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1946 Testimonial from the Wachusett Country Club

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UPDATE: Last posted October 12, 2017

The photo of the jeep underneath the letter shows it without bow holders, but with an extra spare tire carrier. Does this mean the country club ordered it this way? Were the bow holders ever installed? There have been a couple early 2As that appeared unrestored, but without bow holders. I’ve wondered if they could be ordered that way.

1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial1 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial2 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial3 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial4

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Africa U.S.A. and Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Here’s another Africa USA Postcard. It’s a available on eBay.

year-usa-africa-postcard7 year-usa-africa-postcard8


UPDATED Aug 04, 2020: This post is an aggregation of Africa USA postcards and articles. Another postcard from the form adventure park popped up on eBay, this time with a CJ-5 pulling the trams:

View all the information on eBay



Posted June 2019 on eBay, a CJ-3B pulling trams:



From 2015: Africa USA, was part of a theme-park movement in the late 1950s that included New York’s Freedomland, Disneyland, Wisconsin’s Fort Dells, and others. By 1959, these parks were collectively generating revenue of $2 billion.

There is a feature article about these parks in the August 1, 1960, issue of Life Magazine. The picture below is from that article. You can take a ‘virtual’ jeep-train tour of Africa USA here (don’t expect much)

This article appeared in the December 1955 issue of Willys News. That’s the jeep train behind the animals.



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Willys Dealership Sign in Moab, Utah

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Paul was browsing Facebook when he ran across this image from Moab, Utah, on the Canyon County Zephyr FB group page that includes this early 1950s Willys dealership sign (left side of image). You can see this sign in this 1952 signage brochure (WO11): http://www.ewillys.com/2021/02/13/1952-willys-signage-brochure/

There are some ads by this entity on Newspapers.com, but you’ll need a subscription to see them.

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Slides of Wagon and Travel Trailer from 1959-1963

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These four slides on eBay show a wagon that pulled two different travel trailers over four years.

1959 Jan – 35mm Slide 1950s Willys Jeep Utility Wagon & Travel Trailer:

1960 – 35mm Slide Two 1950s Willys Jeep Utility Wagons & Aristocrat Travel Trailer:

1960 Nov – 35mm Slide 1950s Willys Jeep Utility Wagon & Aristocrat Travel Trailer:

1963 Feb – 35mm Slide 1950s Willys Jeep Utility Wagon & Aristocrat Travel Trailer:

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Kentucky’s Frontier Nursing Service & Jeeps

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The Frontier Nursing Service in one of their jeeps.

Thanks to Bus for spotting this interesting story. Stared in 1925 by Mary Breckinridge, the Frontier Nursing Service (FNS) provided healthcare to rural folks in Kentucky. At first, horses and saddlebags helped them gain access to remote areas, but during WWII the group turned to jeeps. As these photos show, over the years FNS used a variety of different jeeps. There is even a 1931 documentary about the group (with additional information here):

In the late 1930s Edsel Ford donated a reconditioned Model A to the Service, which Mary named Henrietta. Several years later Ford replaced Henrietta with Henrietta II, a jeep. At some point the FNS secured another jeep, a WWII jeep Mary named “Jane”, named for a benefactor Clara “Jane” Ford”.


According to the Henry Ford website, this jeep was “Jane”.


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1960 Scenic Jeep Tour Slides on eBay

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Nice photo from a San Juan Scenic Jeep tour. Too bad the first photo isn’t a slightly wider photo.

View all the information on eBay

1960-color-slides-tour-jeep-1 1960-color-slides-tour-jeep-2 1960-color-slides-tour-jeep-3

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Vintage CJ-2A Photos on eBay

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This CJ-2A featured prominently in this series of family photos. You can find the photos on this seller’s ebay shop.




dark-cj2a-family-hunting0 dark-cj2a-family-hunting5 dark-cj2a-family-hunting2 dark-cj2a-family-hunting1

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J.I.M. “Jeep Is Mine” Photos on eBay

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Kind of a curious thing to put on the front of a jeep?

