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2023 Toledo JeepFest

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Roger Martin attended this year’s Toledo Jeep Fest this weekend. He brought along his 1947 CJ-2A, an M-677, and his FC Fire Truck. He also took photos of the jeeps at the show, along with some merchandise for sale and a few of the parade.

2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-9 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-72023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-6 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-3

2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-4 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-5 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-2

This seller had variety of Al-toys and other items. I have some pics of individual prices on some of them.
2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-0 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-1

This Al-toy 2A has some script on the hood.


Here are some random pics from the parade:

2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-parade4 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-parade5 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-parade6 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-parade8 2023-toledo-jeepfest-roger-martin-parade9


13 Comments on “2023 Toledo JeepFest

  1. JohnB

    General economy, gas prices, worried about the future…all would throw a damper on playing with internal combustion engines.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Not wanting to travel as far as Toledo, we went to the annual Young’s Dairy Jeep Lifestyle Event in Yellow Springs Ohio near Springfield. Like last year, there were probably 500 +/- Jeeps. Mostly late Wranglers. There were probably no more than a half dozen CJs and a smattering of YJs which we passed out business cards to. It was interesting what people were doing to their late Wranglers. Great ice cream! (It is an actual dairy).

  3. David Eilers Post author

    You had me at “great ice cream”!
    That sound like a pretty good turnout for a lesser known event.

  4. Nick

    The NA-4 APU Jeep made an appearance as well. It looks like the showroom pictures were taken just before I got there. It was a very busy weekend, wish I had time to visit with more Willys people. Meeting Patty with the Sand Ship Discovery CJ5 was beyond amazing.

  5. JohnB

    When we lived near Dayton while I was in the Air Force, we would go to Young’s regularly.
    After we moved away (back in 1995), the dairy became the site of “Vintage Trucks” magazine’s annual truck show, which was discontinued this year because it got too big.
    I would have loved going there for a Jeep event, if I had a Jeep then, which I didn’t.
    Disappointed that there were so few CJ’s. Ohio probably would not be conducive to Jeeps NOT getting rusty.

    Around here you see a few CJs, but huge numbers of late model Wranglers (mainly four-doors). One neighbor has two.
    Someone nearby has a recently restored YJ, repainted in a color a bit like Forest Service green, but more gray.
    A great color, it looks well taken care of.
    Although you don’t see many, people appreciate old Jeeps, I get lots of interest and compliments with my recently restored M38A1. Someone even left a rubber duck in it.

  6. Barney Goodwin

    There are 2 car (not Jeep) shows scheduled there – at the end of this month and in October.
    What my wife and I enjoyed seeing was families enjoying their Jeeps together. There were a lot of the JKUs and the JLU Mall Crawlers there, many with really neat paint jobs or themes such as an Orange and black striped Cincinnati Bengal one. And going to and from the show you saw them everywhere also – like being in the vicinity of a bees nest. lol
    ’06 and ,11 MVPA conventions we had our closing banquet under the wings of the B52 in the USAF Museum and then got to enjoy the museum privately until 11pm. Nothing like it!
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your M38A1. Arguably the best military Jeep contracted. Elvis thought so!

  7. colin peabody

    Any idea who displayed the Surrey? Great lesection on the Al-toys, with two Jeepsters and two station wagons. The CJ2 with the script on the hood should be a keeper! Never seen that before!

  8. Barney Goodwin

    That 2A was a pretty neat award for finishing at the top of the Service School class. There was a $300 price tag on it. Wonder if it sold.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Colin and Barney, I was eyeing that script 2A as well. I’ll ask Roger if he knows who was selling the items.

    – Dave

  10. David Eilers Post author

    Barney: Larry Blake was the seller of the merchandise. I have his email if you are interested.

    Colin: the Surrey is owned by Omix-Ada.

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