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2 More Hawiian-Bodied MB/GPWs Honaunau, HI $750

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Here’s another pair of these modified MB/GPWs. See the others here: http://www.ewillys.com/tag/hawaii-body/.

“Buy one get one free. Two 1940’s Willys jeeps. The blue-ish one runs. Brakes are not great but it has been in use as a farm vehicle until recently. The grey one was street legal until it blew a head gasket about 10 years ago.”


2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi1 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi2 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi3 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi4

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Another Usual Jeep from the Big Island

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Bill from Lime Street Carriage spotted this jeep siting on the side of the road south of Kona in the Captain Cook area of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is similar to several other oddly shaped jeeps near Captain Cook, HI,  (here and here) that have been for sale. There was no for sale sign on the one below.

It sure seems likely that someone built all of these.

bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body1 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body2 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body3


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2 Modified GPWs Big Island, HI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Another couple of Hawaiian ‘boat-like’ jeeps, built to carry large loads near Kona and Captain Cook, HI. These may be the same ones listed here for $950 two years ago.

“Have a pair of jeep willys. They were made by ford, gpw, but same as jeep willys. One has a title. My plan was to restore them using, but we have no time. It will be a big project, there is plenty rust and body work will need to happen. I have loads of extra parts, leaf springs, axles, carberators, axle housing, generators, steering column, water pump, buckets of bolts, odd pieces, think even a transfer case, and maybe transmission; enough parts to fill a pickup bed. Jeeps ran when parked, stil on 6 volt system. Have been covered along with parts. Were used in Kona on a coffee farm since sold to civilian. I bought them 2 or 3 years ago. Then wife decided to have me build a home and start farming. Just no time. Would be a great project. Check out the value thes hold once restored…crazy prices. Just need to get rid of them. They are not driveable, will need trailer. I have trailer but not much available time”

2-gpw-boat-hawaii2 2-gpw-boat-hawaii1

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1943 GPW Honolulu, HI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

(07/31/2012) There are some unusual mods, similar to the jeep boat for sale last year.

“I have a 1943 ford gpw military jeep for trade. It is basically the same as a willys. Willys could not keep up with production for the military so they contracted other companies to produce them and ford was one of them. It is a 4 x 4 and the motor was rebuilt many years ago and was running before it was garaged. the jeep is free of all back taxes because it has not been registered in 20 to 30 years. maybe more. The body has rust and has been modified so it now looks like a truck but it is repairable and has lots of potential. I took pictures but somehow i cant get them loaded into my computer. I will post them as soon as I can. I am looking to trade for a chevy astro, gmc safari or a chevy / gmc 1500 truck. standard bed and cab, 2 wheel drive, 2 door, preferably with working a/c. blazers, tahoe, yukon is fine too. I will take any other trades into consideration as well such as a economical japanese car with a/c or vintage volkswagon. if interested, please reply to this ad through email. replies with photos of their trades and a phone number will have first priority.”

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1942 & 43 Modified GPWs Kona, HI **SOLD**

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PapaJack spotted this cool find. They seem a pretty good price considering they both run.  You might remember this unusual jeep also from Hawaii listed last night (& just down the road from Kona, Hi).

“two willies military jeeps ,, a 42 and a 43 both run ,, but not street legal,, but maybe could be street legal. great for coffee farm work or off road. runs good with lots of spare parts and goodies. fun to drive ,,cheap on gas cheap 4×4,s ”

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1941? Oddity Captain Cook, Hi **STATUS UNKNOWN**

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UPDATE:  This was for sale for $1000.  Status currently unknown.

This is precious … More pics, I want more pics!  These two were listed the next day (& just down the road from Captain Cook, Hi, too).

“4 Wheel Drive; All Original; Haul Away; Complete Classic”