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Fiberglass Body PIqua, OH $350

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I can’t figure out why the wheel well looks so odd vis-a-vis the far side of the body and it’s downward angle. This might be beyond saving.

fiberglass-shell-piqua-oh32 fiberglass-shell-piqua-oh3

“I have a fiberglass Jeep show its brand new never been painted just setting on frame”

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1948 CJ-2A Merrill, WI $5000


UPDATE: Still Available

(04/12/2018) Has fiberglass body.

“This is a 1948 CJ2A with a fiberglass body, it has a Three speed with overdrive and a 1967 CJ5 V6. The motor is a 225 dauntless. With the over drive and V6 you can cruise at 60 but drives a bit steadier at 50. Plenty of power. I put new tires, new coil,new shocks and bunch seals and gaskets. I had pulled the motor and transmission to replace gaskets and seals. I still have a few leaks, I have an exhaust leak and some blow by. I also put new drums and pads, replaced the master cylinder and replaced some of the older break lines. It is titled a 1948 and all the parts I ordered came correct. Haveing the overdrive allows you to stay in 2nd in town and the overdrive shifts smooth as silk. Fun to drive I am just thinking of going b ack to two wheels. The speedo cable was broke when I bought it and I replaced it. I have no,idea of the real milage”

1948-cj2a-merrill-wi1 1948-cj2a-merrill-wi2 1948-cj2a-merrill-wi3 1948-cj2a-merrill-wi4

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CJ-2A Fiberglass Tub Mineola, TX $750


This looks like one of the Acme or Brian Chuchua tubs. It’s a light tub, but surprisingly sturdy.


“I bought this tub and no longer have the Jeep it was going on. It is brand new with no holes. It’s for a Willy’s CJ2A but you could use it on other models. Comes with a new fiberglass hood. Absolutely NO TRADES. Serious CASH offered considered but if you know anything about these you know a new one is at least $2,000.”


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Fiberglass CJ-5 Tub and Modified Frame Pittsburg, CA $600


The body looks to be in reasonable shape.



“I have a fiberglass CJ5 tub and frame from a 1966 CJ5. It’s in good overall shape and would make a great replacement tub and frame. The frame has been modified for a small block chevy, or LS motor and will need to be finished. I have a mount kit for the the small block that I can include for $150 as well. It’s brand new and the mount brackets are TIG are welded in. The tub has provisions for brakes and steering like the 72+ cj5’s.

I don’t have any paperwork for the tub. Axles not included.”


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1948 CJ-2A Oldtown, ID $5000


This CJ-2A has a VEC windshield. It also has a rear PTO. The body looks to be a fiberglass Bobcat body.

1948-cj2a-oldtown-id1 1948-cj2a-oldtown-id2 1948-cj2a-oldtown-id3 1948-cj2a-oldtown-id4

“$5,000 OBO. Dont let this gem slip through your fingers! Not too many of theese around, and people have been stopping to look at it so much since i put it in the corner of the property for people to see. It really is an eye stopper as is. Has a flat head 4 cylinder engine. Any questions feel free to email me. I can snap a photo of the engine if needed.”


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1953 Flattie Tucson, AZ $11,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/08/2019) It has a custom frame with a fiberglass body.

“This is a custom Willys Jeep! 2 Piece fiberglass body! Custom built tube frame, GM axels, Ford 3.8 fuel injected engine. Automatic trans. The body has been sprayed with Zolatone. The wheels and tires, shocks, seats are new. Needs nothing very dependable. Took to the Dunes last weekend! 2 wheel drive. New blue-tooth stereo. Great for car shows, beer runs and all around fun. Not interested in trades. Registered as a 2005 special construction, no emissions.”

custom-flattie-tucson-az7 custom-flattie-tucson-az8 custom-flattie-tucson-az9

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1948 CJ-2A Holmen, WI $2750


UPDATE: This was for sale in MN. Now for sale in WI.

(12/15/2015) Has a glass body.

“Great project Willys. 1961 cj-5 frame and drivetrain. 255 ci V6 engine. ‘48 fiberglass tub. Not perfect but solid. It does need some finish work done. Does not drive but I have had the engine running. It come with two windshields and some misc parts. Thanks for looking.”

1948-cj2a-wykoff-mn0 1948-cj2a-wykoff-mn1 1948-cj2a-wykoff-mn2

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1947 CJ-2A Sanford, MI $3000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3000.

(11/13/2018) Appears to have a fiberglass body.

1947 Jeep Willys $3,300.00
Comes with Original willys engine- ran when it was in
Could be a spun bearing
A Chevy 4.3 engine 6 cylinder
A roll cage,
A rolling chasis with out the engine
$3,300.00 O.B.O”

1947-cj2a-sanford-mi1 1947-cj2a-sanford-mi2 1947-cj2a-sanford-mi3 1947-cj2a-sanford-mi4

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1953 CJ-3A Moores Hill, OH $1200


Not sure how much value is here. It has an older fiberglass tub.

