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1960 FC-150 Manual Urbandale, IA $40


Rick shared this manual. I’m sure someone can use it.


“1960 Jeep Owner’s Manual for
Forward Control Model FC-150 4-Wheel Drive Truck
Water damage and some staining
Overall pretty good condition for its age,
No tears, rips or folds
Very small damage on front lower right corner and
front page (barely noticible)
Paperback, binding intact”

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Hugo Vidal Has Published His Book

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The book was larger than I expected. It was a pleasure for me to read.

Hugo Vidal, that 85 year old intrepid traveler from Brazil (and founder of AVM) has published his book. I received a copy last week and tore right through it. It’s written in both Portuguese and English. Since Ann and I traveled with Hugo and his son Fernando last year for four weeks, I knew most of the stories he included in his book. But, there were a few new ones and some fuller explanations on others. It’s also full of photos, some I hadn’t seen.

Most of the book centers on the 1956/1957 trip. But, there’s a little bit at the end about the 2017 Alaska Or Rust adventure. And on that, I have a minor quibble. Hugo remembers me contacting him about joining us on the trip. Actually, it was Hugo who contacted me. His eagerness was infectious, as this email extract, the second email he wrote me, underscores:

“…. Since we only heard about the Alaska or Rust caravan yesterday, my son and I rushed to try and find a way of joining in. But I understand now that participation is closed. Even though we don´t even have a vehicle yet, if there is a chance for a place in the waiting list we will somehow purchase, lease, borrow or steal one….”

Hugo told me that he shipped some books over the US, but I’m still awaiting more information on how folks can purchase a copy. I will pass on the information as soon as I know more. Here are a few pics.


Hugo dressed as a Dutch Maiden while on their jeep trip. You’ll have to read the book to learn why.


On the left is Hugo’s restored CJ-3B. On the right was the 3B for the trip. Note the custom bed extender on the back.


Ann took this photo of Hugo and Fernando, I believe in Jasper National Park in Canada.


From left to right we have Charles Downey, Hugo Vidal, and Jan Stekly.


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Alaska Or Rust!! 2107 …. The Book

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UPDATE II: Merlin has created an order page for the book. Payment by check or credit card (no PayPal), check preferred. Directions are all on the order page. After April 20th all books will be direct from publisher and more expensive.

We may have a handful of books for sale at the Midwest Willys Reunion, but probably not too many.

UPDATE: I confirmed with Merlin that the first run of hardcover books will cost $40 and that will include shipping in the continental US. The book is 144 pages with over 300 color photos.  After that, the book will be available through at a cost of $42 + shipping (I suspect they print and mail them to order).  When Merlin is ready, he will create a book order page on his website. He will only be accepting checks or money orders. I will let you know when he’s ready.

Printing number one of the book will be hardcover edition.  I really like the hardcover so I will probably only release a paperback down the road, or maybe just print some and sell them at shows.  As soon as I have the postage details together I will start accepting orders for books and I will setup a blog post with instructions on how to pre-order.

Merlin Hanson has authored a photo book on our trip to Alaska and received his first full proof yesterday. He doesn’t plan to print a lot of extra books, but I would be curious to know if anyone has any interest in purchasing a copy (I thought of this last night and still need to check with Merlin about it).

alaska-or-rust-the-book0 alaska-or-rust-the-book1 alaska-or-rust-the-book3 alaska-or-rust-the-book4 alaska-or-rust-the-book5 alaska-or-rust-the-book6


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1942 Croft Cartoons Jeep Book on eBay

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Only a few hours left on this. The current price is $19.99.

“JEEP Croft Cartoons by Croft Men (1942). 37 Page Booklet of JEEP Based Cartoon / Comic WWII Action!”

View all the information on eBay


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1940-1954 Willys Production Story

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** It was listed at $899.95.

The price for this is way outside my budget (currently priced at $899.95), but it might have some great pieces of info. The most interesting thing I see documented is that we can finally put to rest the question of whether the military purchased any CJ-2As for military use. According to the chart on the second photo below, Willys-Overland sold the military 605 CJ-2As (along with 140 station wagons and 190 trucks) between 1946-1948.





