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1961 FJ-3A/Fleet Van “Installer’s Model” Brochure

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I lucked out on snagging this unusual FJ-3A brochure. It focuses on the repair industry. It is form number 61-14.



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1966 Cutlas Hub Brochure

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I found this brochure on eBay. It’s the first time I’ve seen this version. The form number is 4-66, which I believe means it was published in April of 1966.


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1947 Ad for Poole Motor Co. Jeep Dealer in Steele, MS

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This full page ad for the Poole Motor Company out of Steele, Mississippi, appeared in the October 06, 1947, issue of the Courier News out of Blytheville, AR. It’s too bad the pics aren’t clearer.


Nine months later, on June 01, 1948, the Poole Motor Co. published this ad in the Courier News:


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1946 Toledo University Ad in Year Book $29.99 (obo)

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Books, Features

Under the strange-places-to-find-a-Willys-Overland-ad category, someone is selling this 1946 Toledo University Yearbook (aka Blockhouse) with a ‘Jeep’ ad inside it.

View all the information on eBay

1946-blockhouse-willys-jeep-ad-toledo-university2 1946-blockhouse-willys-jeep-ad-toledo-university1


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FC-170 Tie Clip and Cufflinks **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** These were two separate listings.

  1. FC-170 Tie Clip: BUY-IT-NOW Price is $35
    fc-170-tie-clip1 fc-170-tie-clip2 fc-170-tie-clip3
  2. FC-170 Cuff Links: BUY-IT-NOW Price is $45
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Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders

UPDATE II: There’s another 1954 Metamet 12-page brochure for sale on eBay (see bottom of post for pics)

View all the information on eBay


UPDATE Posted July 04, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect some more information and images. It was originally posted in March of 2013.


Metamet was a British company that refurbished WWII jeeps and civilian jeeps, creating a slew of different models. According to the G503 Forum, “Metamet was run by an expat Pole, and latterly his son. It was a wonderful Aladdin’s caves of wartime Jeeps and Jeep bits and pieces located in a series of old mews stables in Daleham Mews. These places were commonly garage workshops in post-horse London, but nowdays are worth untold fortunes as residences.”

At one point in the early 1950s there were twelve different models of jeeps offered by Metamet, only one of which was the standard production model jeep. The rest were all customizations of one type or another. Seven models were 80″ wheel base, while the other five had 100″ wheel bases.  The models include, the Standard, De-luxe, Farmer, Five-in-one, Saloon, Shooting Brake, 10 CWT Truck, Metaplan, Station Wagon, 15 CWT Van, 20 CWT Lorry, and a 2 Ton Loadmaster.


Metamet’s early 1950s models. There were seven 80″ wheel base jeeps and five 100″ wheel base jeeps.


Here’s an example of Metamet’s advertising.

A 1952 Ad posted to Flicker by Johnathan confirms there were twelve models also:


Finally, here’s a 1954 12 page brochure that provides examples of different models that used to be linked to on the jeep farm website:


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1961 Koenig King Winches Brochure

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This brochure, No. 761, highlights Koenig’s King brand of winches in a single sheet with three folds.



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Nov 1960 Koenig King Winch Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I picked this November 1960 Koenig King Winch brochure with a from number of 11-60 off of ebay.

1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure1 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure2 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure3 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure4 1960-11-koenig-king-winches-brochure5

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1948 Jeep Station Sedan Wagon Brochure

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This rare wagon brochure popped up on eBay. It’s the first time I’ve seen this one. When fully opened, it is only about 6″ x 9″. the brochure introduces the ‘Jeep’ Station Sedan wagon sporting the lightening inline 6.

This is the front page:


This is the back:1948-wagon-brochure-lores2

This brochure opens horizontally to reveal this page:


This shows the backside fully opened:


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Mid 1960s Cutlas Wheel Cover Brochure

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I don’t have a specific date for this brochure, but it shows that Cutlas Manufacturing was selling a couple different types of wheel covers, including the “J” covers. It is marked Form 105, but is not dated. This was likely published between 1963-1965.



