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Bantam Trailer w/ Camper Conversion Jerome, ID $2000

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Needs canvas, but is unique.

“Vintage Military Jeep Trailer. Professionally done camper conversion. Has all the poles but not the canvas top.”

bantam-tent-trailer-twinfalls-id01 bantam-tent-trailer-twinfalls-id0 bantam-tent-trailer-twinfalls-id1 bantam-tent-trailer-twinfalls-id2 bantam-tent-trailer-twinfalls-id3

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David Bradley Trailer Renton, WA $450

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, trailer

Looks like a good price.×6/7104260098.html


Here’s a related newspaper ad for them (originally posted on the earlyCJ-5 page some time back):


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1948 Parkway Wagon Trailer Sparta, WI $1500

• CATEGORIES: trailer, Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/24/2019) Another wagon-into-trailer modification.

“Willy’s station wagon made into camping trailer back in the 50’s. Been saving it to restore an pull behind my Willy’s station wagon or truck, but time to let someone else enjoy it. Has the rare, hard to find, ‘ barn doors ‘ in back. Will need metal work, but it’s mostly flat panels on body and frame. $1500.”

1948-parkway-wagon-trailer-sparta-mn1 1948-parkway-wagon-trailer-sparta-mn2

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Willys Truck-Bed Trailer Puyallup, WA $2200

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Nice looking truck-bed trailer.


“Willy’s Kaiser JEEP stepside trailer. The bed is 8 foot, comes with the vintage canopy made by a local company in the late 1950’s, early 60’s. There’s a lumber rack, and the trailer axle is standard Willys 5 on 5.5” bolt pattern just like the vintage jeeps. She’s perfect for hauling whatever, or whoever. Use it for camping, glamping, personal, or business use.

A great chance to haul your stuff to the Swap Meet coming up- pull up in Puyallup with this thing and park it in your stall and you’re ready to go!”


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1946 Bantam Trailer Lakeview, OR **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $750.

Has some bed rust of some kind, but externally looks good.

“Bantam Car Co. Original 1946 trailer. Some rot in the bed”


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Anyone Recognize This Trailer?

• CATEGORIES: Features, trailer

Diego’s father bought this jeep (1958 CJ-5) and trailer in Argentina in the late-1950s/early-1960s. The trailer lacks data plates and Diego has no idea who manufactured it. I don’t recognize it. Does anyone else?

diego-argentina-trailer2 diego-argentina-trailer1 diego-argentina-trailer3

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Bantam TC3 Trailer Wisconsin Rapids, WI $500

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Maybe someone can use this?

“American Bantam TC3 Jeep Willys utility trailer 1940’s.”


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Year? Bantam TC3 Trailer Oregon City, OR $625

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: Price dropped to $625.

“bantam tc3 willys jeep trailer. nice shape. solid overall , little rust in floor, 16″ rims. tires are old but hold air, needs lights and wiring. unsure of year, please call. no text. $625.00 obo, thanks”

bantam-tc3-trailer-port-or1 bantam-tc3-trailer-port-or2

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1966 M-416 Trailer Pekin, IL $900

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Looks read for some hauling.

“I recently acquired a 1966 Jeep trailer. Has minor BATTLE damage in the form of a couple bullet holes. All original military. Never restored or repainted. Has lights and wiring harness and brakes. Pintle attachment. Pulls good. Will have a NEW set of off road tires installed. 16” Military rims. No through rust, just minor surface rust. Perfect Jeep off-road utility trailer.”


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Ben Hur(?) Trailer London, OH $150

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Roger Martin spotted this trailer, which looks to be a Ben Hur model. It’s only 40 miles from him. He’s generously offered to pick it up for someone if they are interested.

“Great pull behind. Solid. Good rubber. 2 inch ball. Lights do not work. No title”

trailer-oh trailer-oh-ben-hur

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Trailer Paradise, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Looks ready to haul stuff.

“Bantam willys Jeep trailer great condition $1200.00”


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1943 MBT Bantam Trailer Morrison, CO $1300

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Needs a new tail light. Appears to have combat rims.


“1943 U. S. WW2 Willys MB GPW Jeep Trailer MBT Bantam Military
The Jeep trailer is a small, 1/4-ton payload rated, cargo trailer, designed in World War II to haul supplies
This trail is in really good shape , has one broken tail light (not original)
Comes with a pintle hitch
Would make a great hunting or camping trailer”

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Bantam Trailer Evans City, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1400.

Refurbed and road ready.


