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1951 CJ-3A Ottertail County, ND **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Original listed for $2400, an eWillys reader got a great deal on this jeep.

This looks like a good price.  Nice turbine rim on the back to boot.

“Nice shape — no rust — original engine/tranny runs great – converted 12 volt — lockout hubs – chrome wheels — bikini top — roll bar — tow bar ”


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Builds: Boomer’s 1942 Slat Grille

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If  you weren’t following it, Boomer, James and I were have a short conversation about Slat Grilles and how there are only a few Slat Grilles buit with a Glove Box.  Apparently, early MBs (1941 dated slat grill) did not come with a glove box (maybe I was the only person who didn’t know that …). Glove boxes were not added till ser# 120680 (early to mid Feb. 1942).  It made realize how little I actually know about Slat Grilles beyond the slat grille itself.

Boomer mentioned that he has a MB with the serial# 122723 born  February 26, 1942.   Glove boxes were added about a week before his was built.  Of course, at that point I said ‘tell me more & send me pics’!  Thanks for sharing!

Boomer not only sent some pics, but provided some nice history.  My slat came from the original owner, who bought it 1946. It was originally bought from an Army Air station in Maine.

Total slat grill production was approximately 25,000 units or  approximately 3  percent of total WW2 jeep production. Of those, only about 10 to 15 percent were equipped with a glove box. My research suggest there are barely 150 running/restored slat grills left in existance world wide.

Regarding the trailer, it was saved by me from a local farm. It was being used as a horse trough. Date of delivery was June 1943.  It was made by Willys, otherwise known as MBT.

This is how I found it;

Nearly finished,

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1948 CJ-2A Steamboat Springs, Co $3000


UPDATE:  Price now $3000

It looks like an even better deal at $3000.

“Strong runner, a real head turner, almost no rust. Near original, must see. Loves to plow snow, true piece of american history. repley for picts. serious inq, please. Call 970-846-4489”


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1949 CJ-3A Brainerd, Mn **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This includes some additional parts.  This might be a good price.

“brought back from Oregon. body off restoration. cannot complete because of my health. engine 134 cu.inch over head valve 1957 hurricane engine (no hole in hood for aircleaner)”


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Builds — James 1947 Rebuild

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UPDATE:  James wrote me tonight saying he’s made additional progress. Check out the paint job: beautiful!   You can check it out at his website.

(Aug 11, 2009) I ran across this website today where James is thoroughly documenting the rebuild of a 1947 that was parked by his wife’s grandfather 40 years ago in a barn and left there.  One observer voiced some concern that it was the jeep holding up the barn and if they moved it, the barn might just give up and topple over.

According to the blog, James has been working on this about 2 years now.  In the picture below, MetalRehab had just finished cleaning all the body parts.  Recently, the parts were dropped off at Everman Paint and Body to get some body work done and paint (I think I’m right about the paint part).

And below is the engine running after a great deal of work cleaning all the parts.

James, obviously a man of high taste (I can tell this as I found a link back to ewillys on his site 🙂 ), would make a grandpa proud with this rebuild.

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1948 Jeepster Sand Lakem, Mi $6500

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This is a great looking stock Jeepster.

“48 Willy’s Jeepster 4cyl. overdrive. Car is in great shape. too many new parts too list. Won’t last long. Call (616)636-5918”


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For BRC Lovers … Bill Spears Website

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Bill Spears really seems to like Bantams of all kinds.  He’s got a website extensively devoted to exploring Bantams, including a detailed look at the beginning of the jeep.  His information seems consistent with what I’ve learned, though I wasn’t familiar with the Checker connection noted below.

Bill also has a list of Bantams, some with pictures and some just a rumor.  He also has gathered some images of Bantams in service.  Finally, Bill explores the relationship, or inter-relationship, between the “Checker Bantams”, which he calls a CRC, and the Bantam BRC.  It’s an interesting read.

Below is one of the Bantam’s that appears on Bill’s list of Bantams page.  Click on the image to get to the page.


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Video: Autobiography of a Jeep

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Here’s the ‘story’ of the jeep from the Jeep’s perspective. It’s got a bunch of historical footage.

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Videos: Willys Overland – Workhorse of the Industry Part 2

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This is part two of a two part marketing video produced, I think, by Willys Overland about their products. Not only does it cover the jeep, but it also covers, particularly in part 2, the other 4wd vehicles such as the Wagon, the Truck and shows some of the farming implements available.

