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CJ-6 Replacement Side Panels

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Blake is looking for some replacement side panels for a CJ-6 project he has, but can’t located any replacement panels for the 20″ spacer installed into the body. Anyone know of either a template or someone that makes them?


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Father Thomas Asher Needs Some M-38A1 Parts

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Father Thomas Asher expressed an interesting in sharing some history as part of a retreat near Los Gatos, California, this summer. You can read a short bio on him here.

He was most interested in finding one or more folks to bring their jeeps to the retreat and share some history with the kids, but it’s proven difficult to find help. So, he bought an M-38A1, but it needs some parts. He’s got shipping arranged out of Dallas (he grew up there), but if anyone has some parts and can help him out, he’d appreciate it. You can call him at 408-455-1720

I was hoping someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area might have some of the things just to keep shipping costs down. Bob at 820 Jeep Service got us a few things but wasn’t sure if there was
someone else in this area. The things I would like to find fairly soon are all available on line I
just wanted to make sure someone didn’t have these things laying around that I could pick up for a better price.

Thanks for your help,
Thomas Asher

Shipping address:
820 Jeep Service 
7800 Randle Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

Here are some items I need:

  • Military Footman loops
  • Bow mounting hardware, side plates (4), thumb screws and straps – I
    don’t need the bracket that holds the bows in the up in position.
  • Seat driver, all parts including cover
  • Seat passenger, all parts except frame including cover
  • Black out Light with Guard for front fender
  • Mirror inside center of windshield
  • Clevis, 2x front with pins
  • Clevis, 2x rear with pins
  • Water bucket, canvas for on back of fuel can
  • Speedometer cable or just the end repaired? Our speedometer cable tip is
    worn to a point.
  • Stencil kit
  • Shovel
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Assembly Instructions for the Cutlas Bulldog Hub

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Anyone have assembly instructions for a Cutlas Bulldog Hub? Tom has a set and needs to reassemble them.


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Identifying This Model of Ramsey Winch

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

A reader was wondering if anyone knew what model of Ramsey winch this was? Most of my books are back in Pasco and the internet wasn’t too helpful. Anyone know?

IMG_5538 IMG_5539

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Former Truck Owner Looking For Truck

• CATEGORIES: wanted

UPDATE: Jeff, the former owner, left a comment. “This is a factory prototype. Someone has a picture of it sitting next to the Alcoa car that Willys built that was a Jeepster “coupe”. I am the one who ran the ad above….the truck is the real thing and if someone has it, bring it to a Willys meet. I don’t expect to find it myself but whomever has it…they should know the history.”


“I want to buy this truck. I owned it before and would like to find it and get it back if it’s still around. The truck is a 1950 Willys and it has Chevrolet corner windows in the back of the cab. I doubt that there are two like this around so irf you know of one it would be the one.”


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WANTED: Early 60s Truck Allentown, PA

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Steve’s hoping to find a 1960s parts truck. If you have something, contact him via Craigslist.


“Wanted early 60s willys truck. For parts or restoration. Running and driving okay.”

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Wanted: Terra Tires on Jeep Rims

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Mike’s looking for a good set of 4 Goodyear Terra Tires in the Northwest.  If on wheels they need to be 5×5.5 bolt pattern. Example tread below. You can contact Mike at Heimbig@aol.com



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Wanted: Fiberglass CJ-3B Hood

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Jenn is hoping to find a fiberglass CJ-3B hood for her husband for Christmas. I have access to two different 3B hood molds (plan and Bobcat styles), but I don’t have any hoods made from them just yet. Anyone know of one for sale?

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Wanted: Dana 300 Near SF

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Steve’s looking for a Dana 300 in the San Francisco Bay area. Anyone know of one for sale? Contact him at owenwalk@comcast.net.

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Help Wanted Grants Pass, OR

• CATEGORIES: wanted

This rebuilder needs some help with his/her jeep.

