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CJ-3B Body Rathdrum, ID $600

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/30/2017) Interesting story. The 3B hood with the louvres is unusual.

“I purchased this to turn into my dream FrankenWillys, stretched to allow 3 rows of seats. When I called the Idaho DOT, everything went well until I said “stretch”. Apparently that makes it a new vehicle, that would need to meet current safety standards (airbags, etc.). So I set my dream aside and bought a CJ8 as a compromise. I need to get the CJ3 out of the garage, so I can get the CJ8 fixed up.

Most of the CJ3 B body has been sandblasted. If it is gray in the picture, it is likely sandblasted. The floor has rust, see pictures, but overall it is in good condition for an old Willys. Comes with Koenig steel top. The top comes with a set of full doors. There is also a set of half doors. There is a spare firewall to replace the original firewall that was cut out for a V8.

Loosely assembled and put on casters for easy transport and storage.  I want to recover what I have into it, the price is firm. If I can’t recover my cost, I am giving it to my son.”

cj3b-body-rathdrum-id2 cj3b-body-rathdrum-id3 cj3b-body-rathdrum-id4

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Custom Aqualu Aluminum Body Houston, TX $6500

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Well this is interesting. That body might fit nicely on a post 1972 stock CJ-5 Frame.

“Custom Aqualu CJ2A Body
– Tub – 4″ wider and 6″ longer than stock, 3″ of length added to door area, 3″ of length added to rear wheel area
– Grill – 4″ wider than stock
– Hood – 4″ wider, 3″ longer than stock
– Windshield Frame – 4″ wider than stock
– Front Fenders – 3″ longer than stock
– Storage Tailgate – 4″ wider than stock
Custom CJ2A frame
– 139″ long (end to end including bumpers)
– 29.5″ between rails
– Rear section (including angled taper into center section) – 40″ long
– Front section (including angled taper into center section) – 38.5″ long
– Front and rear sections are 2x4x0.188″ wall rectangle tube, center section is 2x6x0.188″ wall rectangle tube
– Setup for leafs with the frame side plates, but those could easily be cut off for links (that was my ultimate plan)

The body package was over $9k from Aqualu.

$6500 OBO
$8500 OBO with Jeep TJ Rubicon Axles and Heim Joints for Suspension”


custom-aqualu-aluminum-body1 custom-aqualu-aluminum-body2 custom-aqualu-aluminum-body4

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CJ-3A Body Parts and Parts Jeep Lebanon, PA $3995

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $3995

(10/08/2015) A variety of parts.

“This is an early Willys CJ3a that has a clean, straight frame and includes the flathead engine . I am selling it as a package with a nearly complete O.E.M. body in pieces. These N.O.S. parts were collected over a thirty year period and are impossible to replace. I am selling the these genuine parts for less than you can buy the imports. (And including the Jeep to put them on). This will make a show quality Jeep with a spot weld assembly. If you are looking for your next restoration project, you will want to give this one a look. Please email if you are interested and thanks for looking.”

cj3b-parts-lebanon-pa1 cj3b-parts-lebanon-pa2 cj3b-parts-lebanon-pa3 cj3b-parts-lebanon-pa4

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MB & GPW Tubs Lodi, CA

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts
  1. Stamped Willys Tub: $700
  2. GPW Tub: No Price
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CJ-3A Body Parts and Rebuilt Chassis Uvalde, CA

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-3A

No pics of the chassis. The tub/fenders/hood are $800 together.

ALL $800


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2 CJ-2A Tubs and Other Parts Kittitas, WA $200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

Both are a little rough.

“Two tubs; $200 each. Two fenders, one windshield and one hood and two grills; $50 each. $500 total if you buy all. Bring a strong friend and trailer or truck for hauling.”


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1946 CJ-2A Body PartsSpokane, WA $1500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

Initially, I thought this was a whole jeep.

“I have a CLEAN, proper title… No frame, great tub for restoration. Comes with a hood, two windshield frames, one decent drivers fender and a rough passenger side fender. One grill. Two tailgates.”

1946-cj2a-parts-spokane-wash1 1946-cj2a-parts-spokane-wash2

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CJ-2A Tub & Front Clips Peoria, AZ $450

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

Parts will need work.

