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Next Updates Monday


Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful condolences. We are in pretty good shape here, but I am going to take the weekend off anyway (and may even get in some more march madness games). I’ll have new updates starting Monday.

Thanks again!

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RIP Karl Emrich Eilers 1933-2019

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My father passed away yesterday at the age of 85 after a week of family hospice care at his home of fifty-five years. He’d had a good, full life. The Navy veteran, long time Boeing Engineer, and, after retirement, Home Depot employee, struggled physically after his stroke in 2002, but it never dampened his will or drive.


I took this pic just as the first basketball game started on Thursday. I had no idea it would be the last pic.

Before he passed on Thursday, Dad and I did something we’d never done. We turned on the March Madness basketball tournament at 9:30am and began watching March Madness together. I love basketball, so I thought I could share this with him (and I had control of the remotes). Though he likes sports, he always preferred football more.

Dad could no longer see the TV too well, so I ran the play-by-play scores by him and explained who was playing. He seemed to enjoy it. It was mostly just he and I as we rooted for the underdog teams as we juggled multiple games and channels. But, what he was really looking forward to was the 4pm game, which featured #1 seed Gonzaga, as that was his college Alma Mater.

Gonzaga is a Catholic school, but dad is no Catholic. In fact, I’d only learned the day before that while at Gonzaga, he got As and Bs in everything, except for the Ds he received in the religious classes. That sounded about right to me.

Just after 2pm on Thursday he decided, with his usual certainty and determination, that he was going to stand again and do a couple “pushups” (knee-bends using his walker). He hadn’t been out of bed in a week and a half, so we knew he was pretty week to be attempting this. His heart was only pushing about 20% of normal, due to heart failure, but, as he put it, “Goddammit”, he was going to do it. So, my wife, my mother and I helped him. He proceeded, with our help, to push himself off the bed twice.

By the second push, he was pretty tired, so we put him back into the bed. He immediately asked for my hand. That’s when I knew something was wrong, as he wasn’t one to hold my hand. Then, his breathing started to increase and a concern flashed across his eyes. While we soothed him, we could tell something had happened. He, of course, knew it, too.

The end came quickly and he suffered little. If he hadn’t been in the middle of dying, I am certain he would have appreciated the irony that a little exercise led to his passing, as loved to exercise, mostly lifting weights. Exercise made him feel alive most of his life, but in the end it led to his passing. I doubt he would have wanted it any other way.

We will miss him, but we are universally happy in his death. Between his stroke and increasing heart failure, he was a shell of his former self. At the end, he went out quickly and with dignity at home knowing he was loved (and with some gallows humor about the exercise). He was a good man and got what he deserved: PEACE.

PS…. for the record, Dad and I did share the Gonzaga game, though he showed little emotion as the Zags crushed their opponent, remaining pretty stiff throughout. It was only after the game that the funeral came for the body. (I’m pretty sure dad is smiling, but shaking his head at me by this point).


Summer of 1981. Dad and I at Milk Lake in the Cascade Mountains jeeping with our Jeep Club


Dad and I in 2013.


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Liftmobile Patent

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This Liftmobile patent was filed by Schultz Kurt-Gunnar on January 16, 1960. This seems to be the only patent related to the jeep that he filed. I can find no evidence that this

1960-01-16-liftmobile-patent1 1960-01-16-liftmobile-patent2 1960-01-16-liftmobile-patent3

According to the patent, “The present invention aims at providing an improved elevator-type motor truck or liftmobile, repowered, equipped and counterbalanced for faster transportation of the load under care, to more distant places, even off the road, where they may be urgently needed under adverse conditions, as after accidents, during strikes, rebellions, forest fires, etc.

More particularly, the present invention aims at adapting a motor vehicle or truck, for example, a commercially available vehicle such as a Jeep, by appropriate modification and reconstruction thereof to quickly pick up the load at a depot from the ground or from a lorrys platform, for instance, canned food and refreshments, packed in boxes, first-aid material, barbed wire spools, bundled on pallets, and various other auxiliary and protective articles, to expeditiously travel with the load at the usual convoy speed, about 25-30 m.p.h., even over rough ground and in roadless country, and to promptly deposit the load in dangerous places under fire from rebels, at dark, by dumping, i.e., without necessity of stopping the vehicle for purposes of unloading.”