Maury shared this example of a factory photo with the “J” hubcaps. He says, to the best of his knowledge, this was a 1966 CJ-5 factory photo:


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1960s Sportliner Brochure

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This brochure sold on eBay. It shares a Jeep-Approved bumper for CJ-5s, CJ-6s, FCs, Trucks, and Gladiators. It is form F144W.

sportsliner-bumper-f144W-brochure1-lores sportsliner-bumper-f144W-brochure2-lores

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1961 Animal Series of Brochures

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During 1961, along with non-animal-related brochures, Willys Motors produced this series of ads using different animals. It appears they were only produced between January and September of 1961.

January 1961: Dog


February 1961: Busy Bee


March 1961: Horse


April 1961: Lion


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July 1961 Willing Worker Brochure

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I finally found an original of this brochure on eBay, so here it is. It’s another of the “animal series” of brochures that was published in 1961. This is Form DM61-07.

This is the front page.


This form is opened vertically to reveal this page:1961-07-form-61-07-willys-workers-donkey-mule2-lores

The brochure is opened horizontally to reveal this page:1961-07-form-61-07-willys-workers-donkey-mule3-lores

This is the back when unopened:



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1953-1955 Kaiser’s Attempt to Standardize Marketing

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: II: Barry Thomas has updated his thoughts on this video at his Farm Jeep site:


UPDATE I From July 11/2021: This video was shared by the Goddess herself, Deborah. It used the 1954 Willys Export Company’s brochure as the lens through which is shows the variety of jeeps in this movie clip (in color no less). You can learn more about the various forms of this brochure below. This brochure did not have a form number.


Originally posted January 12, 2020: As noted by Edgar Kaiser in 1955, one of the key reasons Kaiser bought Willys’ assets was that Kaiser didn’t feel Willys-Overland was pursuing the consumer market aggressively enough. As a part of Kaiser’s strategy to move that direction, the company created a wide variety of brochures, folders, direct mail pieces, product booklets, post cards, a Jeep family 16mm movie, and other merchandising materials.

Much of these documents have been scanned and available on the internet, but no one (that I’ve seen) has assembled them together to see what items were available at the time the CJ-5 launched.

So, consider this a draft towards that goal, as I still have some more scanning and locating of documents so I can interlink everything together.

To begin, here is one of the earliest examples of the Kaiser Willys team creating a standardized family of similar brochures that highlight each of the models. Nearly all the first wave of documents were created in 1954. How do we know this? Because the January 1955 Kaiser Willys Sales and Dealer News highlighted these merchandising aides:


Note that other brochures mentioned in this Kaiser Willys Newspaper include the upcoming  Jeep in Public Service (24 pages), the Jeep in Industry (24 pages, might have ended up this one?), and the Jeep in Agriculture (unclear to me which this is). I do have the brochure shown in the lower right, but it’s in Spanish. So, we can conclude that those were all published in 1955 (there are no publish dates on them).

Here’s an order form from 1955. It’s form numbers for the ‘vehicle folder’ brochures match those shown in the photo below this order form.


Here’s a photo from an ebay post that shows all the vehicle ‘folder’ brochures together (the form numbers I have for the vehicle brochures below match the numbers on the order form above). I only have 7 of the 10 brochures, or I’d take a photo of my own like this.


Form #s for 9 of the brochures in the pic above, and one not included (w-221-6): CJ-5 (W-239-5), CJ-3B (W-201-5), 1 Ton Truck (W-205-5), 4WD Station Wagon (W-221-5) (see W-221-4 here), 4WD Sedan Deliver (W-227-5), 2WD Utility Wagon (M-221-6), Cargo Personnel Carrier (W-215-5), 4WD Field Ambulance (W-228-5), 4WD Utility Ambulance (W-230-5), Jeep Fire Engine (W-229-5), and the Commando Fire Truck (W-240-5).

