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1942 GPW Lindon, UT **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was on eBay.

Bill shared this 1942 GPW that’s themed as a British SAS LRDG jeep. Has some passenger floor rust.

View all the information on eBay

1942-gpw-lindon-ut5 1942-gpw-lindon-ut6 1942-gpw-lindon-ut7 1942-gpw-lindon-ut8 1942-gpw-lindon-ut9

“Runs great. Brakes have been adjusted and the jeep slows and stops as designed.
Shifts smoothly and doesn’t slip out of gear.

Nov 1942 GPW runs well
the wires to lights need to be connected
the grill is not cut but has been painted black
the tires and tubes are new
the floor hat channel rusted out under the passenger seat. It’s covered by a piece of sheet metal. See pics. That’s the only rusted area on the jeep. The floor and tool compartments are solid
The tub, fenders and hood are original.
The data plates are new. Continue reading

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1942 SAS GPW Salt Lake City, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. If you are interested in building a similar vehicle, Loic is happy to answer questions. 

“1942 GPW Ford Jeep
Fully restored in 2010, including a full rebuild of the engine. Engine and frame do not have matching serial#, but engine is Ford as well.

Upgrades to SAS 1942 in North Africa as converted by the British Army
– .50 cal M2AC, functional with 12V battery and propylene/Oxygen tanks included. This upgrade was about $5,000 at cost
– One dual and one single replica (resin with metal insert) Vickers K MG
– RARE Bagnol Compass functional replica, sourced in Australia. Worth over $1,000
– SAS uniform, including Wesley hand fun (not functional) and knife
– various British additions – water bottles, back packs, and a number of other hardware
– 5 water Jerry cans, 8 gas jerry cans, one original German WW 2
– All wheels are “combat wheels”. Extra spare wheel
– Has participated in many 4th of July Parades and shows
VERY IMPORTANT: 12V generator and 12V battery system. The original WW II 6V generator will be provided as well. It is functional, but the 12V system starts the vehicle much easier.

1942-gpw-slc-9 1942-gpw-slc-10 1942-gpw-slc-11 1942-gpw-slc-12

Continue reading

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2011 Re-visiting the LRDG in North Africa

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Great illustration from the website

Matt found this interesting blog about a couple of guys who wanted to revisit some of the adventures of the Long Range Desert Group  in North Africa. They restored two jeeps and planned to cover 1200 miles.

They wrote,For two weeks we shall re-enact many of the daring escapades of the legendary Long Range Desert Group in a pair of original 1943, World War Two, Jeeps. Our expedition, limited to just eight people, will drive through the stunning dunes of the Great Sand Sea.  Explore the Gilf el Kebir, a plateau the size of Switzerland. Camp under the stars a million miles from the nearest town.  Stand in the Cave of the Swimmers, immortalised in the film, The English Patient.   Live for that Ice Cold in Alex moment as we celebrate in exactly the same bar as they did 70 years ago. This is no cruise along the Mediterranean coast, but the real thing, sweat, steam and fatique, but with a fully equipped logistics team on hand to cook, wash up and guide us through some of the most beautiful desert scenery on the planet. 

This is the very beginning of the posts:


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1942 GPW SAS-Themed Murray, UT **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $31,000. Status Unknown.

(11/17/2014) Looks like they were having some fun in the photo. Numbers aren’t matching.

“1942 GPW Ford Jeep restored in 2010 as a British SAS Vehicle, battling the Axis power in North Africa in early 1940s. Always stored indoors.

Rebuilt Ford Engine (does not match with frame serial #), original restored frame, original restored seats, removed back seat to add rear machine gun. Includes .50 cal M2 AA machine gun on the passenger side, Acetylene/Oxygen actuated (includes small battery and the two gas tanks) – a $5,000 @ cost. Dual Resin/Metal Vickers K Machine gun on pedestal, and single Vickers K Machine gun on driver side. Please note that the twin Vickers K have been relocated (from photos) on a central back pedestal. Water condensing unit located on front bumper. x8 Gas Jerry Can on rear fenders, and x4 Water Jerry Cans on hood (most marked between 1945-1955). Six combat wheels since two wheels are spares.

Included Reproduction and RARE Bagnold Sun Compass in working condition – $1,000 value.
Included Reproduction Thomspon machine gun on hood, British water bottles, British back packs, British misc equipment filling the back.
Included SAS full uniform with shorts, KD shirt, belt, hand gun in holster (reproduction, not functioning), scarf, SAS patch


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SAS in World War II Book

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Scott spotted this good price on a SAS in WWII Book at Amazon. If you ever had any interest in the SAS, you might check out this book. I’ve ordered a copy.

The SAS in World War II: An Illustrated History (General Military)


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Paper Jeeps Maquettes-Papier

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After the papercraft jeep post, I stumpled upon a french website called maquettes-papier that had several different paper jeeps.  Unfortunately, my French is a little weak.  I believe the jeep below was built from some plans and the jeep below that was custom made.

