-ut4

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1945 Photo of Reconditioned Jeeps in Belgium on eBay

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Just throw a couple jeeps in a net and lift them!

“1945- UNRRA workers watch as the first of 94 reconditioned jeeps are unloaded from the SS SAUMON in Antwerp, Belgium. ”

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1942 GPW Phoenicia, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a rare reconditioned GPW by Higgins. Only 1,850 jeeps were reconditioned by Higgins Plastic Corporation.


For your consideration, a 1942 Ford GPW with mostly original paint and markings. Has peeling red house paint over the olive drab, which in my opinion could probably be mostly removed with a scraper.

Serial #73528, has a civilian engine and t90 transmission installed.

Overall, a nice jeep to restore back to its former glory. Mostly original condition, I have removed an angle iron front bumper, and replaced it with a repro set of gussetts and bumper. Front frame is in pretty good shape, with no welding or cracks.

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1942 GPW Cedar City, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE: This has a recondition tag. It looks to be a Moore Equipment tag:

Here’s an original Moore tag:



“1942 Jeep Ford Frame Willys Tub.  Has a M38A1 Engine, cowling is cut near the hood, dash. has been cut for speaker, front seats are GPW, has a rebuild tab on the dash, very restorable but a mixed bag of parts..”

1942-gpw-cedarcity-ut03 1942-gpw-cedarcity-ut04 1942-gpw-cedarcity-ut02 1942-gpw-cedarcity-ut0.

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