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1956 DJ-3A Brochure on eBay

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This is a good buy it now price of $11.95.


View all the information on eBay

1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-1 1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-2 1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-3

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1950? CJ-3A/DJ-3A Anderson, SC $2000


No title. Looks like a DJ-3A Convertible windshield. No gas inlet along the side either.

“Willys CJ3A for sale. Bill of sale. Original drivetrain. 2000obo”


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1962 DJ-3A Build Aberdeen, WA $1500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/16/2017) Lots of work left.

1962-dj3a-aberdeen-wa1 1962-dj3a-aberdeen-wa2 1962-dj3a-aberdeen-wa3 1962-dj3a-aberdeen-wa4

“I am selling my 1962 Jeep DJ3A project. It was originally a hard top mail jeep that was long ago converted to a normal CJ3A, with patches covering the original cutouts in the tub and an M38 windshield.

The frame is the original DJ frame (verified by stamping numbers) that has been fully boxed. It has recently been sanded, rust treated and coated. It has a square tube front bumper.

The Jeep was converted to 4×4 in the 70s, run by a couple owners, and then taken apart by the previous owner in 1981. The tub and all sheet metal was stored inside gathering dust until 2016 when I purchased it after he passed away. As a result of that, the tub is almost completely rust free, save for two small spots toward the back of the wheel wells. The original running gear (save for rear axle) is gone.
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1964 CJ/DJ Esparto, CA $4000


Price may be good. this might be a DJ body on a CJ chassis.

1964-dj-cj-esparto-ca1 1964-dj-cj-esparto-ca2 1964-dj-cj-esparto-ca3 1964-dj-cj-esparto-ca4

“1964 Willys for sale. It has a chevy 350 engine in it. Here is the rundown. I have owned it as a project jeep for about 6 months. I overpaid for it (my fault), and paid $4,200 for it, I have put roughly $2,500 into it from parts and paying a buddy (mechanic) to help (not including my own time). I am selling it because I am trying to buy a plane ticket for my girlfriend to go to the East Coast to see her grandma one last time. So, basically I need the money. I am up front and honest about the condition of the Jeep. The good and the bad about it. Ill start with what I have done to it/what is good about the jeep. The jeep does run, and I would say it runs well, but obviously it is not a finished project.
-New radiator
-New alternator
-New battery and battery box
-New fuel tank
-New starter and solenoid
-New battery shutoff
-Rewired most of the wiring
-Updated registration
– Has a soft top, but I have never used it
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1964 DJ-3A Fairfield, CA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/11/2017) This DJ-3A is actually a 1962 that sold in 1964. The trim ID indicates that it may have been a Surrey. Though it has an L-134, it’s a former industrial engine. The jeep has a few other modifications, including four wheel drive. Still, looks like a good price.

Re-posting as I was away for 2 weeks , 1964 3A flat-fender 4×4 Jeep last year of production, was used as a hunting Jeep, no rust in the body and well cared for. 134 stock motor , has new water pump, radiator, valve job. 60 amp alternator, 12 volt, starts on the first click ( started on first turn after just sitting two weeks) and runs very well. Has a rebuilt transmission and transfer case. Vintage 5 leaf Rancho 2 inch lift springs , 11″ bendix brake conversion ( stops on a dime) with rear axle parking brakes that work. has factory 3/4 -1/4 front seats, (was originally a column shift) vintage Ramsey PTO winch with front and rear pto output . all electrical and gauges work perfectly, including “gas gauges”, turn signals back up lights spedo and digital tac also , two gas tanks ( came with factory rear tank) is set up to tow and tows perfectly , has a rear tow receiver. Floating rear axle and has 4:88 gears. Roll bar, hubs and bikini top, has factory rear seat. All mechanical parts in great shape. Current registration so “Wild Willy” can be driven away… at 50 mph…ha.. $4,500 B/O Just a real rare stock great running Jeep. In person pickup and cash only.”

1964-dj3a-fairfield-cali0 1964-dj3a-fairfield-cali1 1964-dj3a-fairfield-cali2 1964-dj3a-fairfield-cali3 1964-dj3a-fairfield-cali4

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1962 DJ-3A Surrey Smithfield, ME $1000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

“Surrey Project DJ3A, 2WD, a Real Pink Surrey JEEP Body only – with The Fringe on Top, just like the Elvis Beach movies, the only one I’ve had in 40 years playing with Willys. About 1100 total Production, Buyer turned out to be a complete FAKE. My Loss Your Gain. Now it is out of storage and available to you. Body is repairable with available panels. From Maryland, Original Frame but had 4WD Axle that has been removed. It now has PROPER DJ3A front axle. I have many DJ3A parts available at extra cost. Build it your way using your JEEP chassis or maybe an S-10 2wd. A very high value, worthwhile father, son, grandson project. $1000 gets all in picture minus front axle. Might partial trade, Other Willys parts, Nash, Hudson, Guns or try me. Can Deliver to OHIO WILLYS JEEP RALLY or The Great Willys Picnic at very reasonable Cost. I want this gone. Email for details, More Pix, and phone contact.”

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1956 DJ-3A Dispatcher Brochure on eBay

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This is an unusual Dispatcher brochure. Looks more like a case-based look at the DJ. It’s located in Russia. Seems pretty pricey given its location.

“Original brochure, 4 pages, A4
Payment through Paypal. Condition in the image. Mail service with the number for tracking. All very well packaged.
When purchasing multiple items, the postage will be combined.
If you are interested in a combined payment, please do not pay immediately, buy a few items and ask for the bill
Up to 500 grams (one pound) – $ 9
Up to 1 kg (2.5 lbs) – $ 14
Up to 2 kg (5 lbs) – $ 22 is the maximum cost of delivery. The greater the weight, the seller compensates for its own account.
Postal delivery in Russia is free!”

1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect1 1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect2 1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect3

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Photo of Sylvia Porter in a Gala (?)

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Sylvia Porter was a financial guru of some renown in the 1960s. We think this might be an actual Gala from Las Brisas.

1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala1 1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala2

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Year? DJ-3A Toccoa, GA $1500


This ex-DJ-3A convertible was changed to 4×4. It looks to be a 1958ish or later model. Still, There’s at least some value in the parts (There are some DJ-specific parts I could use — bumper, windshield, side mirror, shifting assembly). The hood looks tight, though has a few dings. The tranny cover plates look good. There are some top pieces left.

“Little willys jeep. Motor is free, think it will run. Came factor as a 2 wheel drive an collum shift. Has been converted to a 4×4 front axel an has a 4×4 transmission an transfer case to go with it.”

year-dj3a-4x4-toccoa-ga07 year-dj3a-4x4-toccoa-ga08 year-dj3a-4x4-toccoa-ga09 year-dj3a-4x4-toccoa-ga0

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1956 DJ-3A Lake City, TN $9500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/24/2017) Underneath the green there appears to be a solid DJ-3A.

“2 wheel dr, 3 speed on colum good condition new motor painted like army jeep ”


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1960 Pepsi Surrey Hatfield, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000.

You can learn more about them on the CJ-3B Page:

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683

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2 DJ-3A Axles Riverside, CA $100


No pics provided.

“I have 2 front axles for DJ3A/Surrey models.
One complete with brakes, one without brakes.
For your restoration, sand Jeep, rat rod. etc.”

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1956 Convertible DJ-3A Copper Hill, VA eBay


UPDATE: Still Available.

Listed as a 1957, the VIN puts it as a 1956 (just a few hundred later than mine). This has a few of the parts remaining from the Convertible top.

“Rare Willys 1957 DJ-3A 2WD dispatcher Jeep! These were used as delivery vehicles and island /airport transportation! THIS IS NOT THE SURRY MODEL! however it is very rare! These had the 3 speed coloum shift 2 wheel rear drive! With 4 lug nut rims! The windshield frame less glass is in good condition and included but not shown! The Willys engine and transmission was removed and a 1965 Chevrolet 327 250HP Small journal engine installed with its Turbohydromatic transmission! All have been sitting for years and will need complete restoration! For the age the body is not to bad! Tires and brakes are no good! Brakes are rusted stuck! Will have to be roll backed or trailered! DOES NOT ROLL! Orginal Presidential Red paint. L134 partial engine and matching transmission are offered in seperate auction on ebay as a group now also incase someone wants to put them in!nSold AS is/WHERE IS NO RETURNS! Good luck!”

View all the information on eBay




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1956 DJ-3A Phoenix, AZ $3000


Looks to be a DJ. It lacks the driver’s side fuel inlet, but has one int he rear.

“I have a 1956 Jeep Willys for sale. This is a project vehicle. I have a clean and clear title. The pictures should be self explanatory, ”

1956-dj3a-phoenix-ariz1 1956-dj3a-phoenix-ariz2 1956-dj3a-phoenix-ariz3 1956-dj3a-phoenix-ariz4

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1957 DJ-3A Phoenix, AZ $6500


Colin’s son Lee is selling this DJ-3A, Serial #56337 12838. Contact Colin at for more info.

“Lee got this from Jim Sullivan a couple of years ago. Once he got it from Jim, he found the hardtop body and tub were very rusty and had been cut by previous owners many years before. So he began modifications on this Jeep. It still retains the stock DJ3A frame, (with serial number), 4 lug wheels, front and rear axles (4.56 rear end ratio), and steering column topped with a Willys station wagon wheel. It has a custom seat, teardrop taillights. It is titled as a 1957 DJ3A.

The body is a new CJ3A reproduction body with a 4 inch chopped windshield, new gauges, padded roll bar, 11 gallon aluminum gas tank in the rear of the body, new wheels, trim rings, baby moon hubcaps and wide white wall tires, the rear being “piecrust” slicks due to the design of the slots around the edge of the tires. Custom front bumper and bikini top. It has a 1979 Buick 231 V6 and automatic transmission, a custom shifter and new gauges. New master cylinder and wheel cylinders. New wiring from the dashboard back, but needs a front wiring harness and a set of headlight buckets(CJ2 , DJ3Aor 3A type). The Jeep needs to be finished, front wiring harness, headlights and headlight buckets, carburetor. The color is 2013 Dodge Challenger Copper Mango Tango.”




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1956 DJ-3A Project Reading, PA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available. I didn’t appreciate the originality of this when I first posted it. Now that I own one, I can see just how much is there.

“1956 DJ-3A
2-wheel drive
Column shift
Motor has been overhauled
Brakes have been done
Starter has been rebuilt
Includes 5 wheels with original trim rings and hubcaps (4 lug wheels, 15″)
Needs steering wheel and wiring harness (have the originals).
No seats, no top, no top bows.
Has the original Auto-Line Bulls-Eye headlight bulbs.
Radiator was done with a high-flow core, sufficient for a V-8.
This is the convertible model with non-ventilating windshield (original glass included)
Not the original color (original color unknown)
Will not respond to texts.
If the ad is posted, the vehicle is still available.”

1956-dj3a-reading-pa1 1956-dj3a-reading-pa2 1956-dj3a-reading-pa3 1956-dj3a-reading-pa4

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1959 DJ-3A Surrey St. Petersburg, FL $24,500


This refurbished surrey doesn’t have all the original surrey-like trimmings, but it does have several Surrey indicators, such as the dry type air filter and the footman loops on the fenders.


“1959 Willy’s DJ3A Surrey/Gala, VIN# – 5633716515, Mileage – 14,680. My guess is that this is the lowest mileage Surrey/Gala in existence. The original owner ordered this Willy’s new directly from the factory. After a long ownership, he passed away and his widow sold the Surrey to her dear friend. It appears that this sale occurred in 1997.


Soon after, The 2nd owner had a cosmetic restoration done to the vehicle including new blue paint and what I believe was an aftermarket seat and top kit sold back then by JC Witney. I still have this top. I first saw this auto online and became very interested after confirming that it was a Surrey/Gala. I purchased it sight unseen, had it shipped to me, and started on its mechanical restoration. I have now owned it for almost 4 years, driving her a couple times a week and,of course, keeping it garaged.

1959-dj3a-surrey-stpetersburg-fl15 Continue reading

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1947 CJ-2A/DJ-3A Beaumont, AZ $1400


This is a DJ-3A body on a (most likely) CJ-2A chassis. Given the PTO winch, there sure looks like some value here.

“1947 Willy’s jeep CJ2A. Will crank up, but needs work to be drivable. Has a Ramsey pto drive winch. I found another project, so I need to sell this one.”


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3 DJ-3As & 1 Wagon Long Beach, CA

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UPDATE: The gray Navy DJ is  $3900:

 The green one is listed at $5000:

I don’t have any updates on the wagon or surrey-like jeep in red/white/blue. The red DJ one has sold.