“these are leftovers from a project. The tub has an excellent rear floor and inner fenders. the front floor have been patched at some point and could be used as they are, but really need repaired. the rear corners are pretty beat up, and the rest of the tub is very solid.

the hood is dented and has had a hole cut in it probably for a larger engine at some point.

the grill is not too bad and would clean up easily

one fender is excellent and the other is really poor condition”


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1945 MB Body Roy, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1400.

Needs work.

“Willys MB body tub, fair+ condition. Has rust around fuel tank well and on some cross members. Also evidence of filler and fiberglass in a few places. Included but not installed a new fuel tank well and Y channel for underbody.”


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Fiberglass CJ-3B Bobcat Hood

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This hood has Don Prine’s business card within the resin.

“Never used but has garage wear and tear. This was probably made in the 70’s judging be the phone number on business card. Fiberglass jeep hood for WILLYS cj3b, or if you cut it down it’ll fit a cj3a or cj2a.”

bobcat-cjb-hood0 bobcat-cjb-hood1 bobcat-cjb-hood2

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1943 MB Body East Haddam, CT $4999

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/01/2017) Looks in good shape.


“Up for sale is what I believe to be a model year 1943 Willys MB jeep body.  I took it apart about 30 years ago as it was on a GPW Ford frame.  It is original and in excellent condition for a 70+ year old, mass produced combat vehicle for the government.  These were never made to be like a Porsche and had dents and scratches on delivery.  Please note there is a puncture hole above the airfilter mounting bracket at the transition to the cowl.  It looks like a small forklift fork hit it, but I don’t know. The rear floor (cargo area) was replaced when I got it.

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CJ-2A Hood and Body Parts Cape Coral, FL **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $150.

The hood looks in good shape.

“Hood, Body Parts, ……..”


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Fiberglass Body and Parts Jonesboro, AR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

Rob’s got the fiberglass body and parts for sale. Looks like a good price.

“For Sale – Fiberglass CJ2A body including fiberglass fenders. Also included are metal hood (with a hole cut in it), metal fenders left and right, metal grille, metal windshield frame, and a metal dash.”

fiberglass-body-jonesboro0 fiberglass-body-jonesboro1 fiberglass-body-jonesboro2 fiberglass-body-jonesboro3 fiberglass-body-jonesboro4

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VEC CJ-2A Body Spring, TX $799

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $799.

(01/29/2017) Looks in good shape.

“I have an old Jeep Willys body for sale, don’t know much about it, it does have rust, figured it would make a cool rat rod like pictured or a great military looking re-build. Even perfect for a kids bed, many possibilities. No title,
Just is what you see in the pics, I have a friend that has a hood and grill that would probably work out depending on what your building. ”


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Fiberglass Tub Fort Worth, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $750.

Looks in great shape. Doesn’t look like it has ever been mounted. It appears to be a lightweight body similar to the racing body I used to have. But, mine worked great for jeeping, too.

“Found this fiberglass replacement body in my uncle’s barn while cleaning it out after he sold the ranch. He said he bought it for a ’43 Willys he was planning to restore (but clearly never did). I don’t know much about these but it seems in good shape – needs a fresh coat of paint, but there are no cracks or breaks that I can see. Body and hood only – no fenders.”


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1948 CJ-2A Tub Charlotte, NC $500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Maybe someone can save this?

“1948 CJ2A Tub, Fair condition but restore-able. ”


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CJ-8 Scrambler Tub Greenville, NC $400

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

I don’t seem these bodies pop up very often.

“I am selling my Jeep CJ8 Tub. It is in fair shape, does NOT come with title. Will need body work as well as replacement of the bed around the roll bar mounts and under tail gate. Floor pans have been patched and top cowl has been removed due to rust and have one is good condition with one small hole to replace with. Driver’s side is solid with a few holes and passenger side seems to have been run into a rock or heavily dented from passenger door back. I am asking $400 OBO. It is an original CJ8 tub, not reproduction.  ”


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The Mystery Jeep Utility Body

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Unusual

UPDATE: Ted got a hold of this a few years ago. No one seems to know who modified or for what purpose. Now he wants to let it go. If interested, email him at

He wrote, “I was lucky enough to a be in the right place at the right time and have some interesting items to trade towards purchasing this really unique Willys body. Not really sure on origin or history on this oddball as it came from a buddy of mine who also didnt have much history on it, but I knew it was really cool and thought it would be the ultimate foundation for a great Yard -plow Jeep.

