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Electronic Model Jeep Video

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Frank shared this video showing the creation of a small jeep that can drive and park under its own power.



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VW Producing a “Scout” EV Under Scout Motors

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I managed to lose the original I had about the folks that own the rights to the IH Scout brand, which was interesting, but the nut of the article was about the revival of the “Scout” as an EV vehicle under the Volkswagen brand. Here’s an article that explains the EV company:



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Unusual Jeep-looking French EV: La Bagnole

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Mike shared this unusual looking electric vehicle that seems to have been inspired by a jeep. It’s called a La Bagnole, which, according to the article, roughly translates to “Jalopy”.

This vehicle is intended to be a fun trail vehicle. It’s batteries are shaped like jerry cans.






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Custom Electric Jeep Mesa, AZ $2000

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Thanks to Joe-in-Mesa for sharing this ad. This electric jeep was custom made by co-workers of the seller years ago. This price is “a couple grand” which I interpreted as $2000. Contact Steve Henry via email for more info Steve @ slhenryservice.com (remove the spaces from around the @).

mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az2 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az3 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az4 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az5

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Electric EV Stainless Jeep Video

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Craig shared this Haggerty video that covers a stainless-bodied jeep that’s been transformed into an electric vehicle. It’s a real nice build. The “battery” that’s been placed in the jerry can holder is pretty clever.

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Stainless Electric Jeep

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Bill also shared this article about a stainless flat fender jeep that was modified into an electric vehicle.



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Former Electric Stainless Flattie Sausalito, CA eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available. This is only for the body and parts.

(01/20/2020) The body includes additional parts.



Here’s what it looks like when was together.

stainless-electric-vehicle01 stainless-electric-vehicle0

This is how the chassis looks:

stainless-electric-vehicle1 stainless-electric-vehicle2

“Hi I have stainless steel CJ3A body for sale complete including windshield and Omni wipers installed with 12v wiring included. I believe I bought Del@OMC last CJ3A from him in Oregon a few years ago before he passed away (rip).

Del owned the factory in the Philippines where they were made and exported to U.S. Great construction his bodies will probably out-last you and I!:) I built it for a EV prototype for a classics EV startup but all future models will use aluminum body out of Canada BC (stretched ~ 1 foot for more legroom up front) so no longer need this body. It’s just been a demo vehicle max 50 miles on it it’s like new see pics (does has vinyl EV stickers on hood those should heat gun off I haven’t bothered yet don’t have the time))”

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DJ-5 Electruck Brochure

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Thanks to Gayland for sending me this brochure of the Electruck, an electric powered DJ-5E made by AM General.

year-dj5e-form-2755ev-2-electruck-dj5-1-lores year-dj5e-form-2755ev-2-electruck-dj5-2-lores year-dj5e-form-2755ev-2-electruck-dj5-3-lores year-dj5e-form-2755ev-2-electruck-dj5-4-lores

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1969 VW/JEEP Stafford, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3700.

(11/18/2018) TJ shared this unusual electric-powered Jeep-like VW.

“Electric bug. New batteries, range 25 miles, top speed 30 mph. Has 48 volt drive system, spare and tow bar. Will consider trade or trade in. Titled as a 1969 vw alternative fuel vehicle, street legal.”





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MD Juan’s PhUV Electric Jeep

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This is an interesting strategy by MD Juan. I guess I need to fly to the Philippines and try it!


“The PhUV or Philippine Utility Vehicle Inc., the pioneer manufacturer and assembler of electric vehicles in the country, has joined forces with MD Juan Enterprises, the pioneer and leading Jeep® restoration parts manufacturer and exporter, in promoting an environment-friendly Electric Jeep. The result is a perfect union of “the past and the future” concepts, the classic and the modern, merging both craftsmanships to create this integrated Electric Jeep prototype.

Outside, all the body parts of a classic military Jeep® of World War II fame such as the body tub, hood, fenders, grille, windshield, seat frames, bumpers, canvass top and wheels are supplied by MD Juan. Pop the hood and before you is the powertrain of the future, the electric vehicle technology that includes an electric motor, controller, rechargeable batteries, charger and vehicle control unit from PhUV. This prototype will be exhibited in local vehicle display events only in the Philippines.”

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1976 DJ-5E Electruck Grove City, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: The seller stopped the auction. It may have sold locally.

Not many of these Electruck DJ-5E jeeps around. Seller indicates it is only 1 of 352. There are also two different brochures available on eBay for them. Brochure 1 and Brochure 2. Thanks to Ted for spotting this one.