View all the information on eBay

“Lot of slides as shown.  Each feature the same Jeep with Jeep Is Mine J.I.M. on front.  Probably in the Washington State or Alaska area based on other slides from same estate.”

jeep-images-jeep-is-mine-JIM-1 jeep-images-jeep-is-mine-JIM-2

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Tour Jeep Photos

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I picked up these four 20″ x 30″ vintage tour jeep photos. The first image shows a tour-jeep-wagon that kept part of the door and roof, similar to what was done with the FC Tour Jeeps. As you can see in the other photos, usually door was lopped and all of the roof and upper sides, except the windshield, was removed.


1960s-san-juan-scenice-jeep-tour-photos4 1960s-san-juan-scenice-jeep-tour-photos3 1960s-san-juan-scenice-jeep-tour-photos2

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Photo of Norman’s Garage With Jeeps

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This photo of Norman’s Amoco gas station and garage in Akron, Ohio, includes three CJ-2As with modified bumpers. However, note the “Norman’s” sign. I think that is a neon sign and I’m wondering if that jeep lit up at night. If so, that would a pretty awesome sign!


Here’s a closeup of the sign:


Here’s a closeup of the middle jeep:


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1960 Slide of Surrey/Gala in Hawaii **SOLD**

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This slide just sold on eBay for $9.25 (+$4 shipping). It’s a great pic of s Surrey parked in front of the ocean. Someone more familiar with Oahu may recognize that location.



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Three Scenic Jeep Tour Slides

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I bought these three Scenic Jeep Tour slides off of eBay, supposedly from 1964. The pic with the FC *might* be ours. I am waiting for the slide to take a better pic.

With the racer near done and the nice weather, I plan on tackling a couple outside projects, then begin work on the FC Tour jeep.

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours3

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours2

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours1

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Random Slides of Jeeps on eBay

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I was going through eBay and found these jeeps on slides for sale.

  1. DJ-3A Gala on St. Thomas:
  2. Circus CJ-5 Jeep with half-cab helping unload a circus wagon
  3. Truck with canopy pulling trailer parked at campsite among beach dunes
  4. Red GPW with suicide wood(?) door and soft top with boy seated in driver’s seat
  5. CJ-6 Fire Jeep from Shenango Township, which I think is in Pennsylvania
  6. DJ-3A Galas with tall roof and a DJ-5 Gala at Las Brisas Resort
  7. M-38A1 Fire Jeep from Delaware pulling boat. This has been available since 2020.
  8. CJ-2A with snowplow sporting a Worman Jeecab hardtop
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Hagerty Jeep-Related Article

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Bill shared this Hagerty article about the jeep history: https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-profiles/the-appeal-of-the-willys-jeep-knows-no-borders-no-barriers/

As a general history it isn’t too bad, though the author mistakes patents for trademarks in several cases. One photo caught my eye that I don’t remember seeing was taken in 1944 in Paris France. In the photo, a jeep is parked in front of Restaurant L’Ambassade.

After some sleuthing, I figured out the address is 18 rue Norvins, 75018 Paris France The restaurant changed names at some point to Restaurant Le Consulat. It’s located in the heart of France in the Montmartre area, not far from Moulin Rouge and the Arc de Triomphe. Google Earth wouldn’t let me get positioned where I wanted, but I got fairly close to the original camera angle.


You don’t get the sense from this photo, but the location is at a juncture of several roads. Here’s an overhead screen shot.


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1963 Land Rover FC Photo on eBay

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I was surprised to see this Jeep FC-looking vehicle by Land Rover (check out a brochure here). The company also made a 4 door version, which kind of echoes the M-677.

View all the information on ebay

“s listing is for a Vintage Forward Control Land Rover Photo. This photograph is possibly a dealer print with load capacity. . This press photo is 9” x 8”.”

1963-land-rover-fc8 1963-land-rover-fc9

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Jeep Yakima Rodeo March 1959 issue of Modern Man

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UPDATE: This post originally appeared September 28, 2013:

It’s a dirty business, but hunting down jeep stories takes me through all types of content. In this case, I had to search through several pages of bare female breasts and bodies until I found this story about a Yakima Jeep Rodeo from the March 1959 issue of Modern Man. I can report that accompanying the enthusiastic models were several other interesting stories . . .

1959-march-modernman1 1959-march-modernman2 1959-march-modernman3

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Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day everyone. Blaine shared this photo and information about his father. The image shows his father shortly after the purchase of his brand new 1959 CJ-5.

Blaine adds, My Dad is Leon Higginson, a Pearl Harbor survivor (service info and obituary). He was not on a ship at the time of the bombing, although he was on Ford Island.

