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1948 Photos of the 3-Wheeled “Davis” Jeep/Car

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a post on this car in the past, but I can’t find it at the moment.

“Original Vintage Photo RARE Davis 3 Wheel Jeep Car circa 1948 Size is 8×10″ inches.”

1948-3-wheel-davis-car1 1948-3-wheel-davis-car2 1948-3-wheel-davis-car3 1948-3-wheel-davis-car4

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Trike Jeep De Pere, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $7200.

(03/14/2012)  “2007 Willys CJ2A Trike w/ Chevy 4.3l TBI fuel injected V6 and 4sp auto Transmission. It is sitting on a Ford Thunderbird independent rear suspension and custom made frame and front end.The Willys body has been stretched 17″ in the rear section.Newer style roll bar with a new Softopper soft top/bikini top. Chevy Tahoe front seats Jeep CJ rear seat, custom 17 Gal aluminum tank. This is a 4 seater and in WI it does not have to conform to helmet laws, BUT it does to seat belt laws. so it works with little ones and car seats. I would be interested in trading for a 4door pickup, convertible, suv or newer big cycle. Let me know what you have”


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The O.E. Szekely CJ-3A APU Navy Jeeps

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I’ve been assembling some information on the O.E. Szekely and Associates Navy Jeeps built from CJ-3A parts. These were used to act as “Self-propelled electric power plants” on land and on battleships. They were made in three-wheeled and four-wheeled versions.

There is also a report that O.E. Szekely served 3 1/2 years in the USNR. This may have given him the contacts necessary to arrange the contract(s) for the APU Jeeps.

Link to a discussion on the CJ-3A Page
Link to a discussion at G-503.com
Some great photos from WillysArgentina of APUs

1. UPDATE: I dont’ know why I labeled this an APU. It was definitely in the Navy, but after further review, I see no reason to think it was a Szekely jeep. It is a Four wheel CJ-3A with a L-head that was listed here http://www.ewillys.com/2010/04/28/1951-navy-cj-3a-denver-co-ebay/

2. Four wheel CJ-3A APU with a F-head (and hood bump). The two extra gauges were added as well. Here are a couple pics of Tom’s jeep.

apu-cj3a-fhead-apu1 apu-cj3a-fhead-apu2

3. Three wheel CJ-3A APU with a L-head.

Article from July 1951 issue of Popular Science Page 142

4. Three wheel CJ-3A APU with a F-head (and hood bump). The APU pictured in color below is from the Miramar Marine Corps Air Museum in San Diego

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The Three Wheeled CJ-3A APU

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UPDATE 2:  Learn More here

UPDATE:  As noted in the article below, these were developed by O. E. Szekely & Associates, who also created the modified CJ-3A for the Navy.  The APU pictured in color below is from the Miramar Marine Corps Air Museum in San Diego.

I keep thinking that I’ve seen all the different jeeps that were ever built.  But nope, here’s another one I’ve not seen before,  discussed on this Argentinian website. Both the pics below and the video are from that website.  It’s really cool!