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1948 CJ-2A w/Trailer Fort Worth, TX $3900

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $3900.

(09/11/2016) “1948 CJ2 Willys Jeep
TIRES – 7.00-15 – ABOUT 500 HOURS
1948 CJ2 Willys Jeep for sale. GREAT PRICE!!!! MUST GO! Running out of room in shop but not desperate so serious inquiries only.



1948-cj2a-ftworth-tx-91 1948-cj2a-ftworth-tx-92 1948-cj2a-ftworth-tx-93 1948-cj2a-ftworth-tx-94

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1952 M-38 & Trailer Attalla, AL $15,000

• CATEGORIES: M-38, trailer

Cant’ see much in the one pic.

“FOR SALE: 1952 M38 Willys Jeep with cargo trailer. (engine runs but need some TLC). Great for a project or hobby piece. Could easily be Parade ready. Comes with a ton of accessories( listed below). Prices to sell at $15,000.00. Can be seen in Attalla, Alabama.
Bag with Antenna spare parts with tubes, Backpack board, transmitter, Extra gauges & light covers, Remote control Box RM39, Spool telephone cable, Lamp assembly with colored filters, Box extra tow hooks, Frequency Box, Movie Prop Gun (50 caliber), Box Blank Ammo(50 caliber), Box extra pedals, Canvas bag with field telephone, New seat covers, Box with new hubs, handles and brackets, Receiver and transmitter box, 1 box connector cables and extra jeep lights, 1 box wiring harnesses, Old Army helmet and goggles, Extra back window canvas, Army diaphragm gas mask bag, Army duffle bag, Canvas repair kit with tools and patches, and Old Army stretcher
It also has a M2 gun with it.”


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1943 GPW & Bantam Trailer Fremont, CA $6000

• CATEGORIES: GPW (Ford MB), trailer

I don’t know if the price includes the trailer or if the trailer is extra.

“1943 Ford gpw Army Jeep with option for Bantam trailer. It has a Buick 225 V6 with Warren Overdrive and rear posi with front power lock differentials. Full cage roll bar gas and Tire rack on rear.
It needs new tires and hasn’t been started for over 5 years but it is not froze up. I poured oil in the carburetor before storing it. So it will need an oil change and a new battery and a little love but all in all it’s a very nice Ford gpw army jeep M1 gun mount on windshield set up for the Rubicon. For more information contact me.
I’m sorry I don’t have better pictures.The Jeep is not at my home but it is in Fremont.”

1943-gpw-trailer-fremont-ca2 1943-gpw-trailer-fremont-ca3 1943-gpw-trailer-fremont-ca4

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Trailer Portland, OR $500

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Marty spotted this trailer.Appears functional.

“Have a trailer for sale. Old willys truck bed. Trailer has good tires and tows fine. Think someone might be more interested in the bed than the trailer shoot me a text if you’re interested.”


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1959 CJ-3B Port Byron, IL $3900

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $3900.

(03/08/2017) Runs, but needs some work.

“Here’s a nice, 2 owner Willys barn find! 1959 Willys CJ3B. Looks to be original miles! Has had a minimal amount of body work done in it’s lifetime, and has obviously been repainted, but appears to be the original color. The tub and frame are in excellent condition. Starts and runs okay, but needs some TLC. The drive train is a little noisy too. Has the factory heater/defroster. Windshield is broken, as is the driver’s door window. Top easily removes with two people (looks much better without the top in my opinion). I have the old-school Illinois title, which was issued in 1976 when the previous owner bought it from the original purchaser. Come make me an offer!”
1959-cj3b-trailer-portbyron-il1 1959-cj3b-trailer-portbyron-il2 1959-cj3b-trailer-portbyron-il3 1959-cj3b-trailer-portbyron-il4


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1976 DJ-5 Trailer Gresham, OR $600

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, trailer

UPDATE: Price now $600. Looks like this was bought and is being resold.

(02/06/2017) “Custom one of a kind Jeep Trailer
1976 Postal Jeep – clean title
Pull with you classic car or truck
Make a custom camp trailer / food cart ect”

1976-dj5-trailer-van-wa1 1976-dj5-trailer-van-wa2 1976-dj5-trailer-van-wa3

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1945 VEC CJ-2A Lake City, FL eBay

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Has a variety of early parts.

