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It’s Official … Alaska Here We Come … (July/August 2017)

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Vintage Jeep Enthusiasts to Drive the Entire Alaska Highway
in ‘Willys’ Jeeps Over Five Day, 1,500 Mile Adventure —

PASCO, WASHINGTON– February 03, 2017– This July, to celebrate its 75th anniversary, a group of travelers from across the United States and Canada will drive the entire Alaska Highway in vintage Jeeps. The trip, dubbed ‘Alaska Or Rust,’ will span five days and cover the nearly 1,500 miles between the famed highway’s start in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and the end at Fairbank, AlaskaA

The group will launch as three separate caravans: one from the East Coast, led by Bill Reiss, one from the Midwest, led by Scott Gilbert, and one from the West Coast, led by David Eilers. On their way to Dawson Creek, each caravan will make scheduled stops where additional travelers can join. Upon arrival at the highway’s entrance, the three groups will merge and convoy together throughout the whole of the Alaska Highway.

“The beauty of this trip is that it isn’t the high-speed, air-conditioned affair that’s become so common on the Alaska Highway,” said Bill Reiss, another of the trip’s organizers. “We’re driving our old, beloved Jeeps—models from the 40s, 50s and 60s—and by doing so, we’re paying homage to the rugged and beautiful story of both the Jeep brand and the Alaska Highway. It’s an adventure for us and a tribute to some incredible history.”

The ‘Alaska or Rust’ caravan has already attracted attention from sponsors like JP Magazine, a favorite periodical of vintage Jeep lovers, which will send a contributor, Traci Clark, to document the journey. Two sponsors have already joined the effort, Allied Jeeps and Overland Diesel. Additional sponsors will be announced shortly.

Fans are encouraged to join the adventure by following the group’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, which will update as connectivity allows. Additionally, a daily trip recap will be posted on organizer Dave Eilers’ trade publication,

To join the trip, learn more or sponsor a portion of the journey, visit

About the Alaskan Highway:

The Alaska Highway was constructed during World War II for the purpose of connecting the contiguous United States to Alaska across Canada. It begins at the junction with several Canadian highways in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and runs to Delta Junction, Alaska, via Whitehorse, Yukon. Completed in 1942 at a length of nearly 1,500 miles long, the highway was opened to the public in 1948. Legendary for being a rough, challenging drive, the highway proved perfect for showing off the capabilities of early military Jeeps.

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