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1962? FJ-8 Colorado Springs, CO $1200


This is pretty much a body and chassis. Not much else. Thanks to Blaine for sharing.

“For sale is one 1962 Jeep FJ-3 fleet van. The van was built for the US Postal Service. The vehicle is sold as salvage for parts or restoration. There is no engine, transmission and most of the interior has been stripped. No title. Included is the body, and both axles. The vehicle rolls and can be loaded on a trailer (I have a tow truck so it can be pulled onto your trailer”

year-fj6-cs-co97 year-fj6-cs-co98 year-fj6-cs-co9

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1962 FJ-6 Fort Myers, FL eBay


Starting bid is $2k. Thanks to Bill for sharing it.

View all the information on eBay

“This is a Jeep FJ-6. Pretty solid vehicle. Came from Tennessee has been in Florida for 3 years. Bought it to sell shirts and hats out of at a restaurant. Sold the place and this has been sitting for a couple years. There is an engine block in it. Just the block and an automatic transmission attached. Does not run or drive. Steering works. 2 tires hold air two do not. Can be inflated to load on a trailer. One windshield missing. There is no title. Bill of sale only. Vehicle is 11 feet long and crazy cool. I get so many people telling me what I should do with it. My use for it is gone. Someone else’s turn.”




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1961 FJ-3 +DJ-5 Hastings, MN $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/25/2023) Here’s a rare FJ-3 project.

“Red and white van example only – to show possible finished project. Yellow mail truck is the donor vehicle for frame and drivetrain which has a title, V6 drivetrain runs and drives, and is included with project purchase. Other two photos are the restoration candidate. 4 cyl Drivetrain is present- condition unknown. Frame is very bad but body and coachwork are complete and very restorable. Call or text for more info. 10,500 obo Trades possible. Vehicle is located in Hastings MN.”


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Year? FJ-3A No Price


The sellers of this are getting some evaluations of the powertrain before deciding upon a price. But, they posted it on Facebook. I’m not sure where it is located either.

year-fj3a-1 year-fj3a-2 year-fj3a-3 year-fj3a-4

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1965 FJ-6A Midlothian, TX $8000


Matt’s selling this rare fleet van.

1965-fj6-midlothian-tx5 1965-fj6-midlothian-tx6 1965-fj6-midlothian-tx7 1965-fj6-midlothian-tx8 1965-fj6-midlothian-tx9

“Selling this unique 1965 Jeep FJ-6A Fleetvan. Right hand drive postal van, It has the original vin plate on the dash, original motor and trans. This size van would make a perfect project for your next mobile business vehicle. It’s a blank canvas for your taco truck, food truck, ice cream truck, coffee truck or whatever you can dream up….The sky is the limit! These are extremely rare and hard to find especially in original condition. Currently not running but a it’s a great candidate for a restoration. No title, Bill of sale. Will need to be towed. Can potentially help with transport in the DFW Metroplex. Can send a dropbox link with additional photos upon request. If this add is up it’s still available. Van Exterior Dimensions: Width: 6.5 ft Length: 12ft Height: 7.5ft Weight: 3500lbs Interior Height: 5’ 5””

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1963 FJ-3 Tucson, AZ $10,000


It doesn’t run at the moment.

“RARE 1963 Willys postal fleet van. Clear title. Nearly everything is there and original. I believe it will run but haven’t got to it yet. Has new tires”

1963-fj3-tucson-az7 1963-fj3-tucson-az8 1963-fj3-tucson-az9

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1961 FJ-3 Chassis Lennon, MI $2500


This FJ-3 chassis has been modified with a Mercruiser engine and auto transmission.

1961-fj3-chassis-lennon-mi6 1961-fj3-chassis-lennon-mi7 1961-fj3-chassis-lennon-mi8 1961-fj3-chassis-lennon-mi9

“I am doing a chassis swap on my 1961 Willys Jeep Fleetvan. So this is the stock frame, suspension and axles from my Fleetvan. The motor and transmission have been swapped, and it has a MerCruiser four-cylinder, 140cc motor and a 700R4, two wheel drive, transmission. The motor and transmission work just fine. You can see the video of us doing a last-minute burnout before we took the body off the chassis. It should be a perfect swap for any early Jeep, if you wanted to keep it two-wheel drive. It is the same 80” wheelbase as the early CJ-2, CJ-3s, and DJ-3. The Fleetvan was originally right hand drive, but the previous owner converted it to left hand drive. It is located in central Michigan. On a side note, if you’re interested in following the build of my handicap conversion Fleetvan, you can follow it at,

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Year? FJ-8 Ontario, OR $2800


Unclear how much value is here.

“Postal jeep
6’ wide 10 1/2’ long
RH drive
Jeep 4cyl auto transmission
Complete, not running”

year-fj8-ontario-or1. year-fj8-ontario-or2

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1964 FJ-6 Red Oak, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

“I currently have a 1964 Jeep FJ6A Fleetvan project I’m looking to sell. It is missing the title, so will be sold on a Bill of Sale. Motor is locked up. Everything is there with exception to the rear tail lights and front Glass. Asking $4,000 OBO”

1964-fj6-redoak-tx98-lores 1964-fj6-redoak-tx97-lores 1964-fj6-redoak-tx9-lores

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1964 FJ-3A Hemet, CA $20,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/31/2022) A Ran-when-parked FJ-3A.

“Unrestored 1964 Jeep Fleetvan FJ3A that is stock.
Ran when parked, but it’s complete in excellent shape and has surface rust (patina).
Has a clean title. ”

1964-fj3a-hemet-cali5 1964-fj3a-hemet-cali6 1964-fj3a-hemet-cali7 1964-fj3a-hemet-cali8 1964-fj3a-hemet-cali9

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1965 FJ-6A Chico, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Glenn shared this rare FJ-6 for sale.

1965-fj6a-chico-cali4 1965-fj6a-chico-cali5 1965-fj6a-chico-cali6

“1965 Jeep FJ-6A Fleetvan Stepvan Right Hand Drive Delivery Van! No Reserve! Clean Ca title.

Up for sale is a very rare, hard to find Jeep FJ-6A Step Van. Complete. I had big plans to turn this into a Beer Truck for catering events. I have had it for 6+ years and haven’t really done anything with it so it is someone’s else turn.

Previous owner used it for his auction company. He extended the back bumper and stood back there and auctioned things off and then had his wife inside with the service windows to fill out the paperwork.

Engine and transmission is complete but the engine doesn’t look great. I purchased another engine out of a running Jeep that comes with the sale. I planned to swap them out.
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1961 FJ-3 Van Nuys, CA $28,995


These fleet vans are crazy prices!

“This van has a clear title, is drive-able, clean inside and out, rollup rear door. We bought it to convert to a food truck, but unforeseen events have caused us to discard those business plans.
Ready to convert to your specific needs.”

1961-fj3-vannuys-ca0 1961-fj3-vannuys-ca1 1961-fj3-vannuys-ca2 1961-fj3-vannuys-ca3 1961-fj3-vannuys-ca4

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1961 FJ-3A Red Oak, TX $15,000


This seller has collected and sold several FJ-3s/FJ-3A/Fj-6s.


“We are selling this amazing 1961 Jeep FJ3A Fleetvan from our collection. We initially were going to use for our business but have decided to go a different direction. These vans are incredibly rare in the step van world. These don’t come up for sale often, if they do they sell quick.

It is a very clean vehicle for its age and has lived the past ten years indoors inside a wedding venue. It has the original vin plate on the dash. No motor or trans so it’s a great start for a new motor or leave as is and pull it like a trailer.

This size van would make a perfect candidate for your next mobile business vehicle. It’s a blank canvas for your taco truck, food truck, ice cream truck, coffee truck or whatever you can dream up….The sky is the limit!

Currently not running. No title, Bill of sale only. “

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Automatic Transmission in DJ-3As, DJs and Others(?)

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Features, FJ

Dave asked me about the type of adapter used on DJ-3As and FJs to connect an automatic transmission (which may have been the Borg Warner model 12 according to David Sapp mentioned in his comment to this post, though I have no documented evidence of this, but it should be out there somewhere). Essentially, a adapter plate is bolted to the back of an L-head/F-head engine, to which the transmission bell housing attaches.

After some searching, Dave spotted the adapter in an FJ supplement book. Here are the pics.

fj-auto-transmission-plate2-lores fj-auto-transmission-plate1-lores

Meanwhile, a discussion from 2012 on the topic of DJ-3A automatic transmissions yielded these pics showing a BW transmission connected to an L-head with a similar looking plate.



As for the rare shifter that’s been captured in some pics, this pic is the best I have (from a DJ-3A automatic). It confirms Barry Goodwin’s comment on another post that the transmission lacked a “Park” feature. Instead, the driver would put it in neutral when parking (and I assume pull the parking brake).


If anyone has a document that confirms it was the M-12 BW transmission that was used, or has more pics or is aware of other useful discussions on this topic, please let me know. There isn’t much info about these setups on the web.

FYI: Based on my research, it appears the Willys Aero cars of the 1950s used a GM Hydramatic rather than a BW transmission.

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1965 FJ-6A Port Orchard, WA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $4500.

(03/02/2022) Nate’s uncle has this FJ-6A for sale.

1965-fj6a-po-wa1 1965-fj6a-po-wa2 1965-fj6a-po-wa3

“This van spent its early life in Honduras as a diving instructor van, then made it’s way to WA where it has been since the mid ‘70’s. Actual mileage is unknown. It does not have an engine but is currently set up for a 327 Chevy v8 and a Chevy automatic transmission. It comes with what is believed to be the original manual 3-speed transmission. It also comes with a 4×4 Jeep transmission though it doesn’t have the 4×4 axles. As seen in the photos, some of the glass is broken. The body is in decent shape and it in good structural condition. The front grill also comes with it.”

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Train Car of FJ-3s on Pinterest

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ, Old Images

Blaine spotted this photo of a rail car full of FJ-3 USPS Fleetvans.


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1961 FJ-3 Red Oak, TX (or CA?) $14,000


UPDATE: This has been listed in California and Texas. I’m not sure exactly where it is located.

Doesn’t run.


1961-fj3-redoak-ca1 1961-fj3-redoak-ca2 1961-fj3-redoak-ca3 1961-fj3-redoak-ca4

“Selling this completely original 1961 Jeep FJ3 Fleetvan postal truck.
It’s all there original and untampered with from 1961. It has the original vin plate on the dash. Original motor and trans and all the original glass. You can still see the postal letters and numbers on the sides.

It has an amazing patina and great restoration candidate.

These are the rare unicorns of the step van world. These don’t come up for sale often, if they do they sell quick.

Currently not running. No title, Bill of sale only. “

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1960 FJ-3 Postal Jeep Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, FJ

I snagged this rare postal jeep FJ-3 brochure off of ebay; It is rare enough that I didn’t know these existed! One thing that caught my eye was the Civil Defense sticker. I off handedly mentioned it to Ann and she quickly found the reason for the sticker. From this page at the USPS website:

Each year from 1954 to 1961, civil defense authorities coordinated a drill called Operation Alert.6 Cities across the country conducted civil defense exercises on the same day. Postal participation in Operation Alert 1956 was described in a West Virginia newspaper:

A civil defense drill was held Tuesday afternoon in the Beckley Post Office. This drill was one of a series of simultaneous drills held in 38 key postal installations of the Washington Region….
These training drills are required by the government since keeping the mails moving plays an important part in the communications system that must be maintained during national emergencies. Four feder- al trucks operated by the Beckley Post Office have been designated Civil Defense units, and bear that insignia.

Including the four vehicles at the Beckley Post Office, 25,000 postal trucks were designated as emergency civil defense vehicles and fitted with Civil Defense de- cals in 1956. It was believed that “postal trucks would be valuable as emergency ambulances, rescue vehicles, and for local emergency transportation in the event of an enemy attack.”

Starting in 1956, many postal vehicles bore decals indicating their potential use as ambulances, rescue vehicles, and for other transportation during emergencies.

In December 1964, the Civil Defense Program was expanded to include even the smallest postal-owned motor vehicles, the three-wheeled Mailsters. Vehicle maintenance facilities provided Civil Defense decals so that each of these smaller deliver could be identified. Civil Defense decals were required on postal-owned vehicles until March 1971.

Now for the brochure:

1960-fj3-postal-jeep-brochure1-lores 1960-fj3-postal-jeep-brochure2-lores

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FJ-3 Fleetvan Plastic Model $20.04

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ, Models

UPDATE: Blaine and Michael pointed out that this is a program to print these yourselves (3D printer). 

While looking for something else, I happened upon this model of a FJ-3 Fleetvan. It appears legit, but I can’t say for sure.


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1965 FJ-6A Silver Springs, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** was $8000

Runs, drives, needs brakes.

“1965 Jeep FJ-6 Fleetvan. Made for the US Post Office. RHD All original Starts, runs, drives – off a gas can. Will need brake work amongst other things. Transmission shifts smooth. Glass is good for the most part. Rear door rolls up and down smoothly Clean title”

1965-fj6-silversprings-nv01 1965-fj6-silversprings-nv0 1965-fj6-silversprings-nv1 1965-fj6-silversprings-nv2

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1963 FJ-6 Kent, WA $11,000


This is still a project.

1963-fj6a-kent-wa1 1963-fj6a-kent-wa2 1963-fj6a-kent-wa3 1963-fj6a-kent-wa4

“1963 keep fleetvan fj6a for sale $11,000 obo. Lots of recent work. Still a project but very close to a daily driver. Needs rear main seal on engine replaced, I bought the good neoprene one but haven’t had it installed and timing dialed in. Needs the rest door plywood replaced. Vent on roof leaks and needs resealed. Some of the things I have done are new drums, shoes, springs, cylinders on brakes. New fuel tank, float, lines, carb. New battery, heater core, heat ducts, heater valve, belts and hoses. Tranny rebuilt. New alternator, guages.”

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1961 FJ-3 Fleetvan Richboro, PA $5000


UPDATE: Still available.

(09/01/2021) This seller is parting out this FJ-3.

“1961 Willys Jeep Fleetvan FJ3. No it does not run and drive. It’s rusty. It’s a project. I do not need to sell it, just reducing project inventory. Clean PA title”


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1962 FJ-3 Canby, OR $25,000


Appears to be in good, but not perfect shape.  Thanks to Blaine for spotting it.

1962-fj3-canby-or01 1962-fj3-canby-or0 1962-fj3-canby-or1 1962-fj3-canby-or2 31962-fj3-canby-or3 1962-fj3-canby-or4

“1962 Jeep Willys Fleetvan
This cute little delivery van started it’s life in 1962 working for the Post Office as a mail route delivery van. It is on a Jeep chassis, with a Jeep 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission and 4.11 rear end. It is right hand drive and has a roll up door in the rear – both very handy for delivery purposes. The running gear is good and the body is almost perfect, no dings or dents. 1 small rust spot! The paint is called Torrid Teal!!!! Inside is in good shape. These are incredibly rare and turn A LOT of heads when driving around. $5800 in recent repairs to the motor, battery, radiator, exhaust, and brakes make this thing run like a charm. The top speed tops out around 45 mph, so you’re not breaking any land speed records. There aren’t many of these produced, and even fewer of them left. If the ad is up, it is still for sale.”

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2 1966 FJ-6s Bessemer, MI $2000


Mike spotted this good price. These are hard to find this cheaply.

“1966 Jeep Mail trucks · Truck · Driven 8,000 miles Not running no titles early 50s dodge cab also trades considered message or text 906 285 1438”

1966-fj6s-mi1 1966-fj6s-mi2 1966-fj6s-mi3 1966-fj6s-mi4

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1962 FJ-3 Wenatchee, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000.

Blaine spotted this FJ-3 Fleetvan.

1962-fj3-wenatchee-wa0 1962-fj3-wenatchee-wa1 1962-fj3-wenatchee-wa2 1962-fj3-wenatchee-wa3 1962-fj3-wenatchee-wa4

“Willys FJ3 for sale. These cute little vans were made to deliver mail. Very rare. I have read that only 1824 were made in 1962. They were designed to be driven standing up as the gas “pedal” is a horizontal push instead of up and down. It does have a seat. The 4 cylinder/automatic transmission combination is very fuel efficient. This one runs and the transmission shifts. The fuel tank was pulled, cleaned and painted. The body is in great shape with no rust. The previous owner tried to put in LED lights and made a mess of the wiring. The brake master cylinder, (a common part) needs replaced. One of the windows has some cracks. The wood back door is a roll up design and the wood is rotted and in need of replacement. We got it for an ice cream truck for my wife’s ice cream business. She got hired at Costco, so it never was put on the road. The paperwork is a Vermont bill of sale. This is sufficient to get a title. We also have an original owners manual, which is extremely rare. With a little tlc, someone can have an extremely rare, cute little van.”