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Day 1: Alaska Or Rust Has Begun!

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Day 2: July 22, Patterson Arrives in Pasco –>

UPDATE: The following series of posts details the Alaska Or Rust crew’s adventures (view crew and jeeps here), starting with our separate trips to Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, the official start of the Alaska Or Rust adventure (see overview and why we did the trip here).

There were 11 jeeps and 25 people that headed to the starting line. Our goal was for everyone to meet in Dawson Creek on July 27th, 2017. 


After centuries of planning, or maybe it just feels that way, the first intrepid jeepers are on their way. Scott Gilbert, Rick Pacholski, and Bob Christy are leaving Cincinnati, Ohio, in Scott’s wagon, bound for Paris, Illinois.

Meanwhile, Bill Reiss is about ready to leave Pennsylvania in his updated former Dually Trencher CJ-5 and custom trailer.:

bill-reiss-cj5-top2 bill-reiss-cj5-top1

Merlin and Britt will be leaving soon in their WWII Willys MB, now that his tow rig has a new tranny (these things have to come at the worst time!), along with Joe and Emily in their CJ-3B.

Hugo and Fernando Vidal are flying out late tonight and will be arriving in Portland early Saturday morning. They’ll be driving up to Seattle to pick up their Wrangler (thanks to Jeep’s parent company FCA) and then driving to meet us in Pasco. We plan to leave on the 24th. However, the western fires in British Columbia have led to change our route north slightly.

Day 2 – July 22, Patterson Arrives in Pasco –>


11 Comments on “Day 1: Alaska Or Rust Has Begun!

  1. Lew

    You’re going to look back on this experience for the rest of your lives, with the good and the bad thrown in to enhance the experience. Have a blast and stay safe!

    I love the dually CJ5 with the dually teardrop. That has to be a first. What could go in that trailer that would require a 1T axle… BEER!!!


  2. Ted Jordan

    Dig that Dual wheel Five and Trailer combo !!! What a peach!!! Good luck to everyone going on the trip and don’t forget to pack some bailing wire , duct tape , cheater wires , tire patch kit , etc etc. I would need a trailer just for all the extra stuff I would lug along with me

  3. SteveK

    As said, GOD Speed and be SAFE. That is one beautiful CJ5 and trailer. I guess with all the dual wheels, the “spare tires’ are already on the ground. I look forward to updates of the travels.

  4. Barry West

    Lew, down here in bama, I would have to say Moonshine and Bootleg Beer! Heck, they may end up deep inside Sibera before it’s over with.

  5. Jerry Huber

    Have a great trip guys, the chance of a lifetime for a lot of Willys Jeep fans. Enjoy.

  6. Lew

    Barry, I have experience with Siberia and it isnt that much farther. Just a short little boat ride across the strait. Surely the intrepid Willys boys can come up with a Willys solution for this small obstacle. Siberia is a vast, mostly untracked land begging for just a couple more weeks off of work.

  7. Jeepster

    the baby blue CJ5, ( Bill Reiss )…. is this the same Bill from Aeroquip in 1992 ?

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