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Warn Overdrive Phoenix, AZ $350

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

Could be a good price.


“Warn overdrive. 29 tooth , 6 spline , rear shift. Will fit early jeep CJ 5. CJ3a CJ3B, CJ2A.
350 firm. Maybe trade for good winch.”


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Warn Auxiliary Transmission Document

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features, OD Saturn/Warn


Blaine spotted a discussion at the Ford-Trucks.com forum on Auxiliary transmissions that included the rare Warn Auxiliary Overdrive. A user named “38 Coupe” shared a bunch of smaller Auxiliary transmission documents that included a Parts and Instruction manual for the Warn AO. So, here it is, along with some photos of a Warn unit that was for sale in April of 2015.





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Rebuilt Warn OD Tucson, AZ $650

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

No pics provided.


“Have recently rebuilt Warn Overdrive for Willy’s vehicles, 29 tooth, never used since rebuilt.”


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CJ-5 Parts including Warn OD Ashton, ID

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

The seller is parting out a CJ-5. The tranny/tc/Warn OD is a package deal at $600. It is the older 30% OD.


“Hood $75 Set of springs that lifted the jeep 2-3 inches $100 Windshield frame was never paid for so it is for sale again $50. Passenger side fender $125. Transfer case and transmission with Warn overdrive $ 600 as a unit. the overdrive is 29 tooth. Is an older version 30% overdrive. It takes a special 6 prong tool to remove the barrel gear from the transfer case, that is why i am hoping to sell it with the transfer case.”


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Warn OD Minnesota? $650

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

No pics provided. This was listed at WillysOnline.com, a site I’m about to take over.

“I have a warn overdrive unit in great shape ready to install.It is a 26 tooth.Give me a call if interested Dick 612-743-8488 I think 650 would be a fair price.”


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T90/Dana18/OD Yuma, AZ $800

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

Appears worth a look.

“This is a T90 transmission, Dana 18 transfer case and Saturn OD from a 1946 CJ2A.
They all shift and turn freely. The only evident issue is that some one beforehand had cut the tops of the original shifters and added these rods. Doesn’t affect the function, just looks dumb.”



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T-18/Dana 18/Warn OD Duvall, WA $1400

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

All rebuilt.

“I have rebuilt t18 transmission ( spent $1300) with Novak adapter to a cj2a dana 18 ( rebuilt) with warn overdrive ( rebuilt by Olympic 4×4) combo that I need to sell. I had this combo built years ago but never completed the project so it has zero miles. I have paperwork on tranny and overdrive but cannot find transfer case paperwork. Have all shifters and linkage for all. This has been in my shop collecting dust for many years but has been inside the whole time. It is currently attached to a ford 289 (zero mile since built) but I may keep that for my bronco”



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Warn OD Tucson, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

Recently rebuilt.

“Have recently rebuilt Warn Overdrive for Willy’s vehicles, 29 tooth, never used since rebuilt.”


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Husky Overdrive w/T-98 and TC Leadville, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

This might be worth a look, but the shifters are missing.

“Complete trans and transfer case with Husky overdrive. Husky brand is a copy of the Warn unit and made in Longmont ,Colo. Missing all shift levers. The trans is a t-98 ,4spd.”



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1980 Overdrive Article from Pickup, Van & 4WD Mag

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Borg Warner/Rancho, OD Saturn/Warn, Old Images

The Sierra Overdrive was designed to mount to a Dana 20.

In November of 1980, Pickup, Van & 4WD Magazine published this article on overdrives, which includes several I hadn’t heard about. This series of article images comes from Christian Harrison (and thanks to Marty Tilford for spotting it). The scans aren’t perfect, but are mostly readable. You can find a similar article at the Four Wheeler Network.

Particularly interesting to me is the Dana 20-mounted Sierra Overdrive. Willie Worthy of Four Wheeler was involved in the development of it, but noted that a lack of capital doomed it.




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Warn Overdrive Oakdale, CA No Price

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

The seller has prices on a couple things, but doesn’t list a price for this overdrive/tc/tranny combo.

“Stock parts.
Frame. – $500
Front and rear axle. – $500
Heads. I’ve got 2. – $350 each”



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Wagner Overdrive? Tucson, AZ $650

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

I’m assuming this is a Warn. No pics provided.

“Have recently rebuilt Wagner Overdrive for Willy’s vehicles, 29 tooth, never used since rebuilt.”


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Warn Overdrive Shelton, WA $600

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

Looks like it might need a rebuild.



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Overdrive Trade & PTO Upgrade Boston, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, wanted

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was  for trade.

The seller wants to trade WARN ODs and is also looking for wagon/truck PTO parts.

“I am looking to trade my 26 tooth, 6 spline Warn overdrive for a Dana/spicer 18 transfer case for a 29 tooth, 6 spline version. I am also looking for an PTO winch and appropriate driveshafts for a Willys wagon or truck.”


