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T-90/Dana 18/Warn OD West Plains, MO $1200

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Parts

This should interest someone.


“Willys T90 Transmission Spicer 18 Transfer Case and Warn 3326 Overdrive from a Willys truck. This listing is for a used but in good condition Willys T90 transmission with a Spicer 18 transfer case and a Warn 3326 overdrive. The listing also includes the transmission cover with the overdrive linkage cut out and the glove box door with the 4WD and the overdrive sticker. This unit came off a 1950 Willys truck”


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Warn Overdrive Spokane, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

If in good condition, it’s an okay price, but if worn, it will cost more to buy it and have it repaired than buying a new one from Herm.

“This came with a project, but I’m doing a powertrain swap, so I won’t be using it. It is a part so you can inspect, and then put it back together, or have Herm in Oregon rebuild it for you.”


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Warn OD Parts on eBay

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Parts

There are several Warn OD parts on eBay. Maybe some can use them.

  1. Shifter and linkage for truck:
    “This is a used overdrive shifter and linkage assembly for a Willys pickup truck. Shifter is complete.”
  2. Vintage Jeep Willys IH Scout Warn Saturn Overdrive 29 T Parts Lot A:
    “This is a parts lot of Warn overdrive parts. To the best of our knowledge, this is not a complete unit. Main gear has 29 teeth and there is chips in the teeth. Please view and examine all photos to see what is included”
  3. Vintage Jeep Willys IH Scout Warn Saturn Overdrive 33 V6 Parts Lot B:
    “This is a parts lot of Warn overdrive parts. This is just one side of the unit and three of the bolts. Please view and examine all photos to see what is included and condition.”
  4. Vintage Jeep Willys IH Scout Warn Saturn Overdrive 3320 Parts Lot C:
    “This is a parts lot of Warn overdrive parts. This is just one side of the unit and the end cover.”
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Warn OD Pollock Pines, CA $500

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

A rebuild of this would be a good idea at this point, so factor that into the cost.


“29 tooth 6 spline warn overdrive model 33v6. I do not know if it is complete. This is exactly how I got it. I was going to send it to Herm in Washington for a rebuild. I have pictures of all the parts I have. Some may not even be for it ? All gears seem to be in decent shape, some surface rust and oxidization on housing inside. I needed a 26 tooth, so this one won’t work for me. I’m willing to ship, however due to weight it’s going to be about 45-50 bucks. Text is best”

warn-od-29tooth-pp-ca8 warn-od-29tooth-pp-ca9

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Dana 18 TC, Warn OD, T350 Adapter Wickenburg, AZ $800

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases

This combo may be worth a look for the right person.


“Saturn or Warn overdrive with shifter linkage, Dana 18 with emergency brake and shifters, and aluminum adapter to Turbo 350. May trade for firearms or ammunition. No reloads.”

od-tc-adapter-wickenburg-az1 od-tc-adapter-wickenburg-az2

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3-Lever (OD + TC Levers) Transfercase setup

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases

Mike shared a photo of this shifter combo on Facebook he bought the other day. It’s a neatly done customization of the transfercase levers combined with an overdrive lever.


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T-98, T-Case, and Warn OD Spokane, WA $950

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases, Transmissions

This may be a good price.



“Jeep T-98 4 speed transmission
Spicer 18 transfer case
Warn overdrive
Was installed in an early CJ 5
Looks good on the inside.
All gears look good and no rust.”

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Overdrive Differences

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Saturn/Warn

Will shared pics that show some of the differences between a Warn overdrive with a Husky overdrive. Regarding finding Husky parts, my best guess for parts would be Herm Tilford.

Will writes, “A little while back there was a discussion on the different overdrive units. There where several different units produced and maybe others but the ones I’ve seen are Warn, Dualmatic, Saturn, Husky and ATV overdrives that all looked similar. Saturn is a direct decedent of the Warn as Advance Adapters purchased the tooling from Warn to make the Saturn. I don’t know much about the Dualmatic or ATV except ATV is still produced as is Saturn.

Anyway I had mentioned that the Husky had a different angle to the planetary gears, Sun gear and bowl gear than Warn. These pictures show how the Warn had much more tooth angle than Husky and as such these parts do not interchange and Husky parts are near impossible to find.”

IMG_8652 IMG_8651 IMG_8650

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Warn Overdrive Inverness, FL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $150.

Mark just posted this a sellajeep.com. Its got one broken piece.

“from a 1959 cj5 t-18 transfer case. One small broken piece (see photos) gears and bearings in good condition. Located in central Florida.”

overdrive-fl1 overdrive-fl2 overdrive-fl3 overdrive-fl4

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Unusual Auxiliary Transmission … Can Anyone Identify It?

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Borg Warner/Rancho, OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: While still unidentified, we have learned thanks to the Dutch_Jeeper on the CJ-3A page that the auxiliary transmission is an “under-drive” rather than an overdrive. He pulled this out of his CJ-3A, then disassembled it.

You can learn more and see more pics here: https://cj3apage.com/Forum/index.php?topic=2318.msg19546#msg19546





Originally Posted February 5, 2021: An owner of a CJ-2A posted onto Facebook these photos of an unusual auxiliary transmission. I only am aware of two that work between the T-90 and Dana 18 (the Warn and the Husky). Anyone recognize this?

IMG_1879 Continue reading

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Warn OD Camillus, NY $575

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

Looks like no shift linkage is included.


“Willys T18 Warn overdrive
29 tooth gear.
Fits 54 and up.”


