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Year? M-422 Mighty Mite Apple Valley, CA $7500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

It’s been sitting for a while.


“original m422 shorty might mite, very few short wheel base mighty mites left. mostly there and original, ran about 25 years ago.76zero90023threethree.”

m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca6 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca7 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca8 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca9

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1964 Mighty Mite Fort Collins, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites


Parts or project. Someone on FB believe it is a M422A1. I am not positive of the differences.


“Military M422 Mighty mite jeep. All aluminum construction with an air cooled v4 engine. These were jeeps were designed to be air lifted by the USMC. This particular jeep was at the Caribou Ranch Recording studio in Colorado. It was used as a vehicle to transport people and goods around the ranch. We purchased the jeep about 5 years ago and had hopes of restoring but currently don’t have time. Supposedly Caribou ranch bought the jeep from the government on and auction. This jeep will likely need a full restoration. Not much is known on the mechanical condition it does appear to be fairly complete. It is missing the front diff but we have the housing. No title.”

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Year? Mighty Mite Fort Collins, CO $5500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

I suspect this doesn’t run.


“Military mighty mite Jeep. Not sure on the year but should be early 60s. All aluminum body with air cooled V-4. Only 1,700 lbs. Would make a very cool restoration”

year-mighty-mite-fc-co5 year-mighty-mite-fc-co6 year-mighty-mite-fc-co8 year-mighty-mite-fc-co9

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Mighty Mite Body on MB Chassis? Camarillo, CA $3750

• CATEGORIES: MB, Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/13/2023) David spotted this unusual combo. It’s a Mighty Mite body on what’s supposed to be an MB (or GPW) chassis.


“1942 WW II Willy Jeep left in Hawaii after the war. Body replaced with aluminum body Jeep style. Small block chevy 4 wheel drive, current license.
As Is $3,750.00”

year-m422-mighty-mite-camarillo-ca6 year-m422-mighty-mite-camarillo-ca7 year-m422-mighty-mite-camarillo-ca8 year-m422-mighty-mite-camarillo-ca9

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1961 Mighty Mite M-422A1 Sacramento, CA $25k

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Still Available.

Mark is selling his nice looking Mighty Mite.







“Ground-up, well-sorted build for desert trail exploring/camping and forest service roads. Driven with respect for the 1/4 ton independent suspension driveline, this has proven capable on the mining roads of Nevada. 2,500 miles since build was completed in 2016. California-title with current ‘23 tags. Cruises readily at 50-55 mph.
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Year? Mighty Mite Gold Bar, WA

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/17/2022) This is a project or parts rig.


“Make me a offer? May consider trades?”

year-mighty-mite-goldbar-wa0 year-mighty-mite-goldbar-wa1 year-mighty-mite-goldbar-wa2

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MB, M-38A1s, CJ-2A, & Mite Tuscon, AZ $12,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, M-38A1, MB, Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,500.

(05/12/2022) This seller is selling his dad’s collection of jeeps. They want to sell as a package. All need work. Unclear how much value is actually here.


“”Selling for my dad, he’s looking to sell all 5 as one package. They range from year, model, and condition. I don’t know exact details on them but here’s what info I have to the best of my knowledge. 1941-42 ranch special, complete 1948-49 CJ2A, complete 1953 M38A1, complete Might mite, missing transmission and left front hub assembly 1953 M38A1, missing motor, has a lot of parts inside, maybe missing other items.””


5-jeeps-tuscon-az0 5-jeeps-tuscon-az1

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Year? M-422A1 Mighty Mite Eastover, SC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Bill spotted this project Mighty Mite for sale. The starting bid is $3000.





“Up for auction is a AMC M422 A1 Mighty Mite
The original data plate is missing but the frame number is 3232, the body number is 3521, the hood number is 310001 and there are faint unit markings on each side and on the tailgate that consist of the letter V with the numbers 600 above the V and HQ to the bottom right of the V.
The Aluminum body is in good shape without any major damage. There is some cracking around the master cylinder access hole, a shallow dent in the top of the hood and small dent in the passenger side front corner of the fender. Please refer to the pictures for overall condition.
The steel body to windshield cowl is very thin and will need to be replaced. It would make an excellent template to fabricate an new one. The steel windshield frame is in pretty rough shape. I have seen worse saved though.
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1968 M-422A Mighty Mite Palmdale, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

It starts, but unclear if it is drivable without some work (been sitting a decade or so).

