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1953 CJ-3B Camas, WA $42,000

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UPDATE: Still Available. Call Brian at 360-921-0832 for more info. 

“1953 Cj3b Hihood Willys Jeep 350/375 horse small block Chevrolet, rock crusher 4 speed transmission, dana 20 twin stick transfercase ,dana 44 with disc brakes and locker front axle 456, dana 44 centered rearend

456 Detroit locker in rear,postal frame with outboard rear springs,rancho spring in front rancho shocks,aluminun fuel cell ,power steering,tilt whee stainless column,full custom center counsel,heated seats,full cage roll bar all tied to the frame,seats are also all mounted to the roll bar,seats moved back 4 inches for more leg room all custom dash,custom floor boards,custom fire wall,stainless jewells front grill,rear fender flares,front jewells fenders,all jewells stainless brackets,defroster comes out the side of roll bar onto the windshield,under the carpet it is all rino lined,underneath the jeep is just as nice as the rest of the willys,
weld wheels 33×14.50×15 ssr super swampers radials,there are many 100s of hours in metal work done to this willys,
Everything on this willys is new or rebuilt under 500 miles since willys was completed
Also comes with new best top,And stainless windshield frame”

1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-01 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-02 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-03 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-04

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Year? Stainless Flattie Mulino, OR $6500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

Stainless body, but front clip isn’t.

“Had to move. Don’t like seeing my jeep sitting out side. I don’t have to sell it just want someone who will appreciate it to own it. $6500.00 firm. Ground up build. Capped frame. Stainless floor board. Stainless gas tank. Stainless body except front. New brakes. Battery tray with optima. Still the L head motor and factory running gear. Motor was rebuilt and then I bought it to fix up. Maybe 20 hrs on the motor. Cb. Gauges. Steering. Seats. Lights. And 12 volt conversion.”


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Stainless Steel Body San Gabriel, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

“Have you always wanted a Flat Fender Jeep but they all seem to be rust buckets? Well here is your answer, this body will never rust. Reproduction of Jeep CJ3A body except better, complete with frame. More engine room, more leg room. Can’t seem to find the time to work on it so my failure is your good luck. All body parts necessary. Add your suspension and drive train and drive off in a head turner. I am also including a pair of bucket seats and a roll bar in this sale. Complete Body, Frame, Seats and Roll Bar only!”

stainless-steel-body-sangabrielvalley1 stainless-steel-body-sangabrielvalley2 stainless-steel-body-sangabrielvalley3 stainless-steel-body-sangabrielvalley4


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1947 CJ-2A Mina, NV $12,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels

Has a stainless steel body.

“I have a 1947 Willy’s jeep that I put a stainless steel body on. Has rebuilt willy’s motor.disk brakes,’89 front and rear differential, new gear box, custom built 20 gal gas tank, very nice seats. maybe has 6000 miles on running gear. this jeep has taken two seconds and one first at car shows. I am the 2nd owner. I have the original title. I use this jeep for jeeping and show.”

1947-cj2a-mina-nv1 1947-cj2a-mina-nv2

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Stainless Steel Flattie Atascadero, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Call for Price

I imagine this goes fast on the dunes.

“It a flat fender full stanless steel willys from the Philippines. . It has a 383 twin turbo afr aluminum head sbc. In it with a 400 trans with a brake in it it has a supper 14 rear end with leaf springs and 44 up front on coil over it a cj Fram that is box call for.more info thanks”

stainless-steel-drag-jeep2 stainless-steel-drag-jeep3 stainless-steel-drag-jeep4

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1959 Custom Stainless Flattie Syracuse, NY eBay

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The body has been stretched about 12″?

“Customized 1959 CJ5, Rebuilt with a stainless CJ2A custom body with Stainless removable doors, Bikini top, Roll Bar, fold down windshield, Rebuilt AMC 304 V8 with 3 Spee and Dyna transfer case. 35″ tires. One of a kind.”

View all the information on eBay


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1951 Stainless CJ-3A Ewa, HI $10,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,500.

“Fully restored Jeep Willys. Engine and 3speed trans as well as frame are original and in great shape.
The body was redone from the floor up in stainless steel in the Philippines. New safety and registration good till March 2015. This is a collectors Jeep. Not very fast but very strong built for off road. Fun to drive to car shows. It turns heads every where I go. Must sell.”

1951-cj3a-stainless-ewa-hi1 1951-cj3a-stainless-ewa-hi2 1951-cj3a-stainless-ewa-hi3


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Wheeling Discs and New Tires

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Paul continues to make progress on his jeep. He received his tires and has made some custom stainless rim discs.