“Here I have an Excellent Condition Book The WILLYS STORY
1940 TO DATE MARCH 1954

Book measures about 11 x 10 inches and is 90 pages counting the dividers 94 pages counting the covers. Has a Comb Binding

Pages are printed on heavy Posterboard stock
Is filled with great photos

This is a prohibitively RARE piece. I am only able to present 12 photos, which does not do justice to this book. I have described in great detail, section-by-section of what is included. If there are pics you would like to see that I have described but are not shown, please message me and I will get them to you.

Has a great photo of perhaps the RAREST of all Willys Products The 1949 WILLYS JEEPSTER Total units produced 8,804
(for 1949 & 1950 combined)
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1968 Jeepster Comparison Booklet on eBay

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This publication was designed to teach the sales force and dealers about the new Jeepster Commando and Jeepster Convertible. Looks interesting.

“This is a vintage 1968 Jeepster Comparison Data Brochure, measuring approximately 5.75×8.5” and is 20 pages long. It is an original piece of literature from Kaiser Jeep not a reprint and is in very good to excellent condition. Dated April 1968. Carefully stored since new, minimal handling, center staples tight, clean with no smudges, tears or folds. “7-68″ written lightly in pencil on bottom left of back cover. Contents include b&w photos, competitive vehicle comparisons, exterior and interior comparisons, general appearance, engines, frames, electrical, suspension, drive line, body, safety features, etc. Models covered include the 1968 Jeepster Convertible and Commando.”

View all the information on eBay

1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet1 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet2 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet4 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet5

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1950s Mechanic’s Industrial Engine Manual on eBay

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I can’t remember running across one of these industrial manuals.

“rare Willys Jeep 4 & 6 cylinder industrial engine service manual and parts lists 168 pages,front and back cover dirt and little torn at bookbinding.interior very clean.see my other items on my eBay store thank you !!.”

jeep-industrial-parts-list-book1 jeep-industrial-parts-list-book2 jeep-industrial-parts-list-book3

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1942(?) Army & Signal Corps Book on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Books, Features

This 35 page book looks interesting. It’s a reprint, but may be an old reprint.

“From a cache of WWII military jeep and motorcycle parts hidden away many years. A number of books and manuals were included.This is a 35 page Photo book produced in 1942 for introduction to the troops of the 1/4 ton 4×4 vehicle Reconnaissance later known as the Jeep. It’s filled with photographs and details for the use of the jeep vehicle. The book measures 8 1/2″ x 11′.with 35 pages, it’s listed as used, as I don’t know it’s actual history so listed as a reprint, great original period photographs and jeep details.”

View all the information on eBay







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“What I Saw At Willys Overland” Booklet for sale on eBay

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This has some neat drawings. You can see some of the images here.

“About 8 1/2 by 5 5/8 inches and there are 20 pages with covers”

View all the information on eBay


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Willys Overland Mechanic’s Manual on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

This appears to be a collection of service manuals and more.

“Purchased from an estate sale of a Vietnam veteran that was a mechanic there…as the story goes. This binder is in very good condition for it’s age. No breaks or signs of visual wear. It is packed full, as seen in the last picture, of all different types of service type manuals from the mid 60’s to early 70’s as best as I can tell. There are some Willys, Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, Renault, Chevrolet, tons of other service information. So much information that would be impossible to list it all. All pages are also in very good condition. Very interesting piece of history!”

View all the information on eBay



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1941 Willys MA Tech Book on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Thanks to Pascal for spotting this one.

“You are bidding on a rare original maintenance manual for the Willys MA prototype jeep. It’s a little dirty buy all pages are present. And in good shape. Will consider trading for other prototype parts or manuals for GP or bantam brc. Good luck and happy bidding!”

View all the information on eBay


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3? Late 1940s Manuals Cleveland, OH $40

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

That Willys Overland Mechanic’s manual might be interesting.

“late 40’s to early 50’s Willys Overland manuals: parts manual, mechanics manual, owners manual, and 6 to 12 volt conversion, complete, excellent condition.”


willys-jeepster-book3 willys-jeepster-book4

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Willys Overland Mechanics Binder on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Books, Features

There’s a bunch of information inside this. I’m not sure how much jeep information there is or not.