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Videos: Willys Overland – Workhorse of the Industry Part 1

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This is part one of a two part marketing video produced, I think, by Willys Overland about their products. Not only does it cover the jeep, but it also covers, particularly in part 2, the other 4wd vehicles such as the Wagon, the Truck and shows some of the farming implements available.

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Video: Early Jeep Test

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This is one of the more amazing videos. It’s short. Watch the end of it closely, as the driver escapes the jeep just in time before the flat fender topples on top of him.

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1947 CJ-2A Grand Coulee, Wa $1000

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1947_cj2a_grandcouleeUPDATE:  Price dropped to $850.  I assume the unusual windshield is due to the hard top.

Here’s a jeep with an unusual top. and it appears to be a lefty, though the tire is mounted pretty high.

“Project i never had time for, nearly complete except for a few parts that were taken by midnight shoppers. starter air cleaner,carb missing.”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Vista, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This seller also restored this CJ-2A with a similar theme.

A well executed and creative build.  These are exactly the kinds of non traditional restorations I’d like to see more of that properly record the wide and varied deployment of the jeep.

The builder/seller writes, “1946 Willys V.E.C. CJ2A #14, 422 – County Sheriff  Patrol Jeep: I’m relisting this beautiful Willys with a lower reserve. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that I’m giving it away!  I just recognize that the market is soft right now.  I know what I have put into this restoration.  This is my fourth and final restoration of a 1946 Willys Civilian Jeep (CJ) 2A.

I became interested in the 1946 CJ-2A because it was the first production 4 wheel drive vehicle available to the public and is the grandfather of all modern SUVs.  This particular CJ-2A restored as a Sheriff Patrol Jeep was restored as a tribute to my own Grandfather who was a deputy sheriff in Southern California during the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  This CJ-2A is a faithful restoration of the type patrol vehicle that may have been used by the sheriff in the California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona back-country. The Federal siren and all Unity lights are period vintage police equipment.  The STOP light on the left front fender is a vintage Griffin model used by Military Police on jeeps during the Second World War.


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1943 GPW Santa Rosa, CA **SOLD**


1943_gpw_santarosaUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $20,500

“Fully restored Ford GPW Jeep.  Delivery date 2-11-43 from original data plates.  New Motor with 63 miles on it. Everything rebuilt. Reproduction body tub with many F-marked (Ford) parts. 7.00 x 16 tires on CJ rims. Parade/combat ready. $20,500 or best reasonable offer. “

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1948 CJ-2A Cambridge, OH **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_cambridgeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

The body’s been cleaned up and looks good.

“this is a real nice cj2a, everything has been gone through and replaced or rebuilt. body is all steel, rebuilt l-head and transmission. basically everything is new.”

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1944 GPW Jackson, CA **SOLD**


1944_gpw_jacksonUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $5000.

The seller has added a price and clarified thisis a 1944 GPW.

“Nice and fun jeep to drive .. there is a pin hair crack near the distribtor in the block …but the jeep runs and drives it all ready for the next person .. in done lots of money invested”

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1943 GPW Wilburton, Ok $6000


1943_gpw_wilburtonUPDATE:  Price dropped to $6000.

I’m not a big fan of the bumpers, but everything else looks good on the GPW.

“1943 Willys Jeep GPW- restoring, new paint,lots of new parts. Have all original parts replaced. New spark plug wires,coil,distributor,points,fuel pump,carburator kit,tires,wiring. All transfer cases cleaned,drained and refilled. New canvas top,seats.,new battery. 6,000 OBO 918-465-1054”

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1963 Willys Truck Ohio $17,000

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $15,000.

Here’s a beautiful truck for sale out of Ohio.  More large pics on the craigslist ad.

“I am offering for sale this 1963 Willy’s Jeep PU truck, which I have owned since the early 80’s. Shortly after purchasing this truck I did a complete body off restoration. Every nut, bolt and mechanical part on the truck has been completely restored like new or replaced. The frame, all sheet metal components including the cab was sandblasted at the start of the restoration. All this including the mechanical work has been done in a professional manner. The engine has been completely rebuilt, the transmission refreshed and driveline joints replaced….”


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1942 GPW Madera, Ca $5500


1942_gpw_maderaKind of a funky paint job, but it would probably clean up well.

“Rare 1942 Ford Jeep WWII. During WWII Willys-Overland Co. could not produce enough jeeps to meet the war demand, thus Ford starting producing jeeps in the exact image of the Willys model so that the parts were interchangeable. Sense limited production were produced these jeeps are a rare find. The jeep has been garaged and in our family for over 20 years. For those collectors out there this jeep can easily be restored to its original glory. I believe the seats and rollbar and rear bumpre are the only changes made. The jeeps body and engine are in great condition, I drove the jeep this past weekend around the farm. Please send me an email at or call 559-446-1071 and leave a message if you are interested and we can arrange a viewing.”

