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1962 DJ-3A Surrey Smithfield, ME $1000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

“Surrey Project DJ3A, 2WD, a Real Pink Surrey JEEP Body only – with The Fringe on Top, just like the Elvis Beach movies, the only one I’ve had in 40 years playing with Willys. About 1100 total Production, Buyer turned out to be a complete FAKE. My Loss Your Gain. Now it is out of storage and available to you. Body is repairable with available panels. From Maryland, Original Frame but had 4WD Axle that has been removed. It now has PROPER DJ3A front axle. I have many DJ3A parts available at extra cost. Build it your way using your JEEP chassis or maybe an S-10 2wd. A very high value, worthwhile father, son, grandson project. $1000 gets all in picture minus front axle. Might partial trade, Other Willys parts, Nash, Hudson, Guns or try me. Can Deliver to OHIO WILLYS JEEP RALLY or The Great Willys Picnic at very reasonable Cost. I want this gone. Email for details, More Pix, and phone contact.”


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Saturday March 25th: 2017 FC Roundup Pics and Video

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The 2017 FC Roundup group photo

Thanks once again to Jesse and Andrea for treating all of us to another great FC Roundup. This year the Roundup was dedicated to Dan Horenberger, who passed away last November.

The weather was a perfect 80 degrees, not too hot and not too cold. Despite the perfect day, we didn’t get going all that quickly. And, when we finally made it to the event, I realized I’d forgotten my badge, so back to the hotel I dashed. While away, I put Ann to work photographs:


“Marilyn” made her first trip to Phoenix.


Mark’s love machine seems to get the women’s attention (so he tells me). It’s his daily driver. Note the rare Husky hubs.


It’s hard not to photograph the FCs.


I’m not sure why all the red-colored FCs were in the middle.


This one polished up nicely.

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Vintage Rubicon Trail Video

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This vintage Rubicon video was linked to on Facebook.

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Thursday March 23rd: Fire, Water and Santa

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Ann and I with Lake Mead behind us. It’s great to see her feeling better and traveling again.

On Tuesday, we made a long drive to Salt Lake City where we enjoyed dinner with my kids.  Unfortunately, we are so out of the practice of traveling that we forgot to take ANY photos!

On Wednesday, we made a short drive to Mesquite, Nevada, where we spent the night at a remodeled hotel called the Rising Star Sports Ranch, a place with a sports theme and without a bar or casino. it was cheap, but nice, so I was fine with that. I did NO work; instead we enjoyed an evening together. However, we did make this video which documents a robot that comes to your door to deliver food and drinks from the hotel’s concession. The delivery charge was $3, but Ann was so excited, it was worth the cost.

On Thursday, we traveled from Mesquite, Nevada, to Kingman, Arizona. We began our morning driving south on I-15. When we approached Nevada State Highway 169, we turned south.


Thursday’s drive from Mesquite to Kingman.

Highway 169 turned out to be a beautiful drive. One of the first things of interest we encountered was this Rooster themed bar in the Moapa Valley area.


Moapa Valley gave way to red rock, short grass, sage brush, and long views toward Lake Mead. We were all alone was we slowly followed the highway toward our first stop of the day: Valley of Fire State Park. I’d planned to stop in here last year as we drove south down Nevada, but we ran out of time.


You’ll note that our red jeep Henry was retired in favor of this ??? colored Jeep (we still aren’t sure what color it is — maybe purple, maybe dark blue, has some metaflakes). We call her Dolores, after the main character in Westworld (the new HBO show about robots that become sentient). Dolores is a roving hotspot, capable of sending messages to us or to her creator, the Jeep Corp. Kinda troublesome really.

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Five Piccolino Protypes and More for Sale

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In 2013, I posted the brochure below with note explaining that there wasn’t much known about these mini jeep-looking vehicles. Yesterday, Peter Furrer sent me an email yesterday explaining that he was the developer of the Piccolino and that his five prototypes and everything else related to them are for sale. He’ll only sell them as a package. His price is $100,000. If he can’t sell them by the fall, he plans on auctioning them.


Peter grew up in Switzerland. During his time in the Swiss Army in the 1950s, there were thousands of them. After completing his one year service, in 1958 Peter joined a crew of a filming expedition-team that went from Sao Paulo to the Amazon with 5 Jeeps and trailers. It took them 9 month to film the landscapes, animals and indios, people who had never seen white men before. Later, Peter became a commercial flight captain and did well as real estate broker.

