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1953 M-170 Medford, NY No Price


Might be some value here.


1953-m170-li-ny1 1953-m170-li-ny2 1953-m170-li-ny4

“Believed to be a Willys M170 Jeep Military Ambulance.
F-head 4 cylinder, manual transmission.
Good for donor 4×4 drive train or what ever you want.
Currently no paperwork.
Located in Medford LI.
Can be transported by poster for reasonable fees.
In reply include first name and Phone number.”

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1963 M-170 Phoenicia, NY eBay


This is the radio version of the M-170. The high bid is $1500 as of Thursday morning.

View all the information on ebay




“For your consideration a nice condition and very rare Willys m170 USMC radio truck.
This is very similar to the more common M170 ambulance but instead of outfitted with stretchers, Was used to carry radio gear. This is a particularly rare bird because it is a later production model from 1963 ….basically almost 6 years later than standard production of the m170 was stopped

I don’t know much about the history of this vehicle in the service but there are a few sources online where one could study about them and the rarity of it.

This particular unit is in nice shape and has been mildly restored from an original unrusted example.
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1955 M-170 Gainesville, FL $6000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000.

(08/24/2019) Scott’s got this M-170 for sale.


1955-m170-gainesville1 1955-m170-gainesville2 1955-m170-gainesville3 1955-m170-gainesville4

“1955 JEEP M170 This is a rare bird – rebuilt and in solid shape. As I understand this is a long body M38A1 army jeep and was originally outfitted as troop hauler, radio jeep, or ambulance/medical. May be the early inspiration for the CJ8 Scrambler. Engine rebuilt in 2012. I converted from 24 volt to 12 volt with new starter, alternater, wiring harness, fuse box, head and tail lights, etc. Also has rebuilt carburetor, new fuel pump, lines, fuel filter, steering wheel, horn, new set of tires, rebuilt emergency brake.

Comes with a big winch with remote, tow arms, and a box of random parts (can probably sell on eBay). Seats are new and all have lap belts. Runs, steers, brakes good. Ready for neighborhood drive with kids, grandkids. It does have cracked windshield, but easy to buy kit/replace. Its a rare one and priced to go – so no low ballers please. Clean title.”

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1952? M-170 Zimmerman, MN $9000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $9000.

(04/25/2019) This doesn’t have the correct grille or fenders for a 1952. It’s missing a few other stock parts, too.


“willy m170 jeep. The jeep runs and drives good! 4wd and the high and low both work as well. The jeep has been converted to 12 volt system. New alternator and carburetor. The paint color is olive drab and is in overall good condition. The jeep does have a blue vin tag issued by the state because the Vin numbers were not able to be found. I am selling this because I am a college student and don’t have the time to appreciate the vehicle.”

1952-m170-zimmerman-mn5 1952-m170-zimmerman-mn6 1952-m170-zimmerman-mn7 1952-m170-zimmerman-mn8 1952-m170-zimmerman-mn9

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1962 M-170 Santa Ynez, CA $5000


May be worth a look.


“1962 Willys Jeep M170 Military Ambulance 4 cylinder F Head stock engine”


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1952/53 M-170 Bakersfield, CA eBay


This M-170 has been modified, but there’s enough left to suggest it’s a 1952 or early 1953 M-170.

View all the information on ebay

“I was told this is a 53 or 54 Willys. I don’t know if this is a CJ2A or not. Story I got was it was used in the 70’s to deliver mail in one of our mountain communities and then parked in the 80’s. Carb is gone so so way to try and start. Some rust spots. Motor is supposed to be a 327 Chevy. Not sure about the transmission or transfer case. Axles look stock. No title, just a bill of sale.”






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Modified M-170 Body Big Bear, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

This M-170 body has been modified on the passenger side.

cj6-m170-ie-ca0 cj6-m170-ie-ca1 cj6-m170-ie-ca2

“I have a cj6 or possibly modified m170 tub for sale … Basically a cj5 but 20 inches longer so it would be a great start to a jeep with more room for gear or people or both , plus way more stable on and off road… I have had it for about 7 years and had every intention of building it as I have loved the old cj’s forever but wanted more room for tools and camping gear.

I bought it right after my first kid was born and thought it would make a great family jeep and was going to take the drive train from my other old cj to build it… Sadly after the frame was stolen from my back yard, I put the project on hold and frankly waited too long because now my kids just want to go out in the other jeep so I don’t want to take it apart to build the cj6… It’s got some rust and some dings but its pretty solid…

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1954 M-170 Jupiter, FL $22,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/30/2019) Seller notes there are a few minor items that need repairs.


