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Very Rare Warn Auxillary Transmission + t18 & tc Silver Springs, NV **SOLD**

UPDATE: Was $450.

Here’s a rare Warn Auxiliary Transmission. According to an article from JP Magazine, the WAT was sold by Warn in 1969 and intended to slip between a T-18 and a transfer case. The writer of the article only remembered ever seeing one of them.

“This transmission setup came out of a 70’s International scout. It will come with the Scout bell housing or a Mopar 318 small block bell housing. The transmission shift good as does the t case. The war in overdrive unit shift good and bolts between the T case and the transmission. I am asking 450 but open to offers. Was going to use in a Dodge pickup to get rid of the automatic but my plans have changed.”

t18-tc-warn-auxiliary-transmission2 t18-tc-warn-auxiliary-transmission1I found this ad in the May, 1969, issue of Popular Mechanics.



5 Comments on “Very Rare Warn Auxillary Transmission + t18 & tc Silver Springs, NV **SOLD**

  1. deilers Post author

    I don’t know. I could see that combo being very popular. On the flip side, many jeeps were dropping to 4:27 to 3:73 gearing, so the need for the overdrive on newer vehicles dropped. Also, given the extra space required coupled with the T-18 specificity, the market for this might have been quite small. Maybe there were bigger plans for the T-18, but Jeep went a different direction?

  2. Bob

    That would be cool to have. I’ve never seen or heard of these. Reminds me of the sheen high lo trans for the ford 8n tractors

  3. STEVE

    I don’t see an advantage of this over the overdrive available. I think it was designed for the dana 20 market but it could be used for the 18. willing to be corrected. an od doesn’t work as well on a 4.27 ? gearing doesn’t seem right.

  4. deilers Post author

    Yes, it was designed for the Dana 20 market. It might also be heartier than the Warn/Saturn design, which would be a plus. The down side would be the constant use.

    An OD works fine with the 4.27 gears. One of my long time friends used the OD with their 4.27 equipped jeep for decades. In fact, they raced, jeeped and used their commute to work.

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