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  1. Blaine shared this photo of a Bell Telephone engineer working in Europe during WWII.
  2. Blaine also shared these links for the teardrop Mustang, developed in the late 1940s. While many of us have seen these pics, what I didn’t realize was that the Mustang utilized some jeep steering parts. As this MotorBiscuit article notes, “McCarty wanted to build his car with existing components adapted to his unique vision. He decided that the steering from a Willys Jeep, a Continental or Hercules engine, and Spicer rear axles would be the basis for his car.”
    1949-Mustang-22Whale22-07 1949-Mustang-22Whale22-02
  3. This photo of a customized GPA was posted to g503 by Morihisa Ochi:
  4. Grant Howe shared images of his customized jeep on Facebook, built for bird hunting:

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