Below are some various brochure covers from the twenty-plus page brochures ….. (Note, one promotional document not listed in the order form was the Willys Story, 1950-1954).

1954 Willys 4-Wheel Drive Form W-1772:

Scannable Document

1954 Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment, Spanish Version, No form or document number on the brochure:


1955 updated version of the Willys Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Brochure (again, does not have a Form #):


1955 Willys Jeep in Public Service, Form W-991-5:

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1947 Ad For Caravan Visit

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

A discussion with Barry Thomas of Farm Jeep has led to us looking deeper into the relationship between the Schenecker and the Glenn M. Rogers companies, which led to me finding this ad.

There’s no wind today, so just a few updates as  I need to get to work outside.


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Year? Mil-Ner Ambulance Model 475-4WD Brochure

I missed out on winning this brochure on eBay. Though stamped “1960”, the early grille plus the Willys-Overland branding on the brochure suggests Mil-Ner’s ambulance modifications may have been one of the earliest example of the Jeep being turned into an ambulance.

There is only printing on the front of the page. The back was blank.


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Early 1960s Dualmatic Hub Information

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Dave found and shared these photos of a Dualmatic hub box with an information sheet inside it.

dualmatic-box-dave-franz1-lores1 dualmatic-box-dave-franz2-lores2 dualmatic-box-dave-franz4-lores3 dualmatic-box-dave-franz3-lores4

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The 4-in-1 Advertising Campaign

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UPDATE: A twist on the 4-in-1 campaign shared below was the use of the term “4-Purpose Jeep” in some newspaper ads.

A few months after the introduction of the CJ-2A in July of 1945 Willys-Overland introduced the 4-in-1-functional vehicle advertising concept for the Willys Universal ‘Jeep’, which was an effort to quickly explain how Swiss-army-knife-like the new jeep could be. Perhaps, speculatively speaking, it was even a play off of the “4” in the 4-wheel-drive aspects of the jeep as well? Either way, for a short-time, in late-1945 and early 1946 Willys-Overland pushed the idea of the jeep as having 4 different functions for farm and industry.

I would argue that the campaign wasn’t very successful, or at least didn’t work for me, because just this morning I had to once again look up what constituted the “4”. In case you can’t remember, let’s take a quick look at how this campaign might have originated.

WHAT THE JEEP CAN DO: The earliest mention I have of the four functions was in the Saturday Evening Post’s November 10, 1945, two-page-ad, the first big splash of advertising for the new Universal Jeep, where W-O claims in bold at the top of the ad that the ‘Jeep’ is a vehicle capable of doing a “thousand jobs”:

1945-11-10-sat-evening-post-willys-jeep-2page-ad-pg71-lores 1945-11-10-sat-evening-post-willys-jeep-2page-ad-pg70-lores

Looking more closely ad the ad text, W-O never gets around to listing all 1,000 possible jobs for their new vehicle, but, after claiming the Universal “Jeep” can do almost Anything, the company breaks down the CJ-2A’s functionality into four categories: 1) As a Truck, 2) As a Runabout, 3) As a Mobile Power Unit, and 4) As a Tractor. But, absent from this page is the 4-in-1 branding.

The Four-Function Jeep: The very next month, Willys-Overland inches closer to the 4-in-1 concept by proclaiming in a second two-page ad on December 02, 1945, in the Saturday Evening Post, that the ‘Jeep’ was a “The Four-Function” vehicle.

Once again, Willys-Overland listed four categories, but this time a) changed the order,  2) softened the “truck” claim, changing it to a Light Truck, and c) softened the “tractor” claim, changing it to Light Tractor as the following category headers show: 1) Use it as a Runabout, 2) Use it as a Light Tractor, 3) Use it as a Mobile Power Unit, and 4) Use it as a Light Truck.

1945-12-2-sat-evening-post-willys-builds-the-worlds-most-versatile-vehicle-pg61-lores 1945-12-2-sat-evening-post-willys-builds-the-worlds-most-versatile-vehicle-pg60-lores

Still, as of December 1945, the term 4-in-1 still wasn’t used in the company’s major advertising campaigns.