In 1986, Japanese cars became very popular in Switzerland. There smaller size made navigating Switzerland’s narrow street easier. About then Peter’s love of Jeeps returned, but then he had a brainstorm. He decided to make half sized jeep-like vehicles to make parking frontside to sidewalks possible. Engineers in Paris, Switzerland and Italy designed the Piccolino to his specifications. In 1987, he showed them at the Geneva car-show, creating great interest with hundreds of reservations and dozens of dealer applications.

All he needed was the money to start mass production. In his search for money, a Thai businessman paid the airfreight to bring the 5 Piccolinos to the Bangkok car show. Again hundreds wanted to buy, but this time a military coup with tanks in the streets ended the effort and relations.

A Miami boat-show with 5 Piccolinos ended with TV coverage and in golf courses, as this would have been the only golf cart with street license. He feels they would have been great for golf-comunities.

In Detroit, he made it to the first floor of Lee Iacoca CEO building, but Lee would not see him. Later, his lawyers warned him never to call my Piccolino a Jeep!

Peter is now 81 and feels it is time to give up on his dream cars that he has cherished now for 20 years. He Will only sell them all together. He also hopes someone will donate a Piccolino to me, a very generous offer that I would readily accept, but certainly not necessary. If anyone has interest in this, feel free to privately email at d@ewillys.com and I’ll put you in touch with Peter.

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More Photos from Charles

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More pics courtesy of Charles.
vintage jeep133 vintage jeep64 vintage jeep47 vintage jeep21

vintage jeep15

Staff car 1st un brigade -elisabethville – congo 1961

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Short Video Featuring a Ford GPA

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This photo was posted by Brendan Gibbons to Facebook. It shows his uncle driving a Ford GPA in 1946.

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This Week’s Trip to the FC Roundup

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This morning we are on the road to Phoenix. Here’s our planned route. We’ll be visiting my kids in SLC, then heading south from there.


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Eric and his CJ-5 Clearing Snow

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Some photos from Eric’s Go Pro show him moving some snow in Dannemora, New York. I didn’t think that much snow had fallen this year in the New York area.




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Hemming’s Article by Bill Spears

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John shared this one. Bill Spears contributed an article on the early days of the Bantam Jeep at Camp Holabird. It’s based on his book War Baby.



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Roberto’s Latest Sketch

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Robert Flores completed this illustration based on last nights’ brochure. I like it!



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1956 DJ-3A Dispatcher Brochure on eBay

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This is an unusual Dispatcher brochure. Looks more like a case-based look at the DJ. It’s located in Russia. Seems pretty pricey given its location.

“Original brochure, 4 pages, A4
Payment through Paypal. Condition in the image. Mail service with the number for tracking. All very well packaged.
When purchasing multiple items, the postage will be combined.
If you are interested in a combined payment, please do not pay immediately, buy a few items and ask for the bill
Up to 500 grams (one pound) – $ 9
Up to 1 kg (2.5 lbs) – $ 14
Up to 2 kg (5 lbs) – $ 22 is the maximum cost of delivery. The greater the weight, the seller compensates for its own account.
Postal delivery in Russia is free!”


1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect1 1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect2 1956-dj3a-dispatcher-brochure-prospect3

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1940s CJ-2A Brochure from Australia

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I found this cool brochure on eBay for almost nothing. It’s printed on very thin paper. It’s 8.5 x 11, but part of the left side folds over, bringing it’s width down to about 6″. I believe it is was created in 1946 or 1947. The photo below as an early grille and a column shift. One illustration has tool indents.





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Kid’s MB Bed from Fun Furniture Collection

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

The Fun Furniture Collection’s website features not only a children’s MB bed, it also has VW, Land Rovers, and other bed types.


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David Tracy’s 1948 CJ-2A Update

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David has run into problems with his starter and generator. Read more about the update on his build here: http://thegarage.jalopnik.com/this-latest-setback-could-doom-my-1948-jeep-off-road-pr-1793370087


Photo Credit: David Tracy

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New Illustration by Roberto Flores

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Roberto created this thoughtful illustration. Many robrobhanks!


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1960 Florida Swamp Race Video

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Just a few updates tonight ….. This early video shared by David shows a few modified flatties. The film footage was taken by Frank Parks of Rockville, Maryland, in Florida in the summer of 1960.

