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Odd Jeepster-like Jeep Hot Springs, AR **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: This *might* have evolved into a scam. The seller agreed to sell to one buyer and provided directions to get the vehicle, but now is avoiding the buyer’s calls. 

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900

Here is an odd one I spotted on Facebook. It reminds me of Bob’s odd Jeepster-like vehicle.

image image image

“This is a very strange “Jeep like” vehicle that is not a Jeep. I was told that it was possibly a specialty vehicle built in the 60s and that it originally had a 4 or 6 cylinder engine that the previous salvage yard owner removed and sold. 2 wheel drive. No seats or top frame. It has full length curved metal running board fenders that Jeeps never had. It also has a center console that housed the shifter. It was originally painted a coral pink color so the possibility exists that it was a resort shuttle vehicle. It is NOT, repeat NOT, a Jeep Surrey model! They look nothing like this “thing”. No engine or transmission. I saved it from a salvage yard over 10 years ago. It has 14 inch “A.J. Foyt” mag wheels that probably are original. Rusty but restorable. Buy it for $900 firm, fix it up, and have the only one out there.”


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1953 M-38A1 Various Places **SCAM**


There are multiple ads across the country for a 1953 M-38A1 for only $3000. This too-good-to-be-true offer is made using a gmail address that is also selling other vehicles across the country. It looks like a scammer to me.

Here’s the ad:
“Army Jeep Very good body, converted to 12 v new reduction starter, c00ntact:”



other related links:

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1951 M-38 Kula, HI **SCAM**

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UPDATE: Steve reports that the photo is of his jeep that he sold last month. And, if you look at the background, it’s not Hawaii. This jeep has been listed twice on Craigslist in Hawaii.

“All original, fully restored 1951 Willys M38 military jeep!
Beautiful piece of history. Runs great, 9,600 miles. No back tax, fully caught up and all legal.
Call us or email us if you’d like more information or if you’d like to come see it. Moving off island, need to sell!”


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1961 FJ-3A Dana Point, CA **SCAM**


UPDATE: Jay notes this is a scam. Listed at $2500.

1961 Jeep Fleetvan Fj-3A, all original , with original 4 cyl. 3 speed trans. runs and drives good, body is rough , but surface rust , non structural rust, original patina look, clean title non salvage, on non op status , no DMV back fees. $2500 firm ! No offers no trades no tats”


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**SCAM** Bantam BRC-40

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Here’s a scam I didn’t know about. The ad was pretty convincing, because  the ad title “Old jeep army navy usmc” was so poorly written in terms of keywords. The seller acts as if they don’t really know what they have.

Honestly, I thought I’d scored big. However, I had enough sense to email Josh and he deflated my bubble gently. Oh well, I’ll keep searching . . .

There’s a discussion about this at G503:


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1966 CJ-6 Muskogee, OK **Scam?**


UPDATE: Was $3650. Possible Scam. Please check reader comments.

(01/06/2014) Looks like a gas tank has been added to the cargo area.

“1966 jeep 4×4 pto winch new drive train
18k original miles”




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Scam — 1943 GPW


This is a scam. Pics have been used before. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out (my brain is on recess it seems).

Here is a very nice restored 1943 Ford GPW jeep. The jeep has matching numbers with the original glove box (not attached to the tub but is included) and the frame. The engine is a Ford GPW block.”

1943-gpw-scam1 1943-gpw-scam3


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1943 GPW **SCAM** :: Was Google Wallet Scam

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UPDATE V: This scam disappeared from the world, thankfully.

UPDATE IV: After being deleted this is back on eBay again. A bidder decided to bid $50,000. Someone’s playing with the seller.


UPDATE III: Mike alerted me that some of these pics are now on an ebay auction. Person selling it is listed as brand new profile on Jan 19, 2014. I see no reason to doubt it is still a scam. It has been reported as potentially fraudulent.