1954-m170-jupiter-fl4 1954-m170-jupiter-fl5 1954-m170-jupiter-fl6 1954-m170-jupiter-fl7 1954-m170-jupiter-fl8

“I have decided to let go of my rare M170 Willys Front Line Ambulance. This vehicle is in very good condition and has undergone a comprehensive refreshment with new wiring, a rebuilt engine, new hoses, clamps and fluids, a new top and canvas cushions and it comes with an in-and-out military snorkel kit and a folding stretcher.

The vehicle operates on a 24 volt system with new, twin in-line batteries as well as high and low positons for four wheel drive when taken out of two wheel drive for the pavement. Starts, runs, shifts and stops, just like it should. Note that this vehicle will top out at 50 mph, so it is not meant for the highway.

There are a few minor items that need attention such as fixing the gas gauge and oil temp gauge and possibly replacing the steering wheel (have the correct new one) if desired. Most anything is available through online suppliers. Also, the full enclosure and doors are available as well ($4,500).
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1955 M-170 Damon, TX $10,000

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This has a Washington State title.


1955-m170-damon-tx1 1955-m170-damon-tx2 1955-m170-damon-tx3 1955-m170-damon-tx4

“1955 M170 Front Line Field Ambulance – extended version of the M38A1, very rare and hard to find military vehicle (approximately 4200 ever produced). Manufacture date: 3/55, Serial Number: 11747 (data plate appears original), titled in Washington State.

Engine: 24 volt (uncertain if the block has original serial number), engine needs work, it runs but does smoke and leaks some oil (will run up to 45mph).

Reproduction top, sides, back and doors. Repainted about 8 years ago, always garage kept approximately the last 10 years.”

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Year? M-170 San Diego, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $1500

(08/19/2018) Maybe some parts value here?

“Old military Jeep ambulance 24 volt sealed system long wheel base ambulance M170 M-170 Jeep Willys Excellant parts vehicle”

year-m170-sandiego-ca1 year-m170-sandiego-ca2 year-m170-sandiego-ca3 year-m170-sandiego-ca

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1962 M-170 Harrison, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2250.

Has a V6 in it.

1962-m170-harrision-mi1 1962-m170-harrision-mi2 1962-m170-harrision-mi3 1962-m170-harrision-mi4

“1962 Kaiser Willys M170 Military – Standard Jeep Extended 20” in the middle, Buick Dauntless V6
Used as an Ambulance or Radio Truck, Needs some work but Very Solid – Stored in Harrison, Mi –
Military Vehicle – No Title, Bill of Sale


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1955 M-170 Vancouver, WA $5000


UPDATE: More pics added. Contact Angela at angela-barron@live.com to learn more. 
image3 image1 image2


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Year? M-170 Spring Creek, NV $7000


Runs and drives. Looks very solid.


“1950 something willys M-170 ambulance jeep runs and drives body is in good condition no rust only 4,155 built from what I can find on the internet photos not loading will send more pictures on request may be willing to trade fo r corvette or harley open to offers”

year-m170-springcreek-nv1 year-m170-springcreek-nv2 year-m170-springcreek-nv3

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1955 M-170 Oakhurst, CA $2500


Includes an overdrive.


“Custom metal top doors and sides,needs tires,3speed with overdrive,not running 24volt system,engine not working.For more details please contact”

1955-m170-oakhurst-ca1 1955-m170-oakhurst-ca2

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1954 M-170 Chester, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.

(11/14/2018) It’s a project.

1954-m170-chester-ma1 1954-m170-chester-ma2 1954-m170-chester-ma3 1954-m170-chester-ma4

“Front bumper is mint, as is tailgate and all compartment doors and glove box. Hood is original with shovel brackets and straps. Air cleaner is original. There is sand built up along with some type of oil added to the under side of this M170. All hat channels are 100 percent rust free as are the floor pans and cross members. This Jeep is almost 100 % sound as far as frame and sheet metal goes. Ran great with carb leaking. Found the bowl was leaking and tried to rebuild carb, now it runs rough, but I have another carb to try.

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1954 M-170 Eugene, OR $2000


UPDATE: Still Available

(03/02/2015) It doesn’t run.


“1954 front line combat ambulance, have original top, correct tail gate, 2 replacement front fenders, mostly complete, no litters, not running, has been converted to 12 volt.”

1954-m170-eugene-or1 1954-m170-eugene-or2 1954-m170-eugene-or3 1954-m170-eugene-or4

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2 M-170s and M-38A1 Vincennes, IN $2400

• CATEGORIES: M-170, M-38A1

No pics provided.


