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Land Cruiser Heritage Museum Salt Lake City

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I was surprised to see this Toyota Land Cruiser museum pop up on social media. I was even more surprised to see it located in Salt Lake City. The final surprise was that it is a short walk from my son’s house. So, I’ll be visiting this place soon. The museum boasts an impressive collection of Land Cruisers.

You can learn more about this history of the museum from this Hagerty article:


Image Credit:

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Corgi FC-150 Models

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Craig shared this page (I think on FB), It’s as good of an explanation of Corgi FC-150 models as I have seen.


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Sotheby’s Willys Jeep Auctions

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

There are some jeeps coming up for auction through Sotheby’s, along with a Mule. Note Lot 322 1951 M-38 that sold for $61,600!


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Storks Plows Equipment, Parts and Service

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

UPDATE: Matt shared this awesome pic of a Stork FC with a plow taken at the 2019 Great Willys Picnic.


I happened upon the Stork’s Plows website the other day. The company operates out of Bernsville, Pennsylvania. It looks like they carry a wide range of replacement parts for plows and other equipment, though how many vintage parts they have for those items isn’t clear. According to the website’s history page, the company started fixing plows and has a history of jeep support. They also sell some jeep parts on eBay.

Anyone familiar with the company?



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Barney’s Jeep Parts

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Website

Here’s a shoutout to Barney for the Kaiser Willys Newspaper seen at top.

Scannable Document

Scannable Document

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Farm Jeep Bio on Me

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Barry Thomas and his son Evan have been working hard to expand, a resource for early farm implements and other jeep information. As they note in the “about us” section, they are a “father and son documenting that we don’t know what we are doing since 2002” … I can relate to that as well.

If you haven’t been there in a while (or never), check it out, as the father and son duo have rebuilt the earlier site into a larger one with lots of information. The jeep lift research area is especially valuable. You can even learn a little bit about me, as Barry generously asked me to contribute a short bio for the site.

Visit farmjeep here:


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East Coast Willys Association Website Update

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Paul tells me that they have updated the East Coast Willys Association’s website. They also plan to update it on a regular basis.

Check out the new digs:


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Junior MB 2/3-Size Toy Jeep Miami, FL $3000

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys, Website

UPDATE: TJ spotted one of these Junior MBs for sale in Florida. The original post at the bottom is from 2010.

The Hemmings ad below includes several photos, but it’s not clear to me which of these jeeps is the one for sale (or it’s just a reseller important the jeeps and reselling them). The photos are all from the manufacturer website.

The latter half of this video shows the jeep:


Original Post May 8, 2010: Junior Replicas website.  Pretty good replicas for a kids toy.  They offer a variety of vehicles besides Jeeps.

From the website, “Junior Replicas Mini-Veículos para Lazer S.A. produces in Brazil, exact replicas of classic vehicles, in a scale enabling their use by children over 6 years old. The mini-vehicles use a four stroke, 6,5 hp petrol engines and have specially developed mechanics for complete safety and long-lasting enjoyment. The bodies are moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and are very detailed and fully replicate the original full-size model.

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Core77 Article about Crated Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, videos, Website

Joe in Mesa forwarded this article posted at Core77, an industrial design website, about crated jeeps. Not a perfect article regarding jeeps, but it does have good photos and a video, one of which I’ve posted below. The Core77 site is an interesting one to explore.

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Allied Jeeps’ New Block

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Allied Jeeps, the company built to sell newly manufacture L-134 blocks, just launched their website:


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1954 Truck Dallas, TX $9800

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Looks solid.

“For sale a really Hard to find 1954 Willys Truck with a stock 4 cylinder stock engine 4X4 and manual transmission. Runs Drives and Stops. Text me at 214 87six 962four if you are interested and or to answer any questions.
Clear Title.”

1954-truck-dallas-tx0 1954-truck-dallas-tx2 1954-truck-dallas-tx3 1954-truck-dallas-tx4

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Legacy Classic Trucks

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s, Website

Looking for a modern truck in a vintage package? Thanks to Guy, we now know of at least one option: Legacy Classic Trucks. Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the company specializes in rebuilding classic trucks of all kinds, including Jeep Scramblers and Dodge Power Wagons. The Four Door Power Wagon below is one example. According to their website, most of their trucks are built to order with a variety of power train options and are priced accordingly.


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Truck, Wagon, FC and Jeeps @ Classic Vehicles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Seth forwarded me a link to a website called Classic Vehicles. Among the offerings are a variety of Wagons, Wagoneers, Trucks, FCs, and other stuff. Most look like parts or restorations vehicles.


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Tonka Jeep Limited Restoration and Parts in Minneapolis, MN

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

UPDATE: Please check the comments about this service. Some readers have encountered issues with Tonka Jeep.

Wally wrote me the other day to share information about a vintage jeep restoration and parts shop called Tonka Jeep Limited. The business has only been opened since 2012, however their service guy has more than 40 years experience working on jeeps. You can learn more about the company via the website or the Facebook page.

