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All Breed Jeep Swap Meet Kingston, GA June 29th

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There’s a jeep swap meet in Kingston, Georgia, Saturday June 29th. I don’t know anything about it.


“This is open to ANYONE OR ANYTHING Jeep related.
$20 bucks to set up and free to come look around.
Plenty of room. Rain or shine”

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Photos from the 2019 Great Willys Picnic

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The heater looks like it was perfect for this years Great Willys Picnic. Thanks to Craig, we’ve got some photos.

He also wanted to mention some details about the “Camel Towing” pickup: Under the hood was a 4 litre engine from a Wrangler, converted to carbs. Except for a small cut in the firewall and a notch into a cross-brace, you’d think the engine was original equipment. He even retained the engine’s cooling fan, without having to switch to an electrical fan set up. I thought I took a picture of the engine compartment, but apparently did not. He did have to raise the suspension a few inches to clear the bell housing without having to resort to re-doing the transmission tunnel, but raised pickups are so common that no one batted an eye at it. All in all, it was very cleverly done.


“Camel towing” truck

2019-great-willys-picnic1 2019-great-willys-picnic2 2019-great-willys-picnic3 2019-great-willys-picnic4

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2019’s 5th Annual Southwest Ohio FC Gathering July 26-28th


UPDATE: The dates of Roger’s FC event have been corrected to July 26-28th, 2019. Contact Roger at 937-477-5270 with any questions.




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2019 Great Willys Picnic this Sunday, June 9th



The Great Willys Picnic is this Sunday. It’s another event I’ve always wanted to attend, but never seem to be in the vicinity to do that! It’s supposed to be 77 degrees with a low chance of rain. Sounds like perfect weather!

More info: http://www.cj3a.info/picnic/


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Willys Am Tegernsee’s

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This year’s Willys Am Tegernsee convention in Bavaria will be July 13, 2019, I’m still hoping to attend this some day.



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Jeep Day at “The Buck” — June 1, 2019

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Mark Smith from JeepTruck.com is encouraging any vintage jeepers to join in Jeep Day at “The Buck”, June 1, 2019, in Quarryville, PA. You can show off your jeep, put it through an event, or just watch!


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2019 Willys Jeep Reunion May 17-18 Aurora, OH

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UPDATE: Reminder that the Willys Reunion takes place this coming weekend. No, we won’t be there, but a bunch of other folks plan to go.


The 27th Annual Willys Jeep Reunion will be held May 17-18 at the Bertram Inn in Aurora, Ohio. As usual, we expect to see in excess of 100 Jeeps in attendance. Plus, at the swap meet, there will be vendors from all over the country selling New-Old-Stock and good used parts to help you with your restoration project or to find that rare replacement part you have been hunting for. Who knows what treasures and bargains you might unearth there?

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2019 Pics of the Liberation Celebration from Pilsner, Czech Republic

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UPDATE: Petr took part in the celebration. He recorded some of his experience below.

Our roving correspondent Dallas Durham was able to attend the 2019 Liberation Celebration from Pilsner, Czech Republic. He shared a few pics he took there. (I didn’t realize our correspondent budget was that good … I need to take advantage of an international trip .. hopefully, soon).

There is also a 40 minute video now available about the event. I’ll post the video first.

Here are Dallas’ pics:

2019-liberation-czech-republic1 2019-liberation-czech-republic2 2019-liberation-czech-republic3 2019-liberation-czech-republic4 2019-liberation-czech-republic5 2019-liberation-czech-republic6

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Jeep Showcase @ Camp Plymouth/MVCC Event April 16-21, 2019

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UPDATE: Tomorrow is Camp Plymouth. They’ve got over 260 sites booked, so it should be good for parts.

This year’s Camp Plymouth-Military Vehicle Collectors of California event April 16-21 will include a Friday jeep showcase that will include pre-1987 military and civilian vehicles.

Learn more here: http://mvccnews.net/plymouth_spring.html



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Jeeps @ the Portland Swap Meet

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Paul Barry is at this year’s Portland Swap Meet in Oregon. He spotted several jeeps for sale.

Looks like a Parkway, but isn’t:

port-swap-lores1 port-swap-lores2 port-swap-lores3

A couple Jeepsters for $7000:



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2019 FC-Roundup is This Weekend

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The 2019 FC Roundup in Phoenix is this weekend. We had planned to do a surprise appearance by flying into the event this year, but dad’s surprise exit shuttered those plans. Since next year is the last year, I have let Ann know that we will be down there no matter what.

I brazenly borrowed these pics from Steve Elkins, who posted about the early arrivals on Facebook.

