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Day 25 – Wednesday May 23rd: Steel, Strings & Sellersville

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<– Day 24 – Tues. May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country | Day 26 – Thurs. May 24th: Coming soon –>


Heading out to dinner with Chuck and Laurie in their CJ-2A. It was perfect weather for a drive. in my hand is a step ladder so we could get Ann in and out of the jeep.

Day 25: We changed up our plans for Wednesday and it all worked well.  We drove from Bethlehem to Philadelphia, with our Jeep’s navigation steering us through north Philadelphia, precisely the place folks said we shouldn’t go. Thanks Jeep-Nav. Why it didn’t take us onto the Interstate is beyond me.


Wednesday’s drive from Bethlehem to Philadelphia.

On Tuesday night, after looking at the Crayola Experience more closely, we decided that it might be geared too much for kids. So, after doing some research, we chose to visit the fairly new National Museum of Industrial History, followed by the Martin Guitar factory.

We started at the NMIH, located inside one of the original Bethlehem Steel buildings. There were plenty of reminders that the effort to restore/retain the Bethlehem buildings was an ongoing process.



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Merlin’s perspectives on then Willys Reunion


Get Merlin’s perspective on the recent Willys Reunion:


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Butter-Egg-and? Box

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Maury spotted this on eBay and I bought it, thought for the life of me I don’t think it was something I needed. The ingredients on the box claim it was butter and eggs, but now I see on the side there was more used than just that. Perhaps dried scrambled eggs? I’ll know more when I get home and can examine the box.

butter-box-0 1.butter-box-jpg butter-box-2

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1956(?) FC-170 New London, CT $2000

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Runs. Tim shared this one.

“Runs drives needs metal work”


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Day 24 – Tuesday May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country

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<– Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy | Day 25 – Wednesday May 23rd: Steel, Strings & Sellersville –>


Jerry and the MB he turned into a Follow Me Jeep years ago.

Day 24: Tuesday we drove from Hershey to Drum, then south to Bethlehem.


On Tuesday we drove from Hershey to Bethlehem.

We began the day with a visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s a place we’d tried to visit back in 2013, but it had closed in anticipation of the construction of a new and improved(?) Chocolate World. Ann spoke fondly of the the place and her disappointment at not sharing it with me in 2013. So, you can imagine that she was pumped to finally be getting to see it again, something she hadn’t experienced since she was a kid. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario??



With entrance photos taken, perhaps the best part of our adventure was about to take place. As Ann walked toward the front doors, one of them suddenly opened, followed by a voice, “Ann, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Now, it’s important to know that one of the things damaged when Ann suffered her TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is her ability to recognize faces. So, she has a really hard time remembering faces. Thus, when confronted with an unexpected welcome, she quickly get’s confused, wondering if she should know the person or not. And, given we’d just come from the reunion, she wasn’t sure if she should know who this stranger was.

In this case, she wouldn’t have, as the stranger introduced himself to me as Gordon. According to Gordon, he hadn’t realized we were going to be in town (he’s from Carlisle and is a fan of John’s Restaurant as well). Since he’d read that we’d planned to stop at Chocolate World, he thought it would be fun to stop and say a quick hello while on his way to Walck’s in Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania, to pick up some parts for his CJ-5. Ann and I were both humored by the gesture.


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Another ‘Doodle’ By Roberto

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Roberto just shared his newest illustration.


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1946 CJ-2A San Lius Obispo, CA $4200


Look solid.

“Runs and drives good……great for hunting. Very nice tow bar. Nothing climbs like a old willys.”


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1952 M-38 Sinclair, ME $7900

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Tim shared this one. The ad includes a map. Check out how far north in Maine this is!

“Mechanically sound, is currently registered and insured. Frame is in great shape, body is rust free with a few wrinkles. Converted to 12 volt. Has all new suspension from Kaiser (leafs shocks shackles ubolts). Like new soft top and doors also included. Has radio and a very loud siren. Bill of sale. Jeep is military and originally came with no title.”


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1948 CJ-2A/DJ(?) Greenwood, DE $12,500


This CJ-2A looks to have a DJ-3A body on it.

“Selling 1948 jeep willys , it runs , it drives , NO LESS than 12500.
As is , no warranty.”

1948-cj2a-greenwood-de4 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de3 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de2 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de

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1942 MB Fresno, CA $7000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/13/2018) Has drivetrain updates.

“1942 Willy’s Jeep
V6 4×4 Hurst shifter 4spd
Runs and drives
Tags current clear CA title
Military issued.
Possible trade”



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Day 23 – Monday May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy

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<– Day 22 – Sun. May 20th: Hittin’ The Road | Day 24 – Tuesday May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country –>


Ann thought she should sign me up for the Police Academy. She has some strange ideas sometimes, but what the heck. I’ve never done that!

Day 23: We had a short drive on Monday, going from Harrisburg, west to Carlisle, then turning back east for Hershey.


On Monday we drove from Harrisburg, to Carlisle, and then to Hershey.