“Purchased from an estate sale of a Vietnam veteran that was a mechanic there…as the story goes. This binder is in very good condition for it’s age. No breaks or signs of visual wear. It is packed full, as seen in the last picture, of all different types of service type manuals from the mid 60’s to early 70’s as best as I can tell. There are some Willys, Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, Renault, Chevrolet, tons of other service information. So much information that would be impossible to list it all. All pages are also in very good condition. Very interesting piece of history!”

View all the information on eBay



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WARBABY By William Spear

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Today I received Bill Spear’s new book, WARBABY: The True Story of the Original Jeep. In it Bill explores the history of the first jeep, the Bantam BRC in detail. The book looks beautiful, full of text and photographs. I can’t wait to dive into it; and at 400 pages, there’s plenty to explore!

The first edition printing will be limited to 1,000 copies. The price is $60, but to me, having leafed through it today, this effort appears well worth the cost. Learn more over at Bill’s website:


While you wait for the book, check out this one hour plus presentation by Bill Spears:

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Children’s Book: Jeremy and the Red Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Author Debra Lenser and illustrator Kim Sponaugle based this childrens book on Debra’s son, Jeremy Lenser , and his 1948 CJ-2A. You can find it on Amazon.

Jeremy and Red Jeep are on a road trip when they happen upon Chester, a traveling tortoise, on his way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chester is stuck, and it’s up to Jeremy and Red Jeep to set him free.


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Set of 1941 Ford GP Manuals on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Books

This is pretty neat set of books. The price is already at $810 with 8 days to go!

“This auction lot consists of one original very, very scarce book called SERVICE SCHOOL FOR U.S. ARMY INSTRUCTORS ON Ford U.S. ARMY VEHICLES 1941 as published by Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan for instruction schools conducted at the Ford Rouge Plant in Detroit and Ford Traveling Schools conducted on American Army Bases.”

View all the information on eBay



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1947 CJ-2A Lakeside, AZ $1800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1800.

(08/09/2016) Has a PTO winch. Runs.

“1947 willys jeep 4wd for sale runs great had motor rebuilt less than 1,000 miles ago, needs new gas tank has rust in it but still can start,gas tank is approx.150 dollars,has rare pto unit power take off.The jeep is very original with flat head four motor.Its a great jeep for finish restoring $2,400 obo.”

1947-cj2a-lakeside-az-1 1947-cj2a-lakeside-az-2 1947-cj2a-lakeside-az-3 1947-cj2a-lakeside-az-4

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M-151 Updated Jeep Government Contract Proposal on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features, M-151

For M-151 folks this should be an interesting document.

“Here I have a prohibitively RARE
(1 of only 4 Copies Made)
Updated Proposal by Kaiser / Willys Motors
Proposal for the M151 Jeep Government Contract.
Check out the photos and you will note that this books consists of

A Leather Cover containing:
An introductory letter indicating that this was introduced “in Quadruplilcate” notes addressing issues with the original proposal including dates of telegraphs sent in reference to this publication.

This letter has bee added to the original Proposal as the first page in a comb-style binder. This is turn is inserted into the leather cover.

TRUCK, UTILITY, ¼ TON, 4×4, M151
IFB AMC-20-113-63-0055(T)

Book is approximately 60 pages.
Leather cover measures about 11 ½ x 9 inches”

View all the information on eBay



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DJ-3A Galas & Frank M. Brandstetter

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I recently ordered a biography called Brandy: Our Man in Acapulco as part of some research into DJs at the Las Brisas Resort in Acapulco. I was surprised to see the cover included a color photo, one I’ve never seen, of nine DJ-5 surrey/galas in Las Brisas. There’s an entire chapter on Las Brisas, so I’m hoping for some good research information.

I’ve only gone through the book briefly, but the book credits Brandsetter with taking over Las Brisas in 1959 and turning it into the world’s top resort by 1972. They also claim Frank instituted the resort’s no tipping policy, but that policy was actually implemented by founder Juan March and existed for more than a year before Brandsetter entered the picture as evidenced in a Feb. 28, 1958 Milwaukee Sentinel article. There is an entire chapter devoted to Brandy and Las Brisas, so hopefully there will be some interesting tidbits and research vectors.