“53 Willy’s CJ3A 4×4
Fiberglass tub
Extra axle, lifted, 33” tires.

1953-cj3a-oh2 1953-cj3a-oh

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Tub and Fiberglass Front Clip Spirit Lake, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350.

“Tub is solid and in pretty good shape. Has a full fiberglass front clip. $350 no trades”

tub-hood-spiritlake-wa1 tub-hood-spiritlake-wa2

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1946 CJ-2A Princeton, MN $6250


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/28/2018) The suspension has been modified.

“Hello, We are selling our 1946 Willys Jeep. It has the original 4 cylinder engine that was rebuilt entirely and runs like a top. Lock-out hubs, After market high torque starter and original starter. All fiberglass body, hood, grill and window frame are steel.
Hasnt been driven for a while but starts right up. The carburetor was rebuilt but could use to be cleaned to run better. Radiator was re-cored. Top is in good shape as it was never used. We are open to serious offers but please, no “low price” offers.”

1946-cj2a-princeton-mn1 1946-cj2a-princeton-mn2 1946-cj2a-princeton-mn3 1946-cj2a-princeton-mn4

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1951 CJ-3A Stanwood, WA $4250

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/28/2019) Has a Bobcat body and hood. Has custom suspension. May have been a racer.

“1951 Willys , fiberglass , 289 Ford engine. Too much extras to list., Runs but needs tuning. $4,250”

1951-flattie-stanwood-wa6 1951-flattie-stanwood-wa7 1951-flattie-stanwood-wa8 1951-flattie-stanwood-wa9

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1964 CJ-3B Prairieville, LA $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

(11/24/2018) Has a fiberglass low-hood body.

“1964 JEEP CJ3B 4×4 WITH FIBERGLASS BODY. Street legal. Has full enclosure. 1960’s Buick Endeavor v-6
three speed manual. Has high and low range, locking hubs”

1964-cj3b-prairieville-la2 1964-cj3b-prairieville-la3

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1948 CJ-2A? Linden, NJ $8000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/20/2015) “original motor and trans,runs good. 12v converted. updated radiator otherwise tires,water pump, fully restored chasis. needs shocks. updated rollbar with 4 shoulder belts(2000). fiberglass tub, everything else original steel.”

1948-cj2a-linden-nj1 1948-cj2a-linden-nj2 1948-cj2a-linden-nj3

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1949 CJ-3A Sunbury, PA $3100


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500.

(09/01/2018) Has a fiberglass body. Includes a parts jeep.

“1949 Willys Jeep runs and drives. Fiberglass tub. Title in hand. Comes with another jeep for parts with all running gear intact.Parts Jeep has no wheels or tires.”

1949-cj3a-sunbury-pa1 1949-cj3a-sunbury-pa2

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1947 CJ-2A Ridgway, CO $6999


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6999.

(01/24/2019) Seems to be a project. It has a fiberglass body.

“New military fiber glass body. Rebuilt 4cyl motor. New carb. New paint. Lots of extra parts. Good radiator. 2 sets of tires 16 inch rim. Spare frame and axels.”

1948-cj2a-ridgway-co42 1948-cj2a-ridgway-co43 1948-cj2a-ridgway-co4

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1946 CJ-2A Laurel, MT $7000


UPDATE: Price dripped to $7000

(04/15/2018) Lots of updates to this Bobcat-bodied Flattie.

“1946 Willy’s/ Bobcat body, brand new 4×4 after market frame built from ground up.
1 ton ford transmission(100 miles rebuilt), married transfer case( 100 miles rebuilt), 383 stroker motor (900 miles rebuilt, can, hardened rods, summit racing pistons), Dana 60 axils front and back, four wheel posi, New super swamped 39.5 tires, 15k wench front mounted custom tow bar, Bucket seats ( frame mounted with 5 point harnesses, custom alluminum gas tank, rear seat original. Great for someone who likes quality built performance.”

1946-cj2a-bobcat-laurel-mt1 1946-cj2a-bobcat-laurel-mt2 1946-cj2a-bobcat-laurel-mt3 1946-cj2a-bobcat-laurel-mt4

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Bobcat Fiberglass Body Stanwood, WA $1210

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1210.

(01/25/2019) Dan shared this one. This bobcat body looks identical to Biscuit’s body (before I patched it up)

“Fiberglass body kit for willys. Dont know anything about it but was told it was a Bobcat. Body tub, hood fenders grill. Look at pictures please before asking. Very good condition.”

bobcat-body-stanwood1 bobcat-body-stanwood2

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CJ-3A & CJ-3B(?) Gainesville, FL $2700


The 3B (hard to tell if it is a 3B) has a fiberglass 3A tub.

“2 Willys Jeeps for sale. This is a project that I would love to finish, but I’m moving and the cost to move them would be more than they are worth. The Jeeps are a CJ-2A and CJ 3B I believe as far as the motor transmission and transfer case go. I have a frame in good condition with title. My plan was to take parts from both of these to make one Jeep. The black one ran and drove when I got it, but the fuel pump dumped fuel all over the place. The fuel pump and starter were removed for repair and never put back on. The green one started, but would only run for a few seconds before shutting off. Both jeeps will need to be towed. I prefer to sell them together and with the frame.”

