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1954 M-170 Tacoma, WA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/14/2014) “1954 M170 Army Ambulance Jeep
-Strong Original 4 Cylinder
-Very little rust
-Starts, runs and shifts
-Fun project with little effort


1954-m170-tacoma-wa0 1954-m170-tacoma-wa1 1954-m170-tacoma-wa2 1954-m170-tacoma-wa3

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1954 M-170 Eugene, OR $2000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/02/2015) It doesn’t run.

“1954 front line combat ambulance, have original top, correct tail gate, 2 replacement front fenders, mostly complete, no litters, not running, has been converted to 12 volt.”


1954-m170-eugene-or1 1954-m170-eugene-or2 1954-m170-eugene-or3 1954-m170-eugene-or4

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1953 M-170 Raleigh, NC eBay


UPDATE: Was on Craigslist. Now on eBay.

(12/14/2015) Looks in good shape.

“This is a 1953 Willys M170 in great running condition
If interested please call”

View all the information on eBay

1953-m170-raleigh-nc2 1953-m170-raleigh-nc3 1953-m170-raleigh-nc4 1953-m170-raleigh-nc5

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1962 M-170 Nashua, NH $13,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/16/2016) “99% original, never restored. New roof canvas with doors, motor was rebuilt about 5000k miles ago. Runs well. Have spare hood in good shape, 2 good used front fenders ready for paint, spare radiator, spare steering box, assorted miscellaneous other parts, and stretchers.
Been in storage for 5 years, gas tank drained, has silicone brake fluid.”


1960-m170-nashua-nh1 1960-m170-nashua-nh2 1960-m170-nashua-nh3 1960-m170-nashua-nh4

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1952 M-170 San Diego, CA $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/12/2017) Seller indicates this is was a Navy jeep.

“Original US Navy markings can be seen. Used in the Korean War and Vietnam conflict. Engine runs but not ready for the road.”



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1952 M-170 Fontana, CA $1700


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1700.

(01/20/2017) It’s got an incorrect engine.

“Hello I’m selling a 1952 Willys Jeep m170 ambulance all original. It’s 4X4 has the original m38 flathead motor (running). This a great project if you looking for a jeep. I have some extra parts for it I I can star it up. DOSE NOT DRIVE ON THE ROAD YET! Needs break work done on it. Got all the Dmv paper work ready for the road and new ownership”


1952-m170-fontana-ca1 1952-m170-fontana-ca4 1952-m170-fontana-ca3 1952-m170-fontana-ca2

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M-170 Body Chaparral, NM eBay

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Seller says this is “1 or 3” but I only see one pictured? So I’m not sure what all is for sale in this ad.

“{ 1 or 3} M170/M38A-1 military willys korean vietnam army medical service mash ambulance approx. years 1958, I do not any titles for these vehicles, Bodies and frames and whatever parts are attached. The bodies have dings and dents, however pretty rust free. I have 2x windshield frames only. They have been in the El Paso, Texas area for some time. Perfect for restore or rat rod or replacement parts. If you need more pictures or other information.”

View all the information on eBay


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1955 M-170 Costa Mesa, CA $5900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/13/2016) Seller believes this is a CJ-6 rather than an M-170.

“1955 Willys Jeep powered by the Buick Dauntless V6 runs great four-wheel-drive comes with its own built in beer cooler. All the brakes are brand-new, new battery, large factory gas tank, 20 inch longer wheelbase then CJ5 rare body with soft top in good condition. Brand-new tires all the way around including the spare, four large storage compartments, everything works new wiring freight train horn updated with power fan for radiator cooling, 12 V system, comes with a mini-me hood ornament compliments of Tonka toys, No rust always stored covered, much cheaper than an early bronco with almost the same look and dependability and cheaper more abundant parts, rare body very collectible cheap to ensure, never have to smog, never need to worry about speeding tickets, geared low, might consider interesting trades, but prefer cash thanks”






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1953 M-170 Fountain City, WI $5700

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $5700

(10/16/2016) This M170 has had the large opening partially filled. It also has a Meyer half top. I’m not sure why the seller has included a photo of an FC, but maybe it is for sale?