The SAS Jeep:

More SAS jeep images here:

Additional Models of paper Military Vehicles can be found here: 

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Video of two “SAS” Replicas

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Not authentic SAS restorations, but still they look like fun.

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WWII Jeep Art from Cranston Fine Arts

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SAS artwork from Cranston Fine Arts in the UK. I’m unsure if any prints of the below works are still available.

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More SAS Photos

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I found these SAS photos while searching for something else today.  You can see several SAS related posts here.

On these first two pics, note the strange louvres on the grilles.  I don’t remember these from other pics.  You can see the first photo at this site.

Here is a german website showing SAS Jeeps in Europe.  There are a few more photos there, too.

From another page at the same site comes these two photos. More photos here also.

From the WW2 Airsoft Website come these two photos.  There are a few more there, too.

And this image from Belgium comes from this site which has duplicates of images above and more.

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Signed SAS Print

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I thought this was kind of cool, too.  The photo comes from a collectibles site. The people featured in the 8″x6″ print are Paddy Mayne and Ian Fenwick.

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S.A.S. Ready for Action

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As I was researching yesterday’s article on the LRDG, I wanted to learn more about the Bagnold sun compass.  After reading the explanation, I’m am quite sure that I’m not yet ready to be thrown in the middle of the desert with a Bagnold.

However, as I did my research this unique ‘time’ piece on a French Sundial website, I happened to see the amazing image below.

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Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society (LRDG)

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EVENT:  The LRDG Preservation Society will be participating its 2nd biggest event of the year October 2-3 2010 at Prado Dam Park in Chino Hills California. They are one of 85 different re-enactment groups from nearly every time period and culture in history.  It is a Military Time Line Event which will feature everything from Roman Legionnaire’s to Viet Nam Re-enactors and many other periods in between.

Kim wrote me last week after seeing drafts of the “Africa SAS” T-shirt I’d like to produce (I am working on refining the shirt design btw).  As the membership chairman of the Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society (LRDG), he’s particularly interested in the SAS jeeps and Long Range Desert vehicles.  So, he introduced himself and the organization.

The LRDG Preservation Society is a non-profit organization established “to learn as much as possible about the unit, the men in it and the equipment and tactics they used. Then to share that information with all whom wish to learn. To that end this group has built a replica of a classic WWII LRDG truck (1942 Canadian Chevy, right hand drive, India format) and outfitted it with “historically correct” military equipment, gear, provisions, and uniforms. The vehicle was built by Rick Butler in Yreka California from several vintage trucks and parts from around the world. Converting a left hand drive vehicle to right hand drive was one of many challenges.”

The Society has supporters and members throughout the world, including the US, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, South Africa and more.

About the Long Range Desert Group:

During the 1930s, the British developed the idea of creating a motorized guerrilla/recon group in northern Africa to provide intelligence to British Forces.  After studying the terrain and needs for such a group, the Brits formed the LRDG, which according to the LRDG website “was very much like a “private army”, formed to meet the particular conditions of desert warfare.”  The LRDG was made up of volunteers and, because of this, they could wear beards and were given latitude that regular military soldiers did not have.

Learn more about the LRDG by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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Kim’s LRDG S.A.S. Willys

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I’ve seen them in old pictures, but Kim is the first owner of a Long Range Desert Group S.A.S. Willys to contact me and share pics.  Of course, you can’t but help but think of the old Rat Patrol shows when you see these vehicles.  After reading through the website, one of the things I’ve learned is that there was plenty of thought, research and recon work that went into the supplies these jeeps and truck would need to carry with them as they sailed long, desolate seas of sand.

Kim writes, “The jeep I bought is mechanically perfect. The previous owner put all his money into the motor, brakes and trans.  The body on my jeep needs some help and eventually I will replace the rear and floor sections of the tub as there is some rust. Fortunately, It came to me painted in the proper color and had many extras including a Bagnold sun compass.

As a special addition to this jeep, I re-built a WW2 Italian de-milled M37 machine gun and converted it into a gas gun M.G. simulator. It sounds like a M.G. but no blanks are needed and it can not shoot a projectile. That is mounted on the front cowling. As I have been a machinist and tool maker for 30 years I machined a set of Twin Vickers machine guns out of aluminum for the rear mount. These are strictly dummies with no moving parts.

I did not buy this jeep to be a Trailer Queen. This is a re-enactment jeep and as far as I am concerned it looks like it just got back from Kufra Oasis and that is exactly what I want.  My ultimate dream is to have 2 WW2 jeeps. The S.A.S (which is not street legal) and an American OD jeep that is licensed and ready to drive to work.”

And a couple pics of the Twin Vickers Kim made. In this pic, some basic outlines and contours have been created in the aluminum stock.

Here you can see many more details are apparent.