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1963 CJ-3B/ M-606 Perkasie, PA $7950

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This one deserves a closer look, as it *might* be an M-606. Note the ventilated windshield.


“Willys Jeep, Model; CJ3B, also known as M606 military 4×4
Runs very well, good original condition.
Has small crack in windshield and small rust in passenger side floor, otherwise very nice.”

1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa7 1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa8 1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa9

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1963 M-606? Perkasie, PA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was on eBay…. This was listed back in 2014.

Glenn shared this one. It doesn’t seem to have any ‘WILLYS’ or ‘JEEP’ stampings anywhere, suggesting it could be military, but it also could have produced following the decision to stop jeeps with “WILLYS” on them. It does have a ventilating windshield, along with a Koenig hardtop.

“Willys. Cj 3B, military version, M606.

Has military options like fold out windshield, trailer plug, tow hooks, hard top, etc.

Runs great, needs nothing. Small rust in passenger side floor and crack in windshield. Low milaeage, very rare model, most were made for export.”

1963-cj3b-m606-perk-pa7 1963-cj3b-m606-perk-pa8 1963-cj3b-m606-perk-pa9

Older photos: Continue reading

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1961 CJ-3B Shingle Springs, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2650.

Bill spotted this one. It’s not clear why the seller thinks this project is an M-606.

“1961 Willys Cj3b, actually it’s the military version, an M606, still has the f-head engine, turns over easily, retains the waterproof military distributor, Saginaw steering has been added, transmission and transfer case are original, body is pretty straight, original seat frames, out of DMV system, sold with bill of sale, I bought this with the hope of restoring it to its military configuration , but waaaay too many projects are ahead of it.”

1961-cj3b-shinglesprings-ca1 1961-cj3b-shinglesprings-ca2 1961-cj3b-shinglesprings-ca3 1961-cj3b-shinglesprings-ca4

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Hundreds of M-606s

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Blaine spotted this great photo showing hundreds of what appear to be M-606s about ready to be shipped to Iran in 1962. It’s part of an article in the Toledo Blade about the 75th anniversary of the Willys-Overland-produced jeep.



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Strange M-606-like “jeep”

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The people on Ann’s Facebook Weapons Page were wondering what this thing was. It was spotted in Thailand. I said it looked most like an M-606, but that front clip seems a little long. The running gear doesn’t look jeep-like. The fenders don’t look original to me either.


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1964 M-606 Nixa, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

An M-606 that runs and drives. Could be a good find. I bet it doesn’t last long. I wish there was a better closeup of the gov plate. Thanks to whomever emailed the link to me.

“I have a very rare 1964 M606 military CJ3B for sale. It has the original M606 data plates, front tow hook, headlight guards and swingout windshield. It runs and drives. No willys or jeep markings. It has the original seats, and I have a clear title. Asking 2,500. if interested call”

1964-m606-nixa-mo1 1964-m606-nixa-mo2 1964-m606-nixa-mo3 1964-m606-nixa-mo4

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1966 M-606 Big Island, Hawaii **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000.

This has a tool indent on the passenger side, a military tank, and no WILLYS stamps. Sure looks like a M-606. I didn’t know they installed V-6s in them? The jeep has a few other updates.

“1966 Jeep CJ3B. This is a very rare military version classified as an M606 with factory 225 V6. It does not have any Willy’s stampings on body because it was built after Willys was sold out.

The chassis has been completely redone. Everything has been powder coated and rebuilt.
Factory rear Dana 44 with a newer open knuckle Dana 30 front. Front and rear have 427 gears. Rear has a power lock. Front has a Detroit locker. All new bearings and seals.
T90 transmission & Dana 18 with heavy duty case.
Transmission and transfer case have been completely rebuilt. Transfer case has a Teralow gear kit.
Brand new center force clutch (hydraulic). Brake and clutch assembly have been modified to a hanging pedal assembly.All new suspension. Brand new power steering box.
225 V6 has been rebuilt. Brand new alternator, headers, starter, electric fan and misc.
Brand new seats and tires. 2500 miles on Jeep. ”

1966-cj3b-hawaii1 1966-cj3b-hawaii2 1966-cj3b-hawaii3 1966-cj3b-hawaii4

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1960 CJ-3B Marblehead, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500.

(06/28/2012) This is a CJ-3B that the seller is advertising as a M606 clone.  It looks fairly solid, though the steps have been patched.  Note the the radios are not functional at this time.

“1960 “High Hood” CJ3B/M606 clone. Painted in Vietnam era semi-gloss olive drab. New tires, new vinyl top, new tailgate. Ramsey (PTO) winch works and has new cable. Siren, Blackout Light, 2 Piece Antenna, Demilled 3 1/2″ Bazooka, Inert Bazooka Round, Spare 134 Hurricane Engine and Misc. Spare Parts. Odometer Reads 350 miles, the guy I bought it from said he replaced the speedometer when he had the engine and transmission rebuilt. The radios are not hooked up. Turn the key and go! Turns heads anywhere I go. I work so I try to check my email every evening. Thanks for looking.”

