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Hugo Vidal Has Published His Book

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UPDATE: Here’s the contact information for Hugo’s book if you are interested in purchasing a copy. Hugo’s son Fernando is handling the books and has copies on hand at his place in Florida:

Try emailing or go here for a copy:


Original Post September 17, 2018: 


The book was larger than I expected. It was a pleasure for me to read.

Hugo Vidal, that 85 year old intrepid traveler from Brazil (and founder of AVM) has published his book. I received a copy last week and tore right through it. It’s written in both Portuguese and English. Since Ann and I traveled with Hugo and his son Fernando last year for four weeks, I knew most of the stories he included in his book. But, there were a few new ones and some fuller explanations on others. It’s also full of photos, some I hadn’t seen.

Most of the book centers on the 1956/1957 trip. But, there’s a little bit at the end about the 2017 Alaska Or Rust adventure. And on that, I have a minor quibble. Hugo remembers me contacting him about joining us on the trip. Actually, it was Hugo who contacted me. His eagerness was infectious, as this email extract, the second email he wrote me, underscores:

“…. Since we only heard about the Alaska or Rust caravan yesterday, my son and I rushed to try and find a way of joining in. But I understand now that participation is closed. Even though we don´t even have a vehicle yet, if there is a chance for a place in the waiting list we will somehow purchase, lease, borrow or steal one….”


Hugo dressed as a Dutch Maiden while on their jeep trip. You’ll have to read the book to learn why.


On the left is Hugo’s restored CJ-3B. On the right was the 3B for the trip. Note the custom bed extender on the back.


Ann took this photo of Hugo and Fernando, I believe in Jasper National Park in Canada.


From left to right we have Charles Downey, Hugo Vidal, and Jan Stekly.



4 Comments on “Hugo Vidal Has Published His Book

  1. B

    Brazilians know how to have a good time. Those 3 guys had some fun back then I am sure. A small taste of what you all had on the alaska or rust trip.
    Look forward to reading the book.

  2. Alaska Paul

    I received Hugo’s book yesterday so all progress on the M100 trailer stopped. As I read the story I followed the route on an atlas. It’s an incredible story with great photos but it was over too soon. Hugo, I need more! More stories, more photos and more of everything. The photo of Hugo as a Dutch girl was an unexpected surprise.

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