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Photographic Tips for Craigslist, eBay

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NOTE:  Though I updated the menus above to provide access to more information, I didn’t always have content (which is why there are still a variety of dead links).  So, I am having to create the content, such as the content below, as we go along …

The tips contained herein are designed to help you take better photos for selling, though they are useful tips for general photography. As always, readers who know more about this subject (really, my knowledge bar isn’t set too high), feel free to correct or add to this information by emailing me or by adding comments!

Full disclaimer:  I don’t pretend to be a photographer with anything close to a real aptitude for the art of photography; Nor have I studied any of the science behind a good photograph.  I’ve never taken a class and never dated a photographer or even an aspiring photographer.

No, the closest I have come to being a photographer was working at Ed Firmage Jr.’s Springdale (Utah) photographic showroom where I monitored the store and tried to sell art (and he’s got some beautiful art); however, I only sold one piece during the entire summer I worked there (it was expensive stuff), spending most of my time working on websites and business plans or staring out the window at the entrance to Zion National Park (pics) (there was a tragic lack of traffic into the store, but it was a beautiful place to spend the summer!).  I never did get money out of the deal, instead I got paid with Framed prints and books, which was priceless ….

Back to our topic, the whole purpose of adding images to a Craigslist, ebay, or other online ad is to improve the marketability of your jeep (or whatever you are selling).  Making the most of images to tell the story of your jeep can only help your ability to sell it.

Because, I’ve literally reviewed thousands of jeep ads, I feel like I can provide some reasonable suggestions that will help you photograph your jeep better, whether to sell it or to take better pics.

Specifically, there are 7 areas I will briefly cover here:  1)  Use a good camera, 2) Light matters, 3) Create an overall shot, 4)  Choose a good background, 5) Other photograph suggestions, 6) Lighten or correct the shots if necessary, 7) Size and change the images so they can be uploaded correctly.


I can’t make old fish taste good [a chef once made me try – but that’s a different story] and you can’t make a poor quality camera take good pics.  So, my first bit of advice is to use the best camera you have. I have two cameras, one is a 2 mega pixel camera on my phone and the other camera is a Leica 3.1 mega pixel digital still and video camera (what I call my ‘real’ camera).

Though very convenient, my phone takes dark and grainy pics, though no doubt some of the phones released in the past year do better.  So mine is great in a pinch, but when I need good pics I turn to my ‘real’ camera.

If you are asking people to spend $2000 or more dollars on your vehicle and you don’t have a decent camera, then seriously consider buying one. There are plenty of cameras you can buy for under $100 that will do a good job.  Just go here for a list of some cameras that will likely do the job (

Here are 2 sets of comparison photos.  On the left side you can see pics taken with my ‘good’ camera.  On the right are pics taken with my cell phone.  I have not altered these pics at all except to shrink them for this example.

So, I believe the takeaway here is always use good fish ….

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