Tonka Jeep Limited started in 2012, following twenty-five years of being a vintage Jeep owner as a hobby. Our product and service offerings cover all Jeep and Jeep variants (Jeepster, Truck & Wagon) from 1941-1955. We’ve grown steadily, by offering hard to find original parts, NOS, as well as all reproduction parts. Along with parts, we offer complete rebuild services on all mechanical components. Restoration services are offered exclusively on both civilian and military Jeeps. Parts can be ordered through our website, or by email inquiry. Our means of contact is unique, as we don’t take phone calls, we found email contact to be faster and a more efficient way to service our clientele; our response times are usually same day, however, twenty-four hours is standard. Many have asked if we have a shop or store to come by and visit; for now no, but of course if you want to pick-up parts, we’ll gladly direct you to one of two locations, where inventory is stored.

Our website is: and email address for questions and ordering is;

Here’s a photo of their promotional and work jeep, a 1943 GPW:


The photo is of the owner, after an all day product shoot for the website; the back-drop is a hood from a 1950 6 cylinder Station Wagon in the original Jamaica Green and yes, it is in excellent condition and for sale.






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FCs and Trucks in Woodbury, CT $4500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features, Website

UPDATE: Ted’s got an updates on Bill’s FC truck collection. Bill will sell the collection for $4500. Both Ted and Chris have seen the collection and report below in the comments. Sounds like a good deal.

Here’s one photo. See all of them here:


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Jeepers Country Bar and Grille in Spanaway, WA

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Jeepers Bar and Grille just opened in Spanaway, Washington (map). For me it is conveniently right on the way to my sister’s house in Roy. So, we’ll be stopping by at some point. Not only does it feature a CJ-3B on the menu and logo, but there are several large vintage jeep photos around the place. My cousin Eric dropped by on Thursday and told me they enjoyed the place.

You can find them on Facebook:


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Belgium Jeep History

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Website

Charles shared this site from the Belgium Jeep Club. It’s a summary of jeep history in Belgium.

jeepclub-belgium-website1 jeepclub-belgium-website2

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Lost your Key to a Hardtop or Something Else? Try

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The seller of this hardtop lost the key. Brian found a key for Kellly Hardtop through He states that the lock will likely have number on it. Use it to find a key and order it.


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MINI-BEEP Kit from Struck-kit

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UPDATE: Blaine forwarded the video for the Mini-Beep:

Struck-Kit offers what they call a Mini-Beep Kit, which you can use to build mini jeep-like vehicles. You can even build an amphibious version.

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545th Military Police Vehicle History

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The 545th Military Police Company has seen action in a variety of places. Some of this history is captured in a “Pictorial History of Vehicles” page they’ve assembled. Naturally, there is a section on jeeps. Below are a few of the photos. See all the photos here:

This 1949 color photo shows the yellow and black paint scheme:


545th MP Co. Yellow Jeep, Camp McNair, Japan 1949

I think the purpose of this vehicle is pretty obvious:


This jeep was utilized exclusively to escort VIPs’ and General Officers at Camp Drake Note the abundance of red lights and the siren

This photo shows a good view of the black striped hood:


545th MP Co yellow jeep at Camp Drake, Japan circa 1949

Some of the M-38A1s had an unusual paint scheme:


545th MP Co. Willys Jeep near Mt. Fuji, Japan 1954 – 1955 — M-38A1

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• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Maury forwarded this jeep-related website. It’s not entirely clear to me what the site is about, other than to encourage jeep owners to wave. I always wave in Biscuit, but never think about it in our new jeep.


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Treeline Teardrop Trailers

• CATEGORIES: trailer, Website

Tom Perkins’ company Treeline Teardrop Trailers out of Petaluma, California, offers both road and offroad trailers. Tom’s considering the purchase of a CJ-3B, which I think would look good pulling on his trailers. Here’s an example of the offroad one below.


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Transmission ID and More at the Crankshaft Coalition

• CATEGORIES: Features, How To, Website

I happened upon this website while looking for some transmission information. As I scrolled through the page I was impressed with the amount and organization of information. I ended up spending time viewing a bunch of other pages. Since it is a Wiki-based website, people can make corrections and add information.


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Always Wanted a Russian Tank or GAZ?

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

Steve forwarded this website which specializes in used Eastern European Tanks, Trucks and 4WD vehicles. The Prague based company, MORTAR INVESTMENTS, claims it is “a global dealer in soviet, post-communist, namely Russian, Czechoslovak (Czech and Slovak), Polish and Hungarian military vehiclestanksBMPshowitzers,  trucksjeeps,motorbikes and armaments for civilian purposes and specialist in armoured vehicles repairs,demilitarisationsreconstructionsrestorations and refurbishments.

One example: GAZ-69 Project for $3896

This is a project, but the site does have some suggestions for importing into the USA, including the necessary forms.


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Off Road Trailers from

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This green trailer ($1295) was highlighted in a Craigslist ad. It’s built and sold by Endurance Trailers out of Groveport, OH.  It looks like they have a variety of Bantam-like models.

“Bantam style Off-Road Trailer
Constructed from heavy duty steel, fully welded seams, wrap around running board/step/luggage platform. Extremely versatile, rugged, and durable. The interior of bed had been coated with Herculiner. LED lights. Wheel & Tire options available.


Email: RickJR @ EnduranceTrailers . com
Call/Text: 614-522-WELD (9353)