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2 More Hawiian-Bodied MB/GPWs Honaunau, HI $750

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Here’s another pair of these modified MB/GPWs. See the others here:

“Buy one get one free. Two 1940’s Willys jeeps. The blue-ish one runs. Brakes are not great but it has been in use as a farm vehicle until recently. The grey one was street legal until it blew a head gasket about 10 years ago.”

2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi1 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi2 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi3 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi4

2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi5 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi6 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi7 2-mbs-hawaiian-body-hi8


3 Comments on “2 More Hawiian-Bodied MB/GPWs Honaunau, HI $750

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Gotta be worth $750… it’d be great to restore one back to how it looked when first modified that unique way. Doesn’t seem like any 2 were exactly the same. Pretty cool B-)

  2. Colin Peabody

    There were several custom body companies in the Hawaiian Islands, converting Jeeps into Jeepneys and late 40s Dodge and Desoto sedans into open touring cars for tourists. I would bet that the same companies did custom work on Jeeps for use in the pineapple fields as well. They are kinda cool even unrestored.

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