“I have a 1952 CJ3A I’ve been working on for several years and I’m looking for someone to help me put it all back together. I have the fiberglass tub back from paint, chassis powder coated and installed, new tires, overhauled engine.
What remains:
Permanently mount the body onto the frame
Convert the 6V to a 12V (new conversion kit and all parts are already ordered and ready to install)
Run the fuel lines
Install the electrical components and hook up all new instruments (holes already cut)
Mount seats into frame
A few other odds and ends 🙂
As restoration projects go, this one is really close to completion but I need some help; the last and final push, to get it back on the road.
I have done or paid to have done (i.e. paint, engine OH) and it has taken me a long time. Ready to finish it before the cold weather arrives. I am 100 lbs and I lack the physical strength to shift the tub into proper place on my own, and I am new to this area. I am looking for someone that can help me with the remaining restoration project. Flexible hours, at my location in Grants Pass where I have the vehicle stored. I can pay you hourly or salary, depending on your skill level and how you prefer to work. Please have knowledge of older vehicles, be competent at what you do, honest, have integrity and preferably a love of old Willys and / or fond of vintage aircraft (I installed over 2,000 rivets into the body of this tub 🙂 )”



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1948 Truck Manhattan, IL eBay

• CATEGORIES: wanted • TAGS: , .

John’s selling his good looking truck at no reserve on eBay.

“Rock solid pick up for sale. Stomp starter column shift still 6v and it is the rare 2 wheel drive model w/ overdrive. The brakes are new from the pedal to the wheel.new fuel tank and lines. New tires all around and new glass except for rear window (still has late 1947 etch on it) Still has Original rubber mat on floor.This truck was repainted in the 80’s and last on the road in 1991 then was stored in a barn till 2014 when i bought it . very rust free and still has some Missouri clay on the bottom . The only things that need attention is the overdrive needs to be wired in properly . The speedo is not working (fiber drive gear?) Temp and pressure gauges not working but I have NOS gauges and senders. I have stock vacuum wiper as a weak motor conversion is installed . NO RESERVE If you have a question or need a specific photo please let me know. I am proud of this truck and if you want to inspect it in person it can be arranged. No ending auction early. Last bid gets it . buyer arranges shipping or pickup after payment is satisfied.”



Continue reading

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Wanted: 4.27 Ratio axles near PA

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Andy’s looking for  front and rear axles units with a 4.27 axle ratio. He’s in western Pennsylvania. Contact him at zephyraire@hotmail.com or 814-226-6956 (in the evenings) if you have something.

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Wanted: CJ-2A Half Top (Southeast)

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, wanted

Mark’s looking for a CJ-2A Halftone preferably in the southeast.

“Looking to buy a half hardtop for CJ 2A, preferably aluminum, but will consider steel. MUST be a 2A top as I do not want to modify my windshield frame for any other top to fit. Looking for one in the southeastern United States because I have to come pick it up. Must be in nice condition. Please contact me if you have a CJ 2A half hardtop you are looking to sell and/or trade, as I have a number of highly sought after other parts in great condition. Please contact me at 843.696.8970.”

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Overdrive Trade & PTO Upgrade Boston, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn, wanted

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was  for trade.

The seller wants to trade WARN ODs and is also looking for wagon/truck PTO parts.

“I am looking to trade my 26 tooth, 6 spline Warn overdrive for a Dana/spicer 18 transfer case for a 29 tooth, 6 spline version. I am also looking for an PTO winch and appropriate driveshafts for a Willys wagon or truck.”


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WANTED: 1948 Truck Parts

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Jim is having trouble finding the following truck parts. Can anyone help him out? You can contact him at jamesrsimone@gmail.com.

Looking for parts for a 48 willys pickup truck needed parts
-Steering wheel complete with horn assembly
– Interior door arm rest both
– Stainless steel vent window frame left and right sides
– Jeep truck emblem located on hood
– Good used bed
– Also in search of someone that knows where to purchase cloth headliner.
– I have paint formula for the LUZON RED IF ANY ONE NEEDS IT

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Anybody Recognize This Air Pump?

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Charles is wondering if anyone recognizes this air pump? There are no marks and the foot is pliable. He is hoping to get model information, the production year, or any other kind of info.



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CJ-2A Needing Mechanic Help Redding, CT

• CATEGORIES: wanted

The owner of this CJ-2A needs some mechanic help and is wondering if there’s anyone nearby who can assist.

“I have a 1947 Willys Jeep and I’m looking for someone to help me get it running. What I like most about the jeep is that it is a very simple vehicle and I’m looking for someone that is familiar with jeeps of this vintage, not to restore or refurbish it to its original condition, but rather to get it running and in a safe condition to drive. I have the willy in a bay in my garage in Redding CT, and have basic repair tools. ”


1947-cj2a-redding-cal1 1947-cj2a-redding-cali9

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WANTED: CJ-2A Body in the Seattle Area?

