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1968? CJ-5 w/ Auburn Trencher Storrs, CT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2800.

(12/04/2017) Ted’s selling this CJ-5. I estimate it to be around mid 1968, but that’s just a guess based on the serial number.

“For sale late sixties CJ5 Auburn Jeep A Trench . Starts, runs good and drives , clutch feels good , no brakes . Body’s kinda rough but frame looks pretty good . Havent had a chance to go over it well to check everything but seems to be pretty complete , missing one of the augers. PTO engages and shaft spins . Not very familiar with these units so will try my best to answer any questions. Looks complete enough to restore or get going and use as is, or would be a great parts donor for another Auburn Trencher unit. Front counter weight there ,as is the creeper gear , pto assembly, Fhead  Governor , overload springs ( Canfields or Koenigs ?) etc”

1968-cj5-trencher-ct-08 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-07 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-11 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-09 Continue reading

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1946 CJ-2A Shipshewana, IN $1500


Nick’s selling this trencher jeep.

“For sale is a 1946 Willys CJ2A I purchased in St. Louis. It was used as a true agrijeep, fitted with the early Jeep-A-Trench equipment. It has:

-Complete PTO system
-Complete gear-engagement system
-Trencher mount
-Coil helper springs
-Complete engine that turns free

I know where you can buy the correct style trencher. And on the South Bend Craigslist, there is a guy from Elkhart selling a trencher Jeep windshield. I located the trencher so I could build the Jeep for local tractor shows, but have too much going on. This Jeep deserves to be rescued and brought back to life… not parted out.”

1946-cj2a-trencher-shipshewana-in0 1946-cj2a-trencher-shipshewana-in1 1946-cj2a-trencher-shipshewana-in2 1946-cj2a-trencher-shipshewana-in3 1946-cj2a-trencher-shipshewana-in4

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1957 Jeep-A-Trench Randolph, OH $1000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/13/2017) Craig shared this one. Seller is including a snow plow and front counter weight as well. Looks like a good price.

“1957 Jeep A Trench trencher,snow plow and front counter weight. Will sell all together or separately”


1957-jeep-a-trench-akron-oh4 1957-jeep-a-trench-akron-oh3 1957-jeep-a-trench-akron-oh2

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Trencher’s First Appearance?

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This photo from the October 1954 issue of Kaiser Willys News got me thinking. Anyone know when the first jeep trenchers were manufactured?


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1953 CJ-3B Hamburg, NY $4000

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UPDATE: Still Available

“1953 Willys Jeep, front blade, metal half cab, Auburn trencher, x-Bflo. Fire Dept. Telegraph Dept., 8500 original miles – needs restoration. $4000.”

1953-cj3b-hamburg-ny-trencher1 1953-cj3b-hamburg-ny-trencher2 1953-cj3b-hamburg-ny-trencher3

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CJ-5 Trencher Smith Valley, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was “Make Offer”

Bill spotted this one. Looks definitely some value here.

“!950’s Jeep trencher. Ran when parked. Make offer. Ask for Jim”


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1948 CJ-2A New Melle, MO $2000


Parts jeep or project.

“1948 willys jeep trench-o-jeep do not have the trencher has rear pto with all drive shafts has another pto for the trencher with drive shafts has all engagement levers and hardware for drive has coil over helper springs for the weight jeep has transmission but no engine and no title jeep tub in good shape rust holes in floors”

1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo02 1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo01 1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo1 1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo2 1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo3 1948-cj2a-jeep-trencher-newmille-mo4

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Tractor w/ Auburn Trencher Hardinsburg, IN $6000

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Glenn spotted this Auburn trencher on the back of a tractor.

“International 2400 gas tractor with Auburn mounted trencher and Auburn mounted dozer blade. This is a one of a kind machine. Google it, Auburn made trenchers for tractors and Willys Jeeps from the 40s through the 80s. Parts are still available from a dealer in Virginia. I got this given to me by the original owner. I brought it home, and got it running. It has been sitting for about 4 years. Last time it ran, when the engine got warmed up, it died. Let it cool, it would run again. Easy electrical fix, I just have no need for the tractor. It is a cool piece to look at! Auburn split the tractor and mated the gear transmission with a hydraulic one. It still runs ans drives like a tractor, but when you engage the Auburn transmission and pto for trencher, it takes over. 98 ACTUAL HOURS. I know the complete history on the machine. It has a 5″ trencher on it. Blade works all the way. It really is handy, I just have no need for it. Feel free to call with any questions. Good for collecting or for use!!! I am asking $6000 obo. Make me an offer, I need the barn space! I can load it on your trailer.”

tractor-auburn-trencher1 tractor-auburn-trencher2 tractor-auburn-trencher3

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Auburn Trencher Medina, OH $1495


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1495.

