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Some Jeep Slides on eBay

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Here are some slides with jeeps currently for sale on eBay. The first one is an unusual tour jeep that I hadn’t seen previously. It’s somewhere at least semi-tropical, based on the upper right tree.

1. Here’s an FC-170 setup as a tour jeep. It appears to include a bed-extension on the back.

2. This slide shows a yellow CJ-5 and a ticket office at Harney Peak Black Hills SD:

3. This next two slides share images from 1962 of a Maine Forest Service MB. This is slide one:

4. This is slide two:
year-maine-forest-serice-mb-25. And, finally, this slide shows a rare yellow DJ-3A used by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce. I don’t have many vintage photos showing a DJ-3A in the original yellow color (though they do appear on several brochures).
year-sault-ste-marie-chamber-of-commerce-yellow-dj3a2 year-sault-ste-marie-chamber-of-commerce-yellow-dj3a


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Various CJs/DJs Smithfield, ME


Glenn’s selling a variety of his projects and parts.

“FLAT FENDERED & HIGH HOOD CJ3B’s. (7+) I’ve bought too much and just can’t haul ’em in for scrap. Rolling chassis as shown $250 loaded on your hauler,

Usable frame -$100, Differentials- $100 each, F-134 Block- $100 , Radiator – $100, Transfer case $100, little pieces, much already disassembled, if you are building a flat fender CJ2A, CJ3A, DJ3A, CJ3B (1945-1964) you should come by to pick my bones.

Got some nice WILLYS ( AERO) too if you don’t want to build yourself.

Special Equipment stash. PTO Units available. FLAT FENDERS FOREVER. Literature a specialty. Winter Storage and Payment Plans available. Delivery after solid deal available. Some Willys or Farm Tractor trades considered.

Nice original CJ2A now with a Buzz Saw attached. Go to an antique tractor show in style. Just in a nice driver quality DJ3A, a former Baggage Loader CJ3B and a solid CJ3B with rear body extension from NC.”

CJ-2A with rear PTO:

cjs-glenn-smithfield-me3 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me2Other vehicles …


cjs-glenn-smithfield-me0 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me5 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me6 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me7 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me8 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me9

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1957 DJ-3A Desert Hot Springs, CA $1600


Seller wants it gone. If truly a 1957, then it is a standard DJ-3A, as the Gala/Surrey weren’t introduced until 1959.

1957-dj3a-deserthotsprings-ca5 1957-dj3a-deserthotsprings-ca6 1957-dj3a-deserthotsprings-ca7 1957-dj3a-deserthotsprings-ca8 1957-dj3a-deserthotsprings-ca9

“Dropping the price! Want it gone, have to pick up another car and need room on my trailer. Correction 1957 Jeep dj3a.(gala )(surrey) (Not 1946 Jeep cj2). Update 10/28/23 dmv paperwork is being processed and new vin being issued. Just waiting for verification by chp. Model is dj3a and 1957 year of production. These jeeps were also called the surrey model which were used at hotels and resorts. Ive added some pictures of what restored ones can look like. Good project for rat rod, hot rod, restoration or something unique. What you see is what you get. Has a 327 chevy motor but I don’t know if it runs. My uncle had it for several years before he passed away. Selling only no trades. Selling with Bill of sale.$1600 obo. This jeep is 2wd.”

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1965 DJ-3A? Hastings, MN $3250


Unclear how much value is here, but this may be a modified 1965 DJ-3A. The rear tank, grille, and lack of WILLYS on the hood are a few clues.

“1965 Willys Jeep, rebuilt motor, all parts except main body. Includes title. Runs and yard drives. More parts not shown in pics.”

1965-dj3a-hastings-mn5 1965-dj3a-hastings-mn6 1965-dj3a-hastings-mn7 1965-dj3a-hastings-mn8 1965-dj3a-hastings-mn9

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1958 Model? Brighton, CO No Price

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, CJ5, DJ-3A, Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons

No pics and no description. The sale is part of a sale of other vehicles posted to Barnfinds. Maybe something or maybe nothing. Model unclear. Thanks to Bill for sharing it.