Gray Navy Jeep (has a gov plate on the right side of dash):


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1955 Photo of Mail Jeep Dispatcher

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According to the CJ-3B Page, the Post Office experimented with several different types of jeeps for mail delivery. However, finding photos or history of these jeeps has proven difficult. Last week I acquired this awesome photo stamped December 18, 1955, showing a DJ-3A with a hardtop, no tailgate, and no sides to make entry easier.

1955-12-18-dj3a-usps-mail-dispatcher1 1955-12-18-dj3a-usps-mail-dispatcher2

Then, on eBay, this brochure has been available for a couple months. There’s no date on the brochure itself, but the seller claims it is from 1955:


Both documents show what appear to be the same hard top and same side cut body, but the jeeps in the photos aren’t quite the same. Unlike the top jeep, the bottom jeep has the same hubcaps as the early DJ-3As, but has custom parking lights. The top photo has the side mirror on the right side, while the bottom jeep has the rear view mirror on what would normally be the driver’s side. The seats are colored slightly differently. So, are these two jeeps both experimental models?

What surprises the DJ guys the most is that we weren’t aware the low cut body was available as of late 1955. None of the marketing materials show that body as an option in 1956, as this early brochure demonstrates:


So, the search for information about early dispatcher mail jeeps continues. Anyone have more photos or information about these early post office jeeps?



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1956 DJ-3A Dispatcher Brochure on eBay

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Here’s a good price on this brochure.

View all the information on eBay
1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-1 1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-2 1956-dj3a-four-page-dispatcher-brochure-lores-3

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Year? DJ-3A Lewward, HI No price


Has a DJ hardtop body for sure. Might be on the original chassis as it doesn’t look like this has front hubs.

“Old Willy’s Jeep 4cly flat head with 3spd manual trans run great on propane***NO TITLE****. Also have a 75 Jeep CJ5 6Cly with 4spd 4×4 very rusty ran good before I parked it’


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1956 DJ-3A Buffalo, NY $8000 **Real Ad?**


PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:: It’s not clear to me why this DJ-3A is listed on a UK site or whether this is a real ad, but it’s an interesting DJ-3A none-the-less. What I think has happened is that the description and photos may have been scraped from eBay. I looked for this jeep on eBay, but could not find it.

“First of all. must start by saying that this NOT a post office jeep. In 1955 &1956 Willys put  out this vehicle & called  it a Jeep Dispatcher / Delivery vehicle . deal for use in congested metropolitan areas. To me it’s just a cool little jeep. This jeep had a frame off restoration a couple years back. t that time the original owner changed the transmission from a manual 3 speed synchromesh to a turbo 350 automatic with a 6 volt system. The original transmission is included. very nut &bolt was saved just incase to switch it back. The jeep is in great shape & runs good. Just had it inspected in may 2013. can’t think of anything it needs. esides maybe a tune up.   $500. Paypal deposit is required at end of auction. Balance to be paid within 7 days with postal mo. ank check or cash. Buyer is responsible for arranging shipping. I’ll be glad to assist in loading or working with you. Contact me with any questions .”

1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny5 1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny6 1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny7 1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny8 1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny9 1956-dj3a-buffalo-ny10

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Year? DJ-3A/M-38A1? Guerneville, CA $7900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/18/2016) The is a DJ-3A body on a 4WD Chassis. It’s listed as a 1953 CJ-5, so possibly has an M-38A1 chassis.

“Selling a nice 1953 Jeep willys this car was rebuilt in and out. Runs grate 4cl gas engine stick shift. This is a fun car to drive in your day off. Please don’t call if you are not interested.”

year-dj3a-mendocino-ca1 year-dj3a-mendocino-ca2 year-dj3a-mendocino-ca3 year-dj3a-mendocino-ca4

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1962 DJ-3A Long Beach, CA $6500


UPDATE: The seller is selling the rest of the DJ collection as well.

This convertible DJ-3A looks pretty stock. Note the flatly in the back ground of the first pic. Looks like it might be a DJ-3A or Surrey that someone modified. Also of note, the rear top bow has an extra piece across that top of it.

“Selling a nice Willys dispatch jeep. 2wd have paper work reflecting over 4 k worth of work. Runs/ drives. Sweet little runner”

1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca3 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca4 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca5 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca6 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca7

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