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Cutlas Manufacturing

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UPDATE: 1) Well, it seems I forgot to read through this and edit it. I murdered the title! 2) The ending of the post has changed, thanks to Paul spotting an ad in the 1976 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine.


This is a Cutlas brochure for the company’s first hub, the Power-Lock.

In January of 1958, James Russell Lloyd, who up to that point had been president of the Free-Lock Company in Denver, filed a patent for a new type of hub on behalf of a company called the Cutlas Tool and Manufacturing Company out of Lyons, Illinois. At the time, Lloyd was still based in Denver (according to the patent filing), so what his relationship was with the Cutlas and Free-Lock companies at that time isn’t clear.


Patent was awarded in January of 1962.

Unlike the Free-Lock hubs, which relied on a rotating center piece to engage and disengage the hubs, the Cutlas hub had two rotating screws that had to be spun to engage and disengage the hubs.

In May of 1958, Lloyd copyrighted the term Power-Lock Free Wheeling Hub, a name which the hubs would be known as from then onward. Here are some photos:



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FC Jamboree September 8-9

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Dan DeVries is hosting the FC Jamboree September 8-9. Contact Dan to learn more. Some hotel info is shown at the bottom.


Here are some nearby hotels and motels.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Northwood 
4712 Wheelerwood Road
Northwood, Iowa 50459
United States
1 641 323-7500

Country Inn and Suites/Diamond Jo casino
711 Diamond Jo Ln, Northwood, IA 50459
Phone: (641) 323-7000

Lake Mills Motel
400-488 N Lake St, Lake Mills, IA 50450
Phone: (641) 592-3711

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1942 Photo of British General on eBay

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A Brit listening to an Indian bag pipe player in North Africa.

“1942 Press Photo General Sir Claude J.E. Auchinleck tours North Africa This is an original press photo. General Sir Claude J.E. Auchinleck, British Middle East Commander, who took over personal command of the British Eighth Army in North Africa, chats with an Indian Sentry while making a tour of the front lines in an American made jeep.Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 8-6-1942.”

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Berg Jeep King Fold Out Ad on eBay

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I’ve got one of these. It’s a neat piece.

“Vintage Berg Jeep Engine Parts Brochure fold out. Please look at photos for condition.”

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Road Hauks Customize A Tired Willys Truck

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Joe in Mesa forwarded photos of this truck that the Road Hauks crew on Discovery channel made over. Only those with history channel access can see this online. Otherwise, set up your DVR to record it. I’m sure they’d rerun it.

road-hawks-truck6 road-hawks-truck1 road-hawks-truck2 road-hawks-truck3 road-hawks-truck4 road-hawks-truck5

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Frame Is Painted!

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2017-04-24-david-ann-sand-blastingThis weekend my lovely helper and I blasted and painted the frame. Now, we are both tired. So, here’s a recap in pics …. First the dirt and scraping. Yuck!



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1946 Photo of Jeep @ Atomic Bomb Test on eBay

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Interesting photo.

“1946 Press Photo Flying Fortress Plane Tests for Bikini Atomic Bomb at Roswell.
This is an original press photo. Roswell, NM – In a experiment for the Bikini atomic bomb tests, a 46,000 lb flying fortress took off from the Army air field here yesterday, circled the base for 30 minutes, and landed. The entire operation was remotely controlled by radio, the landing and takeoff from jeeps on the ground, and the flight itself from another plane flying to the right and a few feet above and behind the “drone”. Here the jeep prepares to bring in the “drone” Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Photo is dated 02-28-1946.”

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2-1943 Photos of Roosevelt in Casablanca on eBay

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The first photo is particularly good.

1. “1943 Press Photo President Roosvelt Reviewing US Soldiers in Casablanca, Morocco
This is an original press photo. Casablanca, Morocco – In an army jeep driven by Sgt Oran Lass of Kansas City, Missouri, President Roosevelt reviews American army tank units to right are – Major General Ernest Harmon and Lt Gen Mark Clark. Running alongside the jeep on the far side is corporal Robert Hopkins, son of Harry Hopkins.Photo measures 10 x 8.25inches. Photo is dated 01-31-1943.”

View all the information on eBay



2. “1943 Press Photo President Franklin Roosevelt-checks troops at Casablanca
This is an original press photo. Commander In Chief Reviews troops from jeep. President Franklin Roosevelt, riding in the front seat of the jeep at left, inspects a body od D.S. Troops drawn up at a base near here. Photo measures 10.75 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 2-1-1943.”