2-flatties-fl1 2-flatties-fl2

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Drag Jeep Yuma, AZ **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $6800.

(01/02/2018) “Willy’s fiberglass body , 383 stroker, powerglide 2 speed tranny , 9 in rear , 456 full spool spline ,
Msd electronics , launch controller, 2 step modulator to retard timing for nitrous, has no nitrous but is built for a 150 hp shot , never ran nitrous all motor so far it is fast enough without it . 4.62 sec at dome valley raceway.”

drag-jeep-fiberglass-yuma1 drag-jeep-fiberglass-yuma2


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1948 CJ-2A Spring Hill, TN $4250


This is a project. It has a fiberglass tub.

“1948 cj2a Willy’s Jeep project almost complete: new wiring (almost finished), fiber glass tub, fenders, hood all have been painted with Bed liner(quality stuff not junk), new brakes, motor was rebuilt by previous owner and runs, rebuilt trans, flywheel resurfaced, new clutch, gas tanks is good, new tail lights, new radiator, new alternator, newer starter, converted to 12 volt. 2 sets of wheels but needs tires, tires will hold air for a few hours. No rust! Need seats and very few things to be finished. Lost interest in this project, jeeps just aren’t my thing. No title!”


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1950 CJ-3A Stafford Springs, CT $5900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/22/2018) Looks like the body and front clip are fiberglass.

“Great off-road vehicle currently registered driven regularly.”

1950-cj3a-stafford-ct1 1950-cj3a-stafford-ct2 1950-cj3a-stafford-ct3 1950-cj3a-stafford-ct4

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1952 CJ-3A Crystal Bay, NV $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/17/2018) Has a fiberglass body. Needs gas tank installed.×4/6772855840.html

1952-cj3a-crystalbay-nv3 1952-cj3a-crystalbay-nv4

“1952 Willys cj3a..4 speed sm420 trans with a WARN OVERDRIVE..4×4..SB 283 gm crate motor..all orig gauges..mileage says 006607 miles.. I’m guessing it hasn’t flipped… This information is according to the previous owner

The Jeep doesn’t run it does Drive and it does have a 6in old rancho lift on it..
I took out the original gas tank cuz it was rusted out… All the plumbing is there and Hardware…I HAVE 2 BRAND NEW GAS TANKA TO GO WITH IT..THAT NEED TO BE INSTALLED…
I can start the motor and show you that it move…
It has a blemish-free fairly new fiberglass body on it no scrapes no scratches no dents anywhere on the outside
Very clean very solid Jeep
Has 35′ tires with nice clean old school rims..
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Year? Flattie Gilroy, CA $4500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4500.

(12/08/2018) This might be a fiberglass body on a 1972 CJ-5 chassis. Those Desert Dog tires sure are worn!

“Possible 70s maybe 60s.
Father passed. Have jeep parked for 18 years. Last on streets 90s. Have hard top to go with . selling hard top for 1500.”

year-flattie-gilroy-ca1 year-flattie-gilroy-ca2 year-flattie-gilroy-ca3a

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CJ-5s & M-38A1s



  1. 1956 CJ-5 Glendora, CA $3800:
  2. 1955 CJ-5 Weston, TX $2000 (has some odd hubs):
  3. 1969 CJ-5 Parker, CO $2300:
  4. 1959 CJ-5 Phoenix, AZ $5400:
  5. 1963 CJ-5 San Rafael, CA $3500: (Late model tub)
  6. 1959 CJ-5 Watertown, NY $2000:
  7. 1964 CJ-5 Westfield, MA $1800:
  8. 1969 CJ-5 Albuquerque, NM $2500:
  9. 1957 CJ-5 Auburn, MA $600:
  10. 1963 CJ-5 Ogden, UT $3999:
  11. 1956 CJ-5 Riverton, WY $2000:
  12. 1959 CJ-5 Logan, UT $2250:
  13. Year? CJ-5 (custom build) Idaho Falls, ID $2900:
  14. 1961 CJ-5 Hudson, WY $2000:
  15. 1968 CJ-5 Sumner, ME $1500:
  16. 1961 CJ-5 Woburn, MA $1700:


  1. 1953 M-38A1 Vista, CA $3500:
  2. 1955 M-38A1 Tualatin, Or $3500:
  3. 1960 M-38A1 Project Rockland County, NY $2800:
  4. 1952 M-38A1 Calimesa, CA $19,900:
  5. 1961 M-38A1 Lakeview Terrace, CA $5000:
  6. 1961 M-38A1? Lakeview, Terrace, CA $5000:
  7. 1959 M-38A1 Nephi, UT $3500:
  8. 1953 M-38A1 Pocatello, ID $3000:
  9. 1952 M-38A1 Endicott, NY $1700:
  10. 1959 M-38A1 Normal, IL $4250: