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Hy Lo Snow Plow Parts Western, NC $250


Don’s selling these snow plow parts.

“Hy Lo Jeep Snow Plow parts removed from a CJ3A Jeep but may fit other models. Most everything except the blade. The hydraulic cylinder would move up and down before we removed it and other than that we know very little about these.”


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2 Project Jeeps Pleasant Hill, OR $4000


There seem to be 3 chassis, one with a WWII body and one with a CJ-2A body (ex Brush Busters Jeep Club jeep).

“Forced to sell my willyz projects. I have two Willyz flat fenders for sale one is a 1943 and one is a 1945. There is also a 1980s chassis with a complete engine. Not sure if it runs, it does spin over. Also included is a pile of parts and a running Buick v6 engine. Both “jeeps” have all body including both windshields in perfect condition. The 1943 frame has been slightly modified to fit scout suspension. I am selling the whole package as a unit. Need it gone as soon as possible $4000 or best offer, at this point ALL offers will be considered. I hate to part with it all but there is no other option.”

jeeps-ph-or4 jeeps-ph-or5 jeeps-ph-or6 jeeps-ph-or7

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Monroe Lift Parts Rochester, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **Tentatively sold** Was $800.

Bill has these Monroe lift parts for sale.

monroe-lift-parts3 monroe-lift-parts


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CJ-3B Hardtop Homewood, NV $400


No pics provided.

“Full hardtop off CJ3B. Hardtop only for sale.
Koenig all steel.
All windows intact except rear door.
Very straight…
Needs clean up, paint and felt in window runner channels.
Pictures are of top prior to removal.”

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CJ-5 Koenig Model 555 Half-top Colfax, WI $500

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts • TAGS: .

Tim’s selling this Koenig model 555 half-cab. The doors do not include the window mechanisms. Colfax, Wisconsin is about 60 miles east of Minneapolis, MN. You can contact him by phone at 715 308 3207.

“I recently bought a second halfcab, a Koenig model 555, not realizing that my half-cab does not interchange with it. I have taken the window mechanisms from that cab, but have no use for the rest of it. It weighs almost 300 pounds, and is obviously bulky, even though it is completely disassembled. I can deliver it within reason”





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Jeep Shop Parts Sale Oregon City, OR

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts

Blaine let me know about this sale. The business formerly known as R&P has a big sale on parts this weekend (23rd & 24th). And and I visited the place back in 2014 when it was still R&P 4WD Parts. I’d like to check it out, but Ann’s family reunion is this weekend at our place (think chaos ..)!

parts4 parts3 parts2 parts1


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Trucks, Jeepsters, Wagons, and FC Parts Toledo, OH

• CATEGORIES: Parts, Willys Wagons

I thought I had posted this. Thanks to Andy for sharing it.

parts-toledo-oh4 parts-toledo-oh5 parts-toledo-oh6 parts-toledo-oh7 parts-toledo-oh8 parts-toledo-oh9

“Moving to Arizona, a Willys restorer is selling the parts he has accumulated over 40 years.
This is a showing by appointment.
Some of the parts include:

* Wagon bodies on frame
* Body Trim
* Interior seats
* Dash parts, gauges
* Door handles, window cranks
* Wheels, Tires
* Hoods
* Fenders
* Bumpers

Some photos to give you an idea. This collection of parts is located in the Toledo, Ohio area.”

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Fiberglass Body Columbia City, IN $500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts • TAGS: .

Looks like an older body based on the interior discoloration.

“Willys jeep fiberglass body may trade foe Willy’s pickup or wagon parts”


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Early CJ-2A Grille Blacksburg, VA eBay


Chris is selling this early 2A grille.

View all the information on eBay

“Vintage Willys Jeep CJ2A Grille Very Original Condition. Repair or restore. Came off 1946 CJ2A”


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Military Hardtop Ione, WA $450


Seller acknowledges that the pics aren’t the best.

“Hard top, doors, some glass, complete, plus soft doors for 1947Military Willys Jeep.
it is 95% complete $ 450.00 or Best Offer, or trade.
Took pics off my phone , not the best. NO dents original military paint. Window rubber seals there, but some glass cracked or missing. doors have sliding windows.”


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1/2 Cab and Full Hardtop Santa Fe, NM No Price

• CATEGORIES: Parts • TAGS: , .

Two different tops or sale: One is a full military ‘arctic’-style top and what looks to be a Sears-Allstate branded half cab.

“I Have 2 older Willys jeep Cabs with doors , one is Aluminum , the other is a Galvanize Half Cab, not sure the years I think there are Early 50’s 800.00 OBO”

half-cab-full-cab-farmington-nm1 half-cab-full-cab-farmington-nm2

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Jeep and Parts Collection Norco, CA $35,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-6, CJ5, Parts

David shared this link. Unclear just how much value is here. It’s difficult to understand the entire scope of what’s for sale. I don’t see any running/driving jeeps pictured.