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Warn Auxiliary Transmission

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Documents, Features, OD Saturn/Warn

Originally Published November 03, 2019: 

warn-auxilary-transmission-brochure1-lores warn-auxilary-transmission-brochure2-lores


Originally posted in September of 2018:

Blaine spotted a discussion at the Ford-Trucks.com forum on Auxiliary transmissions that included the rare Warn Auxiliary Overdrive. A user named “38 Coupe” shared a bunch of smaller Auxiliary transmission documents that included a Parts and Instruction manual for the Warn AO. So, here it is, along with some photos of a Warn unit that was for sale in April of 2015.


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NOS Warn Overdrive Santa Cruz, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

Looks like this one has been sitting in someone’s garage for a while.

“Warn Overdrive, 26 tooth 6 spline. New condition not a rebuilt unit, This was in a project Jeep I purchased that was never completed to run. Overdrive was mounted but never used, new condition but is many years old. Includes Overdrive, new gasket and seal set, new install lock and keeper set, shifter with floor plate and instructions. SOLD AS IS, buyer to be sure of correct application, $1000 cash only no checks, no trades.”


warn-overdrive0 warn-overdrive1 warn-overdrive2 warn-overdrive3

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Warn Overdrive Catalog from the late 1960s (?)

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Books, Features, OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: This was originally posted in 2012, but it’s worth a repost.

Dad never had an overdrive in his jeep, but did have this catalog (No. 1842). I suspect he built a few of these for Al Carroll.

I’ve attached a few random pictures below, but the PDF link includes all the pages and is downloadable to your computer.


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1969 Buick 225/SM420/Dana 18/Warn OD Bakersfield, CA **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Parts

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600.

Seller is accepting offers.

buick225-od-sm420-1 buick225-od-sm420-2

“Hi all, I recently sold my willys jeep and the buyer didnt want the engine, trans, transfer case and Overdrive.
I am relisting these parts for sale.
1969 Buick/Jeep CJ 225 Odd fire V6 engine, fully rebuilt with $2200 dollars in receipts. Has both 2 and 4 Brl Intake. manifolds.Isky RV type cam. Engine has been properly stored and never fired up.
GM SM420 4 speed transmission rebuild by Herm the OD guy, compound low first gear, final drive 100 to 1
Novak Adapter to rebuilt Large shaft Dana 18 transfer case
New never used Warn OD unit from Herm the OD guy.
As above this was built for a willys but will adapt to any pre smog Jeep.
Open to trades. Make an Offer. Motivated to sell”

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Husky Overdrive Olympia, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

This may need a rebuild. Herm Tilford should be able to rebuild it.

“Husky overdrive for Dana 18 transfer case. Will fit Willys jeeps, cj5, and even the international scout.”


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Warn OD $500 & Warn OD to PTO Adapter **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Parts

Seller is selling both an OD and an OD adapter.

  1. WARN OD Was $500 **SOLD**:
  2. Warn OD to PTO Adapter **SOLD** Was $70:
    warn-od-pto-adapter1 warn-od-pto-adapter2
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Warn Overdrive Wilmot, NH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

Looks like it includes the shifter.


“Selling a Warren overdrive
Came off a 1947 Willy’s Cj-2 Jeep
Asking $650”

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Warn Overdrive Fremont, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $799.


“29 spline Warn Saturn Overdrive – will fit a T-90/Dana 18 transmission/transfer case. Run that vintage Jeep a little faster and run with lower RPM’s. This overdrive was recently re-built by Herm the Overdrive guy. It is fully functional. I had it in my FC 150 but could not get the linkage worked out to my satisfaction. Ended up selling the FC (for other reasons) and now want to find a good home for this overdrive. Comes complete and ready to install with everything you need (including a new “special” retainer clip) DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIFTER OR LINKAGE – but these are easily fabricated. This unit has low mileage and shows hardly any wear.”

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Warn Overdrive Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350.

Could be a good price.

“Warn overdrive. 29 tooth , 6 spline , rear shift. Will fit early jeep CJ 5. CJ3a CJ3B, CJ2A.
350 firm. Maybe trade for good winch.”


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Rebuilt Warn OD Tucson, AZ $650

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

No pics provided.


“Have recently rebuilt Warn Overdrive for Willy’s vehicles, 29 tooth, never used since rebuilt.”


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CJ-5 Parts including Warn OD Ashton, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn


The seller is parting out a CJ-5. The tranny/tc/Warn OD is a package deal at $600. It is the older 30% OD.

“Hood $75 Set of springs that lifted the jeep 2-3 inches $100 Windshield frame was never paid for so it is for sale again $50. Passenger side fender $125. Transfer case and transmission with Warn overdrive $ 600 as a unit. the overdrive is 29 tooth. Is an older version 30% overdrive. It takes a special 6 prong tool to remove the barrel gear from the transfer case, that is why i am hoping to sell it with the transfer case.”


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T90/Dana18/OD Yuma, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

Appears worth a look.

“This is a T90 transmission, Dana 18 transfer case and Saturn OD from a 1946 CJ2A.
They all shift and turn freely. The only evident issue is that some one beforehand had cut the tops of the original shifters and added these rods. Doesn’t affect the function, just looks dumb.”


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T-18/Dana 18/Warn OD Duvall, WA $1400

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

All rebuilt.

“I have rebuilt t18 transmission ( spent $1300) with Novak adapter to a cj2a dana 18 ( rebuilt) with warn overdrive ( rebuilt by Olympic 4×4) combo that I need to sell. I had this combo built years ago but never completed the project so it has zero miles. I have paperwork on tranny and overdrive but cannot find transfer case paperwork. Have all shifters and linkage for all. This has been in my shop collecting dust for many years but has been inside the whole time. It is currently attached to a ford 289 (zero mile since built) but I may keep that for my bronco”



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Warn OD Tucson, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

Recently rebuilt.

“Have recently rebuilt Warn Overdrive for Willy’s vehicles, 29 tooth, never used since rebuilt.”