“M170 Military Jeep in good overall shape for the year! These are getting harder to find and it runs drives and stops. Plow is working”


1953-m170-minn-mnfc1 1953-m170-minn-mnfc3 1953-m170-minn-mnfc2 1953-m170-minn-mnfc

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1954 M-170 Tacoma, WA $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/14/2014) Doesn’t run, but appears to have potential.

“1954 M170 Jeep Ambulance for sale. Not running but just needs service, ran last year. Body and frame in good condition, good candidate for restoration. Comes with new carburetor and custom hard top.


1954-m170-tacoma-wa0 1954-m170-tacoma-wa1 1954-m170-tacoma-wa2 1954-m170-tacoma-wa3

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1954 M-170 La Jolla, CA $5000


Doesn’t start at the moment.

“‘m selling my 1954 Willys M170 (Long-wheelbase M38A1). Rebuilt original 4 cylinder F-head engine. Runs and idles very smooth. T90 3 speed, T18 2 speed transfer case, and 5.38 gears. Locking Hubs. 12 volt electrical system. 32 inch off-road tires. Clean California title, smog exempt. Very rare, only 4500 made and this is the first production year of them.

She is not currently starting because of a battery drain. I bought the car a few weeks ago and drove her home an hour from Fallbrook to La Jolla (hour on the coastal highway) and drove her for the next few weeks fine until I tried to start her one day, and nothing but the click of the solenoid. I bought a new Optima red top battery after learning the one she had was dead and she started right up, but now comes a few days later and the battery is dead again. So something is draining the battery, I think it could be the aftermarket amp installed so I disconnected it but I don’t have time to learn to try and fix this car. I am young, and don’t have enough money, time, or knowledge to solve this electrical issue, I wish I could because it’s a sweet ride and would love to drive her. If you want her you will have to tow her from my house. ”


1954-m170-lajolla-ca1 1954-m170-lajolla-ca2 1954-m170-lajolla-ca3 1954-m170-lajolla-ca4

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1954 M-170 Hibbing, MN $5500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/12/2016) Could be a drive-now and restore as desired type of jeep.


1954-m170-hibbing-mn-2 1954-m170-hibbing-mn-3 1954-m170-hibbing-mn-4

“1954 USMC M170 willys Jeep …
this is one of around 300 left, out of about 3300 built from 54 to 64; making the M170 a rare Jeep to find. …..

The fact that it is a USMC M170 makes it much more rare, and very hard to find; certainly in this condition. Restoration value should be around 25,000 plus, and easier than the Army “front line ambulance” that requires rare parts that may require your first born IF you find them; like the ambulance pass seat. The USMC had no markings for a “front-line ambulance” when taking down the paint, and has the holes for radio equipment in the rear; leaving me to believe it was used for command or “observer” duty. The condition must be seen, imo.
It does *tranny?*drip a little now, after the Royal Purple was added, and the chassis pressure washing …but I’d drip to after providing that many yrs of service, and being now over 60yrs old. =) It may simply be from the oil not sprayed off, that heats up during use.

It appears to have had a depot rebuild before the MC released it to Park Ranger service in California, back in the mid/late 70’s. * Its common to find a depot rebuild done, with little use after, when buying military vehicles. The engine is blue, and runs great. I don’t know what was done by the USMC or Park service due to lack of records kept …military was notorious for not keeping any records …you know this if you know old military vehicles.

What I know ….I media blasted/glass bead’d the body, then sprayed it with half gallon of paint ..so it’s an honest view ..you can see what is bad and good.
I tact’d in an incorrect passenger seat, added the proper drivers seat frame.
It is a 12 volt system.
The tail lights worked, along with headlights ..that’s it.
It runs fantastic, and I have driven it for 2yrs now all around SideLake, and a little in Hibbing.
I changed out the fluids to Royal Purple (safe for “gold metal” internals), but have read in blogs that the trans can/may want a thicker OIL (I believe it does want OIL due to the syncro’s letting me know) …this is part of the education YOU will want to get ..easy with the internet….
IF you decide to be a military willys owner.

I have uploaded pic’s showing the little rust that exists …likely due to the MC spraying it thoroughly top to bottom with a coating the EPA would likely imprison you for using today. LOL
IMO, this would be a great canidate for a restoration, or to have for driving/using as-is; as I have done.
I have other interests and projects, and am giving up on this one ..LEAVE A MESSAGE ..and I will call you back.