Paul’s new tires


He writes, “The New Tire Fairy arrived at the house today with eight brand new STA Super Traxion 6.50-16 tires along with eight new inner tubes for the little Willys. I’d been searching the internet for a vintage looking narrow tire with an aggressive tread design that would look good on the Willys so shortly after I discovered these tires I put my credit card to work and placed my order.

I wanted to replace the brand new but 30 year old tires on the Willys so that accounted for 5 tires and I needed 3 more tires for the military trailer (I want the trailer to have it’s own spare tire) so that’s why I bought eight. Shipping wasn’t too expensive since I wasn’t in a hurry and compared to Coker tire who wanted to ship their tires 2nd day air ($1,100 for the tires and an additional $900 for shipping) it was down right reasonable by Alaska standards.”



In this photo he’s testing out the disc concept with poster board.

He writes, “I bought some poster board that was large enough to make full size mock ups of the stainless steel wheel covers I’m thinking of making to cover the plain steel wheels I’ll be using on the Willys. The six larger holes are 1 & 1/2 “ diameter and the smaller holes are 1 “ in diameter. I’ve made other discs, some with more holes and some with less holes on each disc in various patterns but I keep coming back to this design. It’s simple, the spacing of the holes is easy on my eyes and the wheel covers make the tires appear larger and more heavy duty.

Each hole will have a reinforcing ring fastened to the back side of the disc either by 1/8th inch diameter monel raised head style rivets or 3/16” dimeter stainless steel machine screws (the size of the machine screws used on the door just below the window). These doublers and rivets are for style only and not necessary for strength. Each disc will be attached to a wheel by six stainless machine screws and these screws will thread into steel mounts welded to the wheels.”


A completed disc.

“Above is the first wheel disc with the holes drilled and the rivets installed. I gave the plain disc a brushed finish to see what it would look like … I think it’s about as close as I can come to matching the body finish. These wheel discs need to be easy to clean and easy to touch up the finish so a mirror polished disc would require lots of maintenance to keep the metal shiny. I don’t have enough energy to keep up with the mirror finish. 

I finished riveting the last two wheel discs today then I cut a hole thru the center of the front wheel disc slightly larger than the Warn hub so these discs could be test fitted to the wheels on the Willys. The tires on the Willys are still the old new ones and not the new, new ones I recently received since the steel wheels currently on the Willys have the wrong offset and will be replaced with the correct wheels in the near future. Anyway, I think these discs match the Willys much better than the aluminum wheels I was originally planning on using.”


The wheel discs attached. The discs came out a little darker, but that’s probably because of the angle. The discs are made of the same stainless as the rest of the jeep. These are the old tires, not the new ones.



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1942 Flattie Maui, HI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $16,000

Looks like a nice jeep.

“Willys jeep custom built lots of Chrome and stainless contact me”

1942-flattie-maui-hi1 1942-flattie-maui-hi2 1942-flattie-maui-hi3

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1953 CJ-3B Denver, CO $9000

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This is $9000 or best offer. Looks like a great price based on the quality.

“1953 Willys Jeep. Red with chrome accents. Show quality a must see. 4 Wheel dr. Locking hubs Manual 4 speed with Low Mid and High range. Buick v 6 very clean interior rag top.”

View all the information on eBay





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Stainless Windshield Camas, WA $375

• CATEGORIES: Parts, stainless/jewels

Good price.

“I have a 3a stainless windshield frame in nice condition”


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Jewels Roll Cage Kenmore, WA **SOLD**

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Steve’s selling his Parkette racing body and jewels roll bar. The Parkette body is rare, but the jewels stainless steel roll bar might be rarer.

1) **SOLD** Was $750 Vintage 1950 Jeep CJ 3A Best Jewels Stainless Steel roll cage. One of a kind, you’ll not find another one like this.

jewels-stainless-rollbar1 jewels-stainless-rollbar2

2) Was $600. **SOLD** Parkette Racing Body – In good shape. Bobcat Hood, Fenders & Uncut Grille. Great for racer, rat rad, crawler.

parkette-fiberglass-racing-shell1 parkette-fiberglass-racing-shell2

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Paul’s Getting Serious

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Paul really seems serious about finishing his jeep! Below he shares photos and updates:

All sidewall and top upholstery panels have been installed so I began cutting foam for the front seats.


Still waiting on the carpet for the rear wheel well tops, the rear floor and the front seat footwell areas.


Here you’re looking at the rear window panel and the left rear wheel well. I think the gray fabric and the stainless steel look pretty good together.


I’m looking forward to getting the seats upholstered. The gray and blue seat colors should add a bit of color to the interior.


Front seats reinstalled, the foam is rough cut and the combination of thick foam for the bottom and thin foam for the back will allow enough room for me to reach all of the controls and still see out the windshield. The side windows are another matter. I should have Sumo-sized my Willys.