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1942 MB / DJ-3A Friday Harbor, WA $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/12/2023) The chassis looks MB, while the body appears to be from a DJ-3A.

“1942 Willys 1/4 ton Jeep Flat fender original miles.”






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1963 DJ-3A Nuevo Laredo, MX $6900


This DJ-3A is across the border from Texas in Nuevo Laredo.

“Jeep Willys 1963 Título azul Funciona pero requiere mantenimiento”

1963-dj3a-mexico-6 1963-dj3a-mexico-7 1963-dj3a-mexico-8 1963-dj3a-mexico-9

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Year? DJ-3A Watsonville, CA $6000


This looks to be a 2WD DJ-3A (body, grille, and front axle).

“This Jeep has a Ford flatbed v8. Someone cut the hood and it rusted but otherwise this Jeep is super solid!”

year-dj3a-watsonville-ca5 year-dj3a-watsonville-ca6 year-dj3a-watsonville-ca7 year-dj3a-watsonville-ca8 year-dj3a-watsonville-ca9

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DJ-3A Axle and Wheels Pahrump, NV $50


UPDATE: Price dropped to $50

Looks like a good price for these hard to find parts.

“Original cast iron 2wd front axle out of a 60s willys DJ3a delivery jeep
Perfect for a sand jeep,gasser or rat rod build
Pahrump 89048
Local pickup only”

dj3a-axle-wheels-pahrump-nv1 dj3a-axle-wheels-pahrump-nv2

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1956 DJ-3A Pensacola, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

Scott’s selling his stock DJ-3A.

“1956 Willys DJ3A Dispatcher. Rare 2WD with column shift. New brake system (master cylinder, wheel cylinders, shoes, lines, hoses and emergency brake cable), new wiring harness and new tires. This is a true survivor with only 4 small areas that are rusted through (driver side foot board, panel above passenger foot board, cargo floor behind seats and panel next to tailgate on driver side). It runs great and could easily be restored if desired.”





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1965 Flattie Lake Odessa, MI No Price


Sounds like seller would prefer to trade. It appears to be 2WD.  I see no reason to think this was a DJ-3A at some point, but I’ll add it to that category anyway.

“Let’s trade what do you have this Jeep is very very very clean in new shape and done right also has an all new interior powered by a Isuzu fuel injected 4cyl motor runs and drives plz send pics and info with your offer thanks”
1965-flattie-olakeodessa-mi7 1965-flattie-olakeodessa-mi8

1965-flattie-olakeodessa-mi6 1965-flattie-olakeodessa-mi9

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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Rio Linda, CA $3000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/17/2023) This has had a few mods, but there is a good deal of pink on that body. It’s also still 2WD.

“1960 Jeep Willy’s Surrey Gala. Body is in great condition.”

1960-dj3a-surrey-riolinda-ca5 1960-dj3a-surrey-riolinda-ca6 1960-dj3a-surrey-riolinda-ca7 1960-dj3a-surrey-riolinda-ca8 1960-dj3a-surrey-riolinda-ca9

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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Kansas City, MO $5000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/27/2023) Lots of original Surrey here. It’s a project for sure.

“1960 Surrey real deal
Needs lots of work
Found in Hawaii was used as airport shuttle in 60s
Seats are removed very bad condition
Located in Kansas City
Wheels and tires do not go with but the original set does used these for rollers
Also I have correct tops and seat covers material in all colors extra cost
Hub cap are available but at extra cost”

1960-dj3a-surrey-kc-mo3 1960-dj3a-surrey-kc-mo4 1960-dj3a-surrey-kc-mo5 1960-dj3a-surrey-kc-mo6 1960-dj3a-surrey-kc-mo7

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1963 CJ-3B/DJ-3A Newark, OH $2500


This may be a CJ-3B with a DJ-3A body.

“1963 CJ3B excellent frame, good drive train, postal body, lifted, aluminium wheels, good tires, engine good but not running, need shop space. May trade for Honda CT 125”

1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh1 1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh2

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Year? DJ-3A Coopersburg, PA $750


The body is from a DJ-3A. Value unclear.

