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1953 Custom APU Los Angeles, CA $3600

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Rudy’s selling this rare purpose-built APU on a jeep chassis.

“Very Rare 1953 limited production 4X4 specially built for the U.S Military by O.E Szekely and Associates. This is an all aluminum body, tub, fenders, and hood so theres no cost for rust rot work and repair . Dual Aluminum gas tanks so theres no need to worry about rusted out tanks. The Chassis is Jeep. The engine is a Lincoln (ford) 317 V8. This is not Frankensteined, this is the original way it was built for the Navy to jump start, run system checks, and tow jets. Do not have the generator equipment. does not run and is for restoration or customize purposes. As is where is. Unique, rare and easily bad ass potential. Add seats, swap motor, take the paint off and pollish the aluminum body, run through the chassis. pink on hand. first $3600 obo takes it.”



This photo shows one of these “in action”

1953-apu-ocszekeley-la3 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la4 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la5 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la6 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la7 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la8 1953-apu-ocszekeley-la9

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A Jeep on Rails at the Australian War Memorial

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UPDATE: Thanks to Leigh for sharing some photos from his visit to the Australian War Memorial:

Jeep on Rails 3 Jeep on Rails 2 Jeep on Rails

Original Post (03/19/.2011) Greg’s found these image at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. A little more research yielded a few stories and additional pics at the Australians-at-War websiteYou can see other Jeeps on rails used in Australia at G503.com.

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Jack & Doreen’s 1958 Wagon Trip from Australia to England

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Bill shared the video below from Jack and Doreen Shakespeare. Together, the couple recount their 1958 journey in a late 40’s wagon from Australia to England. The trip took them 114 days. Fortunately for us, they filmed much of the trip. It’s a great story.

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Fourteen Jeep Adventures 1940s-1960s

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I’ve been compiling a list of jeep adventures. These are just some that I’ve documented. There’s  few more to add to the list, but this is good for starters. If you know of others, let me know.

  1. Bantam BRC in 1940: The earliest documented trip occurred September 29th, 1940. That was the day the very first jeep—the original Bantam BRC constructed in only 49 days—was driven 270 miles from Butler, Pennsylvania, to the testing ground in Holabird, Maryland. It was an amazing accomplishment given the newly designed vehicle had been barely assembled, let alone tested.
  2. Wolf Blint in 1945: Near the end of World War II, Wolff Blint escaped fighting on the eastern front by driving across Europe to Paris. He documented his story in his memoir, By Jeep To Freedom. The book is out of print and difficult to find.
  3. Soldier and Bride Return from Europe circa 1945: An unconfirmed event, the story unfolds with a U.S. soldier marrying a woman in Europe following WWII. Somehow, he is able to secure a jeep. Together, the pair drive to a port in France or Germany, have the jeep shipped to America, and then drive the remainder of the route to the man’s hometown in Illinois.
  4. Ben Carlin in 1948-1958: In 1948, Australian Ben Carlin began a trek around the world by heading east over the Atlantic Ocean in a modified 1943 Ford GPA (a jeep made to float over water) named ‘Half-Safe’. Over the succeeding ten years, Ben and Half-Safe traveled 50,000 miles over a period of ten years. His exploits filled three books, each book covering his voyage in different ways. Half-Safe can be seen in action in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Gqi-RlbO0
  5. Helen & Frank Schreider in 1954-1955. Helen & Frank Schreider first jeep ended in a failed attempt to cross Panama in a Willys wagon when their jeep was beat to death as they drove across a long train trestle. For their 1954-55 attempt, they purchased and customized a Ford GPA, naming it La Tortuga. Starting in Alaska, the pair traveled all the way to South America. Subsequently, they wrote a book called 20,000 Miles South: A Pan American Adventure in a Seagoing Jeep From the Arctic (A nearly identical version is published under the name La Tortuga). They also filmed some of their trip and toured the United States giving lectures about their experiences.
  6. Three Boy Scouts Travel 44,000 Miles in 1955: Dubbed Operation Pineapple, three Sao Paulo Boy Scouts—Hugo Vidal, Charles Downey, and Jan Stekly—drove from South America to Alaska and back as part of their effort to attend the 8th World Scout Jamboree in Canada. The CJ-3B Page has an excellent overview of their trip.
  7. Dorothy Rogers & Louise Ostberg in 1955-1956: Dorothy and Louise were two college professors from New York who met while traveling in Europe. They successfully circumvented Africa in a jeep wagon. Dorothy later wrote a book about their adventure called Jeopardy and a Jeep.
  8. Joe Ceurvorst in 1956: Joe wrote a book called Africa in a Jeep about driving around the northern part of the African continent.
  9. Roy Follows and Noel Dudgeon in 1958: Joe and Roy were two Colonial Police officers fighting Chinese Communists near the end of the Malayan Emergency. Ready to head home, the pair bought a Willys MB in February of 1958, then begin a long journey home full of obstacles, broken parts, encounters with unfriendlies and more. Their tale from Singapore to the United Kingdom unfolds in their book about the trip: The First Overland: Four Wheels and Frontier.
  10. Jack & Doreen Shakespeare in 1958: Jack and Doreen drove their early wagon from Australia to England. Lucky for us, they filmed their trip. You can relive their adventures on youtube.
  11. Helen and Frank Schreider in 1960: Ready to his the road again, Helen and Frank rebuild a second Ford GPA that they use to float the Ganges River in India. Their five month 1960 India adventure from the mouth of the Ganges to its source filled forty-two pages of the October, 1960, issue of National Geographic.
  12. Helen and Frank Schreider in 1960-1961: On the heels of their India trip, the Schrieders, again with National Geographic support, tackled the breadth of Indonesia, a 17,000 island archipelago, going to places and completing a trip that few, if anyone, has replicated. Their 4,000 mile trip lasted a year. Their ability to shuttle between islands and over land took them to places no vehicles had gone. Helen and Frank wrote two subsequent articles for National Geographic (May 1961 & August 1962) and a second book, the Drums of Tonkin: An Adventure In Indonesia. They went on to work regularly for National Geographic, though their jeeping days ended.
  13. Harold Stephens in the mid-1960s: Harold drove around the world in a CJ-5 and Toyota Landcruiser. He wrote about his experience in Who Needs a Road? Harold went on to become a travel author.
  14. Dorothy Rogers & Louise Ostberg in the mid-1960s: In the late 1950s, Willys Motors introduced two Forward Control jeep trucks called the FC-150 & FC-170s. Dorthy and Louise thought the latter would make a great vehicle to tour the world. So, they bought one and set off on their second major jeep trip. Dorothy later wrote about their experiences in Highways Across the Horizon.
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Willys Overland Mechanics Binder on eBay

