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FCs and Trucks in Woodbury, CT $4500

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UPDATE: Ted’s got an updates on Bill’s FC truck collection. Bill will sell the collection for $4500. Both Ted and Chris have seen the collection and report below in the comments. Sounds like a good deal.

Here’s one photo. See all of them here:



14 Comments on “FCs and Trucks in Woodbury, CT $4500

  1. Ted Jordan

    Hey Dave ,Ted in Storrs here .These are definitely located in Woodbury CT .They are a good friend of mines .Last I knew they weren’t for sale but you never know .He has some really cool stuff!!!

  2. DJ Bill

    Not really too comfortable with the concept of a website devoted to pics of random peoples back yards…as an owner of a similar collection I sure wouldn’t want it publicized. Guess I need to build a better fence before someone finds my stash.

  3. Bill

    I’m interested in the FC-170 DRW when these are for sale 😉


    Mental note: get bigger fence, and a big scary dog.

  4. Ted Jordan

    Hey Dave and Bill ,I talked to my friend who coincidentally is also named Bill ,and he had no idea his jeeps were posted on Ewillys (not that that’s a bad thing) . He has no idea who was snooping around and took the pics , and permission was not given to anyone. Oddly enough everything is for sale with the exception of the canfield wrecker . I’m hoping to be adding that one to my wrecker collection . I traded that to my friend years ago for what I can’t even remember,and I have first dibs on that. Bill has alot of FC’s and the 2a is a column shift plus there is a lot more that the snooper didn’t include in his pics. Bill asked me to include his phone number on my comment and if you could ad it to the original post Dave that would be great . Bill 1 -203-982-6287
    PS If anyone wants to snoop around my place without permission please have your personal info in one of your pockets ,so I can contact your closest relatives when my dog is finished playing with you !!!! Thanks

  5. Chris F

    Hey guys, Chris here–I’m the one that started the FC170 dually ‘Accident’ thread in the Forward Forum. I met with Bill this past week and I bought the only DRW in his collection. (Sorry to the other ‘Bill’ who commented in January that he wanted the DRW). It was a long haul from Virginia, but very much worth the effort. I now have the chassis parts to fix my truck–plus a bunch of spares that I’m happy to have since I now know how hard it is to find decent dually parts… My real point of this comment is to let everybody know how great Bill was to work with, how helpful he was with moving the trucks and loading, and how reasonable his price was for the truck. Again, Bill is Awesome! –tell your friends!

  6. mmdeilers Post author


    That’s great news. I’m glad you were able to work something out with Bill!

    – Dave

  7. Chris

    Thanks Dave, me too. And thanks again for eWillys & helping to support the network of people interested in all things Willys…

  8. Ted Jordan

    Bills Cabover – Jeep collection and Canfield Wrecker
    Hey Chris and Dave ,Ted here with an update on Bills Cabovers ,Jeeps and canfield wrecker .I went to visit my friend Bill with these Trucks and wrecker and all of it is for sale . He is looking for someone who might be interested in all the trucks in a package deal for $4500 or best offer .The Canfield wrecker is also for sale .I was going to buy it and use on something but unfortunately I am still in liquidation mode with way too many projects and not enough time for any of them . The Canfield wrecker is I would say mostly complete with Braiden winch ,PTO ,wrecker boom ,sling and a bunch of other related parts. With some work it would be a great period correct Willys approved Wrecker for a Cabover or Willy’s Pickup truck .Bill is looking to get $2000 or best offer on the wrecker assembly.There are some pics of everything in the original ad and I will try to get back over to Bills to get some more to post .There are a lot of misc parts and lots of running gear,motors,four speeds ,etc etc with the package deal on trucks , so for anyone looking to add to there parts collection this may be worth a look. As Chris had mentioned earlier Bill is a great guy and very easy to deal with . He is kinda losing storage on the trucks and they have to go!!! His phone number is as follows 1-203-982-6287 Good luck to anyone interested and I will try my best to help Bill get all the Canfield stuff together for some pics. Thanks Dave for listing my PTO related stuff ,and 48 farm 2a awhile back. Some of the rarer PTO and related stuff went quickly but there is much more . The 48 farm Jeep 2a is still available . It got tire kicked over the phone as hard as anything I have ever had get tire kicked and after seeing some of what people are bidding on at Ebay ,I think I will list it there . I will give you a heads up when the listing is together.
    Thanks again Dave and hope your feeling better

  9. Chris F

    Thanks for the update Ted. I wish I could grab Bill’s Canfield wrecker… great price I think…
    As someone who’s looked over Bill’s FC collection I think that anyone who has $4500 to spare and a place to stash the FC trucks & parts should have no problem recovering their investment. The trucks & parts should go quickly, but if they are still there in a month I might have to start priming my wife about the benefits of my driving back up north again.

    Thanks again, Chris

  10. Chris F

    Hey Ted, this is Chris– I have a question for you. When I bought the FC170 DRW from Bill Kenny a few eeks ago, I accidentally left a piece of sheet metal behind… it’s the piece that goes across the front of the frame rails. It mounts to the two lower fender corners of the cab–its about 6 inches tall and about 3 feet long. Bill said he would look into the shipping costs for me because I still want the part enough to pay for it again… I have called Bill several times and left messages, yet he has not replied… Do you know if his number has changed or if he’s on vacation or moved? If you are able, I would really appreciate your getting in touch with him to let him know I am still interested in the part… Lastly, if the one Bill has is no longer available, would you happen to know where I can find another one?

    Thanks, Chris

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