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Warn VS. Husky Auxiliary Overdrive

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I thought this auxiliary transmission comparison was interesting. A 1969 article promoted Warn’s Auxiliary Transmission, an overdrive that sat between the transmission and transferase. By early 1970 Husky was promoting a similar sized heavy-duty overdrive that sat between the engine and transmission.


More pics of the Warn Auxiliary Transmission. This one was sold in Nevada in 2013, priced at only $450 (also included tranny & tc).

This one was priced at $700 and sold out of Maryland:

1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission2 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission3 1961-warn-auxiliary-transmission4


3 Comments on “Warn VS. Husky Auxiliary Overdrive

  1. Lew

    Anybody ever drive one of these? In a Jeep all three shift levers would be back pretty far. Seems like they could be stronger than the normal rear attached OD.

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