1968-mighty-mite-palmdale-ca2 1968-mighty-mite-palmdale-ca3 1968-mighty-mite-palmdale-ca4

“All original American Motor Corporation (AMC) Military Jeep, air-cooled engine, has fording, aluminum chassis, and is designed to be airdropped (parachute) behind enemy lines. It’s a 1968 Mighty Might Jeep; it’s all original/complete, everything is straight, no accidents. I have many extras, including aluminum chassis, motors, differentials, electrical parts/harnesses, axles, etc. I’m selling everything in a package deal, and I’m unwilling to split/sell it as individual pieces. Driven into an enclosed barn, CA’s high desert (dry climate/no rust) about ten years ago has been untouched. The Jeep was purchased, used, and owned by my dad, who passed away. I recently changed the battery, gassed it up, and started right up! I have the pink slip in hand and power of attorney.”

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1962 M-422A Chine Valley, AZ $15,500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,500

Sri spotted this unusual M-422A with a hardtop.  I don’t remember seeing a hardtop on one of these. Was this something that was available for an M-422A through a third party the way the M-38 and M-38A1 hardtops were? This fit seems pretty good.


“1962 Mighty Mite 422A · Military small all aluminum jeep made for remote drop for the Vietnam war · Driven 12,345 miles Restored 1962 mighty mite. 422A. Everything in good shape. Lots of work to get it out to restored shape”

1962-m422a-chinovalley-az0 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az1 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az2 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az3 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az4

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Year? Mighty Mite Tucson, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000.

This unusual build is a modified Mighty Mite.

“1960’s Mighty Mite Jeep. Aluminum body, fiberglass hood and fenders from a Toyota Landcruiser. 4×4 positraction front & rear. 4 speed with high & low range, Independent suspension with inboard brakes. Power rack and Pinon steering. Engine is a aluminum 215 block shaved & board out to 327 cubic inch. 300 crank, 300 heads, needle bearing roller cam, Chaffer aluminum fly wheel, remote oil filter with oil cooler. Engine built by Sam Sturges & Less Black Selling as is the engine install has not been able to be completed do to health problems. All it need is to be buttoned up and its ready to roll. THIS JEEP IS STRICTLY FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY!”

1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az0 1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az1 1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az2 1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az3 1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az4 1960-mighty-mite-tucson-az5

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1963 Mighty Mite Hinton, IA **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5000.

It’s a project.

“Mighty mite army keep all aluminum air cooled 4 cyl engine its all there 5000 obo”


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Year? Mighty Mite St. Matthews, SC $2750

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

Tripp spotted this Mighty Mite.


“M422 Mighty Mite complete sans windshield. does not run. bill of sale only. steering is stuck. rare piece of jeep history.”

year-m422-mighty-mite-stmattews-sc1 year-m422-mighty-mite-stmattews-sc2 year-m422-mighty-mite-stmattews-sc3 year-m422-mighty-mite-stmattews-sc4

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1962 M-421A Menifee, CA $3000

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

Unclear if this runs or not (probably not).


“Rare 1962 Mighty Mite Jeep made by AMC for the Marines during the Vietnam War. Only around 3800 made. Very parts missing. Restore or retro. Call for more info.”

1962-m421a-mighty-mite-menifee-ca1 1962-m421a-mighty-mite-menifee-ca2 1962-m421a-mighty-mite-menifee-ca3 1962-m421a-mighty-mite-menifee-ca4

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Year? M-422A1 Mighty Mite Imperial, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: WAs $3900. **SOLD**. Lance is selling this Mighty Mite. You can contact him via phone at 7606939285 or via email at Lancehicks @ ymail.com (remove spaces around the @).

“I have is a
mighty mite circa 1960’s
422(a) longer base.
Missing air cooling and a couple small items.
Lower seat cushion
Front grill piece.
Looking for 3900 obo.”








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2 1953 Mighty Mite Testing Photos on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Mighty Mites, Old Images

These two photos show various aspects of Mighty Mite testing.

1) The first photo was taken in March of 1953 and shows a soldier escaping injury from an overturned Mighty Mite.

