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Overdrive Differences

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Will shared pics that show some of the differences between a Warn overdrive with a Husky overdrive. Regarding finding Husky parts, my best guess for parts would be Herm Tilford.

Will writes, “A little while back there was a discussion on the different overdrive units. There where several different units produced and maybe others but the ones I’ve seen are Warn, Dualmatic, Saturn, Husky and ATV overdrives that all looked similar. Saturn is a direct decedent of the Warn as Advance Adapters purchased the tooling from Warn to make the Saturn. I don’t know much about the Dualmatic or ATV except ATV is still produced as is Saturn.

Anyway I had mentioned that the Husky had a different angle to the planetary gears, Sun gear and bowl gear than Warn. These pictures show how the Warn had much more tooth angle than Husky and as such these parts do not interchange and Husky parts are near impossible to find.”

IMG_8652 IMG_8651 IMG_8650

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Anyone Know This Under/Overdrive? Gear Box

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, Transmissions

UPDATE: The consensus seems to be that this bolts to the back fo the transfercase like a type of PTO, but no one has recognized it yet.

David picked up this gear box at RFJP’s shop. Anyone recognize it?

pto-transmission-under-overdrive5 pto-transmission-under-overdrive2


pto-transmission-under-overdrive4 pto-transmission-under-overdrive3

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Unusual Auxiliary Transmission … Can Anyone Identify It?

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Borg Warner/Rancho, OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: While still unidentified, we have learned thanks to the Dutch_Jeeper on the CJ-3A page that the auxiliary transmission is an “under-drive” rather than an overdrive. He pulled this out of his CJ-3A, then disassembled it.

You can learn more and see more pics here: https://cj3apage.com/Forum/index.php?topic=2318.msg19546#msg19546





Originally Posted February 5, 2021: An owner of a CJ-2A posted onto Facebook these photos of an unusual auxiliary transmission. I only am aware of two that work between the T-90 and Dana 18 (the Warn and the Husky). Anyone recognize this?

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Sierra Overdrive Brochure and Instructions

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Documents, Features, OD Other

I found this cool and rare brochure for the ill-fated Sierra Dana 20 overdrive on eBay. It’s printed on 8.5″x11″ paper, so the marketing budget must have been tight (as I understand it, working capital was an early issue, which played a part in the demise of the company). A few years ago there was a post of an article that also highlighted this rare overdrive.

sierra-overdrive-brochure1-lores sierra-overdrive-brochure2-lores sierra-overdrive-brochure3-lores

The following instructions and schematics were tucked inside the brochure above:


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Dana 18 and Husky OD Brooklyn, MN $500


Here’s a hard to find Husky OD. I believe Herm can rebuild these.


SM420 4SP (GRANNY) ($120)


dana18-husky-od1 dana18-husky-od2

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CJ-2A Project Auburn, CA $2900


This includes NOS Desert Dogs on Hurricane Rims and a Husky Overdrive.


“Rebuilt 225 V6, Turbo 350 rebuilt, model 20 rebuilt, Husky Overdrive rebuilt, mod 25 and 44 differentials, full floating with locking hubs front and rear. Has been in a garage since rebuilding for 30 years. Has 3A windshield, body without a tailgate, fenders, grille, hood, body complete not bolted to the chassis. Frame is a DJ 5 that has been strapped from front to rear. To show its age, it has a set of brand new Desert Dogs on multi spoke Vector wheel”


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Husky Overdrive Phoenix, AZ $300


I’m pretty sure Herm Tilford can restore this if necessary.


“Husky over drive unit that goes on back of model 18 transfercase used in willys jeeps looks complete but disassembled”


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1980 Overdrive Article from Pickup, Van & 4WD Mag

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Borg Warner/Rancho, OD Saturn/Warn, Old Images

UPDATE: Here is a brochure and some directions/schematics for the rare Sierra Dana 20 Overdrive.


The Sierra Overdrive was designed to mount to a Dana 20.

In November of 1980, Pickup, Van & 4WD Magazine published this article on overdrives, which includes several I hadn’t heard about. This series of article images comes from Christian Harrison (and thanks to Marty Tilford for spotting it). The scans aren’t perfect, but are mostly readable. You can find a similar article at the Four Wheeler Network.

Particularly interesting to me is the Dana 20-mounted Sierra Overdrive. Willie Worthy of Four Wheeler was involved in the development of it, but noted that a lack of capital doomed it.




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Warn VS. Husky Auxiliary Overdrive

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Saturn/Warn

I thought this auxiliary transmission comparison was interesting. A 1969 article promoted Warn’s Auxiliary Transmission, an overdrive that sat between the transmission and transferase. By early 1970 Husky was promoting a similar sized heavy-duty overdrive that sat between the engine and transmission.