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Year? CJ-3B Greece, NY **SOLD**

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year_cj3b_greeceUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

“For Sale is a 1948 Willys Jeep & quarter ton military trailer dated 1945.The jeeps early years from world war 2 on to the late 1940,did”t change that much . It’s a 4 cylinder with a three-speed tranmisom. It. It also has all new brakes, drums, cylinder, lines, and has been completely rewired to a 12-volt system. It has many new parts and it runs very good .I enjoyed having this jeep in many local parades over the years. The price is $7,500. This can be seen today. Please email if you have any questions. Thank you.”


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Jonas’ M-606

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Jonas wrote me the other day telling me he’s got a rare M-606. I asked him if the Data Plate was stamped ‘M-606’ and he said it was and that the speedometer is in KMs.  He’s invited me to drop by and see for myself, so I hope to report on it in early October. Thanks for sharing!  Cool pics, too! I love the contrast between the sky and the trees, jeep and grass.

He wrote, “I own a actual M606 jeep made by Kaiser in 1966. This is not a military CJ3B. It was exported (to Argentina I think) and then repatriated back to the US. Or it never left, nobody knows really. But It is here now and it is pretty original with all the features unique to the M606. I have acquired a Koening winch and hard cab for it in the past month and put a set of proper traction type tires on it.”

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1958 M-606? Lexington, Nc $1400

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1400

(08/17/2010) It’s rough, but rare.

“Rare 1958 Willys Navy issued utility jeep. The jeep ran when parked several years ago. Motor and running gear are original and all worked when parked. The jeep still has the navy issue tag on the firewall. I have a clean title. This would make a great restoration project or a great hunting jeep or rock crawler. I work a crazy shift so please allow a couple of days for me to respond. I just don’t have time to work on this piece of American history. Asking $1400.00 OBO”


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1959 M-606 Winters, Ca $2500

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This has some unusual features.  This is the most ‘military’ CJ-3B I’ve seen.

“1959 high hood military Jeep. Not running. But won’t take alot to get it to run.  Drew


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1953 M-606? Hebron, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: WAs $4300. **SOLD**

Apparently this has a Navy Tag.

“For sale a very nice 1953 Jeep Willys CJ3B. This Jeep does have a Navy tag so it was used by the Navy. The drive train is all original and it runs and drives perfect. It does have the 12 volt conversion but the rest is all original. The Frame is also perfect with no rust and the tub is very solid as well. I coated the frame and the tub with POR 15 so it is sealed up. The interior has very nice seats and I just put in a rubber floor covering. The jeep comes with the original military wheels and tires. For an extra $200 you can have the brand new Crager wheels and tires that are in the picture. Also with the sale is an extra windshield. The top is an arctic hard top which is very rare. Everything works on this Jeep so it would make a great off-roader, restoration project, or even a good daily driver.”

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1966 CJ-3B/M-606 Wittman, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

Lots of work has been completed, but plenty left.  No mention of how the seller has identified this as a M-606.

“1966 Jeep CJ3B. This is a very rare military version classified as an M606 with factory 225 V6. Chassis has been completely redone. Everything has been powder coated and rebuilt. Factory rear Dana 44 with newer open knuckle Dana 30 front. Front and rear have 4.27 gears. Rear has a power lock. Front has a Detroit locker. All new bearings and seals. Transmission and transfer case have been completely rebuilt. Brand new Center Force clutch. All new suspension. Brand new power steering box. 225 V6 has been rebuilt. Brand new starter, alternator, headers, and misc. Brake and clutch assembly has been modified to a hanging pedal assembly. Also has a hydraulic clutch, PTO winch, brand new seats, plus boxes of brand new parts. Body has been media blasted. NEEDS TO BE PAINTED AND FINAL ASSEMBLY. Also has brand new tires and many other brand new parts. This is an extremely rare Jeep. It is a military version of a 3B but does not have any of the Willy’s stampings on body because it was built after Willy’s was sold out.”

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1958 M-606 Needles, Ca $5500

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UPDATE: Still Available

This M-606 includes a Navy ID Plate — very rare based on what I’ve seen.  The dashboard arrangement isn’t something I’ve seen. Get it while it lasts.

“US Navy 1958 CJ3B Willys Jeep with Willys Overdrive. Original 4Cyl F Head Engine. Tow bar. CB Radio. Original USN vehicle numbers. Slightly modified with roll bar and bucket front seats. Could easily be returned to original. Battleship grey and military tires. I am a navy vet and owned this jeep for over 20 years. It has been extremely reliable and bullet proof. Extremely rare military vehicle. Most survivors are army or marine issue. If your a vet especially a navy vet, this is your chance to relive a little of the past. Sadly, it is time they we both must depart and move on. I will miss my shipmate and the new owner must promise to take good care of her.”


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1964 ‘Army’ CJ-3B San Diego, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

The seller is calling this a ‘Army CJ-3B’.  The 1945 GPW in the picture to the left of the CJ-3B is also for sale.

“I have an original 1964 US Army CJ-3B for sale. The body is in almost completely rust-free condition with the exception of the rear quarter panels (as pictured), which are also somewhat bent. The front passenger fender and step are bent a little bit. The floor boards only have surface rust. The front bumper is off of an auxiliary power unit jeep and was put on by another person. The engine is more than likely toast because the valve cover was removed by someone and never put back on. I have another F-head engine that I will include which is in a little better shape, but the oil has turned to sludge and it will probably need to be completely rebuilt.”

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