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Han-D-Crane by the Construction Machinery Company

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Anyone ever run across one of these cranes. It was manufactured by the Construction Machinery Company out of Waterloo, Iowa.

han-d-crane-brochure1-lores han-d-crane-brochure2-lores

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2 1950 Photos of Unloading Jeep in Korea on eBay

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The price on these two identical photos is good. The photo appears to have been taken on September 20, 1950.

View all the information on eBay

“Original Korean War Press Photo dated 1950. (2 identical) Jeep unloaded from a Flying Boxcar plane at Kimpo Airport, taken by Photographer Stanley Tretick. 7X9″ the image itself is a bit grainy but theyre in great shape.”


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1948 CJ-2A Silverton, WA $4000


Could be worth a look. It may take more than a “little work” to become a showstopper.

“Has some issues
Need carb rebuild
Clear title
Newer winch
Tow bar ..Roll Bar
With a little work it could be a showstopper
No “Looky Louies”
Serious buyers only please”


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Wagons & Trucks

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  1. 1951 Wagon Modesto, CA $6500:
  2. 1955 Wagon Millbury, MA $5000:
  3. 1951 Wagon Golden, CO $9200:
  4. 1951 Wagon Carbondale, IL $3200:
  5. Year? Wagon Chicago, IL $2600:
  6. 1962 Wagon San Diego, CA No Price:
  7. 1951 Wagon Modesto, CA $4500:
  8. 1963 Wagon Kelso, WA $5000:
  9. 1954 Wagon Spokane, WA $1250:
  10. 1956 Wagon Nottingham, PA $2500:
  11. Year? Wagon Linthicum, MD $6500:
  12. 1961 Wagon Tollesboro, KY $13,500:


  1. 1962 Truck Elk Plain, WA $12,000:
  2. 1954 Truck Squaw Valley, CA $3000:
  3. 1947 Truck Albuquerque, NM $4500:
  4. 1961 Truck Owen, WI $6000:
  5. 1949 Truck Auburn, IN $19,500:
  6. 1951 Truck Point Mugu, CA $2000:
  7. 1956 Truck Golden Valley, AZ $8000:
  8. 1950 Truck Tucson, AZ $8000:
  9. 1951 Truck Tucson, AZ $2900:
  10. Year? Truck Hartford, NY $3500:
  11. 1953 Truck Vinton, OH $2500:
  12. 1962 Truck Galena, VA $14,000:
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1948 CJ-2A Lake Don Pedro, CA $5900


Has some updates.

“1948 partial restored Jeep Willy. 4 cylinder flat head. 2 extra front and rear differentials. New tires, rims, shocks.
$6350 obo reduced! $5900”


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1952 CJ-3A? Fresno, CA $2000


No pics provided.

“1952 Willys Jeep. V6 4X4 stick shift. Running great. Built in tow bar to tow it with you anywhere. Hydraulic winch. Title in hand, on non-op”


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1946 CJ-2A Roseville, CA $5000



“46 Willys Flat Fender 4×4 Jeep.
Custom built 327
Tilt wheel
Power steering
Parked it 4 years ago now im not able to finish. Has a custom built 327 c.i. engine. Needs gas tank, brakes, radiator maybe a few other things. No major rust or body damage whatsoever. Super fast & fun.”


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Year? CJ-2A? Priest River, ID $2500


Not sure how much value is here.

“flat fender willys
block is cracked
call for details
76,000 made
have id title
no answering machine keep calling”


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1954 M-170 Eugene, OR $2000


UPDATE: Still Available

(03/02/2015) It doesn’t run.

“1954 front line combat ambulance, have original top, correct tail gate, 2 replacement front fenders, mostly complete, no litters, not running, has been converted to 12 volt.”