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Rob Stafford is looking for a CJ-2A body in good shape. Anyone have one in the Seattle area? Email me at d@ewillys.com and I’ll let him know.

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Truck Help in Dallas Needed

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Bob needs some help in Dallas. He might have the clutch in backwards. I can neither confirm nor deny that I know this from personal experience.

“I need someone to help correct a clutch problem. I have replaced the flywheel, clutch disc., pressure plate, through out bearing and all the linkage. Clutch will not disengage. Will pay I need to get this corrected as I’m almost finished wit a complete rebuild. ”



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WANTED: Hickey, Chuchua, or Willy Willy Aluminum Head

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Traci Clarke is trying to locate a Hickey, Chuchua, or Willy Willy Aluminum head. If you have one or know of one, let me know and I’ll alert Traci. She is a serious buyer.

Chuchua Head:


Hickey Head:


Willy Willys Head:


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Seth Seeking an FSJ Steering Wheel

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Seth is looking for a steering wheel from a late 60’s FSJ. But he’s not all that interested in paying for shipping. However anyone has one for sale along hhis upcoming road trip from Tampa to Moab via I-10 please let him know.

An adjustable column isn’t necessary. Here’s an example.


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WANTED: MZ 55 AMP Generator

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Daryl is looking for a PTO generator for a MZ radio jeep he’s rebuilding. You can contact him at drchrist@q.com.

“I am trying to find parts to restore a WWII Navy Radio Jeep. This jeep is a 1944 Willys MZ-1 that had a 12 volt 55 Amp generator that set between the driver and Passenger seats. There were two cast iron brackets to mount the generator, Cover for the generator, regulator and many miscellaneous parts. I would be grateful for any of these parts or leads to get these parts.
The best way to contact me is through e-mail
Thanks in Advance! ”


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Mitch Needs Another Perkins Engine

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted • TAGS: .

If you’ve been following Mitch Carter on Facebook, you know he’s been doing some great jeeping in his stock diesel-powered CJ-6 (Moab & Black Bear Pass among other places) … at least until he ran into an engine problem.

Now he’s hoping to find a second perkins 4.192 diesel engine. He thinks massey ferguson tractors, forklifts, generators, etc. Even a 4.203 indirect injected one would get him by until i can rebuild the original engine. If you have one, email me at d@ewillys.com or comment below and I’ll get you in touch with him.

I’ve known Mitch since he was a young kid. He does a lot for the PNW jeeping community and is always willing to lend others a hand.

About his engine problem he wrote, “I got crossed up on a rock on the alpine loop, and the fan bit the radiator. We patched it as good as we could which got us off the trail and over one pass to silverton. And this is where i made the mistake of leaving the cap off the radiator so it wouldn’t build pressure…. the gauge only read 200* but it was fooled by hot air and not water. The engine was much hotter and I fear it’s toast. Very little compression, hard to start but will still turn over and run badly while making equally bad noises.”


On the back of a flatbed tow truck.

A few pics from Moab earlier in the trip.

2016-mitch-carter-moab3 2016-mitch-carter-moab2 2016-mitch-carter-moab1

And a couple from the top of Black Bear Pass in Colorado: Continue reading

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Farnsworth MiddleKauff Generator

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Anyone know of a Farnsworth Middlekauff Generator for sale? They were made at least from the late ’40s into the mid 1950s.  I have a potential buyer who wants to put one into service. eMail me if you do and I’ll explain more.

Also, anyone seen any creative setups for running other PTO generators in a CJ-3A or CJ-3B jeep?

This is an example of a Farnsworth MIddlekauft:


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Searching for the Former Owner of this FC

• CATEGORIES: wanted

A reader found this on Google Chat. Maybe someone who readers eWillys knows something about this?

“I (Steve Noland) have tried several other forums with no luck. I am trying to find the current owner of an FC I sold years ago. I am posting a link to the page where it was later sold. I contacted John to get the buyers info but he did not have it on record. My purpose it to get the CLEAN, OPEN title to the current owner. I have no interest in this truck, I just want to get the papers into the right hands and maybe provide some vehicle history to the current owner.

Thanks in advance for your help.”