Article from 1958:


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Royal Tournament Crate-to-Jeep Contest Info

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Does anyone have information on the crate-to-jeep building races held at Royal Tournament shows during the 1950s (probably earlier as well)? The Olyslager’s The JEEP book references such shows (pg 50 & 51 — see below). I have an old jeep club friend who is trying to find out more information about these to share with a veteran’s group.

olyslager-pg50 olyslager-pg51

A slightly different event also occurred during this time using what were called MALT jeeps, specially built jeeps that could be driven into an arena, taken apart, the parts passed through a hole, and reassembled. I discuss the MALT jeeps a little more here.

The MALT events probably evolved into modern counterparts that have been featured in videos like one below, because the modern contests also feature specially built jeeps. 

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Here Comes the Jeep book

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

This book was printed in 1951 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Though the jeep itself isn’t illustrated all that accurately, a Willys pickup appears in the book that is much more accurately drawn. The wheels on the front and back of the book are riveted on so they can spin.

1951-here-comes-the-jeep-front-cover 1951-here-comes-the-jeep-00-01 1951-here-comes-the-jeep-02-03 1951-here-comes-the-jeep-04-05

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1941 Service Maintenance Book on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Josh has this rare manual for sale on eBay.

“The book is a FORD factory training program to train U.S. Army instructors on the 1941 military vehicles particularly the Ford GP. It basically has the all the NOS GP manuals including the Maintenance Manual, Parts Price list, and Service Manual; as well as a rare tool list. It also features other ford military vehicle manuals and quite a few of unique documents that not only give insight into the day to day scheduled and objectives of the training program but also goes into some detail into standard and specialized service equipment and suppliers.”

View all the information on eBay


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IKA Brochures, Books, & More on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Books, Features

Ted’s selling a variety of items on eBay. Here are a few. See all the jeep related stuff he has for sale via this link: See all of Ted’s items on eBay

1. IKA Brochures: View all the information on eBay

ika-brochures-ted2 ika-brochures-ted1 ika-brochures-ted3

2. Dealer Manuals: View all the information on eBay

jeep-books-ted1 jeep-books-ted2

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1949 Book Jeeper’s Japan $60

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

UPDATE:  Jay has got this book for sale. Comment below for more info.

It is Jeeper’s Jeep by Francis Baker.  Here’s the description:

“Tokyo: Toppan Co, Ltd, 1949 FIRST EDITION, FIRST PRINTING, of a charming collection of satirical genre prints à la japonaise: These are meant to represent some of “the humorous experiences of the occupation which the Jeep–certainly a symbol of the period, has enabled it [ie, the Occupation] to see.”

The author has recorded her impressions of American occupied Japan and various scenes of the occupation as she travelled the country by Jeep.

In all there are twenty-four prints accompanied by doggerel couplets on facing pages, together with two additional prints on the covers. The artist is best known as Frances Blakemore. She grew up in eastern Washington and worked mainly in Tokyo (both before and after the war), where she founded the Franell Gallery and published the standard Who’s who in modern Japanese prints (1975).

Binding: Publisher’s quarter red boards, color-pictorial sides, pictorial endpapers, all edges trimmed & plain

Condition: Spine barely chipped, inside clean, joints cracked but holding, outisde has shelf wear. AN UNUSUALLY VERY GOOD COPY of a scarce and fragile book.

Pictures include front and back of book, inside cover page, one of the full page drawings, and prologue.

Very rare I know only of one other in existence

51 pages 24 full-page color illustrations 179 x 262 mm, 10 1/4″ x 7 1/4″

View all the information on eBay

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1945 In The Service of America – Ford Motor Company Book

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Books, Features

Josh shared some photos of pages from this Ford Motor Company twenty-page book titled In The Service of America. The book contains photos of jeeps, seeps, and other contributions Ford made to the war effort. We believe the book was published in 1945.

1945-in-service-of-america-book1 1945-in-service-of-america-book2 1945-in-service-of-america-book3 1945-in-service-of-america-book4

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