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1962 M-170 Nashua, NH $14,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $14,000.

(06/16/2016) “99% original, never restored. New roof canvas with doors, motor was rebuilt about 5000k miles ago. Runs well. Have spare hood in good shape, 2 good used front fenders ready for paint, spare radiator, spare steering box, assorted miscellaneous other parts, and stretchers.
Been in storage for 5 years, gas tank drained, has silicone brake fluid.”

1960-m170-nashua-nh1 1960-m170-nashua-nh2 1960-m170-nashua-nh3 1960-m170-nashua-nh4


8 Comments on “1962 M-170 Nashua, NH $14,000

  1. Barry West

    Is that a PTO drive shaft to the left of the pintle hook? I can’t tell what part that is in the rear cargo area but it looks similar to a rear PTO unit??

  2. Barry West

    You know what, I believe you’re right on the money. I was just trying to keep my mind on other thing in the ER with DR’s and nurses hovered around looking at my left thumb. You see I tried to cut my body off from it and nearly succeeded. They were the ones freaking out when I pulled it out the ice and demanded no to deadening of anything. One Doc asked if I wanted plastic surgery and quickly asked, why am I that damned ugly? He quickly started apologizing and I said I know what you mean. I said I had a very high pain threshold and to get a grip on things (pun intended) or I was gonna go into a flashback or worse. That got there attention and started working on it. Hey but it works just fine. So you can see now how your site kept me focused and just thought it was sumin that wasn’t. Thanks your site I didn’t have to smack the guy Doc who almost fainted. LOL, I told him he needed to find another job and he said what scared him was the no anesthesia. Oh well. That’s the way I grew up. Sorry to make you waste your time.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    That’s the primary reason I started eWillys; to distract folks at the ER!! LMAO!

    Sorry to hear about your thumb! I hope it heals quickly!

    – Dave

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