“This was the 1117th cj made after WWII. As far as I know it is original motor. When I bought it had just been mechanically restored by a company called Northstar Willys. He found the 38th one and decided to sell this one. I had some body work done but tried to keep as much original as possible. I did however change to a 12volt system. The Jeep runs good and as you can see in one of the photos it looks like the water pump just started leaking other than that no real issues. I used the jeep very little… just as a my mule to haul tools for small projects around where I live. Unsure of actual mileage.”

View all the information on eBay






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1950 M-38 & Trailer Missoula, MT $9800

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Looks solid. You can buy the M-38 for only $8500 by itself.

“I have a older restoration. 1950 M38 done 30 years ago when nos parts were easy, with summer top, grc 9 radio set, back seat ect. Its 100 % rust free and stright with no bondo, one of the best m38 I bought then. now the bad news, I used it 30 years ago to drive into my silver mine (worked great) and then parked it in the barn, were it has sat since. So the gas is ugly, batterys are shot, tires do hold air and look great with 100 % tread. (but they are still 30 years old) brakes dont work, the seals will need replacing. I now need the storage and the jeep has to go , price is 8500.00 there is also a M100 1/4 trailer for sell. The m100 trailer is real nice, right hitch, cover, used it with my m38 jeep, the trailer has not moved in 30 years, been stored inside the barn. I need the space. The good, body, paint, hitch,fenders ect , not so good, tire shop broke 3 lung nuts, studs years ago to fix a flat so the lugs need to be replaced, the floor is a little wavy (nothing bad but it is not 100% new, I used it to haul my supply in to the mine )1800.00 or if you buy the jeep and trailer 9800.00 Please no tire kickers, I only want monny, no trades, and I dont need any help to sell the jeep. In short if you dont have the cash dont call. ”

1950-m38-missoula-mt1 1950-m38-missoula-mt2 1950-m38-missoula-mt3 1950-m38-missoula-mt4

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1951 M-38 Issaquah, WA $4200

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UPDATE: Still Available. Last listed in 2013. Includes trailer this time.

(04/03/2013) Desert Dogs, a winch, an overdrive and high gearing. Looks like a good Northwest rig. It also has the bobcat fiberglass hood. The steps appear modified.

“350ci chevy motor
12 volt system
3 speed trans. With overdrive
All 4 locking hubs, easy to tow with included tow bar.
Pto winch
Matching trailer 1953, with title
Myers snow plow,”






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1950 Trailer (model?) Warwick, RI $200

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Tim spotted this one. I don’t recognize the model.

“Old but good shape
Dimensions are
3ft9 wide and 6ft long”


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1943 GPW w/Trailer Fremont, CA $6500

• CATEGORIES: GPW (Ford MB), trailer

Has some updates.

“I am asking 6500 for a 1943 Ford gpw Army Jeep with Bantam trailer. It has a Buick 225 V6 with Warren Overdrive and rear posi with front power lock differentials. Full cage roll bar gas and Tire rack on rear.
I got hurt it will no longer be able to use it so it’s time to go someone who will appreciate it. Of course it is 75 years old and could use a little TLC and needs new tires but all in all it’s a very nice Ford gpw army jeep M1 gun mount on windshield set up for the Rubicon. For more information contact me.
I’m sorry I don’t have better pictures but the Jeep and not at my home but it is in Fremont.
If you would like to come and take a look at it please let me know”

1943-gpw-trailer-fremont2 1943-gpw-trailer-fremont3 1943-gpw-trailer-fremont4

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1951 M-38 w/ Trailer Krum, TX $15,000

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I’m not sure if the trailer is included or not.

“1951 m38 military jeep. Restored original motor. Everything new under the hood besides starter. Cranks right up and runs great. All new tires. 118 miles on motor. No rust spots anywhere. Clear texas title”

1951-m38-krum-tx6 1951-m38-krum-tx7 1951-m38-krum-tx8 1951-m38-krum-tx9

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1952 CJ-3A w/Trailer Nevada City, CA $10,000

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I can’t figure out what that top fits so poorly.

