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Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm

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<– Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival | Trip Overview | Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville –>


Sebastian forwarded this photo of Gerald, Augusto, Sebastian, and myself. That’s Sebastian’s CJ-3B to the right.

On the morning of Saturday June 15th, I fixed some breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely start to the day.2013-06-15-bantam-festival-breakfast

At 10:30am, we left camp to stock up on some drinks at the local store. As we exited the one road into the campground and festival we were surprised to see a lineup of folks entering the festival that was at least 2 miles long!

Here are the lines of cars we passed on Saturday morning:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic3

After we made it back to the campground, I gave me second presentation. This time, the audience was much larger! The fact it had gotten warm out and that we were offering water and shade didn’t hurt, either.


These pictures were taken at the show ‘n shine:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival7 2013-06-15-bantam-festival6 2013-06-15-bantam-festival5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival3 2013-06-15-bantam-festival2 2013-06-15-bantam-festival1

Kids big and small weren’t left out of the fun either. There was a large gathering of spectators eager to watch jeeps navigate the offroad course.


And while the crowds weren’t as large for the kids, plenty of fun was had:


And, no this crowd wasn’t there to listen to me . . .


Eventually, we returned to camp, took shelter from the heat and had some dinner.

After dinner, Gerald took us on a cruise of the Cooper Lake campground in his CJ-3B. As he drove, he explained he’d camped at Cooper’s Lake many times, so he showed us just how large the grounds were. We forded a couple streams and rounded the lake while comparing jeeping stories from ‘back in the day’ when we had no gray hair. The scope of all the camping areas with jeeps was a throw back to my experiences in the 1970s. Summer Conventions in the Pacific Northwest were massive then.


Gerald’s driving and his son Will is in the back seat. I’m in the back seat, too. Not the best light for photography, especially with the jeep bouncing.

It was 9pm when we arrived back at our humble camp. Not long after we returned, Ann learned that some big storms were heading our direction. Normally, we wouldn’t mind listening to the rain bounce off the canopy roof above our tent. However, since we still had a week before we’d return home the last thing we wanted was to pack a went canopy and tent in the morning. So, we decided to pack up and head out for Niles, OH. We chose Niles, because it was close to tomorrow’s museum visit: The Packard Museum.

<– Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival | Trip Overview | Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville –>



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