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There’s a bunch of information inside this. I’m not sure how much jeep information there is or not.

“Purchased from an estate sale of a Vietnam veteran that was a mechanic there…as the story goes. This binder is in very good condition for it’s age. No breaks or signs of visual wear. It is packed full, as seen in the last picture, of all different types of service type manuals from the mid 60’s to early 70’s as best as I can tell. There are some Willys, Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, Renault, Chevrolet, tons of other service information. So much information that would be impossible to list it all. All pages are also in very good condition. Very interesting piece of history!”

View all the information on eBay



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1943 Photo of Jeep Being Loaded into Curtiss Commando on eBay

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Usually we only see these photo from the outside of the jeep.

“You are bidding on an original press photo of Reno NV US Air Borne Troops Load Jeep in Curtiss Commando. Photo shows US Air Borne Troops Load Jeep in Curtiss Commando plane. Photo measures 7.25 x 9.75 inches and is dated 7/29/1943.”

View all the information on eBay



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1943 Photo of a Slat Grille on the Beach on eBay

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“1943- Willys MB jeep rolls off a landing barge and onto a specially built wire net road at an Atlantic coast training base for Army and Navy amphibious forces. Photo measures approx. 8″ x 10″”

View all the information on eBay



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1955 Photo of Mail Jeep Dispatcher

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According to the CJ-3B Page, the Post Office experimented with several different types of jeeps for mail delivery. However, finding photos or history of these jeeps has proven difficult. Last week I acquired this awesome photo stamped December 18, 1955, showing a DJ-3A with a hardtop, no tailgate, and no sides to make entry easier.

1955-12-18-dj3a-usps-mail-dispatcher1 1955-12-18-dj3a-usps-mail-dispatcher2

Then, on eBay, this brochure has been available for a couple months. There’s no date on the brochure itself, but the seller claims it is from 1955:


Both documents show what appear to be the same hard top and same side cut body, but the jeeps in the photos aren’t quite the same. Unlike the top jeep, the bottom jeep has the same hubcaps as the early DJ-3As, but has custom parking lights. The top photo has the side mirror on the right side, while the bottom jeep has the rear view mirror on what would normally be the driver’s side. The seats are colored slightly differently. So, are these two jeeps both experimental models?

What surprises the DJ guys the most is that we weren’t aware the low cut body was available as of late 1955. None of the marketing materials show that body as an option in 1956, as this early brochure demonstrates:


So, the search for information about early dispatcher mail jeeps continues. Anyone have more photos or information about these early post office jeeps?