On Monday morning, we headed for John’s Hideaway Restaurant, a favorite morning destination of Bill, a retired PennDOT employee. Bill’s been going to John’s place since Reagan was in office (if my math is correct). And, I can see why. The family owned restaurant serves a good breakfast at a fair price. The restaurant is situated close to the local college, but apparently the nearby students aren’t searching out the classic diner. Too bad, as they are missing out! I doubt anyone else around town can beat the quality of food at the prices John’s offers.

2018-05-21-breakfast1 2018-05-21-breakfast2

In retirement, Bill’s decided to grow his beard out. One of his grandchildren thinks he looks like Santa and frequently tests that hypothesis by tugging at his beard. I can see why he might be mistaken for Santa, as he’s a jolly fellow with a twinkle in his eye. Of course, he’s a bit more svelte than his plumper counterpart; but, perhaps he’s just sporting Santa’s summer body (Kind of like Tim Allen in Santa Clause)?

Bill really enjoyed his time at PennDOT, but now in retirement he says he is too busy for a full time job anymore. Part of the reason is that he’s too busy restoring vehicles. To show us what he’s done, he took us to his mountain retreat, where he has a couple of garages on a nice chunk of property. It’s a place for him to escape and pursue projects that interest him.

The first vehicle he showed us was his recently restored 1946 CJ-2A. It’s a beautiful jeep that Bill enjoys driving through the local mountains. It’s got an MD Juan body that needed quite a bit of reworking to fit correctly. He did a very nice job with it.



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1948 CJ-2A Weare, NH $9500


Looks solid. Has a few minor updates.

“1947 Willy’s Overland CJ2A. 4X4 Ready to use, stock flathead 4. driver quality, lots of new stuff runs very well.”


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1962 CJ-6 Thetford, VT $15,900


UPDATE: price dropped to $15,900

(08/20/2017) “Beautiful, all original 1962 Jeep Cj-6 for sale. Has only 7850 original miles! Mileage will change as l drive it every chance I get. Always stored inside. Runs and drives like new, again only 7850 miles. Original seats (including rear), original canvas top with doors and side curtains. Owned by the same family for 55 years, the second generation did have it repainted the original color about 10 years ago. Everything works, currently registered and inspected. Includes an uninstalled Warn overdrive. Only 2500 Cj-6s were made in 1962 and I don’t believe you will find another one like this. Please email me with your name and a phone number I can reach you at, I will respond quickly. All other inquiries will be ignored.”

1962-cj6-newthetford-vt0 1962-cj6-newthetford-vt1 1962-cj6-newthetford-vt2 1962-cj6-newthetford-vt3 1962-cj6-newthetford-vt4

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1954 CJ-3B Upland, CA $8500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8500.

(05/15/2018) Trailer not included.

“Have a 1954 willy’s jeep cj 3b in great condition. title is on non op so no fees. All original no rust. Older restoration runs and drives good on military non directional tires. Very rare sears pto wench. 4×4 works well. Ready to go. 9200$.
Trailer not included but available for 2500$”





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1946 CJ-2A Gofftstown, NH $14,000


It’s VIN #34739 that has never been restored, just maintained, according to the seller.


“1946 Willys column shift CJ2A. This is a survivor and by that I mean it has never been restored, only maintained. This was purchased new by the same family who owned it for 70 years before I bought it. It was used on the families country home in upstate New York for hunting and fishing mostly and always garage kept. It has never been used to plow. Everything works as it should. It still has the generator but everything was converted to 12V long ago. Other things not stock include 2 taillights and directionals. The top is original or period correct and the jeep was apparently always used with the top on. All the original hardware for the top is there. That said the top is unique as it’s original but it has some rips and the windows are cloudy.

There were floor mats throughout that were removed prior to taking the pictures.The jeep starts, runs and sounds great. It will need a new exhaust. One picture shows the gages and the reading warmed up and at an idle. Column shift works well but going to 2nd takes a getting used too. Wooden box between the front seats is a 4 place rifle rack. The ID tags on the body, dash and frame are all present and with matching numbers. The body on this jeep while original has been “kept up on” over the years with body work as needed. Jeep is being sold with a bill of sale and a NH registration. $14,000″

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1951 M-38 Roy, WA $5600


May be worth a look. Has an f-head.

“I’ve owned this Jeep for about 20 years. Older restoration. Runs and drives..Brakes work. .you can drive it home!
Scratches and surface rust but no dents or damage. As long as I’ve owned it, its been in a barn under cover.
I don’t believe its the original engine. ITS A F HEAD
Military Directional tires
Pioneer tools
2 speed hi-lo transfer case
says 66,000 miles
doesn’t have all the dash instruments
Still 24 volt system
original seats and covers
firm on price, no trades, don’t need help selling thanks”


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1960 FC-150 Allentown, PA $16,500

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Has a few mods.

“Super condition Jeep… everything works 100%… restored a few years ago and never driven. Would make a super advertising vehicle! Don’t see these often. Unless they a distroyeded rotted pos…. this one is nice and ready to go have fun with!”