“1952 CJ3A
Rebuilt 225 Buick odd fire with .030 bored over
T90 transmission
Model 18 transfer case
11″ brakes
Over drive
Heated seats
Motor rebuilt in 2014
Electronic ignition
All receipts kept for documentation
Asking 10K for packaged deal, jeep & trailer OBO, no separation must be sold as package”

1952-cj3a-nevadacity-cali0 1952-cj3a-nevadacity-cali1 1952-cj3a-nevadacity-cali2 1952-cj3a-nevadacity-cali3 1952-cj3a-nevadacity-cali4

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Year? CJ-3A? Bellville, TX $3500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, trailer

Looks like a project that doesn’t run. Includes the trailer. Listed as a ’45. Might have full floating hubs in the rear.

“1945 wills jeep with trailer needs restored have a ford 4 cyl mtr to go with it sorry no title”

year-cj3a-bellville-tx1 year-cj3a-bellville-tx2

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1948 Jeepster Hayward, CA $16,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster, trailer • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $16,000.

Note pics of the trailer and the carrier.

“302 v8 ford automatic trans no rust nice runner
only voice calls====no texting answered==no emails asking $18,000 with yellow matching trailer.”

1948-jeepster-hayward-ca-1 1948-jeepster-hayward-ca-2 1948-jeepster-hayward-ca-3 1948-jeepster-hayward-ca-4

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1954? MB? Canon City, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: MB, trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

(12/01/2016) Includes a trailer that is half GPW and Half CJ-5.

“1944 Willys Jeep Does Not Run, The Old Warn overdrive unit went out 2yrs ago. The Boss 302 Mustang Cobra engine was solid when overdrive unit went. Has a T18 Transfer case, Dana Adaptor, and Transmission. It has been sitting covered for 2yrs. Body is in good shape( some rust),33″ Tires, Pintle hitch, winch, bucket seats, Bikini top and doors. The trailer is a unique oddity, 2 Willys jeeps welded together. I was in the process of restoring, decided to sell, has surface rust. You will not find another trailer like it. No trades, cash only. Feel free to call for questions. Great off road package!! Sold as a package!”


1954-flattie-cs-co1 1954-flattie-cs-co3 1954-flattie-cs-co4

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Year? Trailer Pawtucket, RI $500

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Tim spotted this custom trailer.

“Homaide trailer no paperwork great for camping wood hauling or just pull behind jeep”


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Gladiator Truck Bed Trailer Spokane, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2400.

Cool trailer with some practical extras.

jeep-trailer-canopy-spokane-wa1 jeep-trailer-canopy-spokane-wa2 jeep-trailer-canopy-spokane-wa3 jeep-trailer-canopy-spokane-wa4

“I built this Willy’s truck bed trailer for my business as a multi-purpose trailer. I hate to see it go, but my business has outgrown her. It has the rare 8′ thriftside (step side) bed, painted white, sitting on the truck frame. There’s a trailer axle underneath it and the lug nut pattern is 5″ on 5.5″ just like the classic jeep pattern. It has new shocks as well- stock hubcaps included (even the spare tire in the factory location). The WO stamped tailgate is virtually flawless and a rare find, especially in this condition.

To top it off (pun intended), I have a vintage 1958 Canopy – camper shell mated to it. It was made by a local Spokane-based carriage company that went out of business in the late 1980’s (see pic of name plate for reference). It is also painted white, but with silver accents. Then I added a lumber rack for hauling 2×4’s, sheet metal and other materials (12′ overall length, 4’3” wide inside edge to inside edge so there’s plenty of room).

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Trailer Velma, OK **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

Could be a good price. Looks more like a civilian trailer to me.

“Old military ammo trailer has new tires and lights has very little rust asking $400”

trailer-ok1 trailer-ok2 trailer-ok3

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1947 CJ-2A w/Trailer WI $9300

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, trailer

UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/01/2017) The jeep is stored in Wisconsin. Seller has a variety of other vehicles for sale (maybe an estate sale of some kind?).