IF you are serious, get the cash in your hand, and call for an appointment to view; as I spend lots of my time at the cabin ….so leave A MESSAGE, as I do not get good cell service there. I will return your call ASAP Do not waste my time or yours, this isn’t for FREE JEEP RIDES =)”


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1955 M-170 Warrior Run, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer

Might have some parts value.

“Picked this up from a buddy who got it on a trade. Kind of rare 1955 willys M170 ambulance jeep used for the military. Very similar to a cj6 but the passenger side door area is wider than the driver side.Some were for stretchers, a spare tire and even a mounted gun… has a small block Chevy motor, not sure what trans or tcase, they’re just sitting in place, not sure if it runs or not, has a bunch of misc sbc parts, starter, extra intake, carb etc…had a cj6 best top soft top, frame is solid, body is pretty solid for the year. Has some rot in sections but all very repairable…there is a company that makes replacement pass side panels to make it to be like the cj6 so driver and pass sides match…front clip is just set in place, no windshield, 4″ springs on it, tires are shot, just rollers….would make for a cool off road rig or a great candidate for a full restoration which would bring in some big bucks. I have no time or motivation to work on it…I’d be interested in trades, off-road related stuff, 4wd utility quad, ford model a type sedan or coupe body………not sure a cash price, throw me some offers”

1955-m170-nanticoke-pa1 1955-m170-nanticoke-pa2

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Year? M-170 Daytona Beach, FL $1400


Maybe has some parts value.

“1950’s m170 willys jeep. needs some work but runs and drives. has some rust but it’s un restored and it’s 66 years old. definitely worth fixing up. the m170 is a rare medic jeep it is 20 inches longer then your normal jeep and the passenger side door opening is larger to accommodate the spare tire so a stretcher could be put in the back. it is all original except engine. it has an all original 1966 mustang 289 v8 that runs great. there is no title but if you know old jeeps you know you can get one for cheap with Vin plates. asking $1,400 or trade… ‘



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1954 M-170 Fallbrook, CA $3500


Missing a few items, but looks like a good price.

“I’m selling my 1954 Willys M170 (Long-wheelbase M38A1). Rebuilt original 4 cylinder F-head engine. Runs and idles very smooth. T90 3 speed, T18 2 speed transfer case, and 5.38 gears. Locking Hubs. 12 volt electrical system. 32 inch offroad tires. Clean California title, smog exempt. $3500 OBO”


1954-m170-fallbrook-ca1 1954-m170-fallbrook-ca2 1954-m170-fallbrook-ca3 1954-m170-fallbrook-ca4

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1961 M-170 Macon, GA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500.

Runs and drives. Appears worth a look.

“1961 M170 Willys Jeep. 134 Hurricane Engine Recently rebuilt. Mechanically sound, 4-WD, 3 speed with High and Low Range with reverse.”

1961-m170-macon-ga1 1961-m170-macon-ga2 1961-m170-macon-ga3 1961-m170-macon-ga4

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1955 M-170 Lakeland, FL **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $4800.

This might be a good price.

“’55 Willys Jeep M170
Similar to the M-38A1, but has 20″ longer wheel base, stronger suspension
A fraction of them were produced and only a few hundred still exist, making it rare
Used as Front-line ambulances for the military to carry people on stretchers
Runs and Drives good, motor runs excellent, in good condition for its age, windshield folds down,
4×4, 4 cyl., 3 speed manual transmission, 24 volt batteries, has a title”

1955-m170-lakeland-fl1 1955-m170-lakeland-fl2 1955-m170-lakeland-fl3 1955-m170-lakeland-fl4

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1955 M-170 Mt. Vernon, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was auctioned.  It’s VIN is 12016.

“WSU Surplus is offering for auction a 1955 Willy’s 4×4 Jeep Frontline Ambulance, model M170, ¼ ton. The engine is a 4 cylinder with a 3 speed manual transmission and has a twin stick transfer case. The transfer case is currently set in low range for farm use and has the linkage unhooked from the transfer case.