Chris had this Auburn Trencher for sale. His email is

“Selling this Jeep-A-Trench from the Auburn Machine Works company. It’s a late 50’s model that has been stored inside since the 70’s. The auger teeth and arm were never used. Looking to sell as a complete unit for $1495”


auburn-trencher2 auburn-trencher1

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1948 CJ-3A New Melle, St. Louis, MO $2000


This jeep no longer has it’s trencher, but it still has lots of parts.

“1948 willys jeep trench-o-jeep do not have the trencher has rear pto with all drive shafts has another pto for the trencher with drive shafts has all engagement levers and hardware for drive has coil over helper springs for the weight jeep has transmission but no engine and no title jeep tub in good shape rust holes in floors”


1948-cj2a-trencher-melle-mo1 1948-cj2a-trencher-melle-mo2 1948-cj2a-trencher-melle-mo3

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1950 CJ-3A Trencher Mitchell, CO $2600


UPDATE: Still Available 

Pete’s got this 3A trencher for sale.

“1950 willys jeep cj3a. With. A jeep a trench trencher on the back jeep runs well moves drives. Will need typiCal brakes redone. Needs all tires Has good matching title. Will need a new rear pto belt drive gear box I hAve the old one. But the cast is cracked and apart. For many years I think if b you knew a good welder that weld cast iron. And a machinest that can make a new gear or a set of Small gears you may be able to rebuild the gear box you c a new find used one I have guy th at will be getting one. In the next few weeks the body is not rusted out no floor patchs at all had its dents etc. Will post pics hopefully Sunday 1 29. Don’t wait may put on ebay soon. Loc near Scottsbluff Nebraska.calls only”

1950-cj3a-trencher-denver-co1 1950-cj3a-trencher-denver-co2 1950-cj3a-trencher-denver-co3 1950-cj3a-trencher-denver-co9

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Jeep A Trench Trencher Randolph, OH Make Offer


UPDATE: It appears this is just the trencher.

(11/19/2016) Hard to see the condition of the jeep.

“1955 Willy’s Jeep-A-Trench make reasonable offer”

1955-cj5-trencher-akron-oh1 1955-cj5-trencher-akron-oh2

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1950? Auburn Trencher Sylvania, OH $600


Looks like a good price. Seller has other parts for older jeeps, too.

“This trencher was removed from a 1950 Jeep CJ3A. When purchased was told it was in working condition. I have never done anything with it, but I applied a penetrating oil every 3-6 months on the chains, and apparatus. The link belt freely rotates. I have extra chain pieces, and the under Jeep components. Please call Denny for more information. I have collected Jeeps, and at my age I do not foresee doing anything more with them. I have other Jeep parts for older Jeeps. Asking $600 OBO.”


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1954 News Article About Jeeps Being Shown at Fairs

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An August 20, 1954, article in the Toledo Bade discussed Kaiser-Willys upcoming demonstrations at 23 major fairs in 15 states. The article included a photo of a Jeep-a-Trench Trencher.


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1957 CJ-5 w/Trencher Antwerp, OH $7,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500 on eBay

“1957 Willys Jeep A Trench. I am the owner and have the title. This is one of the rarest things I have ever seen. It has an Auburn trencher attachment which later became Ditch Witch. This Jeep has been sitting in a pole barn for at least 10 years! I pulled and flushed the gas tank , blew out the fuel lines and cleaned the carb. It fires up and runs good! It will need some brake work! It was originally a baby blue color. It was repainted nearly 15 years ago. There was some patching done on the floor boards at that time. I’m sure they also patched it elsewhere. The paint job is fair for its age. It has some paint bubbles on the right rear quarter The interior is pretty nice and it shows 7770 original miles. Tires have excellent tread but are weather cracked. If you have an interest I urge you to come and look at it !! I have a lot of pictures. More than I can show here. I will gladly send you more. What a unique piece of equipment to own.. It is a 1957 and is not perfect. But would make a awesome restoration project. Sold as is needing TLC! Engine runs great!”


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Year? CJ-2A w/Trencher Nelson, WI $4500


I hasn’t been run in a couple years, but it is supposedly capable of running and driving. Looks like the trencher is a Jeep-A-Trench.

“Old Jeep Trencher maybe 1940’s or 1950’s
Will dig up to 7 feet
Last time ran 2 years ago
Run and drives
rare front weight

1946-cj2a-trencher-nelson0 1946-cj2a-trencher-nelson1 1946-cj2a-trencher-nelson2 1946-cj2a-trencher-nelson3 1946-cj2a-trencher-nelson4

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1957 CJ-5 Trencher Holland, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was sold at auction.