“I will post better pictures. I am having trouble figuring how to do it.


This is a one of a kind right hand drive electric jeep. I bought this in 2011 and just “put it back” with my other collection of postal jeeps. It is now coming up for sale as I need room. It is showroom perfect, just drop in some new batteries.
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Article on 1969 Electric CJ-5


The article doesn’t specify where, but it appears this jeep is in Europe somewhere. Thanks to Alex for spotting it!



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AMC Electruck Brochure on eBay

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Here’s another version of the Electruck brochure. This Electruck was restored in 2008.

“Original non color sales sheet , 8.5 x 11 , printed both sides .”



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1993 Big Sur Electric Jeep Brochure


Anyone ever see a working Big Sur Jeep? I’ve never run across one for sale.

View all the information on eBay



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1975 Electruck Jeep Brochure **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This was on eBay. **SOLD**

Below that is a brochure for the same vehicle that sold a few years ago.



1975-electruck-jeep-brochure 1975-electruck-jeep-brochure2

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Matt Goode’s Electric CJ-5

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Dave spotted this article about a 19 Year Old Iowan name Matt Goode who repowered a CJ-5 with electricity for a FFA (Future Farmers of America) project. I have to say that’s a nice choice of rims (not that I’m particle or anything).

Read the entire article here. http://www.iowafarmertoday.com/news/crop/electric-conversion-brings-life-to-old-jeep/article_b2e56a84-e684-11e3-8882-0019bb2963f4.html


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Mike’s Electric 1953 M-38A1

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Robin discovered this cool jeep: an electric 1953 M-38A1.

Robin writes, “The owner, Mike Sudik, is an electrician and president of Big Sky Solar Wind out of Missoula, MT. Mike removed the engine several years ago (now owned by Robin) and replaced it with a DC electric motor. The top speed has been 45 mph and goes about 60-90 miles on a charge.  The “top” is actually a solar panel used to charge the 12V system for his PA and stereo.

He has detailed his adventure at: http://www.bigskysolar-wind.blogspot.com/. On his website are pictures showing how he accomplished the task. He had the Jeep listed as a CJ-3A but he now knows that it is an M-38A1. In fact, he probably got way more info (from me) than he ever expected. 🙂 He is a really great guy and I thought your readers might like to see what he has done. I have some pictures here:


1952-electric-vehicle-ev-m38a1-mike1 1952-electric-vehicle-ev-m38a1-mike2 1952-electric-vehicle-ev-m38a1-mike3 1952-electric-vehicle-ev-m38a1-mike4 1952-electric-vehicle-ev-m38a1-mike5

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Electric Jeep in Key West

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MIke spotted this electric four passenger jeep in Key West, Florida. He notes they rent for only $160/24 hours.


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Electric Jeep (and More) Lexington, KY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This is an unusual vehicle that is part of a business. It’s the whole business that’s for sale. The jeep itself is sort of an electric VEEP.

“This is truly a one of a kind vehicle and business opportunity for any EV or automobile enthusiast.

For sale is a custom built Willys electric jeep. The details of this vehicle are hard to describe, but it is essentially a 1949 Willys body sitting on a custom frame, VW front end drivetrain , and custom all Electric drive!

This vehicle was built as a training and demonstration vehicle for ACE Technologies. See the website www.nopgas.us for more information. This vehicle has been used to train hundreds of EV enthusiasts and has been seen numerous times on TV and in parades.

For sale is the vehicle, with all of the technical documents, schematics, etc. AND the complete rights and ownership of www.nogas.us The domain will be transferred to your name and If you like, I will continue to host it free for the remaining of the year. Also included is the “EV-101 training materials and DVD which have been sold to hundreds of enthusiasts wishing to build their own vehicle.

This is a 144V vehicle, capable of driving at highway speeds. It needs a bit of TLC but is an excellent project vehicle or special events vehicle.”

electric-veep-ev1 electric-veep-ev2 electric-veep-ev3 electric-veep-ev4 electric-veep-ev5 electric-veep-ev6

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Electric Jeep out of Colombia $3700 (Plus Shipping)

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Sebastian forwarded this to me today.  This is great!

“While driving in Antioquia Colombia my dad found this electric Jeep. It is smaller than normal size and the owner (see picture) is asking for about $3700 US dollars. It is a pure home-made Willys. Only in Colombia!!”

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The eMB from MD Juan

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Alex spotted an article about eMBs. The Electric MB is supposed to be made to order and cost 755.000 PhP, which is about $18,500.  I did not see the electric jeep listed at MD Juan’s website, though I didn’t do an exhaustive search.

