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Odd CJ-5 Grille on Facebook

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UPDATE: Thanks for everyone’s quick input, we’ve solved this mystery. This particular grille is a 1969-1971 grille (see more in the comments).

Darin posted on Facebook this grille with tear-drop shaped parking light holes.



6 Comments on “Odd CJ-5 Grille on Facebook

  1. Will R.

    My stock 1970 CJ5 grill has the same tear drop parking light / turn signal holes, its because of how the wire harness exits the back of the large light housing. I suspect the Jeepster Commando (1970-1971) with the large parking light / turn signal housings have the same shape grill holes, (used the same light). The grill pictured looks like it has the mounting for the Dauntless V6 radiator and I see the same stock fresh air / heater air scoop also, just like my 1970 CJ5 grill.

  2. Mark S.

    Will, that makes sense. I have several CJ-5 grills with the large lights, but have never remove the lamps. I will have to check.

  3. John North Willys

    maybe those are teardrops under the jeep eyes ? — still sad from the american motor takeover ??

  4. Barney Goodwin

    This is the shape for the 3-screw T/S lamps 1969 – mid ’76. This particular grill would be 69 – 71 as evidenced by the air scoop for the heater intake in the dr side of the grille. The offset is where the bulb socket and pigtail were located.

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