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Stainless Windshield Camas, WA $375

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: Still Available

(08/0/2014) Looks to be a good price.

I have a 3a stainless windshield frame in nice condition”


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Stainless Flattie Auburn, WA $15,500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available

Willys Flat Fender, Jewels Body Kit, Galvanized Tub, Locked front and rear, Buick 4.1L V6 with Holly Pro-injection, Dana 30 front, Dana 44 High Pinion rear, Line-Lock, Warn 8,000 lbs, 4.10 Gears, Stainless Rollcage.”

jewels-flattie-auburn-wa1 jewels-flattie-auburn-wa2

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Stainless Body & Parts Orange County, CA $2500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

Looks like the interior has been painted or lined.

Always wanted a Flat Fender Jeep but they all seem to be rust buckets? Well here is your answer, this body will never rust. Reproduction of Jeep CJ3A body except better, complete with frame. More engine room, more leg room. Can’t seem to find the time to work on it so my failure is your good luck. All body parts necessary. Add your suspension and drive train and drive off in a head turner. I am also including a pair of bucket seats and a roll bar in this sale. I am also selling separately a running 1951 CJ3A that is set up for off road (been on the Jeep Jamboree twice 2002/2003). One plan was to mix the Jeep with the Stainless steel body but again never finding the time to do it! Body, Frame, Seats and Roll Bar only. Does not include tires, wheels, axle and springs show in one of the pictures”

stainless-body-orangecounty1 stainless-body-orangecounty

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Stainless Flattie $5000

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

This was listed in the Sacramento Craigslist, but is really located in the Philippines. Interesting soft top.


1947-stainless-sacramento-ca1 1947-stainless-sacramento-ca2 1947-stainless-sacramento-ca3

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Stainless Stretched Flattie Body Kauai, HI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Stainless Steel Willys Jeep Tub”

stainless-stretched-flattie-tub-hawaii0 stainless-stretched-flattie-tub-hawaii1 stainless-stretched-flattie-tub-hawaii2

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Stainless Body Lancaster, CA $4500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

More parts included.

This is a stainless steel Jeep Body with galvanized steel floor pan. Body has a brushed finish with polished trim edges in many areas. Dash board and engine firewall has polished finish also. More accessories not in photos. This is new, never used. Welcome to call for questions.”

stainless-body-lancaster-ca1 stainless-body-lancaster-ca2

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Anyone Installed Del’s Stainless Bodies?

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

A reader is wondering if anyone has installed one of Del’s stainless bodies: If you have some insight, feel free to email Mike at

I’ve heard many reports of stainless bodies needing some changes to fit properly (some much more than others), but that was on older stainless products. I haven’t received any feedback from Del’s bodies.


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Stainless Flattie Fenders Camas, WA $500

• CATEGORIES: Parts, stainless/jewels

These appear to have a little wear, but it might be the reflections.

“Jewells stainless fenders”


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1949 Stainless Flattie Seattle, WA $29,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

This hasn’t been used much.

“I have owned this Willy’s for 20 years, built from the ground up……
Tub, fenders, grill, tailgate, roll bar, are in stainless steel…….the Willys features a 1957 Chevrolet 283 V8, turbo 350 transmission, Toyota transfer case, dana 44 reverse rearend, 373 gears, tilt steering, P.S., P.B.,…..With less than 3000 miles on the drivetrain, it has never been off road, just shown a few times at local car shows. Goodguys Pick/Award winner … incredible amount of hours and money went into this build. I have it priced well below investment. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! $29,500″


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Stainless Steel Parts Centennial, CO $1300

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: Still Available

(11/24/2013) This looks like a good price for all those parts.

“Custom made stainless steel kit for CJ2,3 A and B. This kit was manufactured in Washington state and cost me over 2500, I never completed this project and now selling the kit. You can see on attached how this kit looks on the jeep. Please call Simona 303-993 9622.”


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A Few Photos from Paul’s Project

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Paul forwarded a few photos for us to drool over. He’s getting closer and closer to ‘launch’. He recently completed building the stainless gas tank and installing it.

12-02-2013-paul-stainless-jeep3 12-02-2013-paul-stainless-jeep2 12-02-2013-paul-stainless-jeep1

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1948 Flattie Garden Grove, CA $3950

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

This has a variety of customizations.

“1948 Jeep Willy V8 Automatic
Brakes, lights, horn and wipers are good.
New engine and battery.
Transmission and engine both run good.
New tires
New radiator
New registration

Call 714-606-2337 if you’re interested”

1948-cj2a-gardengrove-ca1 1948-cj2a-gardengrove-ca2 1948-cj2a-gardengrove-ca3 1948-cj2a-gardengrove-ca4