“Mechanically and structurally restored while preserving its nearly 70 year old patina. New wiring, lights and reflectors – exactly match originals. Rusted areas on the box were cut out, fresh steel welded in, frame was reinforced with extra cross rails and a treated lumber deck was installed.
Canopy tops are available for these to make it an all weather, off road adventure hauler. Very solid, nice towing… its a great little trailer that is very unique and gets a lot of attention.”

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1942 MBT Willys Trailer Chandler, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550.

Might be a reasonable price.

“This is a WWII Willys MBT trailer. Has rust, make a good hauler or adventure trailer. Priced right.”


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Truck Parts Northern Sacramento Area

• CATEGORIES: Parts, trailer, Willys Trucks

Ken spotted these truck items. They aren’t too far from him, so if you need a trained eye to check the parts out, I’ll connect you with him. Ken owned a 4×4 ship in Boise for years.

  1. Truck Fenders in LIve Oak, CA $50:
  2. Truck Cab Rocklin, CA $100:
  3. Truck bed as trailer in Citrus Heights, CA $350:
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1947 Bantam TC3 Trailer Georgetown, TX $800

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Has some rust issues, but could be worth a look.

“Looking for a great little trailer to pull behind your JEEP? This is a real 1947 Bantam TC3 that was made just for that. It is in pretty good shape for being over 70 years old. Has some rust spots in the tub. Still has floor but has diamond plate steel over the top of it. 2” hitch. Tows great, tires are good and lights work. Trailer has Texas title in my name.”


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Year? Bantam Trailer Highland Lakes, NJ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $950.

“Trailer has some rust and patches. Comes with canvas cover.”




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1942 Bantam Trailer La Verne, Ca **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300.

The floor’s been replaced (or covered).

“I have a 1942 Willys Bantam Trailer that is in Fair condition. It is a great trailer for camping or the foundation for a rooftop tent. Asking $1300 OBO. New Tires and paint.”

1942-bantam-trailer-laverne-ca1 1942-bantam-trailer-laverne-ca2 1942-bantam-trailer-laverne-ca3 1942-bantam-trailer-laverne-ca4

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1952 M-100 Kingston, NH $800

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Has some rough paint, but might clean up pretty well.


1952-m100-trailer-nh0 1952-m100-trailer-nh1 1952-m100-trailer-nh2

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1948 Willys Wagon Camping Trailer La Crosse, WI $1500

• CATEGORIES: trailer, Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

Looking for a camper to match your wagon? Maybe this is it.

“Willy’s station wagon made into camping trailer back in the 50’s. Been saving it to restore an pull behind my Willy’s station wagon or truck, but time to let someone else enjoy it. Has the rare, hard to find, ‘ barn doors ‘ in back. Will need metal work, but it’s mostly flat panels on body and frame.”

1948-wagon-camping-trailer1 1948-wagon-camping-trailer2

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1943 Bantam Trailer Butler, PA $5000

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Henry’s got this nice looking trailer for sale.


1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa3 1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa2 1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa4

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1981 VW Scirocco Trailer Meridian, ID $400

• CATEGORIES: trailer

I spotted this while looking for something else. It’s just so odd. It would never occur to me to turn a Scirocco into a trailer.

“Back half of a VW Scirocco turned into a trailer with working wiring. Previous owner built it as a companion to another Scirocco, but I have no need for it. Would make a great race trailer or show accessory for the VW enthusiast.”

1981-sciracco-trailer0 1981-sciracco-trailer1 1981-sciracco-trailer2

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Willys Truck Bed Trailer Caldwell, ID $650

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Ken spotted this trailer with a really nice truck bed on it.

“Well built trailer. Ready to haul a dirt bike, ATV, lawnmower. Come check it out. Has a sprayed on bed liner will not rust. The frame is super solid heavy duty metal.”

utility-trailer-wagon-bed2 utility-trailer-wagon-bed3 utility-trailer-wagon-bed4

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1943 Willys MBT Koscuisko, MS Status Unknown

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $800.

Needs work.

“I have a 1-43 dated Willys MBT for sale. Has had a steel floor installed over the original floor. Sides & rear panel are very straight front panel has some pooch & corrosion on the bottom.
Missing lights, landing leg, parking brake actuating apparatus & fenders. Chains present but rusty.
Pulls great hubs run cool. Has an M38 tire & rim for spare.”


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Seen Trailer Collierville, TN $500

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Seems a good price.

“Historic Jeep SPEN (civilian) trailer from WWII era. Goodyear Wrangler tires. Original CJ2A wheels. Great restoration project”