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Camping at Cottonwood Canyon State Park

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Cottonwood Canyon State Park near Wasco, Oregon, was a delightful surprise (read more about it here). We liked it so much, we spent an extra day there. We’ll be going back again when we get the chance.


The park is located 2+ hours southwest of us in Oregon’s farming hills.

Opened September 2013, the former ranch has been turned into Oregon’s second largest State Park. It is nestled amongst Eastern Oregon’s rolling hills and what its camping spots lack in amenities–it’s campground has been left purposefully void of hookups: no sewer, water, cable, electrical, or cell service–it makes up for with a peaceful quiet. The camp sites are widely dispersed, farther apart than the houses in many modern suburb developments. In our book, it’s a gem. Here are some pics:


The wheat fields may be taking the winter off, but we passed endless windmills churning on our way to the park.


The entrance to the park is on the left. The John Day Rive runs quietly through the park.

The day-use area of the park looks very welcoming. I imagine they do special events on the grassy area. There’s an information booth in the foreground and a barn in the background.

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1944 Photo of Town in Italy on eBay

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There’s a jeep the just appears near the bottom of the photo highlighting the scope of the devastation. I can’t quite make out the town’s name. Castelmuzio would put it in Siena, Italy.

“1944 Press Photo A Military jeep travels along the ruined Italian Streets. This is an original press photo. Dwarfed by towering ruins, a Jeep threads way through streets of battered Castlemouse(? aka Castelmuzio?), Italy, a German stronghold until the second day of current Allied offensive, when the fifth army overwhelmed its defenders. Photo measures 8.25 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 5-19-1944.”

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Eye-Catching Ice Cream and Diaper Service Jeeps

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UPDATE: This was previously published in July of 2014.

This great article from the July 1947 issue of W-O Sales News highlights the use of jeeps as ice-cream distributors and as a diaper service. Companies highlighted include Better Brands Ice Cream Novelties, Swell Time Ice Cream Corporation, and Wee Folk Laundry.

1947-willys-overland-sales-news3-1000px 1947-willys-overland-sales-news7-1000px

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1951 Photo of M-38s Ready for Shipment on eBay

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That’s a large amount of M-38s!

“1951 Press Photo Military Jeeps on field at Philadelphia ready to ship overseas. This is an original press photo. Hundreds of jeeps stand in precise military rows on a field at Philadelphia as they are prepared for shipment overseas. The vehicles, from plants all over the United States are assembled in a motor pool before being loaded aboard ships (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Military jeeps) (Europe defense) Photo measures 8.75 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-13-1951.”

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Some Folks Playing w/ Their Jeeps

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I ran across this video of some folks playing with their jeeps.

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Canadian-Made Bell Crank

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Maury met up with Lawrence, the ex-jeep mechanic who makes modified bell cranks, a couple days ago. Lawrence showed him the unusual crank pictured below. Neither man knew what it was (nor did I), so Maury did a little sleuthing and discovered it seems to be a Canadian made part, built for the M-38/M-38A1 CDN.

You can learn more at G503: http://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=80292#p463590



From the G503 site:


Installed on an M-38.

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1945 Photo of MB Pulling Farm Equipment on eBay

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This May 1945 photo appears to show an MB (rather than a CJ-2) pulling hay rake. It’s curious that the jeep has “WILLYS” written over the rear wheel well.

“1945 Press Photo Farmer Uses A Jeep As A Tractor To Rake Hay. This is an original press photo. Jeep has a future in postwar America The versatile jeep, which has become known as the “Sweetheart of the Army,” has a future in postwar America, both as an agricultural and industrial machine. All kinds of special bodies, air compressors, and pulley attachments for postwar units can be used with the jeep. Here a farmer uses the jeep to rake hay. This in only one of the farm chores a jeep will do. Others are plowing, harrowing, disking, rolling, drilling, cultivating, reaping and binding. Photo measures 8 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 05-26-1945.”

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Datsun 620 with Jeep Mods

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

Blaine told me there used to be some companies that convert Datsun 620 trucks to 4WD using jeep parts. He provided a few examples:


And here’s another. This one is for sale:



A comment on cargurus also mentions the use of jeep parts with Datsuns:

“There were machine shops who did the conversions that individual dealer had contracts with .Datsun were built by spencer low, southbay, quadco,northwest atv. They used early jeep components dana axles and the semi tough dana 300 tease. Early models used Jeep rear end also to keep 5 on 5 1/2 matching wheels but them the datsun rears were retained with a machined front hubs to run the standard datsun 6 lug wheel.. most conversion company’s added a tag under the vin tag on the back of the driver door sil ,quadco had stamped shift knobs I’ve owned 5 datsuns 73-79 converted to 4×4 a 76 courier sasquatch 4×4 conversion.”

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Windshield Defroster on eBay

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I don’t know anything about these. Given the instructions mention “6 or 12 volt”, I’m wondering if this was made later than WWII?


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1960 Wagon Four Door Dayton, VA eBay

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UPDATE: Back on eBay (thanks Jerry)

(last listed on ebay in Jan 2015) “This is a custom, one-off Willy’s Jeep. It was made for Henry Kaiser, when he retired to Hawaii and became involved in tourism and land development. He had the custom pink long-wheelbase Willys wagon built for exploring the island. Kaiser’s wife loved pink and all of his construction equipment was painted pink, so that seems to be where the pink color for the Jeep came from. This can all be seen on the following web page, along with a photo (which is the black and white photo provided in the photos of the vehicle) of the Jeep in Hawaii : http://cj3b.info/Siblings/SurreyHawaii.html

We also have documentation from the Kaiser Jeep Corporation stating that this Jeep is an authentic one of a kind Jeep. Please only serious inquiries only and please do not try to convince us that we are wrong about it being a one of a kind, this is most definitely not a railroad Jeep. We know what we have and are willing to answer questions of those with serious inquiries about this vehicle.”

1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va1 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va2

1960-wagon-4door-dayton-va 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va3 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va4


The seller claims to have documentation to prove that this is the only four door limo-like wagon made. to Willys Country this wagon was once used as a limo for an airport. Whether there was only one built or remains an undocumented issue at this point. Is the wagon above the same one that’s in the photo below? Hard to say for sure.


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The PTO Story

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This document appeared in a circa 1950 product merchandise booklet.

1950-product-merchanising-pto-story1 1950-product-merchanising-pto-story2 1950-product-merchanising-pto-story3

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1951 Photo of Kids Washing Jeep in Korea on eBay

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Ricepaddy Lou is the jeep’s name.

“1951 Press Photo Korean children help Buddy Jones to clean his jeep. This is an original press photo. Cpl. Buddy Jones of Cedar Rapids, Ia., enlists the help of eager Korean youngsters to get his jeep, “Ricepaddy Lou,” cleaned during a lull in battle. The children, who use empty ration cans to do the job, will be rewarded with some candy. Photo measures 9 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 5-1-1951.”

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CJ-5 Belt Buckle on eBay

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This is an interesting belt buckle.

“Beautiful vintage condition RARE vintage Jeep. Great vintage belt buckle.
Buckle is in good condition with some scratches and signs of use and wear. It could use a good polishing but I’ll leave that up to the buyer.”

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Willys CJ-3A “Crash Wagon” Overview

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This document appeared in a circa 1950 product merchandise booklet.

1950-product-merchanising-crash-wagon-cj3a-1 1950-product-merchanising-crash-wagon-cj3a-2

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1952 Photo of Fire Jeep at the Vatican on eBay

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Looks to be an MB/GPW.

“1952 Press Photo Firemen in Vatican city, in jeep with fire fighting equipment. This is an original press photo. A tiny unit of the Vatican City fire fighting brigade prepared for a training drill with a jeep fire truck. The brigade, consisting of 15 men and one officer, is equipped with two war surplus jeeps, a small chemical spray unit, a few hand operated fire extinguishers and some stepladders. IN more serious cases the Rome fire brigade is called. Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 11-14-1952.

