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1962 Topless Wagon Katy, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was listed at $5500. It appears to have sold. 

“This is a 62 willys wagon. Dana 44 rear axle, super hurricane flathead straight 6, 4 wheel drive, all original drivetrain, original motor, original transmission, and original transfer case. Clear title in hand. Runs great and gets lots of attention everywhere you go

1962-topless-wagon-katy-tx1 1962-topless-wagon-katy-tx2 1962-topless-wagon-katy-tx3 1962-topless-wagon-katy-tx4

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Postcard of Wagon Tour Jeep on eBay

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Marc forwarded this cool postcard.

“Advertising Postcard showing one of the Jeeps operated by San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours out of Ouray, Colorado.
This is an unused, standard-sized (3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″) modern chrome postcard. (c.1950s/60s)
It is in very good / excellent condition.”

View all the information on eBay



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OOH! Point Post Card on eBay

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Here’s another OOH! postcard. It’s not hard to see how OOH! Point got its name! (this photos below are from a previous version of the card).

“San Juan Scenic Jeep Tour, from OOHI Point looking down towards Hensen Creek Canyon midway between Ouray, and Lake Ciy, Colo.
mailed in 1969 from Ouray to Galesburg, Illinois.
Published by Noble Post Cards, Colorado Springs.
Condition very good.”

View all the information on eBay

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June 17th: Escaping Indiana

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We hit our goal on Monday of seeing three car museums in Indiana and enjoying lunch with Steve at an old fashioned diner called Schoops. The downside was . . .  when we tried to leave Indiana, we encountered road construction and blocked traffic (I-80 westbound was standstill). What should have taken an hour and a half took three hours. We went right to bed and just woke up a little bit ago. So, there will likely be no updates today.

However, I do have this neat photo Randy shared. The wagon below may have been one of several (exactly how many we haven’t determined) built by Kaiser for touring Hawaii. Note the four doors, extended bodies, and sun roofs. kaiser-extended-wagon-hawaii-randy-colin

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1974 CJ-6 Salt Lake City, UT eBay

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UPDATE: This is back on eBay (thanks Steve).

(04/14/2013) This CJ-6 was originally purchased as a Tour Jeep for Ouray tours.

“This super rare, all original Jeep CJ6 with the factory 304. It is a great little Jeep with 41,000 original miles, I bought this gem back in ’09. I searched high and low for a CJ6 for years and was after 3 things, a rust free body, original V8 and one painted originally “Copper Poly” which is like a burnt orange, real cool color. You can see a lot of the Copper poly peaking through everywhere, The original paint is under the toolbox cover.

This Jeep has rich history, I bought it from where it lived its whole life, Ouray Colorado, the “The Jeep Capital of the World”. It was originally purchased as a Tour Jeep and used as part of the historic “San Juan Senic Jeep Tours” back in the 70s and 80s and remained there until I bought it, hence why the low miles, it never got far out of southern Colorado. For those who are not familiar, the “San Juan Senic Jeep Tours” was the first Jeep tour company in Ouray, established in 1946 and is still in operation today (see there website You can see several original pictures of other Jeep tours back in the day in the book “JEEP” by David Fetherston.

As mentioned before, this Jeep is rust free. The body is completely original, rust free original floors, fenders and tub, only a very light haze of surface rust on the underside of the floors. The original windshield frame is rust free as well unlike most that have cancer developing. The undercarriage and floor supports are amazingly rust free. The floor supports are super solid, unlike all the other CJ6s I looked at. As mentioned before, the original paint is Copper poly code 526. The paint code is stamped on the cowl tag as seen in the picture. I bought an original 1974 Jeep brochure after I bought this Jeep that contains a picture of a CJ6 painted Copper poly. All the original stickers are still intact including the engine data sticker on the grille, the VIN sticker on the dash, the Warranty sticker on the dash, and bronze data tag on the dash (really cool looking).

The drivetrain is in excellent condition and all original numbers matching, the data tag on valve cover corresponds with the VIN sticker build date on the dash (see pic). The engine code 708h13 breaks down as 7~1974, 08~August, H~304 V8, 13~13th day of the month. You can verify all this information at The 8th digit in the VIN # contains is an H which designates that it originally came with the 304. It starts and runs perfectly, it has a lot of power and sounds good, it doesnt have any noises or lifter noise. It drives like a dream, it has power steering which is super nice.

This is a very rare CJ6, they only made 2826 in 1974 and less than 1/3 of them came with 304 V8s. Not to many left around and not to mention worth saving”

View all the information on ebay


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1975 CJ-6 Greenville, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.





“1975 Jeep CJ6 for sale.

This Jeep was used in our commercial Jeep Tour business.
This and all other commercial vehicles must pass a complete DOT safety inspection and this one does.
It’s in great mechanical condition. Rear bench seats with 6 seatbelts. See Pix

Its a 1975 so it has some surface rust but no rust through that I’m aware of
It drives straight and smooth down the road at 60 + MPH
It shifts into all 3 gears as it should.
All blinkers, gages, lights, ect work as they should.
Yes it has some dings and pings.
No bondo
No spare

Straight 6 AMC 258
3-Speed transmission T-15
3.73 Gear ratio
Dana 20 Transfer case
Dana 30 front axle with disk brakes
Dana 44 one piece rear axle with drum brakes
Power steering
4 inch Skyjacker lift with shocks
Cooper SST 33 x 12.50 15’s Two years old with some rock rash (Not ones in pic)

Full CJ6 soft top with doors. It may be 20 + years old

Tons of new parts under the hood and on the drive train.
Too many to list. Call and I’ll try to list them all. All New
Good paint too. Always covered parking.”

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Art’s in Sedona

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Art snapped this picture of him at Pink Jeep Plaza and posted it at Jeep Thing on Facebook. He and his wife went on a Pink Jeep Tour and enjoyed themselves immensely.


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Merapi Jeep Tour Community in Indonesia

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Leslie forwarded this story from the New York Times.  In 2010 Mount Merapi in central Java, Indonesia, erupted killing 300 people. Following the eruption, visitors arrived to check out the damage. An enterprising man named Christian Ignasius bought a CJ-2A to provide tours of the area. That little operation has grown into enough jeeps and guides to serve one thousand tourists a month.

Here’s the article at the New York Times

I also found some great pics. These two are form the this website.




This image is from an online new article:merapi-jeep-tour-community1I found this picture of the volcano and a jeep on Flickr:


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Ouray Jeep Rentals Postcard on eBay

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There are no jeeps pictured, but the card is pretty.

View all the information on eBay

ouray-jeep-rentals-postcard1 ouray-jeep-rentals-postcard2

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Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in a CJ-7(?) Tour Jeep

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I ran across an ad from the 1990s on eBay.  A little investigation revealed that the Jeep Tour company still provides tours and is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Hickory Nut Falls Jeep Trail

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If you are counting, then you realize this is Craig’s second “pic of the week” from an unknown issue of Willys News.  True, but this is the first one for 2013!  Hickory Nut Falls is located in North Carolina.  The Jeep Trail is now a hiking trail.

Below the article is a postcard about the jeep-trail available on eBay.

Hickory Nut Falls Jeep
Hickory Nut Falls Jeep 2

View all the information on eBay


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Jeep to Harney Peak in the Black Hills of South Dakota

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From the 1950s until 1968 visitors to the Black Hills of South Dakota could purchase tickets for a ride in a jeep to Harney Peak.  The ride would take visitors up to the CCC built lookout at the top of the peak, the tallest point in the United States east of the Rockies (visitors could also hike or ascend via horseback).  You can view various pictures of and from the lookout here. Erosion due to the jeep trail ended the trips by jeep.  The area around the peak was also turned into a wilderness area (and one could argue given the road how that might happen, but that’s another a debate for another time), so no vehicles are allowed anymore.

Black Hills National Forest: Harney Peak and the Historic Fire … – Page 51

This picture was taken at Sylvan Lake. They employed both flatties and CJ-5s. Custer State Park – Page 104

Gerald sent these digital versions of this postcard to me a couple years ago.  You can also buy it here.

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FC Tour Jeep Post Card on eBay

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Craig forwarded this link.  He says the FC in this postcard is his now (and he already has several of these postcards).  This is another shot of the Ouray, Colorado,area.

View all the information on eBay

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Scenic Jeep Tour Service Postcard on eBay

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Here’s another Ouray tour jeep post card.  This postcard pictures a CJ-6 and the Scenic Jeep Tour Service.

View all the information on eBay

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1974 Ouray, Colorado, Jeep Rental Postcard on eBay

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UPDATE: Colin discovered that Switzerland of America Jeep Tours Company still exists and still rents jeeps or offers tours.  Check out their website and their tour vehicles:  You’ll recognize some of the photos on the website from Craig’s recent adventure.

“This auction is for a vintage Postcard from 1974. It is of Snow Blankets Ouray colorado Here the Switzerland of America is truly a Winter Fairyland. It was from Jeep Rentals and is basically an advertising Postcard–the front seems to be a real photo print”

View all the information on eBay

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Old Sedona Jeep-Trip Business Card

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a neat old Sedona, Arizona, business card for Jeep Trips.

PHONE 7184 OR 3622

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Craig travels over Black Bear Pass in Colorado

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Craig has a chance last month to make a trip into the mountains of Colorado.  He thought everyone would enjoy these pics, which are beautiful!

“Here’s some pictures of our trip to Black Bear road on 9/21/12 . The Jeep shown is a 1978 Wagoneer converted into a tour jeep.  It has been in service since 1978.  I’m going to try to put together something on my site maybe.  It’s not FC related but has to do with the history of my tour jeep.  I might have some time this week before we leave for our vacation.  Some factoids; Wild Bill has been down Black Bear more than any other person living or dead, upwards of 2000 times.  He’s been driving for the company for about 34 years and drove for others and personally drove the area 10 years before.  We were there at the height of the Fall colors out there!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  I put some descriptions on the titles of the pictures.  The switchbacks are below the steps of Black Bear and both are past the summit.  Once you pass the summit Black Bear turns into a one way trail as passing is obviously impossible to do on the trail from that point on.”

Here is the Tour Jeep:

Below is a view of Telluride, Colorado

Black Bear’s swtichbacks:

Wild Bill

Black Bear Pass at 12,840 Feet

Another View of Black Bear’s Switchbacks

This is a 900 foot drop.  Tread carefully!

Steps of Black Bear


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Tour Jeeps in the San Juan Mtns of Colorado

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With the hot, humid Missouri weather melting him, Craig decided that thinking about jeeping in the Colorado mountains was a perfect diversion.  He forwarded some pics and videos so we could join his diversion.

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2 More Days for Tour Jeep Auction in Tucson May 24th

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Need a Scrambler jeep for your tour company or just for fun?  Check this auction out. 12 Scramblers and 2 CJ-7s.

“Tucson Jeep Tours Auction!
Begins 5/15/2012
Ends 5/24/2012 @ 7PM MST

Huge assortment of off road jeeps, trucks, trailers, go carts, jet ski, office furniture, tools and much more!”

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Saturday at the Midwest Willys Reunion Spring 2012

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Sebastian and 13 of his fellow Flat Fender Club of Butler Members made the round trip in a van from Pennsylvania to the Midwest Willys Reunion today.  Sebastian reports it was a fun-filled, but long day.  He took a variety of pictures and has been kind enough to share some with us.  He will be publishing more pictures and full write up at his blog on Sunday.

Below is a group shot from Saturday:

Here is the one-of-a-kind CJ-3B Surrey:

Here is Craig’s tour jeep:

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The FCs Hit Interstate-17

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Just one update tonight as we are tired from a fun filled day at the FC Roundup.   As we were heading back to Jesse’s from dinner we took to the highway for a few miles.  Now, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be heading down the Interstate in Phoenix at night in a FC Tour Jeep full of people, let alone traveling at over 60mph and passing other vehicles!  For Ann and I it was a perfect ending to a great weekend!  More pics and info tomorrow.

Here’s what it looks like at 56MPH in a Tour Jeep with Craig driving (we hit 63MPH at one point), his wife recording the speed and my better half taking a photo.  I don’t remember all those lights, but then I was looking out the side as we passed other vehicles.  Maybe we hit warp speed and I just wasn’t paying attention?  Jason reached 67MPH in his FC Tour Jeep, perhaps setting a new land speed record for Tour Jeeps!?!


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Friday at the 2012 FC Roundup

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Ann and I had a wonderful time at day 1 of the FC Roundup.  It was great to match faces with names of people I have corresponded with for years.   We spent the start of our visit with Glenn and Colin discussing some of the unusual history of Willys Overland they uncovered recently.

From Left to right is Colin, me and Glenn

As Glenn had to take off, we soon found ourselves on a quick tour of Phoenix in Jason’s FC Tour Jeep.  Our quick tour turned into a rollicking ride through Phoenix as its citizens tried to figure out what kind of vehicle was ferrying this crazy group of people.  Without hills or dales to wander, we stuck to city streets, waving at all the people who were waving back at us.   Canadian Dave was at the helm, navigating the roads of Phoenix like any true Canadian would do … very politely.  He didn’t cause a single person to flip us off.

Pretty soon we got thirsty, so we tried to hunt down a Sonic Burger.  Unsuccessful on our own, Jason had an opportunity to ask “Big Willy”, a guy next to us wearing a “Big Willy” shirt, if he knew where the closest Sonic Burger place was.  Big Willy responded with a point of his finger to our right.  Unsure if Big Willy was being accurate or just trying to get rid of us so he could continue driving in traffic, we followed his directions and found the cold drinks we sought.