2019-fc-roundup5 2019-fc-roundup4 2019-fc-roundup3 2019-fc-roundup2 2019-fc-roundup1

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National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association Annual Show Aug. 2019

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UPDATE: As Bill notes, there’s also a May swap meet. That should not be confused with the August Annual show. 

This August the National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association will be holding it’s annual show in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. This year it will be featuring working jeeps. Learn more about this event at http://www.nationalpike.com.

31298_ Steamshow poster 2019_PROOF2_

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Moonshiner Swap Meet Sunday March 10th

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Tomorrow is the Moonshiner’s Swap Meet at the Puyallup Fair Grounds in Puyallup, Washington.

TJ is there today (Saturday .. vendors get in early) and spotted what I believe to be Jim’s restored (by Willys America I think) Traveller. It’s a beaut! It looks to be located in the main hall, so if you are there, be sure to check it out.


traveler-moonshiners0 traveler-moonshiners1 traveler-moonshiners3 traveler-moonshiners4



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Re-Enacting the DeAnza Jeep Cavalcade April 6, 2019

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Steve Bovee just contacted me about the upcoming 70th anniversary of the De Anza Jeep Cavalcade, aka Hemet-Borrego Jeep Cavalcade.

He writes, “Willys Jeeps and Flat Fenders Welcome … Next month will be the 70th anniversary of the De Anza Jeep Cavalcade aka Hemet-Borrego Jeep Cavalcade. Some 400 vehicles, mostly Willys Jeeps, went on this epic off-roading event April 2, 1949.

To celebrate the anniversary a few flat fenders will be getting together on April 6th and will be retracing the original route, as much as possible. There might be several starting points, but the main one will be in Hemet and as in the first run we will travel south through Battista Canyon, stop in Anza for a snack and photo shoot and then head out to Coyote Canyon. Coyote Canyon part of the trail is for the brave at heart and there is only one way in and one way out so I’m sure some of us will stop there.”

You can read more about the original Cavalcade in this July 1979 article from Desert Magazine (below), which can also be found on Archive.org.

1979-07-desert-magazine-deanza-cavalcade1 1979-07-desert-magazine-deanza-cavalcade2

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Vintage Trans America Trail Tour in 2020

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Peter Heyniger is organizing a cross-the-US vintage 4×4 tour along the Trans American Trail for the summer of 2020. He’s looking for participants, sponsors, and helpful folks along the route. The tour welcomes vintage jeeps, landcruisers, broncos, and other older 4x4s. He expects that to complete all 5200 miles will take seven to eight weeks; folks have the option of doing all or part of the route.

You can learn more at his website: https://sites.google.com/view/vintagetransamericatrail2020


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2019 Willys-Am-Tegernsee Willys Convention July 12-14

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Ceepee announced this year’s Lake Tegern Willys event. This is one I hope to get to some day.

die Planungen sind abgeschlossen. Der nächste Willys-am-Tegernsee wird vom 12. bis 14. Juli stattfinden.
Der eigentliche Willys-Day in bewährter Weise am Samstag, den 13. Juli.
Eintreffen und gemütliches Beisamensein bereits ab Freitagnachmittag.
Ausklang, kleine Ausfahrt und Brotzeit am Sonntag.

July 12th through 14th we’ll have this year’s Willys-Convention on Lake Tegern.
Save the date and get ready to join in!
Like before the main event will be on Saturday, July 13th.
Beginning on Friday afternoon we’ll have the oppurtunity for jeep talk either on arrival or at the dinner right on the banks of the lake. For those, who want we’ll have another small tour on Sunday morning before we’ll have a Bavarian Brotzeit.

Wie bisher auch Willys MB, Ford GPW und Hotchkiss M201 only!

In der nächsten Zeit wird’s dann weiteres Details geben.

Stay tuned for further details!

Let’s keep’em rolling!

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2019 Jeep Cavalcade in Silang, Philippines

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Roger forwarded a link to photos from this year’s Jeep Cavalcade in Silang. It looks like attendance was good. see all the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10155758622041046&type=3 … fun, and useless, fact: the only VA healthcare facility outside the United States is in the Philippines (US Embassy in Manilla to be exact).


2019-philippines-jeep-cavalcade02 2019-philippines-jeep-cavalcade01 2019-philippines-jeep-cavalcade0

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2019 Jeep Outing in Costa Rica

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, International

Roger shared this story. A group of Costa Rican Jeep friends took their vintage jeeps out for an 2019 adventure to the beach, where they camped at least one night. This is their second ‘Willys Adventure’ together. You can see more pics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Willys-Pasión-Costa-Rica-1726644670912768/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2254856788091551 .  Looks like fun!