“1947 Willys CJ2A jeep & 1944 Matching Trailer.
older restoration, very solid old school jeep with Matching tilt bed Trailer.
Runs and drives (have Video) and was used in parades by an old farmer out west.
4 cylinder 4 wheel drive with 2 jerry cans, brackets and tie down straps.
Jeep and Trailer have clean Illinois title in my name.

Vehicle is in storage in Wisconsin.
Delivery available for additional charges.
Many other trucks and cars avaliable… I’ve added some pics.
Contact me or use the CL…”more ads by this user” link to view some of the other vehicles for sale.”

1947-cj2a-trailer-wi0 1947-cj2a-trailer-wi1 1947-cj2a-trailer-wi2 1947-cj2a-trailer-wi3 1947-cj2a-trailer-wi4

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1944 Converto Trailer Chickamauga, GA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Nice looking original Converto airborne trailer.

“This is an original as found 1944 Converto Airborne dump trailer. This is perfect for pulling behind a military jeep. This has the original reinforced combat wheels as well as the original factory tires. Of course the tires are rock hard. There is NO rust through anywhere. This is the most solid one I have ever seen in un-restored condition. This is a true barn find…well van body find. There is some very minor light pitting in the bed which is expected for it’s age. It rolls around just fine. It dumps and has as you can see the linkage for dumping. This is a surplus item from the TVA in the 50’s and has been in storage ever since. If you want a beautiful Converto that will be a piece of cake to restore look no further. This is in museum condition. They don’t get any better than this. QTM Parts”



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1952 M-38 w/ Trailer Roswell, GA $21,900

• CATEGORIES: M-38, trailer • TAGS: , .

This was posted over at


“Military Jeep 1952 M38 Willys w/M100 Strick Trailer
Serial # MC62418, Hood # 20909755, Engine # RMC107177

This is a near original, excellent parade quality Korean war M-38 and M100 Strick jeep & trailer that can be driven (or towed) anywhere.

I purchased the Jeep and crate engine in 1969 or 1970. The engine has less than 2000 miles on it and the jeep has been towed @ 7000 miles. Includes top and rare fold up doors with side curtains.(doors need recovering) Includes many spare and rebuildable parts, parts and repair manuals.

MANUALS very rare!
Included are “ORIGINAL” Army issue manuals: OR6D 8 SNL G-740, group G Field and Depot Maintenance Allowances; ORD 9 SNL G740, group G All Service Parts; TM 9 8014, Operation Organizational Maintenance (For M38A1, but is 90% accurate for M38); LO 9-8012 Lubrication Chart(Laminated), and the new Ryan K. Miller’s M38 Reference guide (the bible).
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Custom Trailer Cape Cod, MA $200

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Tim thought someone might be able to use this behind their jeep.

“Hey I got this thing as a little project did some work to it and now it’s time to upgrade as I need something bigger. Looking to get $200. It has new lights and wiring, just put on a new plywood deck over the metal one (easier to slide stuff in and out) and I got a sweet truck cap for it too which must go with it. It’s been painted and has 6 lug wheels and 6 leaf springs on it (was a former military trailer, pretty solid) Not looking for trades, no title and will sell for more in the spring. ”


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1953 M-38A1 w/Trailer Genada, MS $1300

• CATEGORIES: M-38A1, trailer • TAGS: .

There appears to be value here.

“1953 Willis jeep with trailer. Trailer was made in 1964. Bill of sale only. I am told these did not have titles. I do not know but do know there is an antique tag on it. I saved this from going in the scrap yard. I am retired military and thought this would be a fun project. I have too many projects. The motor turns over with boost. Not firing. Overall needs tlc but oh what fun it would be running. This would never get stuck”

1953-m38a1-trailer-ms0 1953-m38a1-trailer-ms1 1953-m38a1-trailer-ms2

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1947 CJ-2A & Trailer El Cajon, CA **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, trailer

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $3000.

No pics of the trailer provided.

“1947. Cj2a Willis jeep needs to be restored new soft cover top, 6000 capacity warn wench . 4 cylinder ford engine ran when it was parked rollcage. Whole windshield flips or just glass will flip up. Flat bed military
2250.00 for jeep 750.00 for trailor firm”

1947-cj2a-elcajon-ca8 1947-cj2a-elcajon-ca9