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1954 M-170 Atlanta, Ga **SCAM**

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UPDATE:  Jim noted this might be a scam.  So, I went to double check the link this morning and discovered the content had completely changed, except for the email address.  This one has me a little perplexed. The add originally listed the below jeep at $2900. See comments for Jim’ comment.

“I have owned this jeep for about 6 years. It is a virtual frame up restoration of a 1954 Military M170 Frontline Ambulance to great running condition. Every part examined, restored or replaced on this jeep. Engine rebuilt with less than 20 hours running time on it. Rebuilt radiator, NOS carburetor, NOS fuel pump, complete new Vintage wiring harness, NOS lights, power switch, steering linkage, new brake shoes, emergency break system, rebuilt transmission and transfer case, hubs repacked/rebuilt, New military tires, new exhaust, exhaust manifold, NOS cross over tube, water proof plug wires, accelerator peddle and linkages, cables, speedometer cable, NOS fuel tank, NOS passenger seat, etc., etc., etc.

This vehicle can be a daily driver. It tops out at about 55 mph, loves 35 mph. I rebuilt this jeep for our kids on the ranch and it had to be absolutely reliable to start and run because we left it unstarted for weeks at a time and everyone wanted to drive it when we go out there. I promise you this vehicle is in excellent running condition.”

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Jeep Rod Sacramento, CA **SCAM**

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UPDATE 2:  This is a scam … one of the stranger scams I’ve seen.  I flagged the craigslist ad as spam.

UPDATE:  I posted this in October of 2010 when Freestyle Magazine’s blog captured this unusual jeep rod.

“Rebuilt Chevy 327 V8
Lowered on Enkei Muscle Car Springs & Shocks
New Off-Road/Snow Tires
Chop Top
Documented Military History
Transmission Will Not Shift Past 2nd (C4 Corvette 4 Speed
Radiator Leaks
No Stereo, No AC, No Heater, NOTHING
Speedometer Doesnt Work, but not a problem because of the transmission.  will trade for a tuned import, bagged truck or another rat rod or pre-smog muscle car”

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1942 GPW American Canyon, Ca $4700 ***Scam***

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UPDATE:  Lindsey also spotted this on the indianapolis craigslist.

**SCAM is BACK at lower price** (See this post) This one is from ebay. I flagged the ad.

This looks pretty nice for the price.

“Collection Jeep 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep 4×4 compact military utility vehicle. Excellent performance for a very attractive price.
All new wheel cylinders and master cylinder
All wheel bearings inspected, cleaned and packed
All new wiring
All new lights including headlights and blackout lights
So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask I am really glad to answer the”

Read more:×4/?ad=8773940#ixzz1CaqkrCkU

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1942 GPW Seattle, Wa $4999 ****SCAM****


UPDATEIII: Now on ebay

UPDATE II: You can view larger pics here:
of this fake ad.  The seller will only take payment via Google Checkout because he is in such a hurry.  Paul points out something I missed — this has an 8″ lift … or not! Thanks to John for detective work on this one.

UPDATED:  John alerted me that this GPW is also listed for sale in Chicago.  Since neither ad mentions the jeep being in either city, be on a scam watch just to be safe.

This could be a reasonable price.  Appears in good shape.  The hood blocks are in a strange location.

“1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep – 4-cyl eng. side valves, 134 CID (2199 cc), 60 hp (45 kW).
The compact military jeep 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep. Here’s your chance to own a unique piece of genuine military history
steel seats, hinged passenger front seat .The small four-wheel drive utility vehicles are considered iconic and inspired many similar Light Utility Vehicles over the years. Later evolved into the “CJ” civilian Jeep
Other: Oil Filter; oil filled mesh; 1 throat carburetor, manual choke, exhaust/intake at driver’s side, intake heated via exhaust/bimetal control spring. 6 Volt DC generator, Failsafe automatic fuse.
Original 3-speed manual transmission,
Original transfer case
Hydraulic Wilwood Clutch,
44 rear axle,
Edelbrock carb.,
Edelbrock intake,
New wiring,
Heavy-duty radiator,
Sunpro gauges,
8″ lift kit with Rancho steering stabilizer,
New gas tank”

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Some Scam Ads out of New Mexico

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Recently, Mike wrote to me about several Willys related ads that appear to be scams out of New Mexico.  The ads aren’t all the same, but are similar. Mike identified these common themes:

  1. No phone number
  2. No pictures
  3. Rush to sell
  4. Low affordable pricing
  5. Rural location outside of ABQ..
  6. Does not respond to local contact attempts.

Here are some links that you might find useful; my goal is to put together a more comprehensive collection of scams that are automobile focused.

From Fraud Guides:

Craigslist/eBay Car Scam:

From Craigslist:

eBay Scams:


Here is an example of a Craigslist Ad we believe is fake.  If I am incorrect about this ad being dishonest, PLEASE contact me.

1945 X Army Willys jeep – $750 (Sandia Park N.M.)

Date: 2010-12-17, 12:54PM MST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

1945 ex army jeep runs good , 4 cylinder engine original threw out, but needs some body work done , not serious some surface rust under the frame and also on top of the front fenders. I used this jeep to get around in the winter time for many years , very dependable old jeep, you can always get your money out of it if you decide to sell later, with more work to be done on it. This jeep will not drive very fast but it sure can climb up trails and mountains, and just in time for the snow here in new mexico, took it hunting deer many year ago, I went out early this morning this place was covered in snow I keep my jeep under my old shed , and it started right up with no problems, it has the 4×4 still working on it, I no longer going to need it because I am moving to t or c where it is a little more warmer, and I am getting somewhat older 78 years young cannot deal with this colder weather so email me to come see , first to come by with cash gets the jeep, please no trades or low offers , I will sell this jeep for my price I will have a better chance if it even snows more,. I just saw one on e ebay sell for much more than this, and the jeep was not even running. The jeep is sold as is no refunds , you buy it it is yours.

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1945 MB San Luis Obispo, Ca eBay (scam?)


UPDATE: A reader contacted me about this Jeep.

He wrote, “The same jeep was listed some time ago and I contacted the seller. Long story short he sends out fake invoices from a know eBay scam address (email is listed on eBay’s security page as scam) I nearly fell for it but luckily did my homework before sending the money!”

Despite the $8000 price listed at ebay, the “actual price” is $35,000 and can be seen here:

So, buyers beware …..

“This is a low mileage original 1945 Willys MB Jeep. I bought this Jeep from the original family in 2005. It was in a heated storage area for the last 35 years. I am the second owner of this fine piece.

This MB still has all original canvas seats cushions, crash pads, door straps, original data plates and the original windshield glass (with dates). The Jeep also has all (5) of its original Goodyear tires with the synthetic S3 markings. This is one of the nicest untouched MB’s.

Original Accessories Included with the Jeep:

Canvas Top – Completely Original
Canvas Windshield Cover
Canvas Half Doors
Safety Door Straps
ORD Tire Pump Mounted under the Rear Seat
Hand Crank Mounted behind the Rear Seat
Grease Gun Mounted in the Bracket under Hood
Fire Extinguisher Mounted in Bracket
Oil Can Mounted in the Bracket on the Firewall
Original TM9-803 Manual in the Glove Box
Spare Parts Kit / Tool Kit / Jack and Lug Wrench

Asking $8000”

View all the info on eBay