UPDATE II: This scam has appeared on Craigslists. Lance forwarded pictures he received from the scammer.  There are 17 total.

UPDATE: John looked into this scam and received the following email. It appears this seller is likely running the Google Wallet Scam (which I’d never heard of).

I am glad that you are interested in my Jeep Willys . It's a Orig Matching #'s Jan 1943 Ford GPW Army Jeep Willys Military .
This jeep was completely taken down, sandblasted, and all of the rust was cut out and replaced with new metal. This jeep has been completely gone threw. The engine, T-84 transmission (gear box), Transfer case, breaks, steering box, Axles, starter, generator, Radiator, Carter WO Carb, voltage regulator, water pump and distributor have ALL been rebuilt by professional shops and receipts can be provided for all parts. The engine has a two year warranty.

The Firestone tires, wiring harness, spare data plates, gas tank, tail lights and horn are all new replacements and are 100% correct. The jeep is still its original 6 volt configuration. The seat covers are new . All of the combat rims are strait originals. The battery is brand new and this jeep starts, drives, shifts and stops with no problems at all . 

I legally own a clear title, free of any liens or loans, under my name. Not interested in a trade and my final price is $4,500.

Just want to sell it ASAP, I am using Google Wallet as my ex-wife suggested, she also sold her car, without any headaches!
First of all please let me know where are you located ?

I will also need to know if you require a loan ? Or the funds are available ?


This scam is back. I found ads in several places across the US yesterday. 

Here’s one link

1943-gpw-fayarville-ar1 1943-gpw-fayarville-ar2

13 23

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M-677 **Scam**

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Watch for a new M-677 Scam. Someone is trying to sell a M-677 that is owned by Dan Horenberger that isn’t for sale.  I don’t have a link to the ad yet. Here’s a list of a few other car scheme scams that I found on the net.

The scammer’s is going by the name ‘Kelvin Hardy’ and uses the email The scammer is asking only $4000 and claims the vehicle is in Kansas.

Please let me know if you spot a current ad for it. Here’s one of the photos:


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Scammer News

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Jesse reports that this guy may have run the M-677 scammer ads and possible another one involving an AMC engine. The guy doing the scams is wanted and reported to be dangerous. Here are some links to check out:

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**SCAM** 1947 CJ-2A

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UPDATE: Now listed in Nashville, TN

This scam is back. It was around last summer if I remember correctly.


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1946 CJ-2A Daleville, AL **SCAM**


UPDATE: **SCAM** See Comments


1946-cj2a-daleville-va1 1946-cj2a-daleville-va2

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1952 M-38 **SCAM** Listed for $2100


UPDATE:  This scam has been drifting west on Craigslists.  Bryan, whose eBay ad is the one copied by the scammer, was contacted by a woman who found his phone number in the scam ad.

Bryan wrote and told me, “I talked to a lady today that almost got sucked in. Her husband is in the military and the scammer told her he was overseas fighting and could arrange shipping for the jeep. She said the scammer reeled her in with the his false military fighting for our country story….she said the only thing that stopped her was my eBay ad and my phone number I put on the ad. She called me to confirm it was false.”  Bryan has reported the situation to the FBI.  You can contact the FBI at this phone number (251) 438-3674.

There’s a M-38 craigslist scam that’s been listed on about ten craigslists along the east coast. The text came from a January 5 eBay listing.

This is the pic that’s been included in the ad:


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2 Modified M-667s Phoenix, AZ SCAM

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UPDATE 2:  We are certain this was a scam.  Contrary to what the ‘seller’ reports, no LoJack activation has never occurred on a Willys in AZ.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Craig for managing to get a response.  The seller claims these are sold.  And, thanks especially to Jesse for his detailed analysis on this.  In between tearing down my parent’s rotten deck and getting ready to build a new one I’ve been following the comments on this ad/scam/?? with interest.