“This deal is not for the faint of heart, but you will make money off this deal! I have 3 CJ6’s & 1 CJ5 parts Jeeps plus 4 other jeeps almost ready. I got parts out the wahzoo! Engines & transmissions body parts, and more. Must have a way to transport yourself & MUST TAKE ALL.”

jeeps-norco4 jeeps-norco5 jeeps-norco6 jeeps-norco7 jeeps-norco8 jeeps-norco9 jeeps-norco10

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CJ-3B Body Kit Sherman, TX $4227

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

If you need a 3B body now, this might be an option. Chassis does not appear to be included.

“Brand new body for a 1960’s Willys Jeep body. No wait for shipping, come pick it up today. Fits 53-64 CJ-3B (stamped WILLS). Fenders, hood, windshield frame and tailgate all included.”

year-3b-body-kit-sherman-tx2 year-3b-body-kit-sherman-tx3 year-3b-body-kit-sherman-tx4

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Whitco Soft Top Boots Monaca, PA $250/each


Tom spotted these rare items.

“Red White or Blue”

whitco-top-boots1 whitco-top-boots2

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Monroe 3PT Hitch Elverson, PA $1500


I haven’t seen one of these listed in a while.

“Vintage (1940’s) farm implement hitch for Willys Jeep. This item is rusty and needs restoration and has no broken or re-welded parts. Item is for local pick up only. See attached photos. As Is with no warranty”


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Radio Power Pack for WWII Jeep


The title is also the description. No pics provided. Thanks to Bill if this turns out to be something cool.

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CJ-5 Meyer Hardtop Coopersburg, PA $900


Steve shared this Meyer branded hardtop. It may be an ex-forest service hardtop.

“Meyers metal hardtop for CJ jeeps. Includes doors and hardware. ( Mounting hinges and door handles. Very good shape.”

meyer-hardtop-forest-service-coopersburg-pa2 meyer-hardtop-forest-service-coopersburg-pa3 meyer-hardtop-forest-service-coopersburg-pa4

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Kelly CJ-5 Hardtop? Ventura, CA No Price


David shared this ad. It looks to be some of the parts for a CJ-5 Kelly hardtop. However, I do not see pics of the rear door or the top portion of the top.

“These fit a 60s to 70s jeep m38 or cj5 these may be the only metal doors like these in the entire state of California, they both need door handles and the window mechanism works just fine and the window glass is in perfect condition also they do make after market doors handles for these doors.”

hardtop-kelly-cali2 hardtop-kelly-cali3 hardtop-kelly-cali4

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Soft Top Jacksonville, FL $850


I suspect someone could use this top.

“Complete with all brackets bows and windshield thumb screws you won’t need to buy anything to install. US made not china junk.”

soft-top-fl1 soft-top-fl2

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1944 MB Chassis NJ $400


Maybe someone can use this chassis that Steve spotted?

“I have a 1944 MB frame with axles. The frame has bubba repairs in the front and some minor rust on the rail. I’ve seen worse repaired. The axles were fine the last time I drove it. I do not have a title.”


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Rear PTO Gearbox Dungannon, VA $500


No description provided.


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M-38 Split Windshield Frame $600

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts • TAGS: .

Buz is selling this unique windshield frame for the M-38. He has the paper work from the Government and work order to document its origins. Contact Buz Kanzenbach via phone 757 403 9964  or email buzkan @  (remove spaces around the @).

“Split M-38 windshield excellent shape. This is a rare item! Authorized By Order of the Army, The Secretary of The Army. When it was broken during the Korean War it was transferred from a 1 piece two a 2 piece, to save glass. I know of only 2 frames in existence.”

Here are a few others from the archives that might be M-38 split windshields

1) This M-38 appears to have one:
2) Possibly a modified one(?):


m38-split-windshield-frame-6 m38-split-windshield-frame-8 m38-split-windshield-frame-9 m38-split-windshield-frame-10


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Braedenton, FL Jeep Parts, Signs, Etc for Sale $1.25M

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts

Jim forwarded a FB post showing that the folks that bought the Bradenton, FL, jeep parts store has listed the contents at a price of $1.25M. (we previously discussed the sale of the store contents here)

There are some wondering vintage toys and signs and parts, but I expect that price will drop. The expense to identify, inventory, pack, ship, unpack, post online, and ready the parts for shipping is a massive and expensive undertaking I would imagine, which drops the value. That said, I sure would like a few of those toys and signs though!


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Koenig CJ-3A? Half Cab Colorado Springs, CO $650


Jo-Jo is selling this half cab which I think is for a CJ-3A.

“Half hard top make by Koenig Iron works
Willys CJ Jeep Half Hard Top.
All original, even has the manufacture tag.
Roll up original windows and extra set of handles.
Let me know if you have any questions.”

koenig-half-cab-cs-co4 koenig-half-cab-cs-co5 koenig-half-cab-cs-co6 koenig-half-cab-cs-co7 koenig-half-cab-cs-co8 koenig-half-cab-cs-co9

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2 Koenig Model 330 Hardtops Grand Junction, CO $150/each


There seems to be some value here.

“2 Different Koenig 330 hard tops with doors for a CJ2A.
1 has ambulance type doors, 1 has lift gate door.
1 comes with windshield frame.
$150.00 each, cash only.”


2-koenig-hardtops-model-330-gj-co01 2-koenig-hardtops-model-330-gj-co0 2-koenig-hardtops-model-330-gj-co1

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