The Jeep has 7.50-16LT tires that are in good condition. The electrical has the 12 volt conversion. Lights and signals may not work. The speedometer does not work. There are dents, dings and scratches consistent with age and use of vehicle.

The Jeep DOES run and drive but we will consider the Jeep is NOT road worthy. It is recommended to trailer this vehicle. The Jeep will drive onto a trailer. Buyer will need to coordinate loading assistance, if needed at time of pickup.”


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1955 M-170 Worcester, MA $12,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,000

(06/10/2014) Still needs some restoration of some type.

Restored (80% ) 1955 Willys M-170 Front-line Ambulance 
Asking $12,000 but will talk price, This is a rarity , I know of about 20 that have been restored. This is a great project vehicle and at this moment it is a luxury, I would like to see it go to someone willing to make it 100%”


1955-m170-worcester-ma1 1955-m170-worcester-ma2 1955-m170-worcester-ma3 1955-m170-worcester-ma4

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1955 M-170 Orange County, CA $2500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500

(05/29/2016) Has clutch problem and a V6 installed.

“This is a rare find.
This M170 ambulance is a front line 1/4 ton 4×4, 3 speed,w/ twin stick transfer case T 90 trans. Engine; Buick V-6,
no clutch,
101 wheel base,
20 in.longer than reg.
New tires, roll bar, top and doors, non stock seats.
Roller because of clutch.
Only about 4,000 made.”


1955-m170-orangecounty-ca1 1955-m170-orangecounty-ca2 1955-m170-orangecounty-ca3 1955-m170-orangecounty-ca4

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1962 M-170 Norfolk, MA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $3500.

(06/21/2016) Looks like the passenger side has been filled in. Has a Meyer half cab.

“Four wheel drive, V6, dual exhaust, T14 transmission, twin stick transfer, 3.73 gears, rancho front springs and shocks, half steel cab, good glass. Body mostly solid, has some small rust and rot spots. Commando grill and hood. Mileage unknown. Been sitting for about 8 years. Tires have dry rot. Fuel tank needs to be flushed. Needs tune up. Starts, runs, and stops, but is NOT road-worthy, needs to be towed. Nice project. MA transferable title. No warranty, no guarantee, as is, where is. For parts or restoration. No trades. Cash or bank check.”

1962-m170-norfolk-ma0 1962-m170-norfolk-ma1 1962-m170-norfolk-ma2 1962-m170-norfolk-ma3 1962-m170-norfolk-ma4


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1953? CJ-6/M-170 Kingsland, GA $2900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/31/2015) Listed as a 1953, which would make it an M-170, it looks more like a later CJ-6.

“This Jeep is original to the Guggenheim Estate. Restoration project. Runs. Entire Jeep is original.”



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1955 M-170 Hillsboro, NH $13,900


Has some dings.

“1955 M170 Army Jeep Ambulance. Interior is in tact with Cot. Runs and Drives”


1955-m170-hillsboro-nh2 1955-m170-hillsboro-nh3 1955-m170-hillsboro-nh4

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1956 M-170 San Fernando Valley, CA $8750


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8750

(01/17/2016) Has power train updates.

“1956 M170 Military Jeep.V6, Turbo 400 automatic. New Power Brakes, New Top, Power Steering.
Too many Upgrades to list. Serious Buyers Only.”


1956-m170-sfv-ca1 1956-m170-sfv-ca2 1956-m170-sfv-ca3 1956-m170-sfv-ca4

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1962 M-170 Norfolk, MA $3800


Has a few mods, including a jeepster commando grille. Has a Meyer half cab.

“Four wheel drive, V6, dual exhaust, T14 transmission, twin stick transfer, 3.73 gears, rancho front springs and shocks, half steel cab, good glass. Body mostly solid, has some small rust and rot spots. Commando grill and hood. Mileage unknown. Been sitting for about 8 years. Tires have dry rot. Fuel tank needs to be flushed. Needs tune up. Starts, runs, and stops, but is NOT road-worthy, needs to be towed. Nice project. MA transferable title. No warranty, no guarantee, as is, where is. For parts or restoration. No trades. Cash or bank check. ”


1962-m170-ma1 1962-m170-ma2 1962-m170-ma3 1962-m170-ma4