After our cold drinks, instead of going back to Jesse’s house and the roundup, we soon found ourselves traveling to the airport to pick up Vance.  I jumped in to ride shotgun so I could provided directions to the airport; however, my phone’s GPS failed me in our hour of need.  Fortunately, Jason’s navigation came through and we found the airport.  Now, if you’ve never ridden an FC Tour Jeep through a set of airport terminals, I can highly suggest it.   People were smiling and waving … I’ve never seen so many happy people at the airport!!

Eventually, we made our way back to Jesse’s (after a bathroom stop at Valero).  After hanging out there for a little while, we all piled into FCs for a trip to dinner.  Ann and I jumped back into Jason’s FC.  This time, instead of Canadian Dave driving, Jason took the wheel and drove us over to a motel to pick up one more rider before heading to dinner.  As we innocently pulled up to the door of the motel, Jason honked the FC’s horn.  It just so happened at that moment a woman was walking forty feet or so in front of the FC.  The honk startled the woman.

Hearing that honk, the woman’s dog leapt forward, causing the woman to jerk forward too.  The woman thought the honk was for her, so she turned around and gave us the look of death.  Then, she gave us the one-fingered salute.  Yes, it took Jason only a few minutes of driving to have someone flip us off.  She might not have been very happy with us (she would flip us off a second time, too), but she made us laugh all the way to dinner.

More form the Round up tomorrow ….


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1975 CJ-6 at Red River Offroad Tours in Taos/Red River, NM

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UPDATE:  See the newest CJ-6 here.

James and Tish run Red River Offroad Tours out of Taos and Red River, New Mexico.  One of their vehicles is the refurbished 1975 CJ-6 shown below.

James writes, “The 1975 CJ6 was used by the US forest service in Colorado. It has a rebuilt stock motor and transmission.  The suspension was modified with a 4′ lift kit and Cooper STT 33×12.50-15 on 8″wheels with a Disk brake conversion on the front. A couple custom built bench seats above the wheel wells in the back have been added for visitors. It also has a Custom built shade/rain canopy.

We do on and off-road Jeep tours in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Taos and Red River,NM  reaching elevations of 12,689. May thru the end of October. 7 days a week.

So Check out the website to learn more.  Check out their photo album.  That’s a cool effect.

After restoration and modifications:

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4th of July the FC Way

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UPDATE: Check out the pics on thefcconnection site.

Steve reports on the Ouray 4th of July Festival.  Learn more at the Forward Forum.  See all the pictures here.

“Here is Craig and Jason’s big day in Ouray (You-ray), Colorado.  It’s the mountain town’s signature event of the year, The Fourth Of July.  They asked Craig to bring his restored San Juan Mountain Tour Truck to join in their parade.

Jason found one of the other original tour Jeep Forward Control trucks and surprised them with twins.  He just finished the restoration just last week and headed strait for Ouray.  Jason’s truck has the yellow signs that say, “Think.”

This links you to the Town’s website describing their 4th of July Festivities. Here are photos of the Two coolest FC trucks ever restored joining their parade.  The red FC trucks came from the states of Missouri and Texas to join the reunion in Colorado.  They even went on a trail ride across the old routes where the trucks carried tourists through the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado.  What a cool experience; I wish I could have been there.”

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Another Pic of the San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours

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From Craig’s (from thefcconnection) never ending collection of unusual Jeep images comes this rare shot of the San Juan Scenic Jeep Tour Wagon convertibles.  Jesse forwarded this image to me along with a snapshot of an uncompleted transformation of a Wagon the company had partly modified.  You can see the earlier San Juan post here.

Technically, it was Dave Beamis who was modifying the wagon.  He worked for San Juan Tours years ago.  Dave would go on to start Crystal River Tours and his son, Dave Beamis, started and runs Crystal River Lodge with his brother.

Jesse reports, “all of the Scenic and Crystal River Tours FCs and Wagon Jeeps were repowered while in service, because of the altitude and amount of weight of the passengers, they removed the flathead Hurricane 6 and replaced it with the Chevy 250 or 292 inline 6 engines, with an adapter.”

Here’s the picture from Craig:

From Jesse is the image of an in-progress convertible wagon.  Jesse notes, “this a picture of another wagon body that I bought. It was there, it was cut, but never hammer welded to be finished, Dennis said that when one was wrecked they would have extra bodies to replace on the running chassis. Notice this was on a 4×2 frame.”