1954-m170-eugene-or1 1954-m170-eugene-or2 1954-m170-eugene-or3 1954-m170-eugene-or4

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1942 Saturday Evening Post with A Ford GP

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On pages 48-29 of the August 15, 1942, Saturday Evening post featured an ad by the United State Rubber Company titled “Here’s Where Your Rubber is Going”. The ad included a Ford GP.

1942-08-15-sat-evening-post-heres-where-your-rubber-is-going-pg49-rubber-company-ad-fordgp 1942-08-15-sat-evening-post-heres-where-your-rubber-is-going-pg48-49-rubber-company-ad

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WWII Airman Compass

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You never know what will pop up around my parents’ house. The other day my sister found this tiny compass set, given to my grandfather for my father and his brothers. The set contains a small magnet, what I believe to be a magnetized arrow that can balance on the magnet, a 1925 coin (unsure what type of metal), and a small leather pouch. All of this was stored in a small envelope with a note to my grandfather.

The letter mentions four items. The fourth may have been a small leather pouch, which somehow I forgot to photograph. The coin was in the leather pouch. The arrow and magnet were in the tiny envelope shown in the photo below. Both the leather pouch and the small envelope were inside the large enveloped with the writing.

I tried to find more info online, but didn’t have any luck. Anyone know some history about this? Is the magnet and arrow supposed to be used with the coin?





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Sedan-Jeep From Facebook

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Farrell Fox shared this photo of what I call a “Sedan-Jeep” on Facebook. There was no year or caption. I loosely define a sedan-jeep as one which has had some kind of custom top and/or fenders, added that make the jeep a little more car-like.


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1950 CJ-3A Burgaw, NC $8500


You don’t see many Bobcats hood in the Southeast.

“1950 Willy’s v8 frunt disc Brakes new top 33 tires seats steering wheel brakes frunt gears hubs and more runs perfect”





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1951 CJ-3A South Easton, MA $12,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/16/2018) 05Looks in good shape.

“Totally restored jeep cj2 .brand new
body,top,rebuilt engine and transmission,new brakes and tires.
Excellent condition.asking $12,500.”

1951-cj3a-easton-mass1 1951-cj3a-easton-mass2

1951-cj3a-easton-mass3 1951-cj3a-easton-mass4

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1948 CJ-2A Hays, NC $6500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/1/2019) Could be worth a look. Not currently road worthy.

“For sale 1948 Willys CJ2A Jeep This jeep only has 11,000 miles on it. It was restored back in the 1980s and has been in storage since then. Would not take much to be able to drive it. This jeep is somewhat rare because it was one of a few that has the tire hanger on the left side, they are called leftys. I am asking 6500.00 for it.”


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CJ-5s & M-38A1s



  1. 1959 CJ-5 Pepperell, MA $6200:
  2. 1960 CJ-5 Maple Valley, WA $3000:
  3. 1965 CJ-5 Kingman, AZ $3190:
  4. 1961 CJ-5 Colfax Tnship, MI $4500:
  5. 1972 CJ-5 Welch, OK $2250:
  6. 1959 CJ-5 Colorado Springs, CO $2800:
  7. 1960 CJ-5 Mesa, AZ $3500:
  8. 1973 CJ-5 Kingston, MA $4200:
  9. 1968 CJ-5 Millis, MA $1500:
  10. Later model CJ-5 Fiberglass Body and Tilt Nose Eliot, ME $800:
  11. 1964 CJ-5 China, ME $2500:
  12. 1969 CJ-5 East Nassau, NY $2000:
  13. CJ-5 Acme Hardtop Cranford, NY $600:
  14. 1979 CJ-5 Nuremburg, PA $700:
  15. 1970 CJ-5 Chauncey, OH $2000:
  16. 1974 Canton, MI $3500:


  1. 1953 M-38A1 Arlington, WA $2000:
  2. 1954 M-38A1 Austin, TX $12,000:
  3. 1954 M-38A1 Silver Cliff, WI $2750:
  4. 1953 M-38A1 Reedsville, WI $7500:
  5. 1952 M-38A1 Paradise, CA $5000: Fire damaged.
  6. 1955 M-38A1 Alva, OK $8000:
  7. 1952 M-38A1 Rochester, NY $6500:
  8. Year? M-38A1 Project Hanford, CA $800:
  9. 1952 M-38 South Easton, MA $1600:
  10. 1952 M-38A1 Glastonbury, CT $4000:
  11. 1954 M-38A1 Appleton, WI $12,500:
  12. 1954 M-38A1 Owosso, MI $3500:
  13. 1953 M-38A1 Tenino, WA $9500:
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1946 CJ-2A Wyoming, MI $2000


That body sure has some odd things going on.

“The Jeep is a 4 cylinder flat head with a 3 speed transmission. It is 4WD with high/low range. The engine runs pretty good the transmission, transfer case, and clutch all work. I have a couple of videos showing things running and working. It has newer front brakes and lines but they don’t seem to work. The rear brakes work. It has new spark plugs, battery, rebuilt carburetor, and an oil change. The frame seems to be actually quite good, it has great rims and tires and even a set of military ish rims and tires. I was hoping to make a military clone, but because of some body customization, it’s really not what I’m looking for. That said, it’s pretty darn cool. It will need a little more work to drive it on the street.”

1946-cj2a-wyoming-mi0 1946-cj2a-wyoming-mi1 1946-cj2a-wyoming-mi2


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1951 M-38 Annapolis, MD $5400


The body has had some work.

“1951 Willys M38 military Jeep. Runs great. Good frame and drive line. Body is a little rough. 4×4 converted from 24 volts to 12.”

1951-m38-annapolis-md1 1951-m38-annapolis-md2 1951-m38-annapolis-md3 1951-m38-annapolis-md4

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Year? Converto Trailer Oxford, PA $550

• CATEGORIES: trailer

No obvious rust.

“Converto Jeep Willys trailer, ball hitch, heavy duty, approx. 6’x4′ box, no title, $550”


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1946 CJ-2A Charlottesville, NC $1250


Includes a ‘complete’ PTO setup. Sounds like a mix of parts.




“Up for sale is my project jeep. The jeep itself is a 1946 Willys cj2a. Has a title, however, I believe it is a salvage title. I was working on a Dauntless odd fire conversion. The Dauntless engine is from a 1969 CJ5. I heard the engine run before it was pulled and it sounded good. Has been sitting for sometime but is not frozen. I will throw the engine stand in as well. The axles are from a 1970 narrow track CJ5 and have I believe are 3.73. The rear Axle is a Dana 44 with a limited slip. New brakes, wheel cylinders, seals and oil (both axles).

The front axle is a Dana 27 with a set of vintage Selectro lock outs. A 15 inch set of wheels and a 16 inch set of wheels are included. Tires are all junk. T90 A transmission and stock transfer case. Also comes with two new gears I was going to add when I did the conversion. However NO parts have been purchased to connect the transmission to the engine. I do have a set of motor mounts from a CJ5 for the Dauntless. The body is trash, but included. Tub has a LARGE amount of rot. Hood, front fenders and grill in O.K. shape. Comes with a roll bar. Drivers and passenger seat frame, but no hooks to connect the passenger side seat. New leaf springs and shackles all the way around. Well over 2000.00 invested. 1250.00 is firm. Cash only, face to face sale, local pick up. If it doesn’t sell for that price, I will keep it. No trades. Also have a complete PTO set up.”

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1947 CJ-2A? Duluth, MN $6000


No pics provided.

“I have a 1947 Willy’s Jeep with a small block 350. I don’t need to sell I’m testing the waters. Miles are unknown but runs great. Has 4×4 and recently put in a new starter and tune up. Has 34 inch super swampers.”

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1948 CJ-2A Drag Jeep Seattle, WA $1250


Might be some value here.

“Drag Jeep 2wd with tons of parts, no title. Roller with cross member, motor mount, radiator. Tilt front end good start. Dana 44 rear with posi. With spare core housing and axles and backing plates. Extra Rancho springs. Steering box tilt column.”