I thought it would be a great Jeep to have all your tools, torches, jacks, etc etc in to minimize walks back to the garage to get something while working on stuff out in the woods or yard. I was going to start with a good rolling and running 2a frame and make it mechanically sound and mount a Plow or Snow Scoop on front with a rear mounted PTO winch hoisting Boom on back of Jeep for a great little Utility Jeep.

Unfortunately my unfinished projects and Jeeps that need attention have got me forced to part with some of my future projects that Im never gonna have time for. This Body is very unique and definitely deserves to be restored and put to use somewhere. I think with a good rolling and running 2a or 3a frame and some work it would be a great Winter project for someone looking for a cool Willys build. My loss is going to be someones gain.

Make me an offer !!! Email any questions and I will try to help

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MB Tub Chickamauga, GA $1900

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Plenty of jeeps in the background.

“This is a brand new reproduction body tub for the Willys MB. This is a Pre-Composit tub which is late 1942 early 1943. This is in excellent new condition. There is one tiny dent on the cowl and the fuel sump guard has a dent in it. This is normally a 2400.00 retail tub. It is priced way below wholesale. This is located at a business and please contact us Via Phone (NO TEXT) during business hours. 8 to 5 eastern. NO Shipping, NO trades, NO holding, Cash only, Firm Price, NO BS.”


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MB/GPW Body Boise, ID $150

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Sides are rough according to seller.

“This is a world war II jeep tub. Good for parts or for a retro rockcrawler project. no data plates, no script, 1943 or 44.
tub sides are bondo. looks good in the picture but sides are rough. cowl is great. floor is rusty. This is a fab situation, not bolt on.
I will help you load this or deliver locally if necessary. i can’t help you if your wife gets mad. mine will be happy its found a new home.

folks always ask if I have other ww2 jeep parts. I have center parts of a cut frame (no front or rear), a front axle, hood that Is covered in bondo and that’s about it.

IF THIS AD IS UP, ITS AVAILABLE. Email me pls, that’s how I communicate best. don’t ask if its available. come look at it. ”


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1942 GPW Body Kankakee, IL **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, GPW (Ford MB)

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $450.

Needs some work, but better than some I’ve seen.

“I have an early 1942 Ford script GPW tub for sale.
Tub is in overall good condition with a lot of work already done. Body is solid with no rust with a thin coat of body filler used to fill in dents on side and rear panels. Tool boxes just replaced, only needs floors replaced and it’s good to go! New side handles, pioneer tool brackets, glove box lid, tool box lids along with locks for all three lids.
No title, no data plates come with this tub, sold as is. ”

1942-gpw-body-kankakee-il1 1942-gpw-body-kankakee-il

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CJ-2A Half Cab Pepin County, WI $300

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $300.

(08/30/2016) It includes a sticker on the door, too.

“Half cab with doors off of a 1949 CJ2A Willys. All metal is solid but does have a few areas that have some surface rust. Doors are in decent shape on outside and the glass rolls up. The inner door panels will need to be replaced.”

half-cab-cj2a-pepin-wi2 half-cab-cj2a-pepin-wi

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1948 CJ-2A Body Fort Worth, TX $200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

Looks like a good price.

“1948 CJ-2A Willys body tub. Straight and generally rust free. Typical rust in floor pans. ”


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Fiberglass Tub Edinburg, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

(01/19/2016) Needs some repairs. Looks like a lightweight glass body similar to my first jeep.

“I have and early Willys jeep fiberglass body with a one piece front end I am selling. It will need repaired on driver side and passenger side above the back of the doors asking 500 for it call or text ”



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CJ-3B New Repro Tub Narvon, PA $2000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-3B, Features

Daryl’s got this tub for sale.

“We have a CJ3B new, reproduction body tub for sale. Regularly $2,400, currently $2,000 picked up in Narvon, PA. If shipped, $100 for crating plus motor freight to your location. This tub has the 5-hole dash.  Photos attached. If interested, email or call 610-286-9545.”

cj3b-tub-pa3 cj3b-tub-pa2 cj3b-tub-pa1 cj3b-tub-pa4 cj3b-tub-pa5