“For parts. No title. No engine.”

year-flattie-coopersburg-pa7 year-flattie-coopersburg-pa8 year-flattie-coopersburg-pa9

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1959 DJ-3A & 1950 CJ-3A Griffin, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Several folks forwarded this one. Interesting that this has a top with side windows. It just further demonstrates that the CJ-5 and DJ-3A versions of this top were interchangeable.

“1959 Willys DJ-3a jeep and a 1950 jeep for sale. The dj3a will run but the fuel tank is out of it right now but you can hear it run. 1950 cj3a is a complete jeep minis the motor and windshield. Also have lots of extra parts to go with them. No title sold with bos. Located in Griffin ga”

1959-dj3a-griffin-ga5 1959-dj3a-griffin-ga6 1959-dj3a-griffin-ga7 1959-dj3a-griffin-ga9


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Year? DJ-3A Elko, NV Make Offer


This looks to be a DJ-3A body that originally had the open sides, but someone filled them in. The body looks to be on a 4WD chassis, but I can’t make out what chassis that is.


“1960’s Jeep Willy’s – Home built kit made”

year-dj3a-nev7 year-dj3a-nev8 year-dj3a-nev9

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DJ-3A Axles Reese, MI $500


This pair of axles rarely pops up for sale.

“Jeep Dj3a front and rear axle. Rear Dana 30, front 2wd beam axle. Drum brakes. 4 lug 15” wheels and tires. Pick up Reese Mi.”


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Year? DJ-3A Frankfort, IN $1000


The side vent on the passenger side suggests this is 1959 or later.

“Willys DJ3a, not sure of year. Has 13″ 4 lug wheels i believe came that way from factory. Looks like it has a heater. comes with extra hood. No engine, rolls and steers. No data plates. Been in barn for 25 years.”

1960-dj3a-frankfort-in5 1960-dj3a-frankfort-in6 1960-dj3a-frankfort-in7 1960-dj3a-frankfort-in8 1960-dj3a-frankfort-in9

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1958 DJ-3A Loretto, TN $1500


There may be some parts value here, but it lacks an engine and transmission. The body appears to have potential.

“1958 Willis Jeep body and frame. No motor no transmission.”

1958-dj3a-loretto-tn6 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn7 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn8 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn9

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1956 DJ-3A(?) Lakewood, NY $3150


This looks to be a DJ-3A that’s had 4WD added.

“Have brand new wheels and tires Runs and drives, but no gas tank Hood and windshield and interior have been taken apart but I have all the parts labeled and bagged”


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1960 DJ-3A Pepsi Surrey Kansas City, MO $35,000


I haven’t seen one of these for sale for several years (at least).

“1960 Willy’s Surrey Pepsi
All original
Very clean straight
Runs drive as should
Correct interior new”

1960-dj3a-pepsi-surrey-kc-mo5 1960-dj3a-pepsi-surrey-kc-mo4 1960-dj3a-pepsi-surrey-kc-mo2



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1963 CJ-3B w/DJ-3A Body Newark, OH $2500


This is a mix of parts.

“1963 CJ3B excellent frame, good drive train, postal body, lifted, aluminium wheels, good tires, engine good but not running, need shop space. May trade for skid steer attachment”

1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh2 1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh

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Year? DJ-3A Owensboro, KY No Price


This has no title. Given the radiator and the transmission crossmember mount (just visible in one pic), this is likely a DJ-3A convertible body on a CJ-2A chassis.

“Trade OBO NO TITLE!!! We got it thinking of restoring it due to it having many good parts but decided not to due to not having time. Would like to trade for a motorcycle or best offer for it.”

year-dj3a-ownesboro-ky6 year-dj3a-ownesboro-ky7 year-dj3a-ownesboro-ky8 year-dj3a-ownesboro-ky9


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1956 DJ-3A Biggs, CA $7500


The seller doesn’t mention that this is 2WD.

“Custom Willys Jeep Ford 289 v8 Runs and drives”

1956-dj3a-biggs-ca6 1956-dj3a-biggs-ca7 1956-dj3a-biggs-ca8 1956-dj3a-biggs-ca9