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1942 GPW/MB Big Pine, Ca $6950


1942_gpw_bigpineUPDATE: Price dropped to $6950

The title of the add suggested it was a GPW, but given the willys tub, I’d call it a mix.

“Have nice running and driving 42 jeep all ford except has willys tub and title , 5 ford tires ..rebuilt motor and clutch etc ,not a show jeep but a good dependable jeep with star set and repair manual,windshield cover ,skid plate ,calif title ..$7500 or OBO or trade for antique car …760-938-2250 ..thanks SWCARL”

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1943 GPW Crawford, Co eBay


UPDATE:  This has been for auction on and off for at least 6 months.

This old GPW appears in good shape.  Lots of pics to review.

“I am selling my WW2 1943 Ford GPW Jeep. I really don’t want to sell it but its time for some of them to go. This jeep is a really nice one for never being restored. It is all original except for a few parts, the roll bar, front bumper and the gas tank, It is out of a cj2a, the engine is a willys. It has a new speedometer, fuel gauge and water temp gauge. Has a new fuel-sending unit. It has new front brake shoes and wheel cylinders, I have the rear brake shoes and cylinders I just have not had time to put them on. The generator has been rebuilt; it’s the original 6v system. Has original transmission transfer case, axles, seat frames, windshield frame, hood, grill, body and frame. There are a lot of F stamps on it, The 2 seats are stamped F also the frame and many other parts. It runs vary good starts up every day no problems….”

View all the pics on eBay

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1948 CJ-2A Springfield, Oh eBay


I am guessing the year of this jeep based on the serial number and the CJ-2A website production serial numbers.  This jeep includes a Monroe Lift.

“Nice CJ2A Willys Agri-jeep with a Monroe lift. starts and runs good. Monroe lift has been off of the jeep since the mid 1970s. The previous owner used it to run a bush-hog cut fields. Hydraulic hose are dryrotted and needs replaced. Tires and spare in good condition. comes with air cleaner, hydraulic pump (missing rubber bushing), resivor and control valve, PTO belt drive, PTO V belt pully. The body has rust and is not straight at all. Paint less that fair. leaks oil. It needs restored but i don’t have the time to dedicate to this project.”

View all the pics at eBay


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1943 GPW West Seattle, Wa $2300


1943_gpw_westseattleUPDATE: I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been purchased already, but maybe the project is bigger than it appears.

This might be a good price.

“This is a 1943 Military Ford Jeep GPW vehicle. My father purchased this Jeep with hopes of restoring it to it’s original state. Unfortunately we have other vehicle and rental projects and just do not have the time. This a really a great Jeep and a classic. This is a perfect vehicle for someone looking to have a project and make it their own. The Jeep is in need of some rust repair and the installation of a new timing gear and timing chain. My Father has already purchased a new timing chain, timing gear, new transmission knobs, and new U-joints for the jeep and are all included in the sale. The jeep also comes with an spare engine, gas tank, tire, and a complete jeep manual booklet. What’s great is that they still make every part for this jeep. This is a great jeep and ready to be taken good care of. The price is firm only because we believe it is a very good deal and considering the jeep comes with a spare engine and the other parts mentioned above. If you would like further information regarding the jeep you can reach my father at 206-947-8153 and myself at 206-999-3809.”

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1946 CJ-2A Washington, Pa **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was on eBay

“I went to great lengths to get this Jeep back to what it would have looked like after a few years in it’s original job.  The Jeep was painted it’s true color – Normandy Blue and the wheels are Sunset Red – more of an orange – which is their original color.  This Jeep towed planes and helicopters, plowed snow, and was a mobile airplane mechanics toolbox at the Akron – Canton airport.  In recognition of that, I left the big channel front bumper and the custom “towing tab” on the bumper.  I also instructed the body man to leave the dents in the bed – I wanted some of the patina ( I now wish I’d just had him fix the dents, I think)….”


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1941? MB/GPW Las Cruces, NM **SOLD**


1941_mb_gpw_lascrucesUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5900

I’m pretty sure this is a ’42 at the earliest.  Looks loved.

“1941 Willy Jeep, All original with the exception changed from 6volt to 12 volt, new transmission, new top, new tires, w/spare, ready for desert trail riding. Tow bar on front. “