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T-90/Transfercase/Overdrive Cody, WY $1200

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases, Transmissions

Given the mileage, the tc probably needs a rebuild.




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Warn OD Prescott, AZ $550

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

Pulled from a CJ-2A.



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PTO/OD/TCs/Parts Ferndale, WA $1500

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases

Here’s a neat combo.

“Very rare 29 tooth warn overdrive unit with ultra rare adapter for Ramsey pto. Included is the Spicer 18 tranfercase (mostly complete with dual levers), Dana 20 transfercase (disassembled but mostly there), Warn 29 tooth overdrive unit, adapter to Ramsey pto winch, Ramsey pto winch, shafts, pillow bearing, Ramsey winch, cable and misc pieces. Note: I believe the transfercases are 26 tooth and that is why I didn’t finish project. Also these pieces have been sitting about 10 years in an uninsulated shop (surface rust is on most everything). These pieces were working when removed, but that 10 years ago. I didn’t notice any broken teeth but you need to inspect before buying. I believe almost everything is there, but sitting in shop for ten years I may have misplaced some things. Will not part, complete sale only. Price is firm. If you need more picks please email me and I will send them to you.”


pto-od-parts1 pto-od-parts2 pto-od-parts3 pto-od-parts4

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Warn Overdrive Utica, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

I haven’t seen an OD pop up for sale in a while.

“Dana 18 transfer case and overdrive unit. Both work great removed from a 1962 CJ5. Had the overdrive on my 1952 CJ and went from being able to do 45mph to 57mph. Doing and engine and tranny swap so no longer need it. Overdrive is a Warn unit. It is a factory part not a knockoff. Very rare. $600”


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Warn VS. Husky Overdrive

• CATEGORIES: Features, OD Other, OD Saturn/Warn

I thought this overdrive comparison was interesting. A 1969 article promoted Warn’s Auxiliary Transmission, an overdrive that sat between the transmission and transferase. By early 1970 Husky was promoting a similar sized heavy-duty overdrive that sat between the engine and transmission.


More pics of the Warn Auxiliary Transmission. This one was sold in Nevada in 2013, priced at only $450 (also included tranny & tc).

This one was priced at $700 and sold out of Maryland:

1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission2 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission3 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission4

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Warn Overdrive Hayward, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

Somebody need this one?

“Warn 29 tooth, All Range Overdrive.
Good condition.
Build date: 9/66
Also have model 18 transfer case available. $100.00. With overdrive $50.00.
Consider full/partial trade for Willys Jeep pickup parts. Left door glass, front winch bumper, hood, tailgate, SM420 with adapter to model 18 transfer case.”


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Warn OD Fort Wayne, IN **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $400.

Might be worth a look.

“Saturn Warn Overdrive for Jeep CJ. Removed from 71 CJ 5.”


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Warn Overdrive San Francisco, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $850.

Dan’s got this newly rebuilt overdrive for sale.

“I recently bought two Warn overdrives and had Herm the Overdrive Guy rebuild them in April 2015
This one is the 29 tooth, 6 spline
Originally made in Kent, Washington by Warn (see pictures for label)
Includes the housing, internal barrel gearset, and the bag of little parts
Does not include the shift linkage
Bolts to back of D18 transfer case of Willys Wagon, Truck and CJ for transfer case with 1 1/4″ intermediate shaft and 29 tooth gear
Works in all forward and reverse gears
Uses 80-90W oil
Still in original packaging from Herm
Warranted for one year by Herm
Will take cash or PayPal
Can meet you in San Francisco or Palo Alto or ship to you”



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Warn Overdrive Sikeston, MO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

“I got this overdrive in an m38 willys that I bought and don’t know the history of it. It does turn and spin and all parts move. It is a Warn, the data tag says it is a 33-29, but the gear has a 26 on it. It came off of a 18 transfer with a t-90 transmission in a willys m38.”


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Tranny/TC/OD Dublin, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases, Transmissions

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

This combo won’t last long.

“jeep transmission and transfer case with overdrive only. motor not included $400”


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T-90/TC/OD/PTO Lake Arrowhead, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, Transfer Cases, Transmissions

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

Should be of interest to someone.

“For sale the ultimate early CJ5, CJ6, CJ2, commando and CJ3B combo an upgraded t90 transmission with a twin stick dana/ spicer transfer case, with a warn overdrive and a Ramsey pto . Also included are the parts to remove the pto. This is a great setup and was fully functional when removed. The guy I bought it from was doing a diesel swap in his cj6 and couldn’t use this setup. I was going to use the transfer case and overdrive in my cj5 but it turns out the t14 trans I have has a different spline count so I can’t use it. Looking to get 1000 obo or trade for a warn overdrive for a t14/ dana 18 or let me know what you have. This is a good price as the warn overdrive alone is new over a 1000 and 700+- used”