More pics of the Warn Auxiliary Transmission. This one was sold in Nevada in 2013, priced at only $450 (also included tranny & tc).

This one was priced at $700 and sold out of Maryland:

1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission2 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission3 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission4

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Hone-O-Drive Spring Valley, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Dan spotted this. I’d never heard of it. I found the history of it here. Apparently they were designed for racing, hot rods, and muscle cars. Hone-O-drive is once again making these.

“Under drive over drive transmission Assm new never been installed. Sat under my neighbors shelve in his garage for 20 years he was going to install it in a jeep I believe but his wife wasn’t sure ..I really do not know much about it except it is still like new unused …well I just sold my old willys so it is up for sale. It turns very easily and smoothly and has never had oil in it or installed in a vehicle Hope someone can use it”



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Husky Overdrive Black Diamond, WA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $550.

Not many of these around.

“I have a Huskey overdrive for a Dana 18. This is a 26 tooth unit. It is in great shape and ready to run. This has been installed, but it has not been ran since it was gone through by Herm the Overdrive Guy. If you are looking at this ad, I am sure you know what it is. Asking $600. Please call, text, or email. Thank you”


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1950 CJ-3A (Dualmatic OD) Dallas, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2250.

This hasn’t run in a while, but it does have both a rare dualmatic overdrive & an even rare sticker on the dash.

I am selling my 1950 Jeep CJ-3a, civilian model, with 52,000 miles. We are moving and it needs to be sold. It has not run in about 5 years, but my dad drove it pretty often before that. He said he needed to work on some part of the engine, but he didn’t think it was anything major. He never got around to it before he passed away. The body has a few spots of surface rust, but I went over the entire thing and there is no major rust anywhere. The body is in great shape. The seats are original and you can see that it’s been garage/barn kept for the past 20-30 years (at least). It belonged to my grandfather until his death in 1988. There is a cut-down soft top for it that covers the front seats, but it has been modified because the original top was in bad shape. I have some replacement parts that my dad collected over the years as well. I also have the title which is clear.”

1950-cj3a-dallas-tx-00 1950-cj3a-dallas-tx-01 1950-cj3a-dallas-tx-02 1950-cj3a-dallas-tx-03 1950-cj3a-dallas-tx-04

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Husky Overdrive


UPDATE: Was for sale on eBay

Here’s a rare Husky Overdrive.

“Overdrive unit for 29 tooth 6 spline transfer case. Known to be working. Here is a good resource for your application. http://hermtheoverdriveguy.com/?page_id=883
Buyer to be sure this application is correct for your use. Sold with unit only. No shift lever or linkage parts.”

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4 Speed T19 Borg Warner OD San Jose, Ca $1450

• CATEGORIES: OD Other, Transmissions

Here’s an unusual, rebuilt combo for sale.

“Granny low, Borg Warner T-19 with Advanced Adapters to fit GM V8 motor. Low 4.32 1st gear with a Range-torque Splitter overdrive. mounted to Dana 20 Jeep transfercase. $$$1450.
Built for 84 Jeep CJ7 with GM V8 conversion.  All units were rebuilt with new bearings, gaskets and small parts and good gears. Built by San Jose shop Bullshift Transmissions by owner, for his own vehicle. Not to be sold individually, sorry. Call 408 281-0482”



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Browning 2 speed Overdrive


rangeroverdrive_300While searching ads this morning I ran across a 1958 CJ-5 with a Browning 2 speed. I’ve never heard of that, so I looked into it, but couldn’t find out much about them.  Anyone ever use one of these?  Are they tough enough?  Apparently, they look similar to the Ranger Intermediate Overdrive that I show to the right.

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Rare Husky Overdrive Nampa, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Other, Transmissions

t90_18tx_huskyod_nampaUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $750

The Husky Overdrives are very rare. Here are some overdrive links.

  1. Herm’s site has best history on overdrives on the web
  2. The CJ-3B site has some information on overdrives
  3. Here’s a thread on the Early CJ-5 site about Husky vs. Warn

“For sale: T90 Transmission, Dana 18 Transfer Case, & Husky overdrive out of a 1962 Willy’s Jeep CJ5. Comes with a bell housing and adaptor for a small block Chevy if you want it. All worked when pulled a couple of years ago.  Dana 18 overdrives are hard to come by. Husky copied Warns overdrive until Warn sued them and they had to stop. They are supposed to be just as good as the Warn unit.

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Overdrive Windsor, Ca $500


I’m not sure if this is a warn overdrive or not. No pics and little description.  I’ve emailed the seller to learn more.

“m38a1 jeep overdrive ”