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1963 DJ-3A Bedford, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Rare convertible DJ.

“Up for auction is one of the rarest of all Jeeps.  The DJ-3A Dispatcher was made from 1955 to 1964.    Willys marketed the Dispatcher as a “Sport” vehicle and an inexpensive commercial delivery car.  They used existing tooling and in-stock CJ parts to keep the cost low.  That meant that they were trying to market a car with technology fresh from 1940!  Keep in mind this car was built just months before Ford introduced the Mustang. No wonder this is a rare Jeep!

The example being auctioned is a 1963.  The paint is original and shows only a few scratches and a few discolored spots.  There are two small rust-through spots on the rear of the body at the rear body mounting brackets. The upholstery is original and is in excellent condition.  The odometer reads a very believable 27,990 miles.  DJ-3As are two-wheel-drive with three speed transmissions and column shift.  This car has a limited slip differential!   Comfortable cruising speed is around 40 mph….”


One comment on “1963 DJ-3A Bedford, MA **SOLD**

  1. greg

    Bought one of these in 1982 for $90. It had a blown motor, didn’t look as nearly as nice as this one. Had some rust issues too. I put a 283 Chevy motor and automatic transmission in it. Before I could drive it enough to hurt myself, a guy came along and offered me $850 for it. Wish I had it back.

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