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Rainy Days Go Away!

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Ann is not afraid to get dirty!

Unlike our sunny Friday, today was a rainy day, so any thought of blasting the frame was put on hold. But, we did get nearly all the parts removed from the frame and the engine/transmission ready to pull out. The more we removed, the more we could see that poor Rusty had come from an abusive home.

Case in point: the transmission cross member. Both sides of the frame where the transmission crossmember normally attaches have been beaten, suggesting that the jeep was often bottomed or high centered. That would also explain the need to install a custom cross member:


You can see the wave along the bottom rail. I play on straightening it and then added an extra piece of metal to about a foot long to add additional strength along the bottom of the frame.

This net photo shows the rear passenger spring. The front portion of the bottom leaf is bent down quite a ways. This is slightly problematic in that there aren’t off the shelf springs for DJ-3A convertibles (that I know of anyway).


I don’t know which year this image was printed, but it highlights the different springs among models.


Note that the hardtop version had different numbers of springs on the left vs. right sides. From the CJ-2A Page.

To make it more confusing, I have five leafs in the front and four in the back (on both sides). I think I should have only 3 leafs. Perhaps the previous owner broke them and installed heavier ones? Or, the number of leafs was changed after 1956? I don’t know.

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1942 Photo of Bantam BRC-40, Shells & Women on eBay

If you like old jeeps, shells, and women, then this photo if for you!

“1942 Press Photo A Group of Girls Riding the Range in a Jeep Pass 16 Inch Shells.
This is an original press photo. Women who just a short while ago thought of a range as something to cook on and powder as something to pat on their faces are now doing the work of men on the firing range at the Army ordnance Department’s proving grounds at Aberdeen, MD. They don’t just fool around with the light work, either. They fill shells with powder and prime them. They run huge cranes to assemble the big guns. And they load, clean, and fire everything from Garand rifles and Tommy guns to the big railroad guns. A group of the girls riding the range in a jeep pass a huge stack of 16 inch shells. Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 06-06-1942.

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Having a Blast

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Just a few updates for today ….

Friday was another day of blasting. And, with Ann’s help, there was plenty of scraping, too. This photo describes my day:


But, all that work wasn’t for naught. See the much cleaner steering box:


ross-steering-box-rusty-cleanAnd, some of the blasted parts … clutch linkages, pedal levers, column shift parts, and more:
more-blasting-done2 more-blasting-done1

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Jeepster Wanted

• CATEGORIES: Features

We are still hoping to find a Jeepster owner to participate in the Alaska or Rust adventure. Email me (d@ewillys.com) if you know someone that would like to go!


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French Diesel Brochure on eBay

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This French brochure highlights a diesel jeep for a CJ-3A.


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1942(?) Army & Signal Corps Book on eBay

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This 35 page book looks interesting. It’s a reprint, but may be an old reprint.

“From a cache of WWII military jeep and motorcycle parts hidden away many years. A number of books and manuals were included.This is a 35 page Photo book produced in 1942 for introduction to the troops of the 1/4 ton 4×4 vehicle Reconnaissance later known as the Jeep. It’s filled with photographs and details for the use of the jeep vehicle. The book measures 8 1/2″ x 11′.with 35 pages, it’s listed as used, as I don’t know it’s actual history so listed as a reprint, great original period photographs and jeep details.”

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Kaiser Willys / Maverick Promotional Record on eBay

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Can’t be too many of these records around.

“This is a Promotional Item Card Board Record 78 RPM around 1960. Very Rare Item !”

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Koenig Hardtop Photo on eBay

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This photo shows off a unique full hardtop. It looks like the top is magnifying the antenna.

“Original factory photograph , 8 x 10 , 3 original stamps on reverse , ” Lawless & Son , Houston , Texas ” , “Koenig Iron Works , Houston , Texas ” .”



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Koenig Jiffy Cab Instructions on eBay

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Here’s an instruction set for the Koenig Jibby Cab.