The 4-IN-1 Jeep: That changed on January 19, 1945, when W-O published a third two-page-ad with the title “For Business Or Farm, The 4-IN-1 ‘Jeep’ Does More Jobs … Tougher Jobs“.

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1965 Ad for a Farm Jeep

Barry Thomas ( shared this 1965 ad that shows a CJ-5 being used as an extra farm hand. If anyone happens to have any ads showing a CJ-5 on the farm or with a lift, Barry would be very interested in it.


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The Commando “Farm Hand” jeep?

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Barry shared this June 1971 Ad from “The Progressive Farmer”. It touts the Jeepster Commando as a “Farm Hand” jeep, a term used as far back as the February 03, 1945, Willys-Overland Ad (at bottom). While off-road capable, I never pictured this model being used regularly as a Farm Jeep (maybe it was?).


From February, 1945:


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Archer Motor Company Floating Jeep Pencil on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a rare floating jeep mechanical pencil with an engraving of Archer Motor Company from Burlington, Iowa.

View all the information on eBay

“RARE!!WILLY’S OVERLAND*Archer Motor Co.*Burlington,IA”FLOATING JEEP”Pencil/Works. This is very close to mint if not. I didn’t find anything really wrong with it.This is for the most discriminating collector or someone looking for a center piece for a Jeep display, it’s the origin of the JEEP.”

archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil1 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil2 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil3 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil4 archer-jeep-mechanical-pencil5

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1958 Mitsubishi Models Booklet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I don’t remember seeing this brochure previously. It is 12 pages, but unclear how many cover the jeep line. I didn’t know Mitsubishi did a Fire Jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“1958 Mitsubishi sales brochure with Willys Jeep, Jupiter Trucks & 500 Sedan. Size is 8.25 x 11.5 with 12 pages. Bent corner, creased.”




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Jeep Life Time Lighter **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** For $90.79 on eBay

This is a cool, retro lighter featuring Time and Life and a CJ-5. Why would it feature both Life and Time logos?

“Good working condition with good plunger seal, clean chimney, good printed display.”
lighter-time-life-jeep01 lighter-time-life-jeep0 lighter-time-life-jeep1 lighter-time-life-jeep2

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Boyertown VS. Montpelier Delivery Trucks

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UPDATE: It’s been 9 years since this post has run, which just shows you how rare it is to see one of these for sale (see next post)


Craig Brockhaus saw the Boyertown Economy Delivery Comparison Post (see below) and forwarded both Boyertown and Montpelier Delivery Truck designs. Cool Stuff!


Montpelier-body-delivery-truck-jeepnews1 Montpelier-body-delivery-truck-jeepnews2

BOYERTOWN DELIVERY TRUCK INFORMATION:Boyertown 2 Boyertown 3 Boyertown 4 Boyertown 5 Boyertown 6 Boyertown1

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Farm Aide Lift Included in a 1947 Willys Ad?

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Several instances of newspapers carrying the ad have been found across the US. They include, Page 5 of the Atlanta Constitution’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3 (thanks John), The San francisco Examiner Sun’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3, and The Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3. So, it was the American Weekly Magazine that printed the ad. Thanks for everyone’s help!


Barry is investigating how a Farm Aide Lift (or what appears to be one) ended up on page 3 in an April 6, 1947, Willys-Overland ad for the Universal Jeep. The biggest question is [ed note: now answered], in what magazine did the ad appear? My guess was that it is some kind of newspaper-related Sunday periodical (such as Parade or The Week). It might have even been a western-US only periodical or ad.

Well, I was right about the Sunday periodical, it was the American Weekly Magazine Page 3, but I was wrong about the regional aspect; it’s clear it was nationwide.

You can Barry’s full post about the topic here:

Here is a closeup of part of the ad (compare it with the  Farm Aide Lift).

This whole ad appeared in the Atlanta Consititution:


Here is the cover of the magazine: