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1962 FJ-3 Location? $12,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

A ran-when-parked FJ, but looks solid. This appeared in the Los Angeles area Craigslist, but the map shows it in Alexandria, while the plates are from Wyoming. So, it’s unclear where it is located.

“Unrestored 1962 Jeep Fleetvan FJ-3.
Ran when parked, but it’s complete and comes with a clean title.
$12,500 or will consider reasonable offer.”

1962-fj3-la-01 1962-fj3-la-0 1962-fj3-la-1 1962-fj3-la-2

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1963 FJ-3 Campbell, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

It does not run.

1961-fj3-jamie-1-lores 1961-fj3-jamie-2-lores 1961-fj3-jamie-3-lores 1961-fj3-jamie-4-lores

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Year? FJ-3 Guthrie, OK $5000


Jared shared this non-running FJ.

“1961-65 Willy’s Jeep Fleetvan. Pretty rare. Has 4 cylinder overhead valve motor auto trans. At this time I have no title. Not running. $5000 or best offer. Would make great advertising van or great Hotrod”

year-fj3-guthrie-ok2 year-fj3-guthrie-ok3 year-fj3-guthrie-ok4

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1963 FJ-3 San Luis Obispo, CA $25,000


No description provided.

1963-fj3-sanluisobispo-ca1 1963-fj3-sanluisobispo-ca2

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FJ-3s Make Their Arrival

The arrival of the FJ-3s made the newspapers in a variety of states. This first article appeared in the February 02, 1961, issue of the Bridgeport Post out of Connecticut:


February 02, 1961, The Bridgeport Post, Bridgeport, CT.

Clipping from The Bridgeport Post -

February 02, 1961, The Bridgeport Post, Bridgeport, CT.

This next article appeared in the October 04, 1961, issue of the Owensboro, Kentucky, Messenger and Inquirer.


October 04, 1961, The Messenger and Inquirer, Owensboro, Kentucky,

The Mitchell, South Dakota, Post Office may have only purchased one FJ, but it still made the paper:

FJ-3 Fleet Van

November 11, 1961, The Daily Republic, Mitchell, SD.

Here’s an add for the followup model, the FJ-3A .It appeared in The Lawton Constitution out of Oklahoma on January 07, 1962.


This is the more common version of the FJ-3A ad published across the country:


December 20, 1961, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, AZ.


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1967 FJ-6 San Leandro, CA $10,000


It could use some love, but looks solid.

“Kaiser Jeep FleetVan Ice Cream truck. Runs and drives. Straight 6 cylinder. Smokes a little and would recommend towing for long distances. Coker whitewalls. Cold plate freezer. Very unique and conversation starter. No heater and wipers are gone. Nice project with some rust here and there. Great business opportunity or promotional piece? I am located in the Bay Area California. Salvaged Title.”

1967-fj6-sanleandro-ca1 1967-fj6-sanleandro-ca2 1967-fj6-sanleandro-ca3 1967-fj6-sanleandro-ca4

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1965 FJ-6 Bighorn, WY **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was No Price.

Runs and drives.

“1965 kaiser Jeep fj6a Fleetvan. 4 cylinder/ automatic. Runs and drives great. New tires, brakes, and carburetor. This cool old van was originally a USPS mail van. Right hand drive. Perfect for farmers markets. Attention getter.”




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1964 FJ-3A Nampa, ID $14,500


It’s a project.

1964-fj3a-fleetvan-nampa-id1 1964-fj3a-fleetvan-nampa-id2 1964-fj3a-fleetvan-nampa-id3 1964-fj3a-fleetvan-nampa-id4

“This is a 1964 Jeep Willy FJ-3A service Fleetvan wagon. Very rare left hand drive model. Body is straight and there is no rust eating through any of the body panels. There is rust that is just surface of chassis and body. There are a few bumps that would need some body work but they are very minor and small dents. Front and rear bumpers are missing unfortunately. The original engine has been replaced with a Ford V-8 and automatic transmission, engine turns over and has compression. Though it hasn’t ran for a few years. Engine would need a few parts for it to be finished, Radiator, fan, etc. got most of the parts for it to run. Driveshaft is not attached currently. Brakes don’t work and need servicing as well. This Willy’s Fleetvan will need to be trailered home. Can negotiate delivery after payment. Any questions shoot me a message, I can get any other photos if needed. Title in hand with bill of sale. $14500 or best offer.”

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1962 FJ-3 Raleigh, NC $16,000


Thanks to Jordan for spotting this one.

“Runs and drives, good round town truck. I saw one sell for almost twice what I’m asking. This truck is not restored, great attention getter. The rust area is about four inches long and is on a flat area by the door”

1962-fj3-raleigh-nc20 1962-fj3-raleigh-nc21 1962-fj3-raleigh-nc3 1962-fj3-raleigh-nc4

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1974 AMG FJ-8 Hot Springs, SD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

If you are looking for an Jeep FJ project, this might be a cheap substitute.

“2wd cj-5 chassis , right hand drive , 258 inline 6 , borg warner automatic . No rear door , but comes with parts to build another one . Needs gas tank cleaned and exhaust fixed , it’s been sitting but it does RUN yard drives and stops . PM me with any questions, Located in Hot Springs, SD”

1974-amg-fj8-sd1 1974-amg-fj8-sd2

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Barrett-Jackson Jeeps at Scottsdale 2020

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, FC150-FC170-M677, FJ, Jeepster, Wood bodies

Several Jeeps are being auctions at this year’s Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale. The first few have yet to be auctioned, but some of the latter listed have already been auctioned. The CJ-2A’s price was particularly obscene.

1.  1957 FC-170
1957 Jeep FC150 4X4 with a 134.2ci 4-cylinder Hurricane engine and a 3-speed manual transmission. It features a deluxe interior, USB port and a power plug. This Jeep received a frame-off restoration.

2. 1957 Custom FC-170
Lot #1559.1 – This is a 1957 Jeep Willys that has received many modifications. A modern Chevrolet V6 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission and conventional differential converts this former off-road vehicle to a highway cruiser. The FC stands for Forward Control. It was produced by Willys Motors, later named Kaiser Jeep from 1956-65. A very neat custom interior finishes off a great truck. It includes a former M101 military-style trailer. It features chrome gas cans and its own parking brake. Both truck and trailer are painted in Mercedes-Benz Andorite Gray.

3. 1960 CJ-5 Wood Body (here’s a previous link for this one):
Powered by a 4-cylinder engine with a manual transmission. Completely custom-built with maple and cherry wood; 1-inch-thick wood glued and screwed every 4-inches and covered in 10 coats of varnish. **SOLD ON BONDED TITLE** **TITLE IN TRANSIT**

4. 1960 Truck:
This 1960 Willys Custom 4×4 pickup underwent a frame-off restoration documented with photos. It’s powered by a 350ci V8 engine backed by a Turbo 400 3-speed automatic transmission. This custom pickup features front disc brakes, power steering, Scout front axle, 3/4 ton rear end and Rough Country suspension. This solid California Willys pickup was completely stripped down and disassembled for paint. Its exterior was professionally painted in Viper Red paint, while the pickup bed and underside of the body were given a red-tint LizardSkin coating. The exterior features Smittybilt front and rear bumpers, custom Fuel Wheels and brand-new Renegade all-terrain tires.

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1965 FJ-6 Hemet, CA $12,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

Looks solid, but could use some interior cleanup.

“1965 Kaiser Jeep Van (FJ-6) with a V8 in good running condition with air-ride.
Outside Dimensions:
7 ft 6” Height
73” Wide
11 ft 4” Long

Inside Dimensions:
64.5” Height
57.5” Width
53.5” Length
It’s almost a square box
$12,000 or make reasonable offer”

1965-fj6-fleetvan-la-ca01 1965-fj6-fleetvan-la-ca0 1965-fj6-fleetvan-la-ca1 1965-fj6-fleetvan-la-ca2

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Cookie Monster’s FJ-3 Foodie Truck

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ

Thanks to Gayland for spotting this Sesame Street FJ-3 fleet van that was made into Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck. You can learn more about the show and the truck on the Muppet Fandom Page:


There is both a two dimensional fake FJ-3 and a three dimensional real FJ-3. This is obviously the fake one:


And here are two photos of the real one:


This photo is from the Muppet Fandom page:

There’s even a Cookie Monster Foodie Truck book:


In an episode of Buttermilk Biscuits and Honey, the FJ-3 makes a brief appearance at the start of the show (it likely appears in others, but I don’t have the time to watch them all):

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1962 FJ-3A Encino, CA $20,000


There were 831 FJ-3As produced (in contrast, 7300 FJ-3s were produced; this was the shorter version that was mostly, but not exclusively, used by the post office). Based on a my records and a quick google search, I’d guess there are more like 50 FJ-3As still around, but that’s still not many.

“1962 jeep willys fleetvan runs and drives ready for shows or a restoration.There are probably only about 20 of these cars left in the world. Message me with any questions”


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FJ-3 Vs. FJ-3A


In a discussion about FJ-3s and FJ-3As, I wondered why I was confused about the grille FJ-3s had. After looking at some pics and brochures, I realized that the brochures I had all showed the FJ-3 with an FC-like grille. Yet, all the production model images I could find had a horizontal grille. I don’t know when or why the change was made; perhaps it had to do with the intellectual property issue associated with the normal ‘jeep’ grille vis-a-vis the US Post Office?

Also of note, the front bumpers in the brochures are different and the brochure FJ-3s lack panel-side windows, whereas the production models have them.

The FJ-3A, which, as I understand, was targeted at non-USPS businesses, dropped the FC-looking grille design and went back to the vertical tines. The production models were consistent with that. Based on the brochures and pics, the panel-side rear windows were not carried over from the FJ-3 either.


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Year? FJ-3 Gettysburg, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.