The CJ5 was the replacement for a Ford GPW, which went on to a new owner who used it later to tow a parade float and overheated the engine during the parade. I don’t know what parade. 

I don’t think I remember ever being in the Jeep as I was 3 years old when he bought a new 1962 Scout. Maybe “Jeep” was ingrained in my memory unknowingly by that time. I remember going to the dealership to pick up the Scout (and to say again, 3 years old).”


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1965 Photo From the Iowa Highway Patrol

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Jan Shafer shared this flashback photo from the Iowa Highway Patrol. Those look like two well-maintained M-38s.


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Willys-Overland Herman Panel Delivery Van

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Recently I got a great price on 30+ Willys World news letters from 1974-1985. There were a few interesting nuggets in several issues.

One the cover of the March-April 1982 issue appears this Willys-Overland photo, taken February 2, 1950. The pic shows what W-O called a “Herman Panel Delivery Van”. The model-name itself is curious, as Willys had referred to the earlier (and later) versions  of this van as a Package, Economy, or Delivery Van.


Herman was a van-body manufacturer, as this brochure shows. Note the dual windows on the door. This is similar to what the company designed for Willys-Overland.


My guess is the Herman Panel Delivery van was a prototype. For some reason, it appears it was never a production model. However, Willys-Overland did work with the Boyertown and Montpelier companies to create a similar version in the late 1950s.



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August 1947 “Pink Heap” Photo

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I know I’m still on a break, but when folks send cool stuff, it is hard to resist posting it. Maybe someone has this jeep …


Caption: August 1957. “Nantucket, Mass. Jock Gifford’s ‘Pink Heap’ beach buggy.” 35mm Kodachrome by Toni Frissell for the Sports Illustrated assignment “Nantucket Essay.”


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1959 Surrey/Gala Press Release on eBay

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This press release package is currently at $29.50 with three days to go. It’s unclear if this is a complete press kit or a partial one (seems partial to me given there is only one photo). The date on the photo suggests this kit may have been release September 16, 1959.

What’s interesting to me is that the 2-page document on the left is one of the few documents create by Willys Motors that explains that the new Surrey is the name of the model released domestically and that the Gala is the export name, though no explanation is given for the difference.

View all the information on eBay


Here is the document I mentioned. See the last sentence on the second page for the link between the Surreys and Galas>


1959-09-16-surrey-press-release7This is caption for the photo. Note the date at the lower left hand corner 9 16 59.

1959-09-16-surrey-press-release8 1959-09-16-surrey-press-release9

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1945 Photo of Jeep w/ Custom Cargo Bed

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This photo was posted back in 2011 by Bill Grist. I can’t tell if the rear portion is a connected via pivot point (aka trailer) or if it is one solid six-wheeler. It’s a unique setup for sure.

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July 1955 Jeep Jamboree Report from Willys News

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UPDATE: This post originally appeared August 14, 2015:


1) Lining up on the first really flat ground they have seen on the entire caravan, the Jeepers stop at Miller Meadows for their Sunday lunch.

This 1955 article in the 1955 July/August issue of Willys News covered the recently completed Jeep Jamboree. The author reported that as part of an awards ceremony, the award for the oldest passenger went 68 year-old Mike Millard who was a former Rubicon Springs-Lake Tahoe stage coach driver. He must have had some great stories!

On another front, compare photo #5 to an original at the online archive of California. There it is dated 1958. Given this appears in a 1955 Willys News I’d say their date is incorrect.


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Toledo Blade Unveils the CJ-2A

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UPDATE: This article was originally published April 9, 2015:

On July 19, 1945, the Toledo Blade published an extensive story about the unveiling of the CJ-2A to reporters. The paper is also full of interesting stories, such as the sinking of the Ticonderoga, the identification of a returning GI with amnesia that turned out to be a Nazi Agent, and the jailing of a Walnut Grove, California, woman who threatened a returned Japanese American soldier who was a POW in Germany.

A small part of the CJ-2A story was published on page 1



The majority of the story was on the front page of section 2.


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Jeffrey Mareck’s Trip of 30,000 Mile Trip in 1966

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The September 28, 1966 issue of the Milwaukee Journal shared Jeffrey Mareck’s 30,000 mile trip through Africa and all the way to England.