According to this excerpt from the article, “the [electric] Willy’s MB which will be powered by a 4-kilowatt, 48-volt electric motor deriving energy from eight units 6-volt batteries. Its manufacturer – MD Juan Enterprises – calls it the eMB.

The new model of the vintage MacArthur jeep, the latest product of MD Juan Enterprises and PhUV, Inc., made it debut last week at the Philippine Die and Mould Association exhibit at the World Trade Center. The body of the electric MB was made using locally-made dies and moulds and manufactured in MD Juan’s stamping plant.

Here’s the official press release from MD Juan.


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Mike and his Electric M-38 Need Your Vote

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UPDATE 2: Bill says Mike needs your vote.  Click on this link and then click the “VOTE FOR THIS FINALIST” (You will have to fill out a short form).

UPDATE: I ran this post a couple years ago.   Mike is now entering an international electric vehicle contest and needs your support.  Head on over to the CJ-2A page to see how your vote can support him.  Thanks for the heads up on this Bill.

Here’s an M-38 that’s mostly original except for the electric modifications.   The owner, Mike Picard, plans on keeping it stock, but restoring it some more.  The drive motor is a Netgain Warp11 Permanent Magnet DC.  It’s got 18 NAPA GC8V, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded Batteries. It is still in progress as of the date of this webpage.  View all the information here.

This picture was from December 2008.  Work is ongoing.


Front Battery rack (8):


Back Battery rack (8):


The charger, controller, fuses, etc are all here, under the driver’s seat where the gas tank used to be.  This provides good access and good ventilation along with protection from the weather.




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Eco Motors ‘Fun’ Vehicle

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Continuing with yesterday’s e-jeep, while not a 4wd vehicle, this eco-motor jeep look-a-like appears inspired by the CJ-5.  According to ecofriend.org, “The Fun retails for $24,995, though they have an introduction price of $19,995,  and can deliver a top speed of 70mph and an operating range of about 100 miles between charges. The vehicle uses the customizable MiMod EV monitoring system from EV Instruments, which is an integrated system of sensors, monitoring logic and operational controls that can be customized to suit any type of EV.”

Here is the website for Eco Motors and the Fun. The company appears to be located in Springfield, Mo.

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The Tender Scarlette — an e-Jeep from France

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UPDATE:  I visited the Tender Website … there is a long video on the front page showing all aspects of this 4wd e-vehicle. Truth be told, they had me at “sexy french woman hops in the front seat and takes off”

I ran across this post and image of what appears to be a small, electric jeep on a forum based in the philippines.  After more searching, I discovered this e-vehicle is sold in France and found out more about it from autoblog.com, which has covered this in a couple articles (here and here).

From the autoblog post, here is some information:  “You can have it in two flavors, which depends on your driver’s license. If you are 16 and have a basic motorcycle license (called A1 in Europe) you can drive one of this cars which is homologated as a quadricycle. Performance is then quite discreet, limited to 45 km/h (slightly more than 30 mph) and it can’t be driven on highways. However, if you have a regular car license (B1), the car can run up to 80 km/h and can run on highways. The engines can yield 4 kW, 8 kW or 12.8 kW of power depending on the configuration of the vehicle.

The car is a real 4WD with four motors, one for each wheel. The electricity is stored in the floor in 12 lead-acid batteries that store 48 V and 240 Amperes each. It’s enough to drive the car up to 100 km (60 miles). Lead acid batteries were used because they are reliable, have a decent life span (claimed to be from 50,000 to 70,000 km) and low cost of substitution (around 2,200 EUR) when they do die out.. The cost of the car is between 10,000 and 15,000 EUR, depending on options.”

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Builds: Electric Veep — Jazzy

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I ran across this electric vehicle named Jazzy owned by Jim Stack.  It appears to be an ‘VEEP’ Kit with a fiberglass body.  It is powered by an Advanced DC FB-4001 Series Wound DC 9.  It runs in 3rd gear and never needs to be shifted, according to the owner.  The top speed is 70MPH with a total range of about 50MPH.  There are 10 Trojan T-105 now SG90’s, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded very minimal battery pack for 30 mile range. All located under center of chassis for stable road handling, great G holding on corners.  View all the information here.

“1968 Volkswagen VW chassis. 50 Jeep fiberglass body with front disk brakes carries the Veepster fiberglass 1950 Jeep body.”


Rear of jeep.  Note no Jeep rear lights (he was looking for traditional square lights).