View all the information on eBay

“1953 Press Photo Captain CN Raper, “Mighty Mite” test run accident, Quantico, VA. This is an original press photo. Trucks – United States (Mighty Mite – Jeep type). Quantico, Virginia. At a demonstration today of the new “Mighty Mite” jeep, described as truck, utility, 1/4 ton, 4×4, the sandbag load shifted while the jeep was on an inclined bank, the vehicle overturned, but the driver, Captain C.N. Raper of Clearwater, Florida, was uninjured. Photo measures 9.25 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 3-20-1953.”



2) The second photo was taken in May of 1953 and shows another might might (3 units later than the first one pictured above), successfully navigating the Potomac.

View all the information on eBay

“1953 Press Photo Mighty Mite truck water test, Marine base, Quantico, Virginia. This is an original press photo. Trucks – United States (Mighty Mite). The “Mighty Mite,” modern version of the World War II jeep, splashes through the Potomac river at the Quantico, Virginia, Marine base on water tests. Kept afloat by four inflated tubes, the “Mite” is propelled by the oversized serration on the tire treads. It was developed by the Marines for delivery by airlift to terrain not accessible to combat vehicles. Photo measures 9.5 x 7.75 inches. Photo is dated 5-20-1953.”


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Sun Valley Auto Auction Sept 5th, 2020

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

Kevin’s auctioning this nice looking M-422 Mighty Mite through Silver Car Auctions in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Saturday.

Here’s the link, though his vehicle has not yet been added to the list as of this post: http://www.silverauctions.com/auction_carlist.php?id=322


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1953 Photo of Mighty Mite w/Helicopter

• CATEGORIES: Features, Mighty Mites, Old Images

This photo appeared in the August 19, 1953, issue of the Dayton Daily News (Ohio). Interestingly, the original press photo does not have the helicopter in the background …


PHOTO CREDIT: August 19, 1953, issue of the Dayton Daily News (Ohio)

Here’s what appears to be the original photo:

View all the information on eBay

“Photo is 10″x 8″in size.”

1953-07-31-mighty-mite-photo-hill-jumping1 1953-07-31-mighty-mite-photo-hill-jumping2


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Testing The Mighty Mite

• CATEGORIES: Features, Mighty Mites, videos

UPDATE: These various photos show the early testing of Mighty Mites.

(02/29/2020) This photo appears to show one of the prototype Mighty Mites. It’s hood number (179849) is 3 numbers away from another Mighty Mite (179846) that appeared in the press video at the bottom of this post.

“1954 Sikorsky S-56 Helicopter Backing Jeep into Cargo area … Press Photo”

1954-01-mighty-mite-helicopter1 1954-01-mighty-mite-helicopter2

Here’s the Mighty Mite press video:


Originally Posted May of 2018: The hood and windshield on this jeep are different from the standard Mighty Mite. This may have been an early prototype. See the photo at the bottom for another view of a vehicle that may be one until earlier than the vehicle in the press photo. (the one in the press photo is #179849).

“1954 Press Photo Jeep being loaded into Sikorsky XHR25 helicopter, Connecticut. This is an original press photo. Three loaded jeeps or 26 men can be carried by a new giant helicopter demonstrated at Bridgeport, Connecticut, Monday. The Sikorsky XHR25 is being built in quantity for the armed forces. It has twin engines, retractable landing gear and rotors that fold, making it easy to handle aboard aircraft carriers. It will fly faster than 150 miles an hour. (Aero-Helicopter) Photo measures 10 x 7 inches. Photo is dated 01-19-1954.”

1954-01-19-mighty-mite-prototype1 1954-01-19-mighty-mite-prototype2

This is #197848 (from G503): http://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=195524



Originally Posted September 2018: Cool, but odd photo, given the roadway behind it. Lots of competing visual angles.

“This is an original press photo. Light enough to be airlifted by helicopter but tough enough to pull through knee deep mud, the mighty mite is to be produced by American Motors Corp. for the military forces. The mighty mite weighs 1,300 pounds less than the jeep and is 43 inches shorter. It is capable of climbing an 87% grade and can do 57 miles an hour on the highway. Its powerful aluminum die cast, air cooled engine enables the vehicle to carry a payload of 500 pounds while towing another 1,000 pounds over rough terrain. United States – Army – Equipment – Vehicles Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-05-1954”



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1962 Mighty Mite Stuarts Draft, VA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

(11/28/2019) Runs. Seller has an additional rolling chassis (sounds like it is not included in the price though).

