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1949? Stainless Flattie Milton, WV **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Jordan shared this one. Could make someone a good project. Not many stainless bodies popping up for sale anymore.

“Stainless steel Jeep CJ3 replica extended body with custom frame made for it, no motor or tranny, no rust holes!!”

1949-cj3a-stainless-wv2 1949-cj3a-stainless-wv3 1949-cj3a-stainless-wv4

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Year? CJ-2A The Dalles, OR $7500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Currently, the yellow CJ-2A is for sale for $7500. I don’t know if the red jeep was auctioned off or not on June 25th (see bottom pic). but clearly the yellow one did not sell at the auction.

“Stock parts, Odometer reads 22,977. Needs new brakes.
Contact Auction Sales Co for more info. 541.296.1012”

1950-cj3a-thedalles-6 1950-cj3a-thedalles-7 1950-cj3a-thedalles-8 1950-cj3a-thedalles-9


This image shows the red jeep. It has a Bobcat hood. This was taken prior to the June 25th auction.


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1953 Stainless Flattie Biggs, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

This is 2WD currently.

“All stainless Willys 5.3 vortec with mild cam, 4l60 2wd tranny with valve bodies. Have a stack og receipts for the engine swap. In it’s current shape its 2wd on drag slicks, perfect platform to make a one of a kind crawler”

1953-flattie-stainless-biggs-ca1 1953-flattie-stainless-biggs-ca2 1953-flattie-stainless-biggs-ca3 1953-flattie-stainless-biggs-ca4

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Year? Stainless Custom 2WD Jeep Detroit, MI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Jeep Rods, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17,995.

This stainless roadster was spotted for sale by Roger Martin. It’s an interesting build to look at, but I have been told that caution should be taken when dealing with the seller (Gateway Classic Cars).

year-stainless-det-mi2 year-stainless-det-mi3


“1941 Willys Jeep for sale in our Detroit showroom! This Jeep is a blast from the past! This Jeep for sale is an attention grabber! You will get looks up and down the road! This 1941 Willys is a full custom build with a custom made stainless steel body that is 4 inches longer in the front seat area and 6 inches longer in the rear seat area which makes for a much more comfortable ride. The floorboards are raised 3 inches and it is sitting on a reproduction Willys frame from the firewall back.
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1942? Flattie Maui, HI $20,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels

Lots of updates on this highly chromes/stainless flattie.

“1942 willys jeep buick V6, 3spd with overdrive. Lots of chrome inside and out. Check out the pictures $20,000 or best offer. Serious inquiries only no joyrides. Will consider trades for hot rod of equal value no motorcycles.”

1942-mb-flattie-hi0 1942-mb-flattie-hi01 1942-mb-flattie-hi1 1942-mb-flattie-hi2

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Stainless Steel Body Kit Bass Lake, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATED: **SOLD** Was $6000.

It’s priced at $6k, but the seller is willing to consider offers. Thanks to TJ for spotting it!





“Purchased in 1978 from the Phillipines, this stainless steeel kit has never been used. I am guessing it is from around 1944 but buyer is to verify if that is important to you. Purchase does not include any type of title or other paperwork. This vehicle has never been registered.

It is in excellent vintage condition. Please consider all photographs as part of the condition. The body has some small scratches that could be buffed out.
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1942? Stainless Flattie San Bernardino, CA $30,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels

I suspect this is on a 1947 CJ-2A chassis based on the 81136 serial number. There are a few more than a few stainless bodies out there.



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1954 CJ-3B Stainless Edinburg, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** “Was $12,000.

(08/15/2018) This looks to be a stainless body and front clip to me.

“1954 Willys Jeep CJ3B
Serial #’s match on
Engine, transmission and frame.
4 X 4.
Engine and transmission in perfect conditions.”
1954-cj3b-stainless-edinburg-tx1 1954-cj3b-stainless-edinburg-tx2 1954-cj3b-stainless-edinburg-tx3 1954-cj3b-stainless-edinburg-tx4


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1948 CJ-2A Thornton, CO $10,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels

Looks like a stainless body with some nice updates.