Jamie shared this FJ-3 ad. It’s a project.

year-fj3a-getty-pa1 year-fj3a-getty-pa2 year-fj3a-getty-pa3 year-fj3a-getty-pa4

“1961-1964 FJ3 Jeep Fleetvan for sale, not sure of exact year. No title, bill of sale only. This is the right hand, stand and drive model. Not sure the last time I saw one for sale, as these are getting very hard to find. A true piece of Americana. Body is in good shape with only one area of rust (just past the driver’s door, near the bottom). All original drivetrain, not sure if it runs as it has been sitting since the 80’s. Originally from Colorado, just arrived in PA. Missing the steering wheel, and back two wheels are not original.”

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1966 FJ-6(?) Sequim, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

I suspect someone will want this at this price.

“1966 1 ton Mail Jeep for sale. Needs to go to a good home. Asking price is negotiable. make me an offer. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, WA. Ran when parked. Until recently garaged. Disc brake conversion on front brakes. Would like $1,000 but just need it gone. It is too big for my route”

1966-fj6-sequim-wa1 1966-fj6-sequim-wa2 1966-fj6-sequim-wa3 1966-fj6-sequim-wa4

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1962 FJ-3A Fleet Van Vancouver, WA Auction


This auction ends in two days. The auction is only for this former Whole Food’s FJ. The matching trailer is being auctioned separately.

“With bench seat, automatic transmission, reads 26,533 miles, external power plug, potable water and catering window
Food service equipment contents will be sold separately in lots 635-637 and the matching trailer will be sold separately in lot 638”

whole-foods-fj3a-1 whole-foods-fj3a-3 whole-foods-fj3a-4 whole-foods-fj3a-5

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1966 FJ-6 RHD Duluth, MN No Price


No pics provided.

“Rare Kaiser
Jeep Corporation
Willys Motors inc.
FJ-6 RHD Delivery

Government Postal Vehicle
Highway Products Inc
Kent Ohio
Roll up door sales corp
Akron New York

Warranty 08 1966

Original 4 cylinder F-134
Hurricane head
Engine, automatic Transmission
and Dana 44 axle
are still in vehicle.
Frame is good.

Rebuilt Chevrolet Big Block 502 and 400 turbo transmission are available
to really spice up the project.

Make cash offer or barter,
It is a project…”

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Every Day is Sundae — Ice Cream in Salem, OR

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ

A reader named Chuck mentioned on Facebook that an ice cream shop called On any Sundae in Salem, Oregon, uses an FJ for its outdoor marketing and sales. There’s no website for the business, only some Facebook pages. Here are some pics:

every-day-is-sunday-fj-ice-cream-salem-oregon0 every-day-is-sunday-fj-ice-cream-salem-oregon1 every-day-is-sunday-fj-ice-cream-salem-oregon4


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1963 FJ-3A Phoenix, AZ **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $34,999


Jesse noted that, “It was originally built in the 70s by my friend Gary Jack. He worked for the US Postal Service his whole career. When he retired, the tired FJ3 was also retired, so it went to scrap. At the time the FJ3 Postal FleetVans did not have the approval of the federal DOT and especially they did not have the approval of California DMV, because of the right hand drive and the seated / standing up driver operation. He was able to sneak out the scrapped pieces of the FJ3 that he had driven during his career, and a few others, enough to recreate and build a dream that he had during his career, to build a chopped top race truck. He did that. Gary and the FJ were a regulars at Riverside Raceway for a lot of years. In the 80s to the 90s this same FJ3 became a top NSRA street rod.”


“This is a 1963 Jeep FJ-3A custom mail truck. No expense was spared to take this iconic US Postal Office Fleet van and give it the modern upgrades and conveniences. Featuring a 350 Chevy engine. ”


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1965 FJ-6 Denver, CO $16,900


This is being sold on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

1965-fj6-denver-co02 1965-fj6-denver-co01 1965-fj6-denver-co1



-Rare long windshield shorty van
-Alpine white with vintage hot rod flames and “Speedy Delivery” service graphics
-Hot rod turbine style wheels
-Slide up rear door

-Original dash
-Original gauges
-Bucket driver seat
-Primed and painted floor


-F134 Jeep 4 cylinder motor
-Automatic transmission


-Cosmetic: There are a few chips / imperfections in the paint, crack in tail light, bubbling on window, crack on steering wheel (See detailed pictures). ”


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1966 FJ-6 RHD Lakeside, MN **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: status Unknown. Was Make Offer.

I’m betting this is a full rebuild.


“Rare Kaiser
Jeep Corporation
Willys Motors inc.
FJ-6 RHD Delivery

Government Postal Vehicle
Highway Products Inc
Kent Ohio
Roll up door sales corp
Akron New York
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1965 FJ-6 Carrollton, GA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500.

“Square body type, has roll up rear door, right hand drive, 4 cylinder, automatic. Motor is partially disassembled. . .PROJECT. NOT THE TINY JEEP-READ AD CLOSELY.”


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1963 FJ-3A Portland, ME $13,000


Thanks to Glenn for spotting this nice looking FJ.

“Super cute van. In beautiful shape. Runs Great!”