“Engine runs, needs transmission work (has replacement just install) Has several additional parts as well as additional rolling chassis available. And new windshield. Will need to be picked up or shipped.”





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3 Mighty Mites in Eastern Oregon **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **Status Unknown**

The metadata suggests these are in Cedarburg, Wisconsin; However, the description states these are in Oregon (the state, not the town of Oregon, Wisconsin). The terrain suggests these are in eastern Oregon.

“3 m422 mighty mite for sale In Oregon”

3-1961-mightymites-oregon2 3-1961-mightymites-oregon3

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1959 M-422A1 Salt Lake City, UT $12,250

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,250.

Seller believes there are only 12 Mighty Mites in driving condition in the US, but that seems like a low number based on what I’ve seen.


“M422 Mighty Mite $12,250 OBO Excellent condition Run & Drive only 12 left in the whole US driving condition independent suspension all original (((air-cooled engine))) 24 volts. All aluminum, weighs less than 1100 lb it does great in Moab definitely a head-turner for sure one and only in the state of Utah”

1959-mighty-mite-m422-slc-ut1 1959-mighty-mite-m422-slc-ut2 1959-mighty-mite-m422-slc-ut3 1959-mighty-mite-m422-slc-ut4

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1960 M-22A1 Mighty Mite Longmont, CO **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $4500.

Dave spotted this former Ranch vehicle that may have been driven by recording stars.

1960-m422a1-longmont-co1 1960-m422a1-longmont-co2 1960-m422a1-longmont-co3 1960-m422a1-longmont-co4

“The M22 Mighty Mite is a Lightweight 1/4 ton 4X4 Tactical Jeep, suitable for Airlifting and manhandling

My Jeep still has the Air Lift Hooks and all Military Equipment on it…

Only 2500 were Built and most are Gone…

This was also used at the (Caribou Ranch Recording Studio)
A lot of Famous Rock Stars drove this Jeep when they stayed at the Recording Studio…

{ Own a peace of Colorado History }

This Jeep still has all the Caribou Ranch ( CR ) Logos still on it…”See Pictures”
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2 Mighty Mites Wheeling, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3700.

(06/05/2019) A couple Mighty Mite projects.

422-422a1-wheeling-il1 422-422a1-wheeling-il2

“The body metal on these vehicles is aluminum, so there is no body panel rust.

The blue Mite is an M422. It is very complete, and really only needs seats and a pintle. A driver’s seat and pintle hook are on the other Mite, so those could easily be swapped over. The windshield is technically incorrect, as it is the M38 style. However there are two correct Might Mite 2nd pattern windshields included in the sale. (The most noticeable difference is where the windshield wiper arms protrude in relation to the windshield hood bumpers. On the M38 ws they are centered within each bumper. The correct Mite ws has the wipers protrude inboard of the bumpers.)
The body number is 440
The frame number looks to be 1727
I cannot read the engine number

The silver/aluminum Mite is an M422A1. Included is a correct windshield, a voltage regulator, and a generator. The front-end body aluminum panels are complete and included. This Mite would need some suspension work, as well as some front-end steering/suspension pieces to be complete in that area. Because it is missing some minor suspension components and the front aluminum body pieces have been removed (but are included) it simply looks like less of a vehicle. It is missing the front right wheel and suspension parts. There are also some spare/extra parts included, including a spare engine.
The body number is 3408
The frame number is 3248
The engine number is 1769

The Mites are located just north of Chicago. Both Mites have titles. The internal condition of all three engines is unknown. Please PM me with any questions or offers. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but I’m not a Mite guy, so my knowledge is very limited. I am not willing to part these out. The M422 is almost 100% complete and would be an easy enough restoration on its own, but paired with the A1 you’d probably only need a passenger seat, rear seats, (and if you so chose) top bows and canvas to complete it.”

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1961 Mighty Mite Poestenkill, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

“1961 mighty mite,Viet Nam American motor serial #1730, 4108 miles, 3000 made, body great condition, aluminum body. I have too many projects. $4500.00 firm, already lost shipping charges. Needs the starter repaired will not start.”

1961-m422-mighty-mite-ny1 1961-m422-mighty-mite-ny2 1961-m422-mighty-mite-ny3 1961-m422-mighty-mite-ny4