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Fiberglass Tub Grover, NC $300

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The rear wheel wells have been cut (to push seats back farther) and their are a large number of bolts through the passenger side of the body (why??), so it’s hard to say for sure how much value is here, but I suspect this body is savable. I’ve saved worse. Thanks to Mike for spotting it.

“Fiberglass flat fender jeep Fiberglass tub, front fenders and grill only no hood, chassis or title”

fiberglass-body-grover-nc1 fiberglass-body-grover-nc2


One comment on “Fiberglass Tub Grover, NC $300

  1. Terry

    You can see the crack in the “step up” from front-to-rear floor. Bolts seem to be part of a repair.

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