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Day 8: July 28, Travelers Arrive

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<– Day 7: July 27, The Lonely Road Home | Day 9: July 29, At Dawson Creek –>

On the 28th, Hugo, Fernando, Ann and I had a day without driving, a nice reprieve from our road trip thus far. But, we kept busy cleaning vehicles and organizing for the trip’s start.

As of midnight the 28th, we still awaited the arrival of Merlin & Britt and Andreas Gruson, Marcello, and Dario. However, everyone else arrived during the day, exhausted. So, we had a small celebration and got to know everyone. Since it is Ann’s an my 5th wedding anniversary, I’ll keep this brief.

We can’t wait to start! Only 1300 miles before we reach Fairbanks!


Marty, Rob, Ron, Don arriving at Dawson Creek


Bill arrived at Dawson Creek


Cowboy, Russ, Jim and David (seated) arrived at Dawson Creek.


Hugo meeting Jim.


Fernando and Hugo saving David’s butt cuz he hasn’t had time to look at his carb.


A well deserved beer after fixing David’s carb.


Most of the group, exhausted form their days of travel.

<– Day 7: July 27, The Lonely Road Home | Day 9: July 29, At Dawson Creek –>


2 Comments on “Day 8: July 28, Travelers Arrive

  1. Gordon

    Hi guys. Was reading your about your adventures. Looks an epic trip. I would have done this foe sure!!
    I used to live in Dawson Creek and Ft St John. worked up at Wonowon for Suncor.
    There are lots of things to check out. Check out Maes Kitchen at Pink Mountain . Then after that you wiol see numerous off shoots from the new highway .You actually travel part of the old pavement for few quite a few miles. But its been a few years so can’t actually garantee it now .At about Buckinging Horse off to the East you’ll see a flat raised plateau. I think that is where the highway went up on it . And that is where Suicide hill is located .
    The ft Nelson mueseum is good also . Fort Liard hot springs is also a must go to.
    Enjoy your trip ,I will be watching and rooting for you .. Gord in Salmon Arm

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Gordon. Thanks for the info. I will share with the group so they can consider stopping by those places on the way back.

    – Dave

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