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The Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Australia

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Leigh shared some pics and information from his visit to the Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Maffra, Victoria, Australia, which is about an hour or so east of Melbourne.

He writes, “The first photo shows a 1956 (this could be earlier due to shipping/conversion times) Willys 6-226 Truck. Fifteen vehicles with this configuration were introduced into the Country Fire Authority (Victoria) that year. The 6-226 was fitted with a BSA 17 LP Pump and 180 gallon (800 lit) tank.


At the time, the Willys was the only small four wheel drive truck capable of carrying a water tank of this size, however even with an output of 105 hp (70 kw) it struggled in steep country with its relatively high first gear. On loan from the Fire Services Museum of Victoria http://fsmv.net.au/

Next is a 1943 Ford GPW depicting a vehicle from the 234th Medical Co. of the 4th marine Div. that served in the Pacific during WW2.


This is a Ford GPA with Australian Army Markings.


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General Supply & Hesse Compressor History

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Rick Webb shared what he knows about the history of General Supply Compressors & Hesse Compressors. His father Paul Webb played a principle role in the compressor’s development. I’ve included pics below to show how much alike they looked.

For reference, this is a General Supply GS-250 Compressor powered by an L-head. More pics here:


Contrast the one above with this one, a Hesse Horney Compressor powered by an L-head. More pics here:


Rick began, After reading information on youtube and the forums it seems as though there are a lot of questions concerning the hesse hornet and the gs-260 air compressors.I don’t claim to have all the answers however I can shed some light on the development of these units.

My father, Paul Web, lost his dad at the young age of 24 and took a job at the General Supply and Leasing Company in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1951 as a delivery driver. A division of the McDowell Tire Company, General Supply sold tire changing equipment.

When he took the job he met a man by the name of Dick Roberts who was an engineer. They soon hired a man with the last name of Simes (pronounced “Sims”) whose first name I do not recall.Simes was from Arkansas and was a self taught mechanic. He could not read or write, so they taught him to sign his name so he could cash his paycheck. He never used a torque wrench; however when his engines were tested his torque specs were spot on. Continue reading

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1959/1960 Any Time Jeep Family Brochure

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This Any Time, Any Where, Any Job Jeep Family brochure is undated. Given the Maverick show reference, I’d guess this is 1959 or 1960.


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Costa Rican Lottery Goes JEEP

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Gustavo posted this photo of some tickets from Costa Rica’s national lottery. They are use photos of jeeps to encourage ticket purchases.


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1943 Photo of Ford GPA, GPW, and Command Car on eBay

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Note the caption’s name for the jeep is peep. The name jeep is assigned to the far right Command Car.

“1943 Press Photo Ft Knox KY armored 14 ton truck, all purpose car & a jeep. This is an original press photo. Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75inches. Photo is dated 05-21-1943.”

View all the information on eBay



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1950 Photo From South Korea on eBay

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Hard to find many press photos from Korea on eBay.

“1950 Press Photo South Korea Cpl William A Shuey, Pfc John Mauldin & jeeps. This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9 x 7inches. Photo is dated 07-24-1950.”

View all the information on eBay

1950-07-24-mauldin-shuey-korea1 1950-07-24-mauldin-shuey-korea2

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1946 Photo of Partially Submerged Jeep on eBay

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Not much of the jeep showing above the water.

“1946 Press Photo Bay Ridge MD Sgt Roy Harmon USMC in underwater jeep. .This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 10-17-1946.”

View all the information on eBay



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More Pics From Charles

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Buffalo%20grBuffalo crossing?


us jeeps probably belgium -no place-date



I have not information on the rest of these:


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India’s Rajputana Jeep Club

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There’s an article on the gulf news website about the Rajputana Jeep Club. The group has 29 members with a variety of older jeeps. Nice to see them fixing and running them.



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Searching For APUs

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Tom Sterndale has been building a database of existing APUs, a challenging task given how little they’ve been documented. As part of his effort, he hoped to identify these jeeps which were once listed on eBay.

Tom writes, “Help me prove that ebay is not a black hole out there some were sucking up all the Szekely APU’S.

  1. The four pictures of the four wheeled APU is a NC/5 Szekely used by the Navy up until the 70’s. Was on Ebay in 2010 would like to know were it is now.
  2. The pictures of the Tricycle APU’S are NC/1 Szekely’s they were on ebay in 2003 or 2006 I would also like to find   them or others like them.
  3. Both the  NC/5 and the NC/1 used Willys Jeep as a base.I have found some APU’S like the red and blue ones they all seam to be NA/3 Szekely built for the Air Force. I

I am trying to keep a data base of all units that I can find any body with a Szekely of any type I would like to be put in contact with them.”