“I am selling a 1948 Jeep CJ2 with a Chevy 327 v8 and 4 speed transmission with a Warn overdrive. Here is the back story. I bought this Jeep in December from a man who owned and built this Jeep from 1976-2017. In that time he managed to save every recite and manual from his build. I have 41 years of paperwork. When I asked him why he’s selling it he responded with, “I’m too old and too fat to drive the thing.” Since owning it all I have done is drive it about 100 miles and replaced a fuel tank. I’m selling it because, full disclosure, I barley fit in it and I’m looking at a motorcycle I want to buy. I’m also open to equal trades, trade plus you give me money or trade and I give you money. Make an offer.”

1948-cj2a-denver-colo2003 1948-cj2a-denver-colo2004 1948-cj2a-denver-colo2005 1948-cj2a-denver-colo2006

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Stainless Bodied Jeep Houston, TX $12,500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

Looks like it needs finishing.

“Stainless Steel Jeep body handmade in Philippines one of six in the US . Titled as a stainless steel Nanding Jeep sitting on a Willy’s Jeep frame new tires have top and extra parts bumpers and lights. This is a 1992 titled Jeep”

stainless-jeep-dallas-tx2 stainless-jeep-dallas-tx3 stainless-jeep-dallas-tx4

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1947 CJ-2A Stainless Jeep Mina, NV **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

(04/14/2017) “1947 stainless willy’s jeep. ’89 front and rear differentials. Custom 20 gal gas tank. Willy’s 4 Cy engine. Just rebuilt. Disk brakes. Nice seats. Took 1st and second in the Bishop car show. Never worry about rust.”



1947-cj2a-stainless-mina-nv1 1947-cj2a-stainless-mina-nv2 1947-cj2a-stainless-mina-nv3 1947-cj2a-stainless-mina-nv4

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1953 Stainless Tailgate Reno, NV $430

• CATEGORIES: Parts, stainless/jewels

Looks like a  good price.

“New stainless steel tailgate”


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Year? Stainless Flattie Valencia, CA $1300

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, stainless/jewels

UPDATE: Seller added a price. Looks like a great price!

(12/11/2017) “Needs some work!4cyl, auto, 2 wheel drive! Stainless front end and galvanized tubb Been sitting ! Needs carb rebuilt and flush gas tank and seat redone! Will trade for a motorcycle”

stainless-flattie-valencia-ca1 stainless-flattie-valencia-ca2 stainless-flattie-valencia-ca3 stainless-flattie-valencia-ca9

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1942? Stainless Flattie Santa Clarita, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

It needs some work.

“Complete! Been sitting for years!Needs work! 2 wheel dr! Will trade for ?? Or $5500”

1942-stainless-flattie-santaclarita1 1942-stainless-flattie-santaclarita2 1942-stainless-flattie-santaclarita3 1942-stainless-flattie-santaclarita4

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Stainless Body Creswell, OR $4500

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/26/2017) Looks like it hasn’t been mounted.

“93 Inch Wb, fits CJ7 frame.”

stainless-body-crewswell-or2 stainless-body-crewswell-or

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CJ-3B Stainless Kit North Bend, WA $10,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, stainless/jewels

It would be interesting to know if this was a new one or an older one, such as a Jewels. No desciption provided.

cj3b-stainless-kit-northbend-wa1 cj3b-stainless-kit-northbend-wa2

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Year? Stainless Flattie Colton, OR **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

(03/24/2017) Has a stainless body, but standard front clip.

“Had to move. Don’t like seeing my jeep sitting out side. I don’t have to sell it just want someone who will appreciate it to own it. $6500.00 obo. Ground up build. Capped frame. Stainless floor board. Stainless gas tank. Stainless body except front. New brakes. Battery tray with optima. Still the L head motor and factory running gear. Motor was rebuilt and then I bought it to fix up. Maybe 20 hrs on the motor. Cb. Gauges. Steering. Seats. Lights. And 12 volt conversion”


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Stainless Steel Windshield Scappoose, WA $300

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

I haven’t seen many of these angular stainless windshields.

“Stainless Steel Windshield
CJ3A Flat Fender Willy’s Jeep”


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Stainless Steel Jeep Scottown, WV $3900

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

Craig shared this find. I wonder why type of axles or chassis is underneath the body. It doesn’t look like jeep hubs.