“I have two modernized like new except for paint m677 FC Kaiser Jeeps with 4 door crew cabs, full skid plates, new motors, new drive train, or professionally rebuilt. Modern features like PS, PB, AC, locker Eaton Rear end. One is Gasoline powered Chevrolet LT-1 350 the other is a 6 cyl heavy duty diesel. To much to mention. $65,000 takes both and plenty of original parts. I had the custom paint jobs blasted off when the company who contracted their build at a cost of over $100,000 defaulted and we repo’ed these.. Both have new interior, AC, 24 12 and 120 volt power. Both have heavy duty winches, and one comes with a PTO winch and hydrostatic plow drive als all hoses drive lines etc. They run and drive great. Suspension is all new and engineered for the load of the new running gear. Running gear was regeared to maximize the HP torque and RPMs of the power plant(s). Paint is all these lack. They are in a climate controlled storage. Look up this model on Google. These are primer gray and all they need is a final paint job. These are rare, and unheard of in this condition. Email for a viewing time and location, as well as questions and a an extensive list of original spare parts, engines, transfer cases, glass, etc. One mor could be made original from spare frame body parts engine X fer case front and rear end etc. Zero rust. Interiors are new Taurus Burgundy colored vinyl seats. New tires, new heavy duty brakes. These cost almost $130K to build. They were meant to service cell towers in remote locations. The buyer skipped town. They had LOJACK and I went and got them back. Too many upgrades and options to list. The gasoline model is more of a toy as the engine is high compression high horsepower. They have dual 24 and 12 volt electrical, all new rubber body gaskets, no leaks. They are in line in a storage unit, and photos will be difficult. After I take them out to allow a test dive photos will be available. These were driven every 4-6 weeks to keep seals from leaking and fluids changed every 3 months regardless of use. We are using Mobile One with extra filters engine oil coolers, A two regeared 2 speed overdrive was added between the 4 speed tranny and transfer case for 16 forward gears 2 reverse. All computer modeled to avoid clearance issues, binding ill fitting parts etc. Enough parts are on hand to make these original again too. THe Cat Diesel is the true work truck. I got 27 MPG with it HWY. $35K each $65K takes everything. Parts are available with further negotiation on one truck. Both trucks you get extra frames, cabs, mounts, etc. These are very very nice inside. Dunbar did all new springs and an airbag ride was installed. Email with a number for serious buyers ONLY> This will be listed in other locations I am willing to deliver to.”

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1955 M-38A1 Missoula, Mt $3995

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UPDATE II: Price dropped to $3995. 406-240-8961

UPDATE:  Still Available.  Please review this thread before contacting the seller: as it appears this jeep is being sold by the same person (the ad displays a phone number which links to his name).

(06/18/2012) This look alike a to-good-to-be-true ad.  Possible scam.

“1955 M38A1 Willys Military Jeep with only 50 K original miles, very solid, no rust holes, runs and drives good with original 4 cylinder engine and T-90 3 speed transmission.Has front turn signal black out lights still intact and drivers side rear black out light included, data plates on dash still intact. Brakes work, heater works, good clutch, turn signals and lights work. Has original seat frames with back seat and original canvas top and gerry can stamped US. Original style side curtains and doors are available new reproduction to match top. Own a piece of history. easy to restore or use as is, with original title from 1977 when purchased from army surplus. Has been converted to 12 volt.”

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Newest GPW Scam — “Totally Rebuilt” 1942 GPW at $5999

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Here’s the text of this newest Scam:

“URGENT SALE – IMMINENTLY! 1942 GPW Ford Willys Military Jeep 4×4 Vintage – For Sale By Owner
Totally Rebuilt – New gas tank, Hydraulic Wilwood Clutch, 44 rear axle,
If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me. tks”

Here are two pictures from the scam. There’s another one of GPW in a garage, too.

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The GPW Scam is Back

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UPDATE: The GPW Scam is back with the same pics.  I’ve flagged about twenty of them over the past couple days. The price varies, but always around $5000.  Below is the picture most often used:


FROM September 24, 2011 … Here is how the scam works.