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1953 CJ-3B Westminster, CA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(02/10/2018) This one has an unusual color scheme. Must have been used for some type of advertising. Sell incorrectly states that this is the “civilian version of the M38 U.S. Army Jeep”?

“Fun to drive 1953 CJ-3B. The is the civilian version of the M38 U.S. Army Jeep. This jeep has a new front disc brake conversion, so it stops great. New wheels and mud tires. New carburetor and electronic ignition for reliability. Seats have new covers and the vehicle has been vinyl wrapped, so the company’s logo can easily be removed. The electrical system has been upgraded from 6 volts to 12 volts. New headlamps and headlamp switch, and dash light. 3 speed manual transmission and transfer case. The F-134 engine has had the valves recently adjusted. The roll cage and front seat belts are there for safety. If you want a weekend cruiser, this is your vehicle. The original wheels and brakes are available. However, the original wheels will not fit over the disc brakes. Asking $6,800 based on $7,000 on Hagerty value of “Good”.

1953-cj3b-organgecounty-ca1 1953-cj3b-organgecounty-ca2

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1952 M-38 Graham, WA $8500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8500

(01/04/2018) Looks nice.

“No trades, 4.3 chev motor, 44 rear end, geared high for crawling. No hard top just the one shown in picture. Never been in mud or off road. asking 10,000.00 Some scratches on body. I drove it last year 2017 about 4 times and 2016 3 times. before that the jeep was held in a garage. It’s time for her to go to a new owner that wants to have fun with her.”

1952-m38-graham-wa1 1952-m38-graham-wa2

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1948 CJ-2A Hubbard, OH $400


Has a running engine.

“Runs. moves. needs a battery. Great for parts or trail rider. NO TITLE .what you see in the pictures is what you get.”


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1947 CJ-2A Troy, Id $4500


Has an f-head.

Selling my 1947 Willys Jeep. We have used it while riding with friends in side by sides. We don’t use it as much as we used to, and a fun ride like this deserves to see the trail more. This Jeep would also be a fun project to restore. Asking $4,500.
Title in hand
Runs great
Wench included
Solid tires
Seats moved back for a more comfortable ride
Soft top and doors removable”


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1946 CJ-2A Bend, OR $4400


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4400.

(05/09/2018) Unclear if it runs.

“1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A in fair condition; all original, ready to be restored; a second motor comes with it in very good shape.”

1946-cj2a-bend-ore2 1946-cj2a-bend-ore3 1946-cj2a-bend-ore4

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1947 CJ-2A Derry, NH $1200


UPDATE: Still Available.


“A restoration project. I have most of the Jeep engine but no head.
Bill of sale only no titles don’t even ask. Pics available.”


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1960 FC-170 Yreka, CA $3500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

It doesn’t run.×4/6595687830.html

“This is a mostly complete 1960ish Jeep Fc-170 4×4 3/4 ton truck.
Does not run or drive
Rolls in neutral
Mostly complete
No title (bill of sale provided from me and the person I bought it from)
Not original motor
Very straight body for 60 year old truck
Minimal rust, very buildable
Most glass was shot out by kids”


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Various Jeep Parts Terry, MS


Bryan’s got a variety of parts for sale. Contact him via the G503 FB page or Call or text: six 0 1 – 3 nine 8 – seven 4 three 3 …

I have many Willys Jeep parts.
( no restored jeeps for sale at this time )
Axles front 75-300
Axles rear $50-200
Restored CJ2A Frame $600
Willys CJ5, CJ3A,CJ2A frames $150-600
Willys Jeep windshields $150-300
Willys hard tops CJ5(complete) or CJ3A $100-350
Willys engines $80-1200
Willys transmissions $150-950
1950 CJ3A $1150
1940s Ford GPW mixed CJ2A mostly complete $1000
Willys extend-a-bed $400
Willys Jeep trailers $800-1200
CJ2A original hitch $100-175
Carter WO carburetor rebuilt $280 $80 core
M38A1 original rebuilt Carter YS carburetor $300
CJ5 early frame in good shape $200
CJ5 Jeep $500 missing grill and tailgate rough
Willys CJ3A body tub $150
Willys CJ2A body tubs $100-250
Jeep hoods $150-200
Jeep fenders $50-175
I may have a grill or two from a CJ2A. $175
M37 truck wheels $50ea
M38 grill $200

I have many WWII Jeep parts ford GPW and Willys MB. I may be willing to sell some, but it would have to be the right offers. I build them for a living and know their values. I’ve sold and traded 1000s of parts over the last 15 years and have gained quite a bit of knowledge on the prices and values. The prices are going to be “I Don’t want to sell it” prices for WWII stuff.

I have tons of random parts from big to small.

I also offer services: I rebuild the 134L or 134F Willys Jeep engines, the T90 transmissions, Dana 18 transfer cases, front and rear axles, full brake replacements, steering gear boxes and any parts.

I have restored many of these jeeps and have owned near 200 jeeps, meaning if you have any military truck or Jeep parts for trade I may be interested! I’m also interested in dodge Cummins trucks.