“1954 Style (replica) stainless steel Willy’s Jeep. Consists of body, frame, wheels, tires, steering column. No engine or drive train!! (This is a make it the way you want it project) Comes with a factory Jeep car cover with the logo JEEP on it in large letters. Will deliver up to 100 miles from location for additional $100.00. Will reply to all questions.”

stainless-jeep-huntington-wv1 stainless-jeep-huntington-wv2 stainless-jeep-huntington-wv3 stainless-jeep-huntington-wv4

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1946 CJ-2A Sedona, AZ $17,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

Nice build.

“Show quality. All steel galvanized “Body by Jewels”. Stainless Steel fenders, windshield, dash and tailgate. 350 cu Chevy 4 bolt mains, (blueprinted and balanced, 02 heads, RV cam). Crane Electronic Ignition, Dana 44 front with Superwinch Hubs. Dana 60 Rear with Dyna Trac Hubs and full floater axles. Boxed frame. 3/4 ton Blazer suspension. Front and rear disk brakes. Front and Rear Air Lockers. Dual fuel tanks. Onboard Air. New (100 miles) 33 X 10 BFG All Terran tires. Mostly driven on pavement but set-up for serious off-roading. Tow Bar included. I’ve owned it for 20 years but I’m getting a little long in the tooth and it only gets driven a couple of hundred mile a year now. Time for someone else to enjoy it.”

1946-cj2a-sedona-az2 1946-cj2a-sedona-az3 1946-cj2a-sedona-az4 1946-cj2a-sedona-az5

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1953 CJ-3B Camas, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, stainless/jewels • TAGS: , , , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $42,000.

“1953 Cj3b Hihood Willys Jeep 350/375 horse small block Chevrolet, rock crusher 4 speed transmission, dana 20 twin stick transfercase ,dana 44 with disc brakes and locker front axle 456, dana 44 centered rearend

456 Detroit locker in rear,postal frame with outboard rear springs,rancho spring in front rancho shocks,aluminun fuel cell ,power steering,tilt whee stainless column,full custom center counsel,heated seats,full cage roll bar all tied to the frame,seats are also all mounted to the roll bar,seats moved back 4 inches for more leg room all custom dash,custom floor boards,custom fire wall,stainless jewells front grill,rear fender flares,front jewells fenders,all jewells stainless brackets,defroster comes out the side of roll bar onto the windshield,under the carpet it is all rino lined,underneath the jeep is just as nice as the rest of the willys,
weld wheels 33×14.50×15 ssr super swampers radials,there are many 100s of hours in metal work done to this willys,
Everything on this willys is new or rebuilt under 500 miles since willys was completed
Also comes with new best top,And stainless windshield frame”

1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-01 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-02 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-03 1953-cj3b-stainless-camas-wa-04

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1968? Stainless Flattie Milan, MI $21,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, CJ5, stainless/jewels • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available. 

(06/03/2016) “JeepWillys frame Stainless steel body V6 Buick motor auto transmission 4×4”





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Stainless Steel Body Granbury, TX $3450

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: Price dropped to $3450.

(04/09/2016) Project ready.

“I Have a brand new stainless steel Body for a Willys Jeep CJ2A or CJ3A.
Ist all new with Fenders, Tailgate, Hood and Windshield Frame.”


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Jewels Stainless Body Camas, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9750.

(04/01/2016) This is a Jewels body kit.

“Jewells stainless willys, 3a,complete body kit, tub fenders Hood ,Grill ,roll bar seats ,pedals ,gauges all locks and latches fenders, fender flares ,tailgate ,Jewell’s bikini top with all bows and braces,steps ,grab bars,stainless fuel tank,side storage boxes, underneath steps ,safari rack,spare tire carrier ,2 full tubs of extras , all of these parts are stamped Jewell’s this is a complete Jewells stainless body kit,I have two of these complete body kits for sale.
$8,500.00 Each OBO Trades welcome

Also will sell separate 6 sets of fenders 10 tailgates front and rear stainless fender flares another four or five big boxes full of jewells stainless miscellaneous parts locks and latches glove box lid shackles hitch spare tire carrier,

willys-stainless-jewels-or0 willys-stainless-jewels-or1 willys-stainless-jewels-or2 willys-stainless-jewels-or3 willys-stainless-jewels-or4

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Stainless Flattie Fenders Camas, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

Seller has multiple sets.

“Jewells stainless fenders willys ,New never mounted fenders
I have 6 sets if theses fenders and many other Jewells stsinless parts for sale.
Also have complete jewells 3a jeep body for sale.”