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CJ-5 Commercial

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Nice vintage CJ-5 commercial shared on Facebook.

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Photo of Sylvia Porter in a Gala (?)

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Sylvia Porter was a financial guru of some renown in the 1960s. We think this might be an actual Gala from Las Brisas.

1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala1 1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala2

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Moonshiner’s Swap Meet

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It was a long, but productive day yesterday at the swapmeet. We had the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of people about eWillys and the Alaska Or Rust venture. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people (old, young, men and women) agreed that it was a cool idea. Many folks wish they had their old Willys together so they too could make the run with us. Still others had driven the highway and had lots of suggestions on places to see.  It was a great way to spread the news about the trip.

Even better, four of the participants (me, Rob, Marty and Wade) had a chance to all meet at the same time. Somehow, we never got a photo of all of us though. Here’s are a few photos we did get:


Me and Wade (he’s in full beard mode .. I was hearing rumblings that it will be coming off soon????)


Me and Paul Barry of Willys America, who had a booth a few rows down.


Marty Tilford, me and Rob Stafford at the AOR booth. (from Saturday)


My poor attempt to show the crowd size. All the rows were full of shoppers and lookie-loos. Pics are like this are one reason I miss having Ann along (of course, there are many other reasons, too!)

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1943 Photo of Ford GPA on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), Old Images

I don’t think I’ve seen this one in a press photo.

“1943- Ford GPA amphibious jeep at the Ford Motor Company plant in Dearborn, Michigan. Photo measures approx. 7″ x 9”

View all the information on eBay



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Anybody Recognize This Air Pump?

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Charles is wondering if anyone recognizes this air pump? There are no marks and the foot is pliable. He is hoping to get model information, the production year, or any other kind of info.



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1966 CJ-6 6×6 Portland, OR $25,000

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This unique build started life as a rare DJ-6 (not many of those were made and even fewer are left). Ed Holbrook has steadily made improvements to it over the years, making it into the ultimate elk hunting jeep. If interested, contact Ed @ eholbrook3@canby.com.

You can read more here: http://www.jollyjeepers.org/members/pages/eholbrook.htm

“1966 6×6 CJ6 Jeep, 300 Buick V8 Engine, Turbo 400 Trans, Special Dana 20 Transfer Case with dual rear outputs, 456 gears, all 3 diffs are Spicer 44 with 11” brakes on all 6 wheels. PTO wench, Power steering & Whitco soft top. Asking $25.000 Negotiable”


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Moonshiner’s Swap Meet Today

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I had a nice time with Rob, Marty, and their friends last night. When I got to my parents, I learned that it was time to set the clocks forward, which meant I was losing an hour. Since I have to get up early, there won’t be many updates today.

Marty, Rob and I got our photo taken at the Alaska Or Rust booth. All three of us will be going to Alaska!

2017-03-11-moonshiners-swapmeet-rob-marty-dave-lores 2017-03-11-moonshiners-swapmeet-lores

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Alaska Or Rust Updates

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The Alaska Or Rust event continues to fill much of my time. This weekend I’ll be in Puyallup at the Moonshiner’s 4×4 Swapmeet at a booth explaining to visitors what we are doing and why. If you plan on going, drop by the booth. Just look for the posters below. I’ll have some books, eWillys t-shirts, and a pile of brochures you can browse. I’ll also have some Blaster products on hand.

We’ve gotten some additional sponsors on board. As I mentioned before, Kaiser Willys will be a sponsor. You can take advantage of their discount by going to Kaiser Willys, purchasing items, and entering “ALASKAORRUST” into the shopping cart. You win and we win!

We also just signed up the B’laster Corporation, perhaps best know for their PB B’laster penetrating spray. If you have a can of that or any other B’laster product, put it on your jeep and take a photo of them, then twitter or  instagram with the hashtags #alaskaorrust, #ewillys, and #BlasterFreakinWorks. Or, post it to the Alaska Or Rust Facebook page. Or, email the pics to me and I’ll do it on your behalf!

Chris McKay Vintage Jeep Parts and Jay Hinton WWII Jeeps also are pitching in as sponsors. We greatly appreciate their support. And, thanks to Allied Jeeps and Overland Diesel, who are sponsors I’ve mentioned previously.