“3 Willys military jeeps. 1955 M170 body, 1962 USMC M170 (no engine, trans or transfer case) & 1961 USMC M38A1 (has partial engine, trans and t-case). Numbers matching title to the 1962 M170 ONLY. Package deal. All three for $2400. Or will seperate the M170’s from the M38A1 for $2000.”

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1962 M-170 Nashua, NH $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/16/2016) “99% original, never restored. New roof canvas with doors, motor was rebuilt about 5000k miles ago. Runs well. Have spare hood in good shape, 2 good used front fenders ready for paint, spare radiator, spare steering box, assorted miscellaneous other parts, and stretchers.
Been in storage for 5 years, gas tank drained, has silicone brake fluid.”


1960-m170-nashua-nh1 1960-m170-nashua-nh2 1960-m170-nashua-nh3 1960-m170-nashua-nh4

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1954 M-170 Springfield, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

(12/17/2018) The ad doesn’t mention if it runs.

“1954 Jeep Willys M170 cylinders: 4 cylinders drive: fwd fuel: gas odometer: 22000 paint color: green size: mid-size title status: missing transmission: manual”

1954-m170-springfield-ma2 1954-m170-springfield-ma3 1954-m170-springfield-ma4

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1955 M-170 Charleston, AR $18,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/06/2018) The jeep looks nice. Seller estimates that there are less than 100 M-170s in existence. Actually, I’ve documented and seen more than 200 and I suspect there are many more I haven’t seen.


1955-m170-charleston-ar1 1955-m170-charleston-ar2 1955-m170-charleston-ar3

“18k is estimated reasonable value. I have that in parts. rotisserie restoration completely stock. Less than 100 exist. Very few restored. This one has everything to make it complete. Rebuilt everything. Has arctic heater kit, full ambulance gear. Full top and doors. Deep water military fording kit It is what that cj6 was derived from. Military show winner. I want to trade for a true hot rod. 30s 40s or 50s. Two door. Something that has or can add ac to. Flathead is plus.”


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1955 M-170 Battle Ground, WA $4000


No description provided.



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1955 M-170 Decatur, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

Looks like a good price.

“1955 Jeep M170 Field Ambulance – the stretched version of the standard jeep. Wheelbase like a Scrambler. Runs and drives great. This is as clean as any M170 you will ever find – they are rare and you just don’t see any in this condition for anywhere near this price. About 25,000 miles. All parts are original. Fun to drive and a great show or parade vehicle. Have Texas title, is licensed for 5 years.”

1955-m170-decatur-tx1 1955-m170-decatur-tx2 1955-m170-decatur-tx3 1955-m170-decatur-tx4

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1963 M-170 Phoenicia, NY eBay


Andy’s got this M-170 for sale. It’s listed as Buy-it-Now or Make Offer.

View all the information on eBay


“For your consideration a very RARE USMC version of the M170 ambulance jeep. This particular jeep was a radio version of the M170 and it has different details on the interior …the seats , also has a very heavy duty electrical system and comes with a Ramsey model 50 winch power take off unit.
Unfortunately the very rare model 50 winch is now missing only the actual PTO unit is left mounted to the rear of the transmission.

Overall the body condition is very nice for the year, has minimal rust through in hat channels.
Frame springs and axles are excellent, brakes were recently replaced as has been a lot of the wiring still 24 V engine runs excellent has a rebuilt carburetor missing some waterproof pieces of the majority are still there I do have extra parts available

Here is your chance to own an extremely rare USMC radio jeep…. it is produced in 1963 which is much later than normal production run for these vehicles one of the last ones produced was in 1964 overall a great collectors item . Comes equipped with unique marine corps items like the rear bumper for lifting shackles other things. Thanks and good luck …sold as is….. clear title sorry, no overseas shipping on this vehicle….”

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2 M-170s and 1 M-38A1 Projects Lawrenceville, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: M-170, M-38A1

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Lots of work to build 1 out of these 3.


A M170 is a M38A1 which has been stretched 20″ to carry 3 stretchers. Made from 1953-1963. Basically a Military version of a CJ6. Only 4000 something were produced and only a couple hundred known to survive. Includes a bunch of parts which some are NOS that are not mentioned. 1955 Willy’s M170 body, 1960 M170 body and rolling chassis and a 1961 M38A1 rolling parts chassis winch includes engine, trans and t-case. Decided to move on to another project that I can enjoy more. Asking $3500 and NO TRADES.”

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1971 M-151A2 Apple Valley, CA $6500


Will need some body work.


“M151a2 army jeep have just about all the parts to put it back together good running power pack. Body has 2 pinchs left side and top of cowl not much rust easy fix”

1971-m151a1-av-ca0 1971-m151a1-av-ca1 1971-m151a1-av-ca2