2019-costarica-jeep-trip02 2019-costarica-jeep-trip03

2019-costarica-jeep-trip04 2019-costarica-jeep-trip0

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2019 4×4 Somerset, CA, Expedition has a Couple Slots Open

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This upcoming expedition in mid-february of 2019 has a couple slots open for vintage jeeps. Thanks to Blaine for sharing it.


“**** UPDATE**** We have 2 spots that opened up for the full event, but if you want to join the one day snow stage of the Expedition, we start at The Crossroads Cafe, 6032 Grizzly Flat Road, Somerset CA. Be convoy ready at 9. Drivers meeting at 9:30 Saturday Feb 16th. This is a full day in the elements, and we leave by 10.

The 21st Annual Vintage 4×4 Expedition is looking for 10 more pre 1975 vehicles to embark on a 4 day back and logging road expedition. Vintage trucks, buggies, pre war speedsters, military vehicles, motorcycles and other means of vintage back country travel. Period correct pre 75 modifications only. We cap the entries at 40 vehicles, and provide starting locations and specifics to entrants only. This is a hosted semi private event. Be prepared to live out of your classic camping for an entire weekend in the worst weather the Sierras have to offer. Make sure your rig has tow points, recovery gear, and tire chains. This is not a casual run for nut and bolt correct parade vehicles. All vintage mountain equipment is welcome. We have very qualified mechanics, support and heavy off road recovery experience. Nobody will be stranded or left behind.

Day 1, Feb 14th : Thursday. Lafayette to Placerville via backroads.

Day 2: Friday. Foothills trails, vintage tractors, log skidding, tree falling, vintage chainsaws, coonhounds and the legendary Fri Night Bonfire. BYOB

Day 3: Saturday, Attempt to summit the Sierras by logging roads. A full day/ evening of driving in the snow. Return to base camp in Placerville.

Day 4: Sunday, Light trail runs, and break camp.

Willys Jeep 194* 195* 196* Dodge Power Wagon International Scout Land Rover Series Autocar Diamond T Coleman Halftrack Napco Marmon Herrington Land Cruiser”

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2018 Drive Through Gettysburg

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Just one post today. We spent the weekend helping my cousin move, returning later than planned to Pasco.

Roger Martin shared these pics of the group drive through Gettysburg on Saturday. Looks like a beautiful day for exploring the area!

2018-gettysburg-ride1 2018-gettysburg-ride2 2018-gettysburg-ride3 2018-gettysburg-ride4 2018-gettysburg-ride5

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12th Annual 2018 Mason Dixon Show

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UPDATE: It’s the Mason-Dixon show this weekend. Everyone enjoy themselves!


This year’s Mason Dixon Show will take place October 21st at Union Mills Homestead. However, if the rains return (the Homstead had flooded FIVE times this year), then an alternative will be announced a week before (on Oct 13th).

There will also be two additional events occurring in conjunction with the Gathering. On the evening of October 19th, Merlin Hanson will be holding an open house at his new place in LIttlestown Pennsylvania. On October 20th, Dee Pierini will be leading the annual Gettysburg battlefield drive.

For details on all the events, see Merlin’s blog: https://hansonmechanical.wordpress.com/2018/09/28/2018-mason-dixon-willys-jeep-gathering/ or go to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/209218449654048/

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Blue Ridge Jeep Run 2018

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Some of the folks from Alaska Or Rust got together last weekend for a trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains via Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Rockytop Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway, and a few other places (I don’t have a map of their exact route).  If you have Facebook, you can view all the pics Bill Reiss took here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156047526007987&set=a.10156047528832987&type=3&theater

See a sampling of Bill’s photos below:




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Photos From the 2018 Southeast Jeep Get Together

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Maury shared these photos from last weekend’s 2018 Southeast Jeep Get Together. It looks like there was (finally) some good, sunny weather!

swjgt-2018-7 swjgt-2018-8 swjgt-2018-9 swjgt-2018-10

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2018 Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together Oct 6

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

UPDATE: This weekend is the Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together. I hope the weather holds out!


Learn more or register at the website: http://www.southeastwillysjeepgettogether.com. Will also has a group on Facebook.


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2018 Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) Convention

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

CeePee and the Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) group had the convention a few weeks ago in Southern Germany. Despite the dry, hot weather for much of the summer, on the day of the convention the weather turned rainy. However, in his post about the event, CeePee reminded readers that “Nasty weather is only considered as another challenge by jeepers. That’s what makes them special too”.

The group welcomed a couple visitors from Australia, one of whom showed the group how to wipe a raw potato across the windshield to keep the rain from sticking to the windshield. You can read more in CeePee’s report, which is written in both German and English.



2018-tegernsee-event2 2018-tegernsee-event1 2018-tegernsee-event4