“original Non Color Folder , 8.5 x 11 Folded , 17 x 11 Unfolded , No Cars Shown , Installation Instructions For Jiffy Cabs , Models 520 Full And 525 Half For CJ-5 , And Models 620 Full And 525 Half For CJ-6”

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Kelly Self Locking Hubs

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In May of 1957, DA Ruben L. Beck filed a patent for a new hub design. Beck was a dreamer and like many dreamers, some saw him a genius while others thought him just plain crazy. Beck’s goal was to create a simple, but effective, four-wheel-drive hub.

kelly-hubs-da-ruben-beck-patent2 kelly-hubs-da-ruben-beck-patent1

Beck had already made an early impact in the jeep world, when he founded D.L. Beck Manfucaturing in Middleport, Ohio, a company that made hardtops (see Beck hardtop history here).

1954-beck-all-steel-cab-brochure1Beck sold his hardtop company to Hubert A. Kelly, in the 1950s but Beck and Kelly remained in contact. The date of the sale, thought once to be 1951, is less clear after this document hit eBay in 2014. It indicates Beck was still selling hardtops in 1954.


No matter when the sale occurred, Hubert took control. It wasn’t long after the patent filing that Mike Kelly, Hubert Kelly’s descendent, remembered seeing the hubs for the first time. He thought that was about 1958. I asked that he review the patent and Mike sent me the following notes:

“The Kelly Self Locking Hub I knew a was little different than the one pictured in the patent drawing. The housing was larger in diameter and had reliefs milled along the outside to allow clearance for the mounting bolts. The internal parts looked very similar to what I remember. I’m pretty sure the final Kelly product was a Beck design. I don’t recall anyone else working on it.

The hubs were manufactured in Charleston West Virginia. We already had an large machine shop there on Broad St. So moving production from Ohio to West Virgina was only logical. I know the assembling the hubs could be “interesting” if you weren’t watching what you were doing. Putting the internal workings together with the ball bearings being under spring pressure woke up more than one man who wasn’t paying attention.”

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Spring 2017 Issue of Dispatcher

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: There’s a new website for the magazine: https://www.dispatchermagazine.com

Norris-Banonis just released their Spring 2017 issue of their Dispatcher magazine. It’s their third year of publication and the unique articles continue. Topics covered in this issue include a review of Bill Spears’ War Baby by Fred Caldwell, an article by Jim Allen on the Jeep Honcho, a piece on the Esslingen Ordnance, the first of a two-part article on Charlie Wilson and the Wilson Foundary and more. If you haven’t subscribed yet, check it out at http://norris-banonis.com/dispatcher.html.


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One Part at a Time …

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All work and no noodles makes David grumpy! Good thing I found a new Ramen noodle place just a few minutes away from my parents. I had them add some pork belly. It was awesome!

More progress on Rusty, one part at a time. I wanted to remove the u-joints so I could sand blast and paint the driveline.


To remove them, I used my favorite vice, something that’s been around longer than me. Using two different sized sockets (one to slide through and one to catch the u-joint as it slides through, I pressed it through. Make sure the grease nipple is NOT on the side you are pressing or it will cause you problems. This shows the u-joint after the springs are removed, but before I began pressing.2017-04-14-driveline5

This shows the u-joint after pressing it through. 2017-04-14-driveline6

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Brass CJ-3B From India

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This CJ-3B body was built from brass by a company in India. The company shared the photos on Facebook.





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1945 Photo of Jeep Exiting a “Water Buffalo” Amphibious Tractor on eBay

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Great photo.

“1945 PRESS PHOTO Army Jeep Coming Out Of Amphibious Water Buffalo Tractor 4494 Measures 7.5 X 9.5 inches”

View all the information on eBay



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‘Jeep’ Traveller Ads

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Scramboleer Dan took the time to assemble these vintage newspapers ads for the Traveller (sorry it took me so long to get these posted!).

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  02

October 1, 1959, pg 15 of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  05

October 24, 1960, pg. 12 of The Honolulu Advertiser

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  06

October 25, 1960, pg. 13 of Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii  03

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

A few years later we have some used Willys prices:

Willys ad - Honolulu, Hawaii

Some prices from the December 18, 1963, pg. 35 of the Honolulu Advertiser

Willys ad - Salem, Oregon

This Capitol Chevy ad is from the Salem Statesman-Journal circa 1965-1966.

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Victories ….

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Short update. On Tuesday, after buying some parts and fixing some wiring, I got mom’s riding lawn mower running. She’s happy. I am happy.

On Wednesday, after buying a new motor and then upgrading the wiring to 230 … (It sure wasn’t plug and play) … I got the compressor working. I am even happier!

Compressor done? Check …


Parts ready? Check …


Parts blasted? Check …


Nice to be making headway again.