Rob is sharing the email exchange he had with the GPW scam:

Here is the latest on the 42 GPW scam including the fake invoice from Google Checkout. The request for the Western Union money order is not how Google Checkout transfers funds.

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Newest Version of the GPW Scam


Here is the newest incarnation of the GPW Scam.

View the link here.

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Year? M-38 Columbus, NC $35,000 **SCAM**

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UPDATE:  Steve notes this is a scam and this sold a few months ago.  He also notes that LSD-30 was a Navy ship and the LSD stands for Landing Ship, Dock.

The price is a bit high.  I think the description explains a lot.

“Need to sale to buy my jeeps”

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Scam moved to eBay

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The 1942 GPW for Sale has now moved to eBay Classifieds.

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A New Twist on an old Scam — 1942 GPW $4999

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Thanks goes to Dexter for spotting this new twist on an ongoing scam by some pond scum.  The famous 1942 GPW that popped up throughout the nation now has its own youtube video.  The price has shifted from $4700 to $4999.


Here is the Ad text, which appear just before I flagged the ad as a scam.

“Rebuilt 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep -Rebuilt Collection compact military four-wheel drive utility vehicle. 4-cyl. side valves, 134 CID (2199 cc), 60 hp (45 kW). It is an excellent choice, FLAWLESS condition, Very light use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my YouTube chanel:

Here is an original pic found on an earlier ad that now is on the video:

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1945 CJ-2A Ladera, NM $2500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2500.  This may be a scam.  Apparently there is no Ladera in NM.

(04/19/2011) I can’t tell if this is a VEC or not.

“For sale one 1945 Willys Jeep CJ2a. The jeep seems to be mostly stock except for larger gas tank installed behind seats, the tailgate, and the carb not original oil bath and 12 volt . There are probably other things not original, but I am a total rookie on these Willys. During my period of ownership I had new pistons & rings installed, emergency brake, yokes, seals and new fluid in drive train. I believe the 4wd works; temp, oil pressure, speedometer work, the gas gauge and horn do not. The lights & turn signals work. Has a massive manual crank winch on front in case you get stuck. Vehicle runs & drives and started right up in the coldest of days this past winter.
I have a clean NM title in my name and is currently registered to drive on the street, though doesn’t go much past 40 mph.
$2500.00 cash only, no trades
Please call: 321-7380”

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Another ’42 GPW Scam

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This is the newest GPW scam on Craigslist.  There were a variety of ads for this jeep appearing across the US. I have flagged the ones I found.

See an example of the full ad here.

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1966 CJ-5 ***SCAM***


This scam is back as of 03/29/2011

UPDATE:  This is likely a scam.  Thanks to Rob for pointing it out. Both ads indicate that the vehicle is in that town’s location.

Here is Ad #1 from South Florida for $2600:

The engine is a GM Performance 350 and B&M 700R4 2200 Stall, Dana 300 Transfer case with twin stick, Currie High Pinion 9″ and Dana 44 4.56:1 Geared Limited Slip Diff., Custom Exhaust. This car has less than 100 miles!There are many more items of interest that have not been mentioned.”

Here is Ad #2 from Nashville for $2620:

“Warn Power Plant Duel Force HP Whench with hidden hook behing folding license plate. PCW 52 Series 15X10 Wheels, with Mickey Thompson MTZ 35X12.5X15 tires, 4″ reverse shackle kit with 1.5 inch shackles. ”

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1942 GPW Scam has returned


UPDATE:  This is back …

Note the new description. Same pics.  You can view the earlier versions here.

“1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep – compact military four-wheel drive utility vehicle. Other: Oil Filter; oil filled mesh; 1 throat carburetor, manual choke, exhaust/intake at driver’s side, intake heated via exhaust/bimetal control spring. 6 Volt DC generator, Failsafe automatic fuse. Please contact me with any questions or if you need more information or photos.!”