1. Four Wheeled APUs:

20160530_111306 OR APU 5

2. Three-Wheeled APUs:
power unit 2

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Tim’s Report From Puerto Rico

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I received a report from Tim on his search for Willys during a trip with his wife in Puerto Rico. Coincidently, on the same day, I received an email from Angel in Puerto Rico who was searching for some fenders for a truck restoration (I was able to locate fiberglass and metal ones for him).

Tim writes, “We got away from the cold and spent a few days in Puerto Rico.  As mentioned before we try to rent a Jeep when we travel. But the Jeep fun factor was way too much this trip.  We settled for a little red car for $9 /day verses the $90/day for Jeep Wrangler.  We kept our eyes open but did not see any Willys this trip.  

We did find several new 2016 Jeeps at Fort Buchanan post exchange as part of the Military Overseas Car Program.  Service members can order new cars through this program and  have them shipped to their home state side. Program offers military discounts and special orders. Here is Cathy with a 2017 Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary editon.  Later that day we saw an interesting display at a local Jeep dealer, the sign Gran Venta  means   Big Sale. They had 3 new Jeeps  suspended from a crane.”

puerto-rico1 puerto-rico2

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Warn’s “Summer Hubs” Hub Caps & Others

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UPDATE: Thanks to Andy, the post now includes the Clary Flange.

Most know that Arthur Warn’s jeep-related business began with his introduction of the summer hubs, designed to allow the front axles to spin freely. They came packaged in red, green, or blue boxes. As you can see in this ad, Warn advertised them as “hub caps”, but their use during summers led people to call them “summer hubs”. He also credited them with all kinds of benefits.


Ad was posted to the CJ-2A page. I don’t have a date for it.

But, few know that there were two different types of Warn summer hubs. In addition, there were also at least three different other summer hubs produced.

  1. According to this thread on the CJ-2A page forum, the first type produced was the waffle version:
  2. This example shows the second version. They were larger and had dimples:
  3. Ted introduced me to the Kurtland-branded hubs. He’s got them for sale on eBay.
    ted-jordan-kurland-hubs-backs-lores1 ted-jordan-kurland-hubs-backs-lores2
  4. A photo of these unbranded, aluminum (non-magnetic) hubs were posted to the CJ-2A page by Bruce W. If you recognize them, please let us know the manufacturer.
  5. Bruce M. posted this photo of an FEG branded summer hub to the CJ-2A page.

  6. Andy shared pics of this flange familiar to M-38A1 enthusiasts, the Clary Flange:

If anyone knows or has photos of other summer hubs, please let me know!

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1941 Photo of Ford GP in Leesville, LA on eBay

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A good shot of a Ford GP.

“1941- Ford GP jeep leads motorcycle troops of the 66th Regiment of the 2nd Armored Division over a road constructed beside a bridge that was “destroyed” by Red forces during maneuvers north of Leesville.”

View all the information on eBay



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FC Interior Photos Needed

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Tyler Powers needs some high resolution (300 dpi) interior and chassis photos of an FC for a 3D model. Contact him at powersty123@yahoo.com if you can help.

He writes, “I have recently bought a professionally made 3d model of a FC-150. I am going to take it and put it into a video game I play called spintires. The trouble is being that the model designed to be used for renders and has no interior and no frame or drivetrain. I am going to have to model these myself. This is difficult with the limited quality and number of pictures of FC’s on the internet.

What I could use help with is if you could make a post asking for any high resolution pictures people have from their FC’s specifically of the interior and frame. Restoration pictures of rolling chassis would be really useful.

Here are some examples of the photo angles he’s hoping to get:

fc pro 5

fc pro 6

fc pro 7

FC pro 8

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1942 Photo of Bantam BRC-40 on eBay

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UPDATE: Another version of this sand dune photo is available on eBay. Another was sold in 2014 (see end of post).

“1942 Press Photo West Point Military Academy Jeep Jockeys in Army Maneuvers. This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 07-31-1942.”

View all the information on eBay

1942-07-31-bantambrc40-jeep-jockeys1 1942-07-31-bantambrc40-jeep-jockeys2

Here’s a similar press photo that was sold in 2014.

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1941 Photo of Ford GP on eBay

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Even though Willys had won the contract, you can see they were still running the Ford GPs through their paces.

appx size :7 1/2″ x 9 1/2”

View all the information on eBay

1941-11-02-ford-gp1 1941-11-02-ford-gp2

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1958 ‘Want to Keep Operating Costs Down’ Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This brochure was published in July 1958.