Chris found this one for auction in Holland, Ohio, June 4th. Looks in good shape.

1957 Willys Jeep with Auburn 8ft trencher & snow plow, 2-seat w/cab 7,700 miles on odometer;”

1957-cj5-jeepatrench1 1957-cj5-jeepatrench2 1957-cj5-jeepatrench3 1957-cj5-jeepatrench4

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1952 CJ-3A Claflin, KS $3500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500. More pics provided.

(10/28/2016) Used to have a Trencher on the rear.

“To many projects and with a third baby on the way I won’t be getting to all of them. Selling my 1952 Jeep Willys CJ3A. This Willys originally had a factory option Jeep-a-trench trencher (which has since been removed) on the back, so the Jeep still has the factory rear PTO. Has the T-90 3 speed manual transmission and the Dana Spicer model 18 transfer case. 4 cylinder F head Hurricane 134 ci engine. I have never had it running. Has factory half soft top and soft doors. Jeep has been in my shed for over 12 years. Have title and much of the original paperwork on it. Was in a shed when I got it and has continued to be. Little to no rust. Perfect for winter restoration project..”


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1971 CJ-5 w/Trencher Mt. Pleasant, MI $6000


Glenn spotted this one.

“I have a very RARE 1971 CJ5 Jeep backhoe with a go for digger backhoe factory conversion. Ran two years ago, it have a few hydraulic hoses that need to be replaced. NO TRADES. Call or text with any questions. Emails will be deleted. I have the front dozer blade, just not shown in pictures.”


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Bosemer Plumbing and Their Trenchers

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This article from the December 1955 Jeep News shares the growth of Bosemer Plumbing and its use of two different Jeep-A-Trenches. Note the serial number of the very early trencher: 11C-915. I never would have guess that was one of the first ones ever built!

1955-12-willys-news-jeep-a-trench2 1955-12-willys-news-jeep-a-trench1

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CJ-3B & Jeep-A-Trench Postcard on eBay

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Cool postcard. Nice shot of the Auburn Machine Works in the background.


View all the information on eBay

jeep-a-trench-postcard-cj3b-1 jeep-a-trench-postcard-cj3b-2

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PTO Setup West Seneca, NY No Price

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Isn’t this a trencher setup?

“Selling as a whole but possibly will separate
Transmission, transfer case, PTO setup, and trans cross member from a 53 cj3b. Will fit many years and models of the older jeeps
Make me a reasonable offer. I know what these parts are worth”


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Auburn Jeep-A-Trench on eBay


Is this complete? Isn’t it missing the big spoked wheel?

“We are offering a civilian jeep complete auburn Jeep-A-Trench. This very rare, The part number is JEEP-A-TRENCH.”

View all the information on eBay


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1956 CJ-5 w/ Jeep-a-trench Sacramento, CA $2900


No good overview pics.

“This is a 1956 Willys Jeep-A-Trench. Comes complete with the original engine, transmission and all Jeep-A-Trench components. Also comes with the rare original engine governor. I have the original pink slip title with the matching black California license plates. I also purchased another Jeep-A-Trench Willys jeep for parts. So you also get an extra engine, transmission, and complete Jeep-A-Trench setup (there is one just like it currently advertised on eBay for $5,500). I have two digging chains; one with cups for soft soil and one with spikes for hard soil. I paid $600 for all new bearings for the digger chain wheels. I have all four auger screws. Lot’s of good and rare documents included. Extra “Electrolift” for the front blade included as well. This jeep is complete with the original front blade and counterweight too. I have many body and many misc parts that go with this jeep; extra steering column and box, extra drive shafts, excellent gas tank, etc.”

1956-cj5-jeepatrench-sac-ca1 1956-cj5-jeepatrench-sac-ca2 1956-cj5-jeepatrench-sac-ca4

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1947 CJ-2A w/Trencher Cedar Rapids, IA $1000


Pics were dark. Missing parts. MIght still have value.

“elling my 1947 CJ2A Willys. Came out with trencher on back, most of it is there, along with extra parts. Its been sitting at my place too long, so its time to sell. No title, I bought it from original owner, who said he never had a title. It was considered off road/farm equipment so he never had it titled. Has serial number, and have looked into getting title, won’t take much to get one for it. Asking $1000 for it. Wanna sell whole, and not sell parts. Lots of usable parts for another project or to fix up and drive as a jeep. Rims on jeep in pics are not rims going with jeep, those are off my other one. I have different rims and tires to put on jeep that sell with it.”

1947-cj2a-trencher-cedarrapids-ia1 1947-cj2a-trencher-cedarrapids-ia2 1947-cj2a-trencher-cedarrapids-ia3 1947-cj2a-trencher-cedarrapids-ia4