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More Pics From Charles

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Some more random pics from Charles:


Iwo Jima:iwo-jima-1

Falaise, Francefalaise -france

Paris:uden__militaire_parade size0 HU030884

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Slide of 1950s Shriner Jeep on eBay

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That could not have been a comfortable ride in the back of the jeep!

“Original Kodak Kodachrome Color Photo Red Border 35mm Slide – 1955-59
Snapshot of a Shriners Parade in downtown Tacoma, Washington, Broadway. A Jeep for the Al Kader Shriners, Portland, OR, drives in front of Duane’s Florsheim Shoes, Hanson’s Jewelers, Fabrics by Roy, and a loan office.
Vintage condition. Slides may have dust.”

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4-Wheel Drive ‘Jeep’ Sign **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

“20 * 18in double sided flange sign. This sign does have some very minor wear around the edges, see images of front and back. Great for sign collectors, bar, garage, man-cave, restaurant, shop, or any collection. Thanks for looking!”


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1940s Rockwell Kent Jeep Generator Illustration $2500

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Here’s an interesting, early illustration by Rockwell Kent. It’s on a fine art website, which in part explains the price. If the link below does not work, go here https://www.1stdibs.com and enter “jeep” into the search field.

“This original drawing was created for an advertisement by General Electric for its portable power generators, here shown powering a saw wielded by two lumberjacks. Attributed to Rockwell Kent, who did many illustrations for GE and other companies to support his family and travels, it captures the kind of isolated, tree-covered scene that Kent so cherished. Beautifully rendered, it is an excellent example of the kind of graphic work recently celebrated in an exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany. Note, too, the Jeep, which had been introduced during World War II and had come to represent tough, dependable transportation.”



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Wagon From Godfather II

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UPDATE: Mike has convinced me that the “convertible top” may actually be snow. You can see some snow on the truck behind the wagon, too.

Bob Christy’s been sick the past few days, but that didn’t stop him hunting for jeeps in the Godfather movies. Here’s he’s found an unusual wagon in the Godfather II that appears to have a soft and a spare on the passenger side. The single pane windshield suggests 1960-1963. Anyone ever seen this one or have thoughts on it?


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Jeep Hood Ornament? on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Anyone know the history of this? I can’t remember seeing another.

“This is a vintage gold metal trophy topper of a Jeep possibly army but not marked as such. It is marked Jeep on the bottom but not on the vehicle. It measures 3 5/8″ lond x 2 5/8″ high not including the threaded stem at the bottom. It is new old stock and other than light wear to the finish it is very nice.”

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K & K Minute Snow Blade Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I like the way the hydraulic line from the snow plow was fed through the open window. K & K claimed the blade could be installed in two minutes or less. I’m thinking it should have been called the “Two Minute Snow Blade”.

Scan10023-1948-industrial-equip-kandk-snowplow2 Scan10022-1948-industrial-equip-kandk-snowplow1

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Early Newgren Info

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This early Newgren explanation and product list appeared in a late 1940s sales book. The book also included a couple extra pages not specifically about Newgren that I’ve tacked on below. (The jeep could shell corn? I don’t think I’ve seen that attachment?)

Scann10112--newgren-lift2 Scann10112--newgren-lift1 Scan10110-newgren-lift Scan10109-newgren-lift Scan10111-newgren-lift

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Jeepney Promotional Item on **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** on eBay for $70.

Roger spotted this Jeepney toy on eBay.

“For sale is a A Very Rare Promotional Items Supplies Inc. PRO Mite Philippine Jeepney. Model I-80. It was made in the Philippines and is made of tin. It measures 8 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide and stands 3 1/2 inches tall.”


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Late 1940s Uses for Jeeps

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Just this one update for Monday. It was published in a late 1940s sales book. One guy claims he hooked up his windshield wiper vacuum hose to his milking machine to streamlined the milking.

Have a great week!

Scan10079-